Roadmap to Riches Review: What You Need To Know in 2024

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    No doubt, if you’ve heard of the Roadmap to Riches course that offers resell rights, you may have had a mixture of emotions. For me, it sounded like a great opportunity, then the more I dug into it, it started to sound a little scam-like. So after a lot of research, here is my full Roadmap to Riches review

    Note: The Roadmap 3.0 is now released, and this review has been updated to reflect the changes in program.

    Roadmap to Riches 3.0 Course

    Roadmap to Riches Review: What is it?

    The Roadmap to Riches program is a course and community created by 2 entrepreneurs that teaches all about digital marketing, online systems, online business, and, a success mindset. The course itself was designed for small business owners in mind who are looking for ways to market their business online to get more sales.

    Before I purchased the course, I spent a lot of time researching reviews and checking out the course criteria. I had to admit, it actually looks like a pretty solid course!

    There was one thing that really caught me off guard when I saw it, and you probably had the same reaction. If you purchased the course, you also have the ability to resell the course, market it as your own, and keep 100% of the profit.

    This isn’t something that courses normally include, and that’s when I started finding other people actually selling their own version of this course.

    You may have even seen some name variations to the course around the internet, including “The Roadmap” “Roadmap to Riches” or even “Master Resell Rights” or “MRR”. It’s safe to say, this digital product is really starting to get traction. 

    Play Video about Roadmap to Riches Review Master Resell Rights

    What does Master Resell Rights (MRR) mean?

    If you haven’t heard of this term before, it’s nothing uncommon. MRR (not to be confused with monthly recurring revenue) is a type of resale rights you can purchase for digital products which can then be resold at the same price or what is stated in the terms.

    You can usually package the product with other offerings and name the package as a product, but with this type of right, you can not adjust the content or say you created the course.

    Do the Roadmap distribution rights have rules?

    Yes, you HAVE to resell the product at $497 which is the normal cost. You also can’t modify the course contents or say you created the course.

    Roadmap to Riches 3.0 Module 1

    Can you make money with the Roadmap to Riches?

    Inside of the course, you will learn everything you need to know to build a successful online business selling digital products. That being said, there is no guarantee’s like in life.

    Success with in the program can come from 2x different avenues

    1. Follow the training, build your audience, create your content, sell digital products.
    2. Resell the Roadmap to Riches program using the Master Resell Rights (this saves having to make your own product).
    Me personally, I have a few of my own products I normally sell, but I decided to give the MRR route a try, and the results were amazing considering how little I marketed.

    To help out those who were looking at joining the Roadmap program, I decided to create a Roadmap to Riches Bonus to help give them a headstart. Inside of the bonus, there is the exact sales funnel, emails, and full setup training on how to use it. 

    UPDATE: I also now give rights for my buyers to give my bonus to their buyers too, to provide additional resources and increase the value. 

    What is actually inside the course?

    At the point of writing this review, the Roadmap 3.0 course has just been released. With the latest update to the course, the modules have been changed, some deleted and a few new ones added.

    One of the main changes they’ve done though, is changed from the original straight 28x module layout, to now incorporating “Stages” and ranging from Stage 1 to Stage 5. They’ve also added more modules now topping 30+ modules total!

    Each stage insinuates a certain part of the business you should be focusing on, and when we break down these stages you’ll understand why.

    Roadmap to Riches Course Stage 1

    Stage 1: Your Foundation

    In the first stage of the the Roadmap to Riches 3.0, you’ll learn about the program itself, how it started, what it’s about, who it’s for, and what’s in it for you.

    This was designed for the beginner in mind who may be absolutely brand new to digital marketing, and is a great ice breaker into the industry. It’s a roller coaster ride, so a very nice gentle start.

    Welcome to the Roadmap (6 videos)
    After such a massive success launching the program, there was a lot of people misinforming others of why the Roadmap to Riches was created, who it was for, who it serves, and more. 

    So to clarity everything and let you know your path, they created an amazing introduction series to the Roadmap course breaking down what the Roadmap to Riches is really about.

    Community Benefits (4 Videos)

    This module goes through some of the bonus offers offered to Roadmap to Riches 3.0 members, as well as frequently asked questions and downloading content. 

    Module 1: Diving into the World of Digital Entrepreneurialism (4 videos)

    Now we get into some of the interesting stuff. Perfect for beginners to the digital marketing world. In this module, you’ll learn about digital marketing as a whole, the opportunities that present themselves and how this type of marketing is different to what you probably know.  

    Module 2: Understanding Your Niche (8 videos)

    This module is all about deciding what kind of products you should promote or create. Whether a product or service, how to price it, how to test selling it, and how to make it.

    Module 3: Building a Solid Base (6 videos)

    If you’ve never build a business before, you’ll want to go through this module. In here, you’ll learn about Core value’s and ethics, creating business goals and objectives, crafting a mission and vision statement, etc. This module may take a bit of brain power, but will be worth it in the long run. 

    Module 4: Tailoring a Business to your Vision (11 videos)

    Before you dive into building your business, you’ll first go through the brainstorming phase where you learn how to evaluate your ideas, how to document them, and analyze them compared to the market growth rate.

     After going through this module, you’ll be able to identify opportunities and you’ll be able to ask yourself if the opportunity is right for you.

    Module 5: Branding Essentials (11 videos)

    While building a brand on social media looks like an easy feat, there’s a lot to it. You’ll learn everything from developing your target market, to developing your buyer persona, getting your brand colours and logo, then finally crafting your brand voice. If you follow this correctly, you’ll have a long term branded foundation.

    Roadmap to Riches Course Stage 2

    Stage 2: Your Automation

    In the first stage of the the Roadmap to Riches 3.0, you’ll learn about the program itself, how it started, what it’s about, who it’s for, and what’s in it for you.

    This was designed for the beginner in mind who may be absolutely brand new to digital marketing, and is a great ice breaker into the industry. It’s a roller coaster ride, so a very nice gentle start.

    Module 6: Introduction to Business Automation (6 videos)

    This is where the fun begins. In this module, you’ll learn about the different types of business systems you can build to automate your sales. There are many different types of systems to sell products, so choosing the right one is vital for your success.

    Module 7: OPTION 1 – Stan Store (10 videos)

    One of the fastest ways to get setup to sell online products without having to use funnels, is by creating a Stan store. The platform Stan store has become wildly popular amongst TikTok users, and is a preferred platform to those wanting to get setup quickly.

    Module 8: OPTION 2 – Systeme Funnel Build Your Own (27 videos)

    No doubt if you’ve followed my journey online, you’ll know how powerful is, and this is the funnel platform they teach inside of the Roadmap 3.0. In this module, you’ll go through all of the necessary steps to build your own funnel from scratch.

    Module 9: OPTION 3 – Systeme Pre-built Funnel (15 videos)

    The Roadmap program also includes a pre-built funnel inside of Systeme you can use to use to resell the Roadmap with Master Resell Rights. However, the funnel is very plain and requires a lot of editing.

    Luckily, if you purchase the Roadmap through me, you’ll get my custom Roadmap 3.0 sales funnel, training and email sequences to get set up in hours, not days or weeks.

    Module 10: Email Marketing Mastery (11 videos)

    Next on the training schedule is stepping up your email marketing game. In this module, you’ll learn about creating an email list, building your subscriber base, creating email automation and being compliant. This is probably one of the most important modules if you want ongoing sales!

    Module 11: OPTION 1 – Email Marketing with Stan Store (5 video)

    If you are using a Stan Store, this walks you through the process of email marketing using the Stan Store.

    Module 12: OPTION 2 – Email Marketing with (13 videos)

    Once you’ve gotten started with Systeme, you’ll learn now how to build out an email list, email campaigns, and email automations. Systeme is a great platform for email marketing as the delivery rate is very high! Perfect for your marketing efforts as it will work for you all day everyday.

    Roadmap to Riches Course Stage 3

    Stage 3: Driving Your Traffic

    In this stage, as the name suggest, you’ll learn how to create content online that generates traffic to your pages and offers. This may be the biggest stage and the one you focus on the most, as traffic is an important ongoing strategy for any business.
    With the Roadmap 3.0, you’ll learn the latest traffic strategies for 2024 that are currently allowing students to go viral, and get insane amounts of visitors to their sites.

    Module 13: Sales Strategies & Content Creation (16 videos)

    This is a new addition to the Roadmap 3.0 modules, and this one focuses on the different types of content you can create, the different types of audiences,  and how to sell to your ideal customer.

    A lot of people will create content blindly and hope putting out content will bring results, however, it’s not always the case. This module will keep you on track to how you should be creating content for the type of person you want to buy your products.

    Module 14: Tiktok (8 videos)

    As TikTok is still one of the easiest platforms to go viral on, you’ll learn how you should be creating your TikTok accounts, how often you should be posting, what to look out for, and how to formulate viral content.

    There is still so much growth with Tiktok, and perfect for those with an audience of zero to start with big momentum.

    Module 15: Facebook (9 videos)

    The Facebook module is a goodie for those who use Facebook on the daily. You learn everything from optimising your account, building a business page, creating short form content and how to target your ideal audience.

    Module 16: Instagram (20 videos)

    Like TikTok, Instagram is another platform that currently has huge viral capabilities, especially with Instagram Reels. In this module, you’ll learn how you need to build your account, the type of content you need to create, and how to post them.

    Module 17: YouTube (12 videos)

    Youtube is a traffic machine if you know how to use it. That’s why in this module they teach you how to start from scratch, optimise your channel, and focus on building the right content right from the word go.

    Module 18: Pinterest (6 videos)

    If you’re someone who uses Pinterest, perhaps Pinterest will be a great traffic strategy for you. In this module, you’ll learn about the platform, how to setup a profile from scratch, the types of pins you should be building, and how to schedule your pins.

    You’ll also learn about how to monitor your statistics to see which pins are performing, and how you can build similar content to try replicate the growth of winning pins. 

    Module 19: Linkedin (10 videos)

    One of the newer additions to the Roadmap to Riches 3.0 course, is the LinkedIn training. In this module, you’ll learn about how to build your profile the right way, the how to start growing your network.

    You’ll also learn how to create engaging content that converts, and monitoring your results you get from those posts.

    Then if you’re like me and you’re struggling to get started, there’s also a 30-day LinkedIn challenge you can join to help you get your LinkedIn account off the ground.

    Module 20: Blogging (13 videos)

    For those looking to get into Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) this module is for you. You’ll learn about how to create your content strategy, keyword research, crafting blog posts and optimising them. Blogging by no means is a quick winning strategy, but if you are persistent, it’s a long term rewarding one.

    Module 21: Video Editing With Capcut (10 videos)

    Capcut is a very popular video editing tool, especially for short form videos. In this module, you’ll learn how to edit videos using Capcut, how to add captions, transitions and export videos how social media likes them.

    Module 22: Affiliate Marketing (13 videos)

    Another new module that has been released in the Roadmap to Riches 3.0 is affiliate marketing. In this module, you’ll learn what is affiliate marketing, how to get started, and the things to watch out for if you’re a beginner.

    I personally have been affiliate marketing for almost 10 years, and the content isn’t that bad! However, I’d still recommend checking out my free affiliate marketing training if you want to get even better results.

    Roadmap to Riches Master Resell Rights 3.0 Stage 4

    Stage 4: Build Your Offer

    If you’ve reached this stage, you should already know how to build your brand, how to generate traffic, how to funnel them into your sales pages or Stan Store, and you’re no doubt already making sales!

    But maybe you want to create your own product. That’s where this stage comes into place, we’ll be deep diving how you can create your own product, host it, and sell it to the masses.

    Module 23: From Idea to Market Ready Product (7 videos)

    This module is all about deciding what kind of products you should promote or create. Whether a product or service, how to price it, how to test selling it, and how to make it.

    Module 24: Creatives with Canva (11 videos)

    As the name suggests, you’ll learn how to use the tool Canva to create graphics to use for your products. This includes things like mockups, pre-made templates, and utilising Canva to quickly create professional looking creatives for your product.

    Module 25: How to Build a Written Digital Product (14 videos)

    If you’ve ever wanted to sell a written digital product like an ebook, this module will walk you through all the steps from planning, ebook selling statistics, finding profitable niches and categories, and more. 

    You’ll also learn the best ways to create them, deliver them, and the prices you should aim to sell them for. 

    Module 26: How to Build a Video Based Digital Product (16 videos)

    Similar to the last module but this time focused on video based digital products, you’ll learn how to plan and build your own digital course. 

    This module covers all the basics you need to research, film, edit, host, and also sell your online course.

    Module 27: How to Host Your Course on Skool (5 videos)

    What you’ll learn in this module is basically an introduction to the Skool platform which is taking off in 2024. You’ll be able to host your own video courses, plus you’ll also be able to host the community to co-exist with the course, so you an support your members.

    Module 28: How to Host Your Course on Kajabi (25 videos)

    Kajabi is one of the most powerful all-in-one marketing platforms designed for coaches, to help them build coaching memberships, sell online courses, and host their own communities.

    The only problem is Kajabi is very technical and complicated, plus it is very expensive. I personally would choose Skool over Kajabi, and choose GoHighLevel over Skool for cost and functionality.

    Master Resell Rights Roadmap to Riches 3.0 Course


    Stage 5: Scale with Customer Service

    Finally once you’ve reached this module, you should be in a good position with your new online business and things should be growing quite consistently if you’ve followed all of the previous modules training.
    In this final stage, you’ll learn about metrics like customer lifetime value, using tools to optimise your productivity, using automation to increase outreach, and more.  

    Module 29: Organization and Important of Customer Lifetime Value (7 videos)

    An interesting metric not many people take the time to find out is your customer lifetime value. This means how much is a single customer worth inside your business on average. Once you understand this, you’ll know how much you can spend on advertising to acquire new customers, which makes this turn into a simple money making formula.

    You’ll learn all about this metric and other organisational level skills to help you continue to grow your business and not platau.

    Module 30: The Downloads

    As the name suggests, this is where you can apply to download the entire Roadmap to Riches 3.0 course, and self host it on the platform of your choice. 

    You’d do this if you had the desire to create your own exclusive community using the Roadmap 3.0 content, but keeping those who you sell to, and building your own community base.

    There are currently applications to do this, as they need to vet who they give their intellectual property from to ensure no abuse of rights. 

    The Roadmap to Riches Course 3.0 Community

    The Roadmap Community

    On top of the core modules, you’ll also get access to the main member’s community where you can see how others are getting on with the program. For some users, this was one of the main selling points for them and they described it to be a “vibrant community helping them with their digital journey”.

    How many people are inside of the Roadmap to Riches Program?

    At the time of updating this article, there are over 42,000 members! It’s grown exponentially, and so it should. The amount of value you get for such a low price point is not common, so it’s understandable that it’s been so popular.

    Who is this program for?

    After going through the training and seeing users’ results, there are a few types of people who would suit this program. 

    I’d say the course itself would suit:

    • Small business owners who aren’t yet online
    • Digital product and course creators who don’t know how to sell
    • E-commerce store owners who want to know how to market better

    And the incredible opportunity of MRR would suit:

    • Stay-at-home moms and dads
    • Network marketers that want to have another product to sell their downline
    • Affiliate marketers wanting a higher commission
    • Anyone looking to start making money online, but doesn’t have a product to sell
    the incredible opportunity of MRR

    Roadmap to Riches Review: Final Verdict

    As much as I didn’t want to like the idea of this course, it’s actually a great offering. The hardest thing I see people struggle with, especially in affiliate marketing, is they put in all of the effort of learning marketing and promoting other people’s products, then upon making sales having to wait months for the commissions to clear before getting paid. On top of that, the commission is always less than half.

    However, with the resell rights in this program, new marketers now have something they can market and earn 100% profit on so all their hard effort can be a much higher reward for effort. That and the money goes directly into the seller’s account.

    It’s essentially like creating a course and selling it, except you can skip the creation process which speeds up the time frame to profit.

    Would I recommend this course?

    Yes. I do. It’s the shortest path to learning how to set up sales funnel & automation, and sell products. This means, if you ever wanted to sell your own, you’d already know how to set it up and you’d also have the know-how to actually sell it.

    Would I recommend this course?

    Roadmap to Riches with Master Resell Rights Bonus

    As a thank you to those who decide to join this program using my resell link, I’m also giving you these bonuses to help you get success even faster

    Bonus 1: The Roadmap Accelerator (Value $297)

    Since I decided to resell the Roadmap to Riches course, I went ahead and build a custom sales funnel, custom email sequences, build out automations, and used organic marketing to promote the course. Since then, I’ve sold over 40k worth of MRR

    The best Roadmap to Riches bonus I could think of, would be to give everything that has helped me see success, as well as step-by-step instructions on how to set it all up.

    To help those who purchase the Roadmap to Riches from me even more, I’ve also decided to share my exact traffic strategies that have helped generate these sales. We’re talking free organic traffic that runs on autopilot.

    But the big cherry on top, is I also give you the ability to give away the Roadmap Accelerator course as your own! This means you can offer an incentive to those interested in buying from you, so you have an offer that is better than 99% of other people out there.

    It’s an insane bonus bundle, exclusive for those who purchase through me.

    Bonus 2: Systeme Accelerator Course ($97)

    The most comprehensive A-Z Systeme IO course on how to use the platform Systeme which is what you will use to build your own business in this program. This will heavily reduce your setup time. 

    Bonus 3: Private Support Access ($997)

    If you decide to resell this program, I or my team will be available to message on Instagram, Facebook and email to help you with any issues. This can include but not limited to screen sharing videos, zoom calls, special training videos, etc.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The Roadmap to Riches is a course focusing on building a brand, building marketing systems, growing a social media presence, and selling courses. There is currently 27 modules to the course, and it includes a community with weekly calls.

    The Roadmap to Riches course is $497 depending where it is sold. The master resell rights state it is not allowed to be sold for anything less than $497 so the price could be higher depending on the reseller.

    The Roadmap to Riches teaches you how to plan a business, build a brand, find your target audience, grow your audience, build systems to sell products, and eventually sell your own courses. It is comprehensive and also has a community that hosts weekly calls for it's members.

    This program is legit, however, it seems some resellers are marketing it similar to how some network marketing companies have been marketed. This gives some people a bad feeling about it, however, there is nothing wrong with the course or rights being sold.

    After purchasing the course, you will receive login information and have lifetime access. This means you can visit it whenever you want in your own timeframe.

    This is an educational course, nothing including the course content or reselling setup will guarantee you any type of income or results. There is a potential to make money, but there is also potential to make nothing. Only join this program if you're willing to learn from the course, or put in the work to resell it. 

    No. With master resell rights, you are directly taking payment from the consumer, and then the digital product or course is delivered to the consumer. In affiliate marketing, the consumer pays the creator of the digital product or course, and they pay you, the affiliate, after a certain amount of days specified in the affiliate program terms.

    Yes. Master Resell Rights is a type of license you can obtain for certain digital products. This is a normal type of license that has been around for decades.

    At the time of publishing this article, there are 27 modules inside of the Roadmap 2.0 course. Each module has multiple lessons that build up the module, and there was well over 100 lessons in total.

    Unfortunately, part of the terms of this program include no refunds. If you have any hesitation or are unsure, don't purchase. 

    There is no guarantees with business, the same applies with this. It's an educational course showing you what is working for others. What you do with it is entirely up to you.

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    Thanks for your feedback!

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    To help you get setup to resell the Roadmap to Riches faster, I’ve created the Roadmap Accelerator course that will get you from zero to selling ASAP! 

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