Traffic Junky Review

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This review will provide a detailed analysis of the features offered by Traffic Junky, helping readers determine if it is a suitable affiliate platform for their needs.

Traffic Junky is a prominent adult advertising network known for its size and reputation.

Traffic Junky Review

They provide monetization solutions for publishers and advertisers, along with offering high-quality digital marketing services.

If you are not interested in the adult site market, there are also high converting offers available in other vertical markets.

Internet pornography generates over $3.3 billion in revenue annually in the United States, making it a lucrative market.


One option for earning money with Traffic Junky is to become an affiliate partner with CrakRevenue, and promote offers through media buying on Traffic

Both platforms are available for free registration.

Next, I will demonstrate how you can begin today.


As a media buyer, your role involves purchasing advertising space at competitive rates and selling it at a profit.

Instead of investing in stocks, you’ll be applying the same principle to advertisements.

You may choose specific ad locations and generate revenue through lucrative ad programs with your traffic.

For those who are new and feeling unsure about spending money, I will guide you through the process step-by-step below.

CrakRevenue offers informative tutorials to assist with understanding the media buying process.

It is recommended to begin with a small budget and gradually increase spending as your profits indicate successful strategies.

Further information will be provided later.

Additionally, there are opportunities to earn money online in the adult industry as an affiliate without engaging in media buying.

For those who are new to affiliate marketing, my free guide offers step-by-step instructions on getting started.

Traffic Junky Review


Traffic Junky is a significant presence in the online advertising industry.

There are over 4.6 billion daily impressions.

Over 150 million visitors

Traffic Junky receives traffic from various locations worldwide.

The majority of visitors to their platform come from tier 1 countries, such as those in Europe and North America.



To access more opportunities, consider creating a free affiliate account at both CrakRevenue and Traffic Junky.


Before you jump in, here are the questions that you need to ask yourself:
What is my target GEO?
  • Is it advisable to prioritize Tier 1 countries in my focus?
  • Should I consider targeting Tier 2 countries for a more cost-effective approach?
  • Should I consider focusing on Tier 3 countries? These countries have lower competition and lower spending levels.
Which device do I want to target?
  • Traffic Junky is compatible with PC, mobile, and tablet devices.
Which language will you choose for your campaign?
  • Which vertical will you be focusing on promoting, and what offer(s) will you be featuring?
What payout type did you have in mind?
  • Which payment model do you prefer: Pay per lead, Pay per sale, or Revshare?


Access your CrakRevenue account to view and select available offers.

The list includes various options.

  • Vertical market
  • Payout amount and type
  • Targeting
  • Niche
  • Brand
  • Audience
  • Any restrictions

To select the right offer for testing, click on the offer name.

Please locate the View Site link to preview the landing page of the offer.

Various creatives, such as banner ads, pop codes, and HTML ads, are available for use.

The CrakRevenue platform allows users to customize their links directly from the dashboard.

Step 4: Create A New Campaign In Traffic Junky

After completing the setup process on CrakRevenue, proceed to set up your first campaign in your Traffic Junky account.

After logging in, users can find and click on the New Campaign button located on the left side of the dashboard.

Please complete the settings questions for the campaign strategy.

Here are some mistakes to avoid as a new Media Buyer:
  • Don’t go all in. Start small.
  • Don’t mix mobile and desktop traffic
  • Targeting specific countries is more effective than using a broad approach.
  • It is important to manage expectations when investing and not anticipate doubling your money immediately.


For those new to media buying, this step is crucial.

It is important to use safety valves as a precautionary measure to prevent potential accidents.

Daily Assigned Budget: It is recommended to establish a daily budget in the basic settings of your campaign.

Duration: Please select a start and end date for your campaign.

Campaign Schedule: This feature enables users to select specific days and times for their advertisements to be shown.

Frequency Capping: This restricts the frequency at which your ad is shown to a single visitor.


With everything in place for your campaign, the next crucial step is the bidding process.

To improve your bidding strategies, explore the resources available at Crakrevenue, including Media Buying 101.

Their knowledge base blog contains a wealth of information.

It is important to strike a balance between competitiveness and aggression when bidding.

It involves a learning process.

After submitting your campaign, you will be ready to proceed.


After submitting your bid, your campaign is ready for approval by Traffic Junky.

After approval of your campaign, impressions, clicks, and potential commissions will begin to come in.


Now it’s time to optimize your campaign to increase profits.

Refer to Crakrevenue’s knowledge base to learn how to A/B test your offers and determine winning formulas for scaling.

Traffic Junky Review (1)


There is an alternative way to generate significant income in the adult vertical if media buying is not your thing.

One method is to promote it as a direct affiliate.

There is a platform called Adult Force that may be worth considering.

To register as an affiliate with Adult Force, please click here.

Why Choose Adult Force To Promote?

AdultForce is a prominent program in the adult niche market.

Adult Force is a centralized platform that provides real-time statistics and competitive payouts for adult offers.

4 Ways To Earn Money:

Pay per sign up: A one-time payout is received upon your referral submitting a valid credit card and creating an account.

Pay per action: Commissions are earned when a specific action, triggered by a referral, occurs.

Rev-share: This payment is based on your customers’ recurring subscriptions.

Webmaster referral program: Additionally, a 5% referral payout is available for the production of other affiliates referred into the program.

Feel free to check out my comprehensive review of the AdultForce platform.


Traffic Junky Review (2)
Traffic Junky provides comprehensive solutions for advertisers targeting mobile web advertising.

How Do Ads By Traffic Junky Work?

Traffic Junky provides a self-serve bidding, pre-paid advertising platform.
The bidding model is based on CPM.

Advertisers can select specific websites and locations to promote their products or services, and then compete for website traffic through bidding.

As the bidding amount increases, the traffic percentage will also increase.

It is possible to target specific geo locations, such as countries, cities, and states, as well as specific time ranges for optimal ad performance.

That feature is pleasing.

The bidding amount for a spot is deducted from your balance for every thousand impressions.

Daily budgets can be set for Traffic Junky ad campaigns, and campaigns can be paused at any time.

Daily campaign statistics are accessible to assist in optimizing campaigns and increasing revenue potential.

Ad Formats Supported By Traffic Junky

Please be aware that ad creatives may require some lead time for approval and authorization.

Be sure to upload all of your ads before setting up your campaign to allow time for approval.

Ad creative options include:

  1. Overlay logos
  2. In-stream videos
  3. Static banner ads
  4. Video banner ads

It is important to familiarize yourself and comprehend the rules before getting started.

Just basic diligence, nothing out of the ordinary.

Mobile Ads Technology

TrafficJunky recognizes the importance of mobile advertising for enhancing a brand’s online presence and visibility.

Their Auto-Optimization technology allows you to have control over your advertising location, targeting, and costs, while optimizing your target CPA goal.

Reach a Targeted Audience

Optimize your advertising campaign by defining your target audience based on geographic location, demographic, and timing to maximize profitability.

Their targeting strategy aims to deliver tailored Traffic Junky ads to the appropriate audience, ensuring placement at the right time and location.

Mobile Solutions:

TJ offers performance targeting solutions for audiences who are constantly on the move.

A cost-effective CPM platform allows for mobile ads to reach millions of people online daily.

They offer assistance in scaling mobile ad campaigns by providing a high volume of ad impressions daily and optimizing for target CPA goals with user-friendly Auto-Optimization features.

Our network offers the opportunity to bid for CPM impressions, reaching high volumes of daily visitors across countries worldwide through mobile ads.

Benefit From A Cost-Effective CPM Model

Achieve targeted impressions at the CPM bid and campaign budget of your choice.

High Performing, Precise & Powerful Targeting

Utilize targeting options such as country, region, demographic, day of the week, and time of day for your mobile advertising campaign.

Highly Visible Ad Spots

Place your mobile ads in strategic locations such as the underplayer, header, and footer spots to reach a large number of potential clients for your product.


Traffic Junky Review (3)


  • The platform is user-friendly.
  • The Traffic Junky’s CPM-bidding system assists clients in optimizing their campaigns to boost profits.
  • They receive a significant amount of traffic from some of the top adult websites in the world.
  • Traffic Junky is known for its quality content and competitive deals in the market.
  • The app’s user interface is designed to cater to both beginners and professionals, making it easy for them to market their websites effectively.
  • There are a variety of optimization and targeting tools available.


  • The network may experience periods of lag.
  • The ads are paid on a cost-per-thousand-impressions basis.
  • Certain popular keywords are considered to be costly.
  • The quality of customer service is lacking.


In conclusion…

Traffic Junky stands out from its competitors due to the high volume of traffic it receives from top adult market websites.


TrafficJunky is a top platform for adult site ad placements.

However, they are not limited to adult websites.

They also focus on the following industries:

  • Dating
  • Entertainment
  • Gambling & Gaming
  • Health & Beauty
  • Sexual Health

TrafficJunky utilizes a CPM-bidding system to optimize profits for their clients.

Advertisers have the opportunity to bid for ad spaces on top websites through TrafficJunky, where they can then select the ideal space for their advertisement.

Traffic Junky publishers have the opportunity to receive the highest price for their ad space.

This bidding system demonstrates fairness and mutual benefit for both publishers and advertisers.

TrafficJunky is a comprehensive platform with user-friendly navigation and 24/7 customer support for any assistance needed.

TrafficJunky, a veteran and well-known adult advertising network, offers a CPM 90% lower than larger platforms like AdWords and Facebook ads.

Since 2008, they have developed a reputation for consistently delivering high-quality service.

I trust you found my Traffic Junky review informative.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Traffic Junky?

Traffic Junky is an advertising network that manages banner advertisements for large adult video sites worldwide.

Traffic Junky utilizes a self-serve bidding system and pre-paid advertising platform to offer ad space to advertisers.

Is it free to join Traffic Junky?

You can create a free account on Traffic Junky by signing up at

What are Traffic Junky’s markets?

Traffic Junky predominantly targets online markets such as adult dating, adult pay websites, gambling and entertainment, health and beauty, sexual wellness, gaming, and other industries.

What are Traffic Junky’s sources of traffic?

Traffic Junky’s primary network consists of popular PC, Mobile, and Tablet Adult video sites that attract a large number of visitors.

Several websites are ranked in the World’s Top 100.

How much traffic does Traffic Junky get?

The platform receives over 3 billion daily impressions and has more than 150 million daily visitors.

The visitors come from various countries around the world, with over 75% from tier 1 traffic countries in North America and Europe, as well as a significant presence in Asia.

What are Traffic Junky ads?

Traffic Junky ads are considered to be legitimate.

There are adware apps and programs on the internet that inject ads onto websites without the publisher’s permission to generate revenue.

Traffic Junky promptly removes ads upon receiving reports.

Can I promote Traffic Junky as both a publisher and an advertiser?

After signing up for a free account, simply contact customer service to have your account designated as both a publisher and advertiser.

You have the option to switch between the two in your dashboard.

There are benefits to partnering with them as either an advertiser or a Traffic Junky publisher, or both.

What are common misspellings when people search online for Traffic Junky?

There are various common misspellings of the adult advertising network TrafficJunky such as Traffic Juncky, Traffic Junkie, Traffik Junky, and Trafick Junky.

What are the target audience demographics for Traffic Junky?

The demographic breakdown is 68% male, 32% female, with 91% identifying as straight, 7% as homosexual, and 2% as transgender.

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