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Affiliate commissions in the fitness industry typically range from 3% to 20%. These companies offer a variety of products including supplements and exercise equipment.

Global revenue in the fitness industry is expected to grow at an annual rate of 9.61% and reach $6.73 billion by 2027.

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Fitness affiliate marketers are earning an average of over $7,000 per month, demonstrating their success in the industry.

All necessary preparations have been made to capitalize on the increasing popularity of fitness.

This post evaluates the top fitness affiliate programs.

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In order to succeed as a fitness affiliate marketer, it is important to master key digital marketing skills.

We have created comprehensive guides to assist you, including:

Implementing strategies based on what you have learned can improve the ranking and drive more qualified traffic to your fitness website or blog, resulting in potentially higher commissions.

Top 19 Fitness Affiliate Programs

1. Horizon Fitness

Fitness Affiliate Programs (3)

Product category: Home fitness equipment

Commission rates: 8%

Cookie duration: 30 days

Sign up here: Horizon Fitness affiliate program

Pros: The fitness equipment is of high quality, promotions are offered frequently, and there are various customer financing options available to appeal to a wide range of customers.

Best for: Affiliates with audiences interested in home workouts

The Horizon Fitness affiliate program offers a great chance to promote fitness products, with a focus on home exercise equipment. The T101 treadmill is popular among home fitness enthusiasts for its durability and design.

Horizon Fitness is becoming popular for their durable home fitness equipment. They offer treadmills, ellipticals, and indoor cycles for beginners and fitness enthusiasts.

Affiliates earn an 8% commission per sale, which can result in significant income, particularly with high-ticket exercise equipment. Additionally, customer financing options are available, allowing the audience to purchase without upfront payment, leading to higher conversion rates.

2. Titan Fitness

Fitness Affiliate Programs (4)

Product category: Exercise equipment

Commission rates: 5%

Cookie duration: 30 days

Sign up here: Titan Fitness affiliate program

Pros: The program offers a generous 30-day cookie duration, a variety of high-quality equipment, and a dedicated Program Manager for assistance.

Best for: Gym owners

Titan Fitness is known for its dedication to strength and reliability. Their product line consists of high-quality free weights for home gyms and professional-grade machines for commercial setups.

The commission rate of 5% provides a good incentive, particularly considering the high average order value of gym equipment. Additionally, the 30-day cookie duration allows for a generous timeframe to earn commissions.

The program is managed through the Impact Affiliate platform, allowing users to easily track performance and earnings with its user-friendly interface.

3. Onnit

Fitness Affiliate Programs (5)

Product category: Fitness equipment, Supplements, Health products

Commission rates: 15%

Cookie duration: 45 days

Sign up here: Onnit affiliate program

Pros: The wellness and fitness products have a diverse selection, receive endorsements from celebrities and athletes for credibility, and are distributed through a trusted affiliate network.

Best for: Affiliates targeting holistic health audiences

The Onnit affiliate program is valuable for those in the wellness niche. Their products are unique in the fitness affiliate industry and are endorsed by top celebrities and athletes. This can help you build trust with your audience and promote Onnit’s high-quality supplements and fitness equipment effectively.

Onnit offers a variety of products, with their best seller being the Alpha BRAIN supplement. This supplement is popular for enhancing cognitive function and is endorsed by podcaster Joe Rogan. Another unique product from Onnit is the Primal Bells, which add a creative element to fitness workouts.

Onnit’s affiliate program allows for easy tracking of earnings and performance through the Impact platform.

Onnit prioritizes affiliates with a minimum of 5,000 social media followers, leading to less competition and potential advantages for those with a strong online presence.

4. LifeSpan

Product category: Fitness equipment

Commission rates: 6%+

Cookie duration: 90 days

Sign up here: LifeSpan affiliate program

Pros: Our services include real-time tracking, dedicated support, and innovative products that integrate with various lifestyles.

Best for: Affiliates focusing on workplace wellness

LifeSpan’s affiliate program offers unique fitness equipment such as treadmill desks and folding treadmills for those looking to provide their audience with a variety of options.

The LifeSpan affiliate program offers a commission of 6% or higher per sale. Joining could potentially boost your earnings, particularly with the rise in work-from-home opportunities. The program is run through the Impact Radius platform.

Affiliates benefit from having a dedicated point of contact, providing support for successful promotions.

LifeSpan emphasizes adherence to FTC guidelines for affiliate marketing to ensure promotions are both effective and compliant.

5. Reebok

Product category: Fitness apparel

Commission rates: 7%

Cookie duration: 30 days

Sign up here: Reebok affiliate program

Pros: Benefits include affiliation with a well-known brand, access to special promotions and discounts, and regular updates to product offerings.

Best for: Fashion-focused affiliates

Promoting Reebok through affiliate links can be a profitable opportunity due to its well-established brand reputation and consistent sales performance.

The Reebok affiliate program caters to audiences interested in fitness and fashion, offering a blend of style and functionality in athletic wear, also known as athleisure.

Reebok consistently updates its product line, providing new and exciting content for sharing, keeping the audience engaged and interested in future releases.

Reeboks offers special promotions and exclusive affiliate discounts that can enhance your offerings. This program requires active promotion and creative content creation and can be a great opportunity for those skilled at crafting engaging fitness and lifestyle content.

The program operates through the ShareASale affiliate network.

6. GNC

Fitness Affiliate Programs (8)

Product category: Supplements

Commission rates: 5%

Cookie duration: 7 days

Sign up here: GNC affiliate program

Pros: The company offers a variety of health and fitness supplements, has established brand recognition, and has the potential for high conversion rates based on its trust index.

Best for: Health and wellness-focused affiliates

The GNC affiliate program is well-regarded in the fitness niche for its wide selection of health and wellness supplements from a reputable brand.

GNC offers a 5% commission on sales. With a strong market presence, high conversion rates are likely. The program is managed by CJ Affiliate, known for its positive reviews and strong support. You can expect seamless tracking and management of your affiliate activities.

The supplement industry is competitive, and keeping up with GNC’s wide range of products presents a challenging opportunity to improve your content and differentiate yourself.

7. ACE

Fitness Affiliate Programs (9)

Product category: Fitness education

Commission rates: 5%

Cookie duration: 90 days

Sign up here: ACE affiliate program

Pros: Explore respected fitness certifications and programs for those seeking professional development in the fitness industry.

Best for: Educational and professional development niches

The ACE affiliate program is highly regarded for its enduring presence in the fitness education industry. The consistent demand for fitness knowledge even in difficult times underscores the opportunities available for promoting ACE’s programs and certifications.

ACE offers commission opportunities for promoting premium fitness programs, making it a suitable choice for individuals targeting those interested in fitness certification or furthering their fitness knowledge.

ACE selected the Impact Platform to oversee its program, a popular choice among fitness affiliates for its dependability and user-friendly interface.

Although ACE’s program lacks a dedicated affiliate support team, the streamlined functionality of the Impact Platform often makes up for this.

The National Academy of Sports Medicine’s (NASM) affiliate program may be a good alternative for those who are focused on personal training certification and feel that ACE does not align with their brand.

Additionally, ACE can be effective for a fitness-focused audience looking for professional development.

8. Bowflex

Product category: Home fitness equipment

Commission rates: 3%

Cookie duration: 30 days

Sign up here: Bowflex affiliate program

Pros: The company offers fitness equipment that is known for its innovation, strong brand reputation, and broad appeal to a range of audiences.

Best for: Premium fitness equipment market

In the affiliate marketing industry, home workout equipment is experiencing significant growth. Bowflex is a prominent brand known for its quality exercise bikes, treadmills, and home gym equipment.

Earning a 3% commission per sale with Bowflex may appear modest at first. However, due to their high average order value, you have the potential to earn substantial amounts. Bowflex products tend to be in high demand despite their price tag. The popularity of home workouts has increased, particularly after the pandemic.

9. JumpSport

Fitness Affiliate Programs (11)

Product category: Fitness equipment

Commission rates: 4%-8%

Cookie duration: 30 days

Sign up here: JumpSport affiliate program

Pros: Special promotions and incentives are available for both new and repeat customers.

Best for: Targeting families

JumpSport Fitness trampolines provide a unique workout alternative in a rapidly growing fitness market niche, distinguishing them from conventional fitness equipment.

You will receive an 8% commission on new and repeat fitness purchases and a 4% commission on backyard trampoline purchases. This applies within a 30-day window after a customer clicks your link. This rate is higher than the standard 4% earned by general affiliates.

Trampolines offer a fun workout for people of all ages. Incorporate this fun element into your marketing to attract those looking for a unique fitness experience. It appeals to those who enjoy trying new and exciting ways to stay active.

10. Life Fitness

Fitness Affiliate Programs (12)

Product category: Premium fitness equipment

Commission rates: 8%

Cookie duration: 30 days

Sign up here: Life Fitness affiliate program

Pros: The commission rate is high, with an above-average order value, the brand is widely trusted, there is a dedicated affiliate manager, and performance incentives are available.

Best for: High-end fitness market

Life Fitness has been a prominent player in the fitness industry for over 45 years, known for its high-quality cardio and strength equipment. Affiliating with them means being associated with a legacy of excellence.

As an affiliate, the commission rate is 8% or higher on sales, with an average order value exceeding $3,000, resulting in potential significant earnings per sale.

Life Fitness provides affiliates with a dedicated manager to offer guidance and support, along with performance-based bonuses and incentives to enhance marketing efforts.

The promotion of premium products requires carefully planned marketing strategies that target customers looking for high-end fitness solutions and emphasizing exceptional quality.


Product category: Supplements, Fitness information, Fitness apparel

Commission rates: 8%

Cookie duration: 30 days

Signup here: affiliate program

Pros: Benefits of the BODYFIT subscription service include a high commission rate, access to marketing tools, and opportunities for promotion.

Best for: Bodybuilding enthusiasts’s affiliate program is popular among fitness enthusiasts as it offers an 8% commission per sale.

The website offers a wide range of fitness resources, including workout plans, nutritional guidance, and valuable fitness information.

Various marketing tools are available, such as customized text links, eye-catching banners, and informative articles, each equipped with a unique tracking ID for accurate performance tracking.

You have the opportunity to promote BODYFIT, an exclusive subscription service that offers unique content and personalized fitness plans, which can enhance your affiliate marketing efforts.

This program benefits from regular, interesting content creation. It presents a valuable opportunity for those with a substantial presence in the fitness community.

12. Rogue Fitness

Fitness Affiliate Programs (14)

Product category: Fitness equipment

Commission rates: 5%

Cookie duration: IP stored indefinitely

Signup here: Rogue Fitness affiliate program

Pros: Long-term tracking with indefinite IP storage and a wide product range

Best for: Serious athletes

The Rogue Fitness affiliate program offers indefinite cookie storage, increasing your potential for earning commissions as returning visitors who clicked on your link can still contribute to your earnings.

Rogue Fitness is known for its high-quality gym equipment, appealing to both home fitness enthusiasts and professional gym owners.

The program is straightforward and easy to use. It offers a simple tracking process and convenient payment through PayPal, making the affiliate experience easier. To reach the payout threshold, you need to consistently refer customers. This can be a motivating factor to help you engage and expand your audience.

The Rogue Fitness affiliate program offers opportunities for fitness enthusiasts to represent a brand known for excellence in the fitness industry.

13. iHerb

Fitness Affiliate Programs (15)

Product category: Supplements, Health products

Commission rates: 5%-20%

Cookie duration: 7 days

Signup here: iHerb affiliate program

Pros: Range of natural health products and good brand recognition

Best for: Global health audience

iHerb is an online retailer that offers a variety of natural supplements, vitamins, and health products.

The program offers a commission ranging from 5% to 20% per sale, which is competitive with their products.

Promoting health supplements and organic snacks is easy when targeting an audience interested in iHerb’s natural, wholesome products. The market is competitive, but it can be lucrative for those who create engaging content for health-conscious consumers.

14. TRX

Fitness Affiliate Programs (16)

Product category: Fitness equipment, Fitness accessories

Commission rates: 10%

Cookie duration: 30 days

Signup here: TRX affiliate program

Pros: This program offers a high commission rate, substantial average order sizes, and assistance from a committed affiliate team.

Best for: Personal trainers

The TRX affiliate program is designed for fitness professionals looking to earn money from their knowledge and skills.

Earn a starting commission of 10% on US-based sales with TRX, a well-respected brand in functional training circles.

With an average order value of approximately $200 and a 30-day cookie duration, referral efforts have the potential to result in significant earnings. A dedicated affiliate team provides personalized support and insights to enhance affiliate success.

15. Wahoo Fitness

Fitness Affiliate Programs (17)

Product category: Sports equipment, Fitness equipment

Commission rates: 7.5%-10%

Cookie duration: 7 days

Signup here: Wahoo affiliate program

Pros: Affiliate programs offer competitive commission rates, marketing materials, and tools for tracking progress.

Best for: Tech-savvy fitness influencers and professionals

The Wahoo affiliate program caters to individuals interested in technology and fitness, particularly those involved in activities like cycling, running, and tech-based workout programs.

Wahoo affiliates have the opportunity to earn up to 10% on non-smart trainer products and 7.5% on Smart Trainers.

This program is designed for individuals who are already familiar with and use Wahoo products, including bloggers, coaches, and athletes. It provides the opportunity to authentically endorse products you believe in.

Utilize the dedicated account to easily manage your affiliate activities. Track your progress and access various marketing materials.

Commissions are only applicable to credit card orders and discounts are not offered to members. However, Wahoo’s strong product lineup makes them appealing.

16. Muscle & Strength

Product category: Fitness equipment

Commission rates: 10%

Cookie duration: Varies

Signup here: Muscle & Strength affiliate program

Pros: A 10% commission is applied to all orders, with access provided to a wide range of marketing tools.

Best for: Bodybuilders

The Muscle & Strength affiliate program offers a wide selection of over 7,000 products, including supplements and fitness equipment, all with a flat 10% commission on every order.

The program is operated through Commission Junction, which offers real-time tracking and reporting.

Muscle & Strength serves as both a product hub and a comprehensive fitness resource for affiliates. It offers a variety of content such as articles, videos, and workout guides to support marketing strategies.

Please note that Muscle & Strength has specific promotional rules in place, which do not allow for cashback or loyalty website partnerships. It is important to ensure that your marketing strategies align with their guidelines.

17. Under Armour

Product category: Fitness apparel

Commission rates: 5%

Cookie duration: Cookie

Signup here: Under Armour affiliate program

Pros: Awin offers a globally recognized athletic brand, reliable tracking, and monthly commission payments.

Best for: Lifestyle affiliates

Under Armour offers a 5% commission on sales generated through clickthroughs. Order fulfillment and customer service are handled by Under Armour.

Under Armour offers a wide range of products, including the popular HeatGear and ColdGear lines, suitable for both athletic and lifestyle purposes.

The program is managed by Awin, who ensures reliable monthly commission payments, making the affiliate relationship smooth and transparent.

18. Myprotein

Fitness Affiliate Programs (20)

Product category: Supplements, Health foods

Commission rates: 8%

Cookie duration: 30 days

Signup here: Myprotein affiliate program

Pros: The factors contributing to success in affiliate marketing include a high commission rate in a popular product category, ongoing affiliate promotions, and support from an in-house affiliate team.

Best for: Nutrition-focused affiliates

Myprotein is a popular sports nutrition brand that has an affiliate program available for those interested in promoting fitness supplements and sports nutrition products.

Affiliates can earn up to 8% commission on sales in this program, which includes a 30-day cookie window and support from an in-house affiliate team. Exclusive promotions are also available.

This niche is both attractive and competitive, requiring differentiation to achieve success.

19. Nike

Fitness Affiliate Programs (21)

Product category: Fitness apparel, Sports apparel

Commission rates: Up to 15%

Cookie duration: 7 days

Signup here: Nike affiliate program

Pros: The opportunity to be associated with a globally recognized and respected brand may result in increased conversion rates.

Best for: Sports fashion enthusiasts

Nike has a well-known brand and offers affiliates the opportunity to earn up to 15% commission per sale by promoting their high-quality athletic products. This allows affiliates to leverage the brand’s strong reputation to attract and convert their audience.

The Nike affiliate program is popular among fitness influencers and bloggers in the sports fashion niche. Competition can be fierce, so it’s important to focus on strong marketing and SEO strategies.


Fitness affiliate programs provide opportunities for individuals to earn money through the promotion of fitness products and services. Commission rates vary among programs, with some offering significant income potential.

There are various affiliate programs available for those interested in home workouts, portable fitness gear, or sportswear. It’s important to connect with your target audience and effectively market the products for successful promotion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can fitness be a profitable niche for affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing in the fitness niche has the potential to be profitable due to the increasing demand for health and wellness products. By selecting the appropriate fitness affiliate programs and effectively reaching your target audience, you can generate significant commissions.

How much can I potentially earn with a fitness affiliate program?

Earnings in affiliate marketing can range significantly, with potential to earn anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars per month. For example, programs like Horizon Fitness, which offer high-ticket items and generous commissions, have the potential for significant earnings if you are able to establish a strong presence in the market.

Do fitness affiliate programs come with any risks?

Fitness affiliate programs have the potential to be profitable, but it’s important to be aware of competition and market saturation. Selecting programs with products that align with your audience and consistently adapting your strategies to differentiate yourself is crucial.

Moreover, email marketing and SEO-optimized content can help drive organic traffic and conversions.

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