Digital Wealth Academy Review: Is it actually worth it?

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    No doubt you’ve heard of the Digital Wealth Academy (or DWA for short) and you’re trying to figure out if the program is right for you. In this Digital Wealth Academy Review, I’ll answer all the questions you might have, and hopefully, by the end of it you’ll know if it’s right for you.

    Because here’s the thing. This is my 3rd Master Resell Rights course I’ve now purchased, and it’s beginning to feel like much of a muchness. However, there is a few little things inside of the Digital Wealth Academy that could actually make it worth it. 

    Digital Wealth Academy Review Course DWA

    The Digital Wealth Academy: What is it?

    Following the massive trend of Master Resell Rights courses, the Digital Wealth Academy is the latest program I’ve invested in to try and up my digital marketing skills.

    Similar to other programs like the Ultimate Branding Course, and the Roadmap to Riches, the Digital Wealth Academy I would have to say the DWA is a combination of the other two programs in terms of information, and taught in a very direct approach with it’s own spin.

    So what makes the Digital Wealth Academy so special?

    There are a number of factors.

    First of all, the students testimonials in this program are out of this world. People are making crazy amounts of money in short amounts of time which is always a good sign.

    Next, the Digital Wealth Academy course itself is pretty massive. They’ve actually just launched the Digital Wealth Academy Remastered version, which is basically new modules that have been added, and other modules updated. We’ll go into course content soon.

    Then finally, the growth of this community is one of the fastest growing communities I’ve seen on the internet. We’re talking thousands of people joining each day. I haven’t seen anything like it, anywhere!

    Those 3 factors alone tell me that the product must be good if students are seeing success, the offering must be good if it’s growing so quickly, and the creator is active if there are new modules being added quite frequently.

    Why the Digital Wealth Academy is unique

    The DWA is very similar to other Master Resell Rights courses, however, it does have it’s own spin when it actually comes to teaching and training.

    Initial modules and lessons have been put in an order where you learn why you need to create things in a certain way, before you learn actually how you build them.

    Just recently, with the launch of the DWA remastered modules, there is also a lot of focus on mens digital marketing now, not primarily female as the course has normally been.

    So overall, it’s a well planned out course, has great instructional training, and now caters to males and females in terms of growing an online brand.

    It’s easy to see why there are so many die hard DWA students.

    Play Video about DWA Course Review

    Who will benefit from the DWA?

    I personally believe the people who will get the MOST benefit from the Digital Wealth Academy, are beginners to digital marketing. There is a lot of information inside the course, and a lot of it is taught right from the beginning of ones journey.

    If you are medium to advanced, there is still plenty of good info, you could probably just skip the very basic training.

    What is Master Resell Rights and does the DWA include it?

    Yes, Master Resell Rights is a form of digital right that’s attached to particular products. This means, if you purchase the program, you also can sell it to others providing you follow the strict resell terms.

    Do I have to resell this course?

    No, it is not mandatory. It is just a perk of having the course. I like it because one thing I have found, is if you go through courses that teach you how to create and sell courses, the creation phase is what takes the longest.

    With Master Resell Rights and the Digital Wealth Academy, you get to learn how to while you resell the course itself, then once you’re confident you can create and sell your own one.

    It follows the earn while you learn method.

    Digital Wealth Academy Bonuses

    What’s inside of the DWA?

    The DWA is hosted on the platform which is becoming the most popular place to host online courses in 2024. Inside of this platform you’ll have access to the community, the course content, live call calendar, and members tab. There is also a handy phone app to access the platform.

    After you purchase the Digital Wealth Academy, you’ll get instructions on how to join the official DWA Skool group. There are a few steps to get in, first you will need to forward your invoice to the given email address, also share who you purchased from, in this case it would be me “Phil Wilson”.

    Once those have been submitted, it can take up to 24 hours to get approved as it’s manually checked and approved by the admins.

    After that process has been completed, you’ll have full access to the DWA membership, and you can start going through the course, join the community chats and calls, and go from there.

    The DWA also provides training in the English, Spanish, Dutch, and French.

    Digital Wealth Academy DWA Community

    DWA Community

    Inside of the community tab, you’ll be able to filter through post threads, ask your own questions or just see what everyone is up to. You’ll also be able to see any pinned posts which are usually pinned for a week or two, and they’re generally important DWA information.

    For an example, the latest pinned post talks about the DWA Remastered version with the new modules, and everything involved with them.

    Digital Wealth Academy DWA Live Call Calendar

    DWA Live Calls Calendar

    Each week there are a number of calls either in English or another language. Inside of these calls, you can learn about different aspects of the Digital Wealth Academy business, and use them with your own marketing efforts.

    The most common calls you will see on a weekly basis are a live Q&A Call, followed by a Funnel Training or Social Media Training, which alternate each week. 

    It’s free to join these calls, and they’re hosted on the Zoom platform. To join them, click on the Calendar tab, click on the training you want to attend, and the information to join is there.

    DWA Digital Wealth Academy Modules

    The Digital Wealth Academy contents

    There has just been another update for the DWA, which includes even more new modules. That takes the total of English Modules to 33 and well over 200+ video trainings.

    It is impressive to see how much the course is being updated in these past few months of joining, a lot of new avenues are being added.

    DWA Module 1 Start Here

    Module 1: Start Here

    Inside of this first module, you’ll learn about the Digital Wealth Academy, what’s included in the DWA program, Master Resell Rights as a whole, and what to do once you make your first sale.

    The process for adding members is pretty unique, so ensure you go through this first module so you understand the process properly.

    DWA Module Module 2 Mindset

    Module 2: Mindset

    As the module title suggests, this module is all about mindset. What you will learn is about how you need to treat your business, how you need to think as a business owner, and how to communicate while talking about the business in general.

    A lot of the mindset information goes into focusing on the end goals you are trying to achieve, and not letting any fear get in your way. This is a universal law for business, or really anything. If you reasons why it will work instead of the reasons that it won’t, you’ll see progress much faster.

    DWA Module 3 Digital Marketing Basics

    Module 3: Digital Marketing Basics

    Inside of the Digital Marketing Basics, you’ll learn about online sales systems, and how they can help you grow and scale your business in an automated manner. 

    There are a few options you can choose when it come to building your sales systems, and this module will go over all the options. 

    Personally, I’d recommend going down the Stan Store route if you’re not tech savvy and want to get setup as quick as possible, or if you would prefer learn about funnels, I would 100% recommend Systeme io

    Personally, I don’t recommend you use Funnels of Course. There is not enough support and systems in place for what they are offering.

    DWA Module 4 MRR Legal Docs

    Module 4: MRR Legal Documents

    This module is really just a place where they provide updated Master Resell Rights legal documents.

    You can either copy and paste the Legal Documents inside of a Stan Store, or use the pre-build Systeme template. 

    DWA Module 5 The Foundations

    Module 5: The Foundation

    When we get to module 5, we’re still in the theory stage, but this is probably one of the most important theory stages, as this determines the backbone of your business.

    You’ll learn how to craft “Your Why” which is basically your driving factor why you’re building an online business, defining your niche, labelling your target audience, and understanding the idea of story telling to relate to that audience. Very powerful stuff! 

    DWA Module 6 Stan Store

    Module 6: Bypass Funnels with Stan Store

    In this module, you’ll learn how to setup a Stan Store so you can resell the Digital Wealth Academy. A Stan Store is a link in bio style software that allows you to also sell digital products, and collect emails.

    While I personally prefer building a sales funnel as it converts higher, for those who aren’t technical savvy and just want to focus on content, this may be a faster option for getting setup.

    DWA Module 7 Systeme io

    Module 7: Setup with

    When it comes to selling digital products, you can’t beat a sales funnel. In this module, you’ll learn how to build a sales funnel using the platform.

    You are given a template to use to build your own sales funnel, but honestly it will take a LOT of work to get it up and running.

    Luckily, if you get the Digital Wealth Academy through me, I’ll give you my custom sales funnel that’s all ready to go, just install with 1-click and edit a few links. 

    DWA Module 8 Funnels Of Course

    Module 8: Funnels of Course

    Funnels Of Course is a whitelabel version of GoHighLevel and the founders of this version have created templates for various MRR products.

    The setup for using Funnels of Course is quite lengthy and isn’t for the faint hearted, so I’d recommend you don’t use this option.

    Regardless, if you are interested, in this module you’ll learn how to setup all the steps required to build your funnels inside of FOC.

    DWA Module 9 Beacons

    Module 9: Bypass Funnels with Beacons

    Similar to a Stan Store, Beacons is a link in bio type of software that allows you to create simple landing pages with buttons and social links, and also allows you to collect emails and sell products.

    Personally, I like the look of Beacons, but I haven’t tried it so I can’t recommend it. In this module though, you will learn how to setup Beacons so you can resell the DWA course.

    DWA Module 10 Email Marketing

    Module 10: Email Marketing

    One of the most important parts of digital marketing, is email marketing. They say your email list is the most important digital asset you can own, as you control it unlike social media and SEO. 

    In this module, you’ll learn the basics of email marketing, how to create an email list, how to create a freebie to help grow your list, and more.

    DWA Module 11 MRR Masterclass

    Module 11: MRR Masterclass

    The MRR Masterclass is an interesting module that I’m sure will answer a lot of questions for new people in the Master Resell Rights industry. 

    First you’ll learn about the difference between PLR and MRR, then if you should use your own personal account, or start again from scratch.

    You’ll also learn about the types of content you an create to get the most exposure, and how different ways you can promote the Digital Wealth Academy.

    DWA Module 12 Prelaunch

    Module 12: The Pre-Launch

    In the Pre-Launch module, you’ll learn about the importance of pre-launching either your own brand, or your own product. 

    You’ll learn the breakdown that the creator Daniela recommends you create on Social Media which basically starts 3-days out from your launch, and teaches you what kind of media you need to be creating and posting.

    It’s a great idea if you’re launching your own product, but you have no idea about how to actually execute the launch.

    DWA Module 13 All Things Branding

    Module 13: All Things Branding

    Next we’re going to be learning about branding. Honestly, I think a lot of DWA members will get satisfaction from this module because it can turn your regular (or jumbled) Instagram into an aesthetically pleasing work of art. 

    You’ll learn how to clean up your existing Instagram account, create a certain theme for your channel, create Instagram Reel covers with Canva, creative ways to talk about your story, and more.

    DWA Module 14 Building Trust

    Module 14: Building Trust with Your Audience

    Finally we get into some really juicy content that will serve you within your business. Definitely don’t skip this module

    What you’re going to learn in this series, is basically what to say and how to say it. In online sales, it’s not just the message your sharing, but how you’re sharing it. By that I mean how you show up in front of the camera, what you’re actually saying and saying it in a way to cause an emotion for your audience, how to show confidence, and so much more.

    If you see people online struggling to get any type of results, there’s a good chance this training could help them communicate better with their audience.

    DWA Module 15 Attraction Marketing

    Module 15: Attraction Marketing

    Probably one of the most important aspects in marketing is creating curiosity. Instead of chasing people to purchase what you’re trying to sell, you can create content that creates curiosity, and makes the audience have the desire to find out more.

    It’s probably one of my favourite ways to market still after 10 years of digital marketing, as I don’t have to try and sell. Instead, interested people reach out to me.

    This module will teach you the same fundamentals.

    DWA Module 16 Selling In Story

    Module 16: Selling in Stories

    Another great module for beginners is the selling with stories. To tell you the truth, I’ve never realised how powerful stories actually were, but after going through this module, it all made sense.

    Inside of this module, you’ll learn about the 5 different types of stories you need to be creating each day to help boost your engagement, reach new audiences, and sell your viewers.

    This can be used for any type of product/service/industry and is easily translatable, but it key if you want to resell the DWA with Master Resell Rights.

    DWA Course Selling in DMs

    Module 17: Selling in Your DM’s

    This is a brand new module released on May 17th 2024. This is a pretty exciting module, and kind of feels like a cheat code. 

    The trainer of this module, Sandee, walks you through the way you should be communicating with your audience inside of your DM’s. There are some really interesting ways she can turn conversations into highly converting sales chats, and if you’re new to any type of sales, this will definitely help with knowing what to say and when to say it.

    DWA Module 17 Faceless Wealth

    Module 18: Faceless Wealth

    Faceless wealth is a module focused on Faceless Marketing which is going absolutely bonkers in 2024. I’ve never seen so many people jump on board with kind of marketing, and there have been some insane results flying around the place.

    If you’re someone who doesn’t want to show your face on Social Media, but you want to still have the potential to go viral and grow really quickly, this is the module you want to watch.

    DWA Module 18 Mens Digital Marketing

    Module 19: Mens Digital Marketing

    The Mens Digital Marketing module is a new module added with the DWA Remastered update. Mico is the trainer inside of this module, and he walks you through how he was able to start from zero and get crazy amounts of followers, and also incredible results at the same time.

    Mico uses a marketing approach similar to Faceless marketing, however, he is on camera, but doesn’t necessarily talk to the camera. Lots of cinematic types of content with a huge emphasis on story telling.

    DWA Module 19 Navigating Instagram

    Module 20: Navigating Instagram

    Inside of the Navigating Instagram module, you’ll learn all the basics of Instagram and how you should be using the app. 

    There is a lot of content about how you should be creating the content inside of the platform, when you should be posting and how much. There is also mention of creating hooks and calls to action to keep your audience engaged.

    You’ll also learn how to create stories, and from those stories build your custom highlights inside of your profile.

    DWA Module 20 Everything Reels

    Module 21: Everything Reels

    Going deeper into Instagram is Everything Reels. Focused on creating Reels (which are how everyone is going viral right now) you’ll learn about the different types of content you can create. 

    You’ll learn everything from formulating a scroll stopping hook, adding in a solid call to action, and actually editing the video with different apps so you can find a good rhythm and start mass creating videos.

    DWA Module 21 Content Creation

    Module 22: Content Creation

    The Content Creation module is basically an extension of the Reels module. You’ll go through the entire process of creating a Reel, including finding trending audio before it goes viral, adding text on screen, using hooks, reviewing analytics, and CTA’s.

    Module 23: Canva Essentials

    Also a new module added May 17th 2024, the Canva Essentials is a full module dedicated for using Canva, and setting it up for maximum usability.

    You’ll learn everything from creating your own Brand Kit to save time, to creating different types of content. 

    You’ll also learn how to edit PLR products that look professional, so you can quickly and easily build your own portfolio of products to sell.

    DWA Module 22 Capcut Editing

    Module 24: Capcut Editing

    Interestingly, Capcut editing get’s its own module inside of the DWA. Capcut is a video editing software mainly used for Social Media, specifically short form content.

    Inside of this module, you’ll learn how to use Capcut to create and edit videos, adding in your own music, cutting and joining clips, and also clipping your existing content for future edits.

    DWA Module 23 Let's Talk Tiktok

    Module 25: Let’s Talk Tiktok

    I have to admit, the TikTok module didn’t get too much love inside of the Digital Wealth Academy, but understandable with all the international problem Tiktok is having with the USA.

    Inside of the TikTok module, you’ll learn how to setup your TikTok account, different types of posts you can create, how to film specifically for Tiktok, and how to optimise your posts for SEO.

    DWA Course Pinterest

    Module 26: Let’s Talk Pinterest

    Yet another new module added in May 17th 2024, and that is Let’s Talk Pinterest. 

    Now I’m not going to lie, what you’ll learn isn’t advanced strategies. However, it’s still really nice to see the basics inside of here.

    What you’ll learn from Juliana the trainer is how to setup a Pinterest account, create pins with Canva, create Pin Boards, and monitor analytics from your pins.

    DWA Module 24 The Content Vault

    Module 27: The Content Vault

    This is something I haven’t seen any other Master Resell Rights course provide, and that is pre-created content you can use to promote the program itself.

    You’ll get multiple different Canva templates you can import into your account and edit, or you can just download pre-created images to quickly upload to your own accounts.

    This is perfect for someone who doesn’t have a lot of time or creativity, as you can leverage pre-created content.

    The content is available in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese.

    DWA Module 25 PLR MRR Vault

    Module 28: PLR MRR Vault

    Once you join the Digital Wealth Academy, you’ll also get access to their Vault of PLR & MRR products, you can edit and sell as your own at a price you see fit. They also provide suggestions for price points.

    There are 6x products that you get.

    • Digital Wealth Guide
    • The Ultimate Reels Guide
    • Social Media Planner
    • Reels Guide Faceless
    • The Digital Playbook
    • Faceless TikTok Marketing
    These are all PLR products, so if you wanted to create your own suite of MRR products to sell, this would give you 6x to sell right from the word go. Side note, you may have already seen people trying to sell these online!
    DWA Module 26 111 Ebook Ideas

    Module 29: 111 Ebook Ideas

    If you’re someone wanting to create your own lead magnet, this module basically breaks down 111 different ebook ideas you could create an ebook about.

    I find it strange that it has it’s own module, and I feel it should have additional training on how to create a lead magnet funnel, etc. But hey, that’s just me! 

    DWA Module 27 Creating a Digital Product

    Module 30: Creating a Digital Product

    Eventually, all digital marketers build the confidence up enough that they are comfortable to create their own digital product. I personally love this part of anyone’s journey! 

    Inside of this module, you’ll learn how you can create your own ebook using Canva so you can resell it to your audience.

    DWA Module 28 Affiliate Marketing

    Module 31: Affiliate Marketing

    This is great module if you’ve been in Master Resell Rights for a while, and you want to branch off into other ways to monetise your audience. The reason I like it so much, is because it’s so easy to translate everything you’ve learned from selling MRR products, into affiliate marketing.

    In this training, you’ll learn the basics of affiliate marketing, and how you should be structuring your affiliate business.

    While this training is good, I personally think you’ll get much better information from my Free Affiliate Marketing Training. It’s free, check it out!

    DWA Module 29 Business Automation

    Module 32: Full Business Automation

    When you’ve finally reached module 32, you no doubt have setup a LOT inside of your new online Master Resell Rights business. Up next, you’ll learn about adding in ManyChat to your Instagram account, so you can automate follow up.

    While it’s not “Full” business automation, this type of automation is extremely effective when it comes to creating content, and lead generation.

    DWA Module 30 Customer Loyalty

    Module 33: Maintaining Momentum & Loyal Customers

    Finally, we’ve made it to the last module inside of the DWA, and that’s Maintaining Momentum and Loyal Customers. 

    This is the kind of module where when you’re watching it, you feel like you’ve climbed the top of a mountain and you’re reflecting on how the journey was, and what you’d do differently.

    There are some great points covered in this module like the key elements for momentum, the up’s and down’s, and my personal favourite, boundaries in business.

    This definitely isn’t a module you should jump to if you haven’t done the hard work yet, but when you get here, it’ll all make sense.

    Additional Modules: Recorded Training Calls

    There is also a library of all recorded live calls if there was ever any calls you wanted to go back and watch. But honestly, with the amount of content inside of the course, plus the community, I doubt you’d ever go inside here.

    Additional Modules: FAQs

    Another module they’ve added is a FAQ module, but once again, it’s very basic and just leads to a document that I doubt you’d ever open up and actually read, as the community is there to answer your questions.

    Additional Modules: Tech Support

    The final module, is Tech Support. If you completely stuck and you want help setting things up, you can pay one of the Tech Support members a fixed price to jump in and either set things up for you, or get them to fix the issues.

    Digital Wealth Academy Logo

    Digital Wealth Academy Review: Final Thoughts

    After creating this Digital Wealth Academy review and reflecting on everything you learn inside of the program, it’s pretty safe to say it has insane value for money.

    Over the previous weeks, seeing those new modules being added to the course gave me a good feeling where this program is heading. After the massive initial growth, I can see the membership numbers heading towards 100,000 quite easily.

    Would I recommend this course?

    Yes. I do. If you are someone who is new to online marketing, and you want to build something online to make money, this will give you a great head start in terms of skills and implementation.

    You’ll learn a lot of about growing a Social Media brand, build a sales system and selling digital products, so if those things interest you, this will be a great fit.

    Ready to get started with the Digital Wealth Academy?

    Join the DWA through me and get my exclusive bonuses!

    Digital Wealth Academy Bonus

    My Exclusive DWA Bonuses

    As a massive thank you to all of those who support my work, I’ve created the best Digital Wealth Academy bonuses I’ve seen on the internet. What I’ve created for you is additional resources that will help you get setup to resell the DWA as fast as possible. (You can be ready to resell within 20 minutes!)

    The reason I’ve done this, is a lot of people struggle with the tech side of things, but thrive over the content part. 

    So I’ve gone ahead and prebuilt all of the technical elements, shot simple and fast click-by-click training so you can whip through my DWA bonuses, and focus on growing your brand.

    Want to see the full breakdown? Check out all of my Digital Wealth Academy bonuses

    What You’ll Get…

    Bonus 1: Custom Resell Funnel Kit (Value $197)

    After numerous testing with multiple offers, I’ve crafted the perfect sales funnel template that’s responsive on all devices, and converts higher than industry standard.

    This took me a solid week to build (and I’ve been building funnels for many years), and you get to install this entire funnel with just 1-click.

    Bonus 2: Custom Email Campaigns ($147)

    I’ll be honest, email marketing is something majority of people neglect, but if you don’t do it, you’re leaving so much money on the table.

    What I’ve done is created a generic email marketing sequence that you can import with just 1-click, so your leads stay followed up with to help improve your conversions.

    Bonus 3: Fast Start Setup Tutorials ($97)

    To setup the sales funnel and email, or even setup a Stan Store will take you many modules to get to inside of the DWA. Luckily, I get straight to the actionable tasks, so you can get setup in as little as 20 minutes.

    Bonus 4: My SEO Traffic Training ($497)

    The Digital Wealth Academy focuses on Social Media growth, and my specialty actually lies in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). I’ve created a special training for all of those who purchase from me, and share a case study how I generated multiple 5 figures for free, just from search traffic.

    The benefit of search traffic is, you create content once, and it can continue to drive new customers each and everyday!

    Bonus 5: Support From Me ($497)

    A lot of other resellers will take your money, and you’ll never hear from them again. Not me! 

    If you’re stuck, want advice, need help, or want to share an idea, I’ll be available for you through email or messages to help you solve it. I don’t usually offer additional support, but for this offer, I do!

    Bonus 6: Use My Bonus As Yours ($497)

    Something I’ve found to be extremely beneficial for buyers of other MRR products, is having them have something they can offer as a bonus.

    I’ve found a way where you can pass on all of my own bonuses, and offer them to your customers too! This way, your offer automatically becomes way more valuable than any other resellers out there, especially those who just offer additional MRR products!

    You get all of these additional resources for free if you join through me.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The Digital Wealth Academy (DWA) is a digital marketing course that teaches you about social media, and selling products online.

    Inside of the DWA course, there are 33 different training modules (over 200+ videos), an active community, live calls, and more.

    You also get rights called Master Resell Rights, allowing you to resell the DWA course at a price you like above the minimum resell price of $497.

    There is a minimum resale value of $497 in place, however, resellers are able to sell it for any price they wish above that. 

    If you'd like to get started, I am selling it for it's lowest price of $497, plus you get my DWA bonuses too.

    The creator of the Digital Wealth Academy is a woman called Rachell Jova. She also goes by the name Rachel Medero on Instagram.

    From what I can find, she has had experience in Network Marketing before getting into MRR products, but since moving to MRR has made a substantial amount of money in a short period of time.


    The course is NOT a scam. It is simply a digital marketing course that has Master Resell Rights attached to it.

    Master Resell Rights is nothing new, it has been around for decades.

    After purchasing the course, you will have a series of instructions on the checkout success page to get started with the program. These are the steps to join:

    • Request to join the group
    • Forward your receipt to the email address provided on the page

    Requests can take up to 24 hours for approval, however, most are done within 2 hours.

    If you purchase through me, you'll get instant access to my bonuses and can get started with them.

    There are no results promised to any of the courses students. Instead, this is a course dedicated on teaching you skills that others are using to generate results. Your results will depend on how close you follow the course, the type of content you create, your consistency, and dedication to building your brand. Everyone's results will vary.

    No. There is no affiliate program available for the DWA as it breaks the terms of the license.

    If you see anyone hosting an affiliate program for the DWA, do not purchase as it's illegal.

    Yes. There are many different licenses you can purchase for other peoples products including PLR which is the most common. MRR has been around for a very long time and will continue to do so.

    There is a strict NO REFUND policy for the Digital Wealth Academy DWA. If you are unsure, do not purchase.

    Unfortunately, there are no guarantees for success. Your success will be determined by the actions you take from what is taught in the course, your consistency, and dedication to optimise your efforts.

    Was this helpful?

    Thanks for your feedback!

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