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2024 Update: The Roadmap Accelerator just got an upgrade! 

– You can now use the Roadmap Accelerator as your own bonus when you sell the Roadmap to Riches. This allows you to value stack your offering to sell the Roadmap to Riches with Master Resell Rights. 

– I take you behind the scenes and show you the traffic strategies that organically generated over $15,000 in sales (with only a few hours work)

– You can now share the Roadmap Accelerator as a product to those who already have purchased the Roadmap to Riches (as it’ll help them get results) and you can earn 40% commissions!

Roadmap to Riches bonus bundle

Thinking of getting the Roadmap to riches, but still not 100% if it’s right for you? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. 

A lot of people find the Roadmap 2.0 because they are looking for a way to be able to quickly learn the skills required to make money online.

But to tell you the honest truth, the Roadmap isn’t something you can quickly digest and resell. It’s more so like an online degree which is in-depth, super valuable, and in some parts should be gone through a few times to fully understand. 

Wait… what?

I know, not what you wanted to hear, but don’t worry. I GOT YOU.

Many people have reached out to me asking about the Roadmap to Riches as they have audiences they want to monetise. In short, they want to sell something.

So to save you days, weeks or even months, you can get prepared and ready to sell in as little as 20 minutes with my Roadmap to Riches bonus, the Roadmap Accelerator.

Free for those who decide to purchase the Roadmap to Riches from me. I’ll also be there if you get stuck and need help setting it all up!

Roadmap 2.0 Bonuses

Roadmap to Riches Bonus Bundle

This Roadmap to Riches bonus was created for beginners in mind. It’s also perfect for those wanting to resell using the Master Resell Rights and shorten the time frame from setup to profit.

One of my main talents is taking complex things, and making them simple. That’s what you’ll get with this bonus.

I‘ve thought about exactly what will help you get success faster using the Roadmap to Riches, and I’ve come up with these items to help you achieve your goals. 

Note: This bonus will most likely have additional resources added to it over time too, so may look a little different from what is listed here

Common Question: How do I receive the Bonus Bundle?

Once you join the Roadmap to Riches here, you’ll automatically be sent a list of instructions from me with all the steps you need to get setup, and get all of your bonuses listed.

You won’t find a better bonus on the internet!

Roadmap to Riches Bonus

BONUS 1: Roadmap Accelerator ($297 value)​

One of the biggest burdens I’ve been had feedback from is actually getting the Roadmap to Riches setup, ready to sell. So I’ve fixed that problem! 

In comes the Roadmap Accelerator. The perfect fast-start Roadmap to Riches course that provides the necessary and resources, to help you get setup in less than an hour (in some cases less than 20 mins).

With this program, you’ll be able to literally copy my entire sales funnel, email marketing series, and even see exactly how I’ve been getting traffic to my resell version of the Roadmap to Riches.

The curtains are unveiled and I show you everything.

But the cherry on top is the ability to use the bonus as your own, so you can give it to people who want to purchase the Roadmap from you! 

It’s the ultimate incentive to get people over the line, and now you can get ALL of that as a free bonus.

So let’s break down what’s included.

Video 1: Mindset and Takeaways from the Roadmap

Before you get started I share with you my experience with the Roadmap to Riches, what I thought, what I fumbled on, and the best path for you. 

It’s an amazing course once you get into it, so this video is just to give you my angle of it after spending some time going through the program.

Video 2: Domain + Funnel Setup

Inside of this training, I share with you my exact funnel I have created. You’ll get access to all 11 pages that are necessary to sell the Roadmap to Riches. This can be installed into your account with 1-click.

Inside the funnel, you’ll receive a:

  • Squeeze Page
  • Bridge Page (optional but recommended)
  • Sales Page
  • Checkout Page
  • Thank You Page
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Privacy Policy
  • Contact Page
  • License Page
  • Income Disclaimer
  • Invitation (for those with existing email subscribers)
There will be a link below the video to install this funnel with just 1-click. You’ll also be given clear instructions how to edit the pages, make them your own, and link together your Roadmap reseller link.

Video 3: Email Campaigns and Automations

The beauty about online businesses, is the ability to automate delivery and follow up. This is what you’ll learn in this training.

After you have set up your funnel, it’s time to setup your email campaigns that I have provided for you. This will give your email leads continuous emails so they stay engaged, and with hope purchase the Roadmap to Riches through you. 

Failure to email your leads means only being able to convert on the front end. Having an email series, means getting more return for your effort or ad spend, all on autopilot.

Inside of the series, your leads will learn about the Roadmap to Riches, what’s included in it, some of the results others online are getting, and hopefully inspire them to get started with the program through you.

You will also receive a video training on how to customise these to ensure you get the sale if they decide to purchase.

Please note: You get Buyer and Lead email campaigns. On the free plan of you can only install one, I’d recommend the Buyer series as it’s the most crucial to increase sales. 

Video 4: Using ChatGPT to add content

I show a quick tutorial on ChatGPT (not going too technical) showing how you can quickly and easily use AI to create your own emails for your follow up series. While you do get my ones for free, building your own emails will make your email campaign unique, plus you can add in your own elements to make the follow-up sound like they were written by you.

Video 5: My Traffic Strategies

This bonus video was added around 6 weeks after my initial Roadmap to Riches purchase. What I decided to do was share exactly what was working for me that helped me turn my $497 purchase of the Roadmap to Riches into $15,000+ in sales.

You’ll learn the exact strategies I used, the methodology behind why I did that and how it got results. You’ll also be able to use this strategy for any other online program you are trying to sell, as it’s my main formula for selling affiliate products online.

This bonus video alone is worth $497 and is the exact strategy that has helps me generate 6-figures per year with affiliate marketing.

Video 6: Using my Bonuses as Yours

As the name suggests, this video shows you how you can use the Roadmap Accelerator course as your own bonus to incentivise your audience.

The process is extremely easy and is actually already automated, there are just a few rules to know before you start promoting ie: no sharing with people who didn’t buy (additional tracking has been added).

Video 7: Roadmap Accelerator Affiliate Program

This was another addition to the Roadmap to Riches bonus bundle as a lot of people who already had purchased, wanted to use my assets. 

So what I did was I instead created an affiliate program so if someone wanted to use your assets, instead of giving it to them (as it’s against T&C) you can instead give them your affiliate link and still make an income from the referral.

It’s a win win!

Systeme io Course

BONUS 2: Systeme Accelerator (Value $97)

The Systeme Accelerator course is a perfect fit for the Roadmap to Riches members, as they teach you how to setup an online business using 

Systeme is a free to start platform with generous limits, so it’s the perfect platform to build off.

Inside of this course you will learn:

  • How to get setup from zero
  • How to build funnels
  • How to build email sequences
  • How to build courses
  • How to setup webinar funnels
  • How to sell products
  • How to host an affiliate program
    – Plus get access to my template library!

I was one of the early adopters of the platform so I created the full course on how to actually use it. Since then I’ve helped 500+ people get setup using Systeme inside of my Systeme Accelerator course.

This is a great bonus, and if you were to get the course outside of this Roadmap to Riches bonus, it would cost you $97.

BONUS 3: Training and Support From Me!

The funnel, emails and the course are great bonuses, but having actual support is going to be the big one that helps you get going.

Most other people who resell the Roadmap to Riches course will sell you the dream, then leave you high and dry when you need help the most.

My goal, is to make it as simple as possible for you to get setup and going, then have a clear direction of what you need to do next, to start seeing success.

And if you get stuck, just reach out and I’ll get you back on track.

I don’t offer this type of support anywhere, so you’re getting an epic deal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you get started, you'll automatically be given access to the course, and given instructions to access the other bonuses mentioned in this page.

Yes, you will be required to get a account. But don't worry, you can get free access here. No credit card required.

Yes, you will! We will also update our purchasers via email about any additions to the bonuses. That way you stay informed! You can always opt out of the emails too.

The Roadmap to Riches is perfect for newbies to the digital marketing world, small businesses, course creators, those in Network Marketing, and really anyone who wants to take advantage of a massive opportunity.


Great question. I've purchased courses before, and felt like I've had missing parts to it that I had to figure out on my own. It wasn't a great feeling. So instead, I try to provide as much additional content I can to those who support my work, to help them get results faster. It's a win for you as you get free additional content and resources, and it's a win for me as I get your business.

Yes, you will get email, messenger, instagram, and eventually a community portal support.

Once you join, you'll be sent a list of instructions from the suggested steps I would follow to get setup best and fastest possible!

No problem! Just shoot me a message and I'll answer any questions you might have!

Not this entire bonus. I've created the "use my bonus" add-on in a way where you can grant access to those who join the Roadmap to Riches through you, to get access to the Roadmap Accelerator course.

This is the first part of the bonus you can get when directly purchasing from me. 

The reason being, I don't want to give support to people I don't have a personal relationship with, instead, I want to offer that as my thank you to those who invest in me. 

Also, the second bonus, the Systeme Accelerator is a paid product and is also another perk from buying directly from me. 

That being said, the Roadmap Accelerator is a $297 course that is undervalued considering the results it has given me.

Exclusive: Roadmap to Riches Bonuses

Roadmap to Riches Bonus

You’ll Get All Of This For Free:

  • Fast 20-Minute Step-by-Step Setup Tutorial
  • Full Sales Funnel
  • Email Sequences
  • My 15k Traffic Training
  • ChatGPT Training
  • Ability to use this bonus as your bonus
  • Full Course
  • Support from me