Best Voice Cloning Software

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Technology has advanced to the point where AI voice cloning software and tools allow us to replicate our voices.

Is it possible to replicate one’s own voice without the use of advanced technology or deepfake applications?

Voice cloning is gaining popularity among various entities, including organizations, businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals seeking cost-effective solutions for generating realistic-sounding synthesized speech or vocals for digital purposes.

AI voice cloning has the potential to improve or substitute conventional audio production methods, ranging from automated customer service calls to video game development and commercial audio recording.

Many individuals have found success in generating income through AI and voice generation software, making it a viable option for anyone to consider.

In this article we will discuss some of the voice cloning tools and software available in 2023, which can be used to leverage the power of AI for creative purposes.

Best Voice Cloning Software

What Is Voice Cloning Software?

Voice cloning software is a type of artificial intelligence that utilizes advanced deep learning technology to generate imitation voices that sound genuine.

Deep learning technology has the ability to mimic different accents, languages, and dialects. This allows for the development of unique vocal signatures for digital audio, including video games, advertisements, and commercials.

The process involves generating virtual avatars through the use of artificial intelligence.

AI voice cloning tools like Murf and ElevenLabs are being used by creators to produce videos and tutorials, which are having a significant impact on social media.

There is substantial evidence and expert opinions supporting the notion that this is not a fleeting trend. Here is an audio recording of my AI voice.

For those interested in delving into statistics and facts, here is an example from ElevenLabs that provides more information on AI voices.

Voice cloning is achieved through the analysis of recorded speech, including vocal patterns, tones, and other characteristics, in order to create an accurate digital replica of a person’s voice.

The program utilizes the newly created voice model or digital clone as a foundation for producing speech that resembles the original person.

Here Are The Best Voice Cloning Tools

1. Murf AI

Murf Ai Home

Murf AI is a voice cloning tool that enables the creation of highly realistic human-like voice clones.

The technology utilizes advanced NLP algorithms to effectively imitate human emotion and personality, resulting in a realistic experience.

Murf AI enables users to generate customized AI voice clones suitable for a range of applications, including commercials, phone systems, and characters in video games or cartoons. Additionally, Murf AI provides the ability to modify pitch, tone, speed, and other subtleties to enhance the naturalness of the voice-over.

The ability to modify the target voice without re-recording is crucial for post-production dubbing and adapting existing scripts.

Additionally, there is a wide variety of voices available in over 20 languages, giving you the ability to produce authentic voiceovers for slides and other presentations.

With Murf AI, users have the ability to synchronize a cloned voice with a video clip, enhancing the creation of dynamic and engaging videos.

The Murf team must first gain an understanding of your requirements before beginning the creative process. Following that, you may register to develop a synthetic voice for an actor of your choosing.

Next, a custom script will be generated using text generation, which will then be recorded by the voice actor. After that, Murf will process the script and prepare it for you.

After completing the process, you will have access to your personalized voice on Murf Studio, which can be used at any time. This is the basic process of how Murf creates a voice clone.

The process is straightforward and will assist you in developing a lifelike voice for your projects. Utilizing Murf’s cloning technology, you can effortlessly generate authentic, high-quality voices with genuine character and personality for any project.

In general, Murf AI simplifies the process of creating and editing voiceovers, making it faster and more precise than ever before.

The automated tools offer the ability to create highly realistic voice clones that can enhance your business’s visibility.

Experience Murf AI today and discover the power of your own voice. It is so advanced that it poses a challenge for deepfake detectors.

Key Benefits

  • Voice clones that sound human.
  • When cloning your voice, it replicates genuine human emotions.
  • Adjustments can be made to the AI Voice clone to suit various situations.
  • The pitch, speed, and tone of the voice-over can be adjusted.
  • The voice-over needs modification without re-recording.
  • There is a wide variety of custom voices available in over 20 languages.
  • The goal is to synchronize the natural-sounding voice with the video.
  • Creates voiceovers for slides that sound realistic.


You can sign up for a voice generation account that is free and has a limit of 10 minutes.

You can choose the Basic plan for 2 hours or the Pro plan for 4 hours of voice generation by paying the respective monthly fees of $29 and $39.

For additional features, consider the Enterprise plan, which offers unlimited voice generation time. The plan is billed annually at $3540.


  • The software includes editing tools that allow for personalized speech generation.
  • There are voice cloning software options available that offer lifelike voice clones.
  • A straightforward process for creating voice clones.
  • The commercial rights for the cloned voice are being discussed.
  • Data protection is ensured through the implementation of the latest security protocols.


  • Voice cloning is currently only available for the English language.
  • The voice cloning software is known for its lifelike voice clones.
  • To create different voice styles, a separate script with audio recordings is necessary.
  • The process of generating voice clones can take approximately one month.

2. Voice.AI

Voice.AI is an AI-powered voice cloning tool that has gained popularity in various communities, such as gaming, streaming, and content creation.

This technology allows for the creation of realistic voice clones using actual recordings, which can include yourself or your favorite celebrities.

The interface is designed for easy use, giving users access to over fifteen thousand user-generated voices from around the world. The real-time voice changer feature also allows users to adjust their voice settings for a more accurate or personalized sound.

Voice.AI offers a significant advantage through its smooth integration with a wide range of applications and games, including Zoom, Skype, and WhatsApp, allowing for the inclusion of personalized voices.

Additionally, the text-to-speech feature is versatile and can be used for various projects such as gaming, streaming, or creating voice-overs for videos.

The voice clones produced by Voice.AI are of high quality and utilize machine learning algorithms to accurately replicate the full spectrum of an individual’s voice.

Voice.AI achieves a high level of realism by accurately replicating human emotions, and its wide range of customization options offers limitless possibilities.

Voice.AI is a marketing tool that can create automated voices that sound familiar and as if they are coming directly from the user.

Voice.AI is a suitable option for any project that needs a realistic and distinct voice due to its intuitive interface and advanced technology.

Key Benefits

  • Voice cloning technology is capable of producing high-quality results.
  • The technology mimics human emotions to create realistic voice clones.
  • There are over 15,000 user-generated AI voices available for access.
  • A voice changer that operates in real-time.
  • Voice integration is available in various applications and games.


The Voice Changer software is available for free to all users. For access to additional features, you can contact to inquire about their premium plan.


  • The system has the capability to change voices in real-time.
  • A voice clone will be generated within 24 hours.
  • Voice cloning can be used for languages other than English.
  • The basic voice changer is available to all users at no cost.


  • There are restrictions on the ability to edit cloned voices.

3. Descript

Descript is a useful tool for content creators, podcasters, and audio producers seeking to enhance their projects with personalized voice clones.

This software has the capability to generate a virtual voice that accurately represents yourself or any well-known celebrity, enhancing the listening experience for your audience.

Additionally, there is the option to utilize high-quality, pre-recorded stock AI voices for your projects, which offer a range of accents, male and female voices, and even voices resembling cartoon characters.

One notable aspect of Descript is that it offers additional features in addition to its AI voices.

The software features AI writing tools, audio editing options, advanced vocal tuning settings, and other enhancements for your project.

The transcription service offered includes AI-powered technology that can quickly convert audio into text. Additionally, users have the option to customize their audio projects by adding and editing musical scores, sound effects, and noise reduction.

Descript is a user-friendly tool for generating convertible captions among the many subtitle generators available.

Descript also offers the convenience of quick sharing and collaboration with other users, making it ideal for remote teams.

Descript is a valuable tool for audio production professionals, podcasters, and other media creators due to its numerous features.

Key Benefits

  • Voice clones that sound extremely realistic.
  • This software generates missing parts of your podcast using advanced voice cloning technology.
  • There are various voice options available.
  • The software generates human-like voices that can be used in various scenarios.
  • The sentence tone can be matched with built-in editing options.
  • The product includes useful features such as transcription, publishing, and screen recording.
  • Video editing tools with a professional appearance.


The Basic Plan ($15/month) offers a voice cloning (overdub) feature with a 1,000-word vocabulary limit in the free version.

You can subscribe to the Pro Plan for $30 per month and have access to unlimited voice cloning.


  • The product provides complete privacy for the generated clone.
  • There are no additional fees for the voice cloning feature.
  • Work together with your team.
  • Our platform produces instantaneous video captions for your videos.


  • There are only a few choices available for editing the generated speech.

4. Home is a voice cloning platform that enables users to create realistic and high-quality voice clones in a short amount of time.

The text-to-speech editor allows for the conversion of an unlimited number of words into your own voice, while the AI-driven engine guarantees that each clone will have the same sound as you.

After pressing the play button, you can listen to your clones and export them as WAV files. The platform also provides API integration for additional customization. is a reliable tool for creating cloned voices efficiently.

Key Benefits

  • Voice clones of premium quality are available.
  • The technology generates voice clones in various speaking styles.
  • A text-to-speech editor can convert an unlimited number of words into speech.
  • You can generate and listen to unlimited previews.
  • Save your sound file as a WAV format.


The use of voice cloning is available for the general public with the use of the complimentary version. However, fees for voice cloning requests are determined on an individual basis.

Choose the Professional plan for $39/month, which has a monthly word limit of 50k. Alternatively, you can subscribe to the Premium plan for $99/month and enjoy unlimited voice generation.


  • Voice clone samples can be generated without the need for studio-quality voice recordings.
  • The ability to clone voices can be achieved in a relatively short period of time.
  • API integration is available in the paid version.


  • It is not possible to clone someone’s voice without their consent.
  • Recording consent is required before generating a voice clone.

5. Home is an AI voice cloning tool that has the capability to clean and format recording data in order to generate a customized voice clone.

Additionally, it utilizes AI-powered speech recognition technology to modify your voice for various situations.

The voice cloning tool is capable of generating a voice clone in just 12 minutes and includes a web recorder for capturing sound from any device, making it highly versatile.

The platform also provides an API integration to facilitate the integration of your recordings with other services. is a tool that allows for the quick and effective creation of custom voice clones. Its user-friendly interface and cost-effectiveness make it a viable option for those seeking an efficient voice cloning solution.

Key Benefits

  • The audio data is formatted and cleaned before generating voice clones.
  • Voice morphing can be used to adapt your voice to various scenarios.
  • A voice clone can be generated within 12 minutes.
  • A web recorder that is integrated.
  • Unleash the power of API integration!


The product can be tried without the need for a credit card.

Choose the Pay-as-you-go plan for a rate of $0.006 per second. Request a personalized quote for the Pro plan, which offers advanced features.


  • It is possible to clone a person’s voice by recording for just 3 minutes.
  • The generation of voice clones is now possible at a rapid pace, taking only a few minutes.
  • There is no requirement to obtain consent prior to generating a voice clone.
  • The system offers support for multiple languages.


  • There are only a few options available to customize the voice clone.
  • The quality of audio may not be optimal if only a few minutes are submitted.

6. Lovo

Lovo Home

Lovo AI provides highly effective voice cloning software that many individuals may find beneficial.

It is a versatile option suitable for a wide range of projects, including video game character voices and commercial production.

If you are interested in text-to-speech technology for your project, Lovo AI is a suitable tool for you.

It supports over 400 distinct styles and languages, providing a wide range of options to meet your project’s sound requirements.

The AI engine can adjust the audio output for more realistic voices.

Lovo AI provides a diverse range of audio effects, giving you the ability to personalize the sound to your liking. Whether you desire a robotic voice, a chorus of voices, or something completely distinct, Lovo AI has you covered.

Key Benefits

  • Voice cloning can be customized as per your request.
  • The software supports over 400 different styles and languages.
  • AI-based voice recognition technology is known for its high level of accuracy.
  • The audio effects are powerful for customizing the sound.
  • The interface is user-friendly and intuitive.
  • Customer support is available around the clock for all businesses.
  • There are a variety of price points available to accommodate different budgets.


Voice cloning is not available through the regular app, therefore, it is necessary to contact the support team in order to receive a custom quote.

The basic plan offers 2 hours of audio generation for $25 per month, while the Pro Plan provides 5 hours of audio generation for $48 per month.

The Pro+ plan offers extensive audio generation with 20 hours included for $149 per month.


  • Lovo’s voice cloning software is widely recognized for its high quality.
  • The platform offers support for multiple languages.


  • Voice cloning can be provided upon request.

7. Eleven Labs

ElevenLabs Home

Eleven Labs provides a real-time voice cloning platform that has various applications in the creative field.

The real-time voice cloning system can generate an accurate voice profile with just one minute of audio input. From there, the audio can be cloned and customized for specific purposes.

The platform supports multiple languages, making it easy to create scripts in different languages.

Eleven Labs offers the ability to bring your creative projects to life with voice clones that sound remarkably realistic.

The platform is highly efficient and can create a voice profile within a short span of time. Therefore, if you require immediate voice cloning, Eleven Labs is an ideal option.

Key Benefits

  • We offer voice cloning services of excellent quality.
  • It is possible to learn a speech profile by analyzing just a minute of audio.
  • The platform provides support for multiple languages.
  • The ability to clone voices in real-time.


Eleven Labs provides a cost-effective pricing plan for individuals interested in cloning their own voice or that of others.

The free plan includes one voice profile for up to 10,000 characters, while the paid plans range from $5 to $330 per month.


  • There is no need to wait for an extended period of time for the cloned voice.
    It does not require extensive input audio files.


  • Having difficulty maintaining focus due to surrounding noise?

How To Make Money With Voice Cloning Software?

The development of voice cloning software has significantly transformed the process of efficiently and economically creating virtual reproductions of a person’s voice.

One can generate income by selling digital clones of human voices online to various companies, organizations, video game studios, and other businesses.

Another option is to utilize this tool to assist others in creating an online course on voice generation.

This AI tool has shown its value for businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs aiming to make the most of their concepts.

The use of cloning technology and speech synthesis presents numerous opportunities for voice actors, content creators, and entrepreneurs.

Voice cloning software has the capability to create a variety of content, including podcasts, audiobooks, advertisements, and video games, using a human voice.

In addition, the creation of distinct virtual voices can be utilized for commercial purposes, such as being marketed as designs or employed by voice assistants to engage with clientele.

AI-driven technology enables the utilization of voice cloning software to generate customized virtual assistant voices for customer service and various other applications.

Voice cloning software is frequently utilized for character development in the film and television industry.

Game developers can also benefit greatly from this technology by using AI voices that have different accents and dialects, which can bring their characters to life.

Best Voice Cloning Software (7)

What Are the Benefits of AI Voice Cloning?

Voice cloning is a beneficial technique that offers advantages over traditional audio sample creation methods. It requires less manual effort and can generate realistic-sounding voice clips quickly.

Voice cloning has the ability to reproduce accents, dialects, and other subtleties that are challenging to capture using conventional methods.

Additionally, voice cloning has the ability to generate audio samples in various languages.

AI voice cloning has the capability to create a personalized avatar that precisely mirrors an individual’s vocal expressions.

AI voice cloning is suitable for a wide range of applications such as audiobooks, video games, movies, television shows, and computer-generated characters.

Buyers Guide: Researching The Best AI Tool For Voice Cloning

Best Voice Cloning Software (8)

When conducting research on AI voice cloning tools in 2023, it is important to take into account several factors.

One important consideration is the quality of the voice clone that the tool can generate.

Numerous AI voice cloning tools available in the market claim to have the capability of producing human-like clones, although not all tools are able to fulfill this promise.

It is important to request demonstrations of the tool and listen to a few clones created with it before making a decision on which one is most suitable for your needs.

The amount of input audio needed to create a realistic cloned voice varies among different tools.

The duration of recording time needed can vary from a few minutes to several hours, which in turn affects the quality of the clone produced. The more input audio available, the higher the quality of the clones that can be produced.

The time it takes to create voice clones varies depending on the tools used. Some may take only minutes, while others may require days or weeks to achieve satisfactory results.

It is important to consider the cost of creating voice clones as pricing structures may vary among different companies, with some even offering free or discounted plans.

Final Thoughts

AI is having a significant impact on the world. Voice cloning software is gaining popularity and significance as it provides speech-based solutions. This list of top voice cloning software is beneficial for different industries, including entertainment. Choose the software that aligns with your objectives and begin cloning voices that you prefer.

FAQ: AI Voice Cloning tools

Is It Possible To Clone A Voice?

AI cloning technology has made it possible to clone a voice.

The software utilizes algorithms and recordings to generate an AI voice clone that replicates the speaker’s natural inflection, intonation, and pronunciation.

Is AI Voice Cloning Real?

AI voice cloning is a technology that utilizes advanced algorithms and audio recordings of actors to produce accurate replicas of voices.

The progress in deep learning technology has been significant, allowing for the creation of an AI voice clone in a short period of time, typically within 24 hours.

What Is The Best AI Voice Cloner?

Both Murf and Voice.AI are prominent providers of voice cloning technology, offering high-quality services that accurately replicate human emotions and produce realistic voice clones.

The Murf voice model can be accessed for a monthly fee starting at $29.Ā Furthermore, the quality of voice cloning offered by Murf exceeds that of other voice cloning services.

Murf is a voice cloning software that offers impeccable quality and eliminates the use of robotic voices.

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