Digital Wealth Academy Bonus Offer

If you’re thinking about getting the DWA program and you want the best Digital Wealth Academy bonuses available, then you’re in the right place!

After talking with hundreds of people about what kind of bonuses they actually want after they’ve purchase a particular program, it’s always something that will help them reach their goals faster.

So that’s what I’ve done! 

If you are new to the DWA and want to learn more about it, make sure you check my full Digital Wealth Academy Review.

The Digital Wealth Academy has Master Resell Rights which is why a lot of people lean towards the purchasing the program. This means they get to not only get a lot of education from a course, but they also have a product they can sell once they’ve gone through the training.

Which comes to the first problem. It takes a long time to teach this point!

Luckily, if you’re on this page, you can fast track that issue as I’ve gone ahead and created what I’m calling the DWA Accelerator, which is basically all the steps you need to take to be able to resell the Digital Wealth Academy, in the shortest time possible.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go through the course, it just means you have the potential to earn while you learn! 

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What You'll Get In This Bonus

Inside of my Digital Wealth Academy bonus, you’ll get all the necessary templates and training to setup your Master Resell Rights business with the DWA.

If you’re brand new to digital marketing and building an online presence, that’s also fine. I will instruct you what you need as a bare minimum to get things going, how to set them all up and what you can expect.

Custom Sales Funnel for Reselling the DWA

The sales funnel template you are given inside of the Digital Wealth Academy is far from complete, and far from ready to launch. I spent a solid few days editing and customising this sales funnel ready to promote the DWA, and it’s already showing sign of nice conversions! This is a 1-click install funnel.

You’ll get these steps in the sales funnel:

  • Sales Page (with optin)
  • Checkout Page
  • Thank You Page
  • Checkout Page (monthly)
  • Thank You Page (monthly)
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Privacy Policy
  • Refund Policy
  • Earnings Disclaimer
  • Distribution of Rights
DWA Bonus Email Sequence

Custom Email Follow Up Sequence

Email Marketing is another bottleneck I see a lot of people getting set up with. When it comes to email marketing, it should be a personal experience. However, this can take time. Instead, you can use this generic email sequence to get up and going, ready for your DWA leads.

This is a 10 email, email sequence that you can install with 1-click.

DWA Course Bonus Stan Store

Step-by-Step Instructions for Stan Store (<15 min setup)

After a lot of feedback, I’ve found a lot of users would be happy setting up a Stan Store as it takes minimal amount of time (less than 15 mins) and you can ready to sell.

This step-by-step video and information will help you set things up very quickly. I provide all the assets you need including course info, images, etc, all in the bonus.

Digital Wealth Academy Course bOnus

My Secret SEO Traffic Training

This is what I class as my secret weapon with digital marketing. It’s my favourite traffic strategy that serves me every single day, bringing in red hot leads and buyers into my business.

Imagine not having to work everyday, this traffic training will teach you how to create content that can rank and continue to serve you people day after day.

DWA Course Bonus

Use My Bonus As Yours

One of the questions I have a lot of people worried about, is how can they compete with all the other creators offering all these bonuses. 

I got you! 

While a lot of other people stack additional MRR or PLR products (that they never get any sales with) I’m allowing you to have your own custom portal where your buyers of the DWA can go into after they purchase, and get my entire DWA Accelerator for free.

This way, if you’re starting from zero, you still have something of value that will help YOUR buyers get up and running in no time.

So what are you waiting for?

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I get the Digital Wealth Academy Bonus after I purchase?

You will automatically be enrolled for the DWA Accelerator once you have purchase the Digital Wealth Academy. If you purchase and you don’t receive anything, shoot me an email at hello (at) and I’ll manually add you.

I am already a member of the Digital Wealth Academy, can I purchase the DWA Accelerator?

Unfortunately, no. This bonus was created for those who purchase the DWA directly through me (or those who purchase through them)

Why do you offer this bonus?

It’s a win win situation. When I joined the program, I purchased off someone who had bonuses, and I was disappointed to find the bonuses were really bad. I was hoping for something that would save the setup time and help me along the journey, but it wasn’t there. 

So instead, I decided to create something I wish I would have received, and hope that excites people enough to get the DWA from me.

If you’re thinking of getting the DWA already, why not get some bonuses that will help you along the way. It will save you a lot of time!

Do you offer support?

Yes! I’m available everyday on either messages (Instagram, Messenger, etc) or also by email. Majority of the time, I don’t hear from a lot of my customers as the training is very comprehensive, but I’ll always be around if you need help!

Does the program have MRR as well?

No. This course is a bonus and doesn’t include any sale right of any sort.

How much will it cost to set everything up?

Apart from the cost of the actual course, I recommend you follow 1 of 2 methods taught in the DWA Accelerator.

One thing to note with cost when it comes to software, is you’re usually trading time for money, or money for time. Luckily, both methods won’t cost you much.

Method 1: Settings up a Stan Store – $29 per month

If you want the fastest way to set things up to resell the DWA, this is your method. A Stan Store created a LinkTree style page that allows you to take payments, collect leads, and sell products.

In my opinion, this converts lower than building a sales funnel, however, it’s FAR less technical that building a sales funnel and can be setup within 20-30 minutes.

Method 2: Building a Sales Funnel $18 per year

This strategy is takes a little bit longer to setup. You’ll be installing my pre-created sales funnel, email automation sequence, setting up a custom domain and custom email address.

However, the cost isn’t actually from the Funnel Software.

In this strategy, you’ll be purchasing your own domain name ie: ($5.98 for the first year) then you’ll also be buying email hosting so you have your own custom email address ie: [email protected] ($11.88 for the first year).

So in other words, it won’t cost much to setup with either strategy. Choosing the right strategy will depend on your technical know how, and your time you have to set it up.

Regardless, both are great ways to get setup, and you have step-by-step instructions to get them up in the training.

Exclusive Digital Wealth Academy Bonuses

Digital Wealth Academy Bonuses

You’ll Get All Of This For Free:

  • Fast Step-by-Step Video Training Series
  • Full Sales Funnel
  • Email Sequences
  • SEO Traffic Training
  • Ability to use this bonus as your bonus
  • Support from me