Get Paid to Watch Netflix

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In the past, families watched TV shows together on one screen. Marketing and advertising seemed subliminal then. Now, you can earn money by binge-watching movies or TV shows and benefit from marketing. Keep reading for more information.

Get Paid to Watch Movies

Get Paid To Watch Netflix: 8 Easy Ways

Below are eight methods for receiving payment while watching Netflix:

  1. One possible job is a Netflix tagger.
  2. Tracking Viggle.
  3. Consider starting a review blog.
  4. The Neilson Computer and Mobile Panel is a research program.
  5. Engage in affiliate marketing.
  6. Closed captioning is a function that provides written text for video content.
  7. Consider creating a YouTube channel or podcast.
  8. Websites that offer rewards.

There are opportunities to earn money by watching shows and movies, whether it be through a legitimate job at Netflix or as a part-time side gig. Here is a closer examination of the various ways you can get paid for watching content on Netflix.

1. Work as a Netflix Tagger

Get Paid to Watch Netflix

The Netflix Tagger job may initially sound fictional, but it is a legitimate opportunity for individuals who have a passion for consuming Netflix content. As a tagger or metadata analyst, you would have the chance work for the company by watching your preferred shows or movies and appropriately applying tags.

Tags are utilized by Netflix to categorize and provide a description of the content of any program. Here are a few examples of various tags that can be assigned for content description.

  • Genre
  • Language
  • Adult content
  • Violence level
  • Profanity
  • Cast and crew

Netflix tagging jobs are often part-time positions that offer the opportunity to earn extra income as a side gig. The company typically lists open positions on their website’s job openings page.

2. Viggle Tracking

Viggle Tracking

The Viggle app is designed to assist TV networks and other brands in targeting and reaching a potential sustainable audience. To accomplish this, they require assistance with market research and this is where you can contribute.

By utilizing Viggle’s tracking feature, users have the opportunity to accumulate points while indulging in Netflix sessions. These points can be subsequently exchanged for rewards or gift cards. For every minute of Netflix binge-watching, one point will be earned. To begin this process, follow the provided steps.

  1. The Viggle app is available for download.
  2. Please log into Viggle before opening Netflix.
  3. Viggle is a tool that verifies if you are watching something.
  4. Points can be earned by watching videos.
  5. Bonus points can be earned by watching featured content.
  6. Get rewards or gift cards with your points.

3. Binge, Review and Blog

Binge, Review and Blog

Scrolling through streaming content can overwhelm anyone. A lot of people share this sentiment. Creating a review blog that guides viewers on what to watch can be a lucrative online venture. While it may not generate immediate profit, it holds promise for the future. Additionally, it is viable to monetize the site through advertisements or sponsored content.

Consider the topics and methods used in your search for content when creating articles or listicles for your review blog. Here are a few examples that may attract readers:

  • Top 10 romantic comedies currently on Netflix.
  • “The Scariest Murder Documentaries Available for Streaming on Netflix”

4. Neilson Computer and Mobile Panel

The Neilson Group is a well-known company that analyzes television data. By installing the Neilson Computer and Mobile Panel on your computer, they can track your internet usage and consumption patterns. This can be a way to indirectly get paid for watching Netflix if you watch a lot of content on your computer. Here are the steps to get started:

  1. Unleash the power of technology with the cutting-edge Computer and Mobile Panel software!
  2. Individuals can receive $50 annually by allowing the Neilson Group to monitor their data.
  3. By participating, you will be entered into a monthly $10,000 sweepstakes.

5. Participate in Affiliate Marketing

There are numerous companies that provide opportunities to become an affiliate marketer. When you become an affiliate, you utilize unique links to prominent companies like Netflix, and you receive commissions for accomplishing specific tasks or when certain actions occur.

6. Closed Captioning

Closed Captioning

Netflix offers opportunities for individuals to work in closed captioning, which involves transcribing content such as movies and television shows. It can be a viable part-time or potentially full-time job.

Users can sign up through a third party and access a range of streaming services that require closed captioning. Occasionally, job opportunities with Netflix may appear, providing a chance to earn money while watching Netflix shows.

7. Start a YouTube Channel or Podcast

There are various opportunities in entrepreneurship, especially with the advent of broadcast, internet, and social media platforms. One way to start a side business is by utilizing resources such as Netflix.

  • YouTube channel: To earn money on YouTube, individuals can create a channel that focuses on reviewing and discussing Netflix shows and movies. By producing content such as “The Best Things To Watch on Netflix” or “Top 10 New Releases,” one has the potential to build a dedicated audience. Once a substantial following is established, the channel can be monetized through running advertisements.
  • Podcast: Streaming content is a popular topic that many people are interested in. If you start a podcast focused on providing Netflix streaming suggestions and are able to build your audience, you can also generate income through advertising revenue.

8. Rewards Sites

blackout bingo
Inbox Dollars
Survey Junke
Branded Surveys

There is a difference in the technical terms of being paid to watch Netflix and earning money while watching Netflix, although they essentially mean the same thing. Multiple rewards websites provide simple tasks such as watching videos, playing games, or completing surveys to accumulate points. If you enjoy engaging in online activities while watching Netflix, it may be beneficial for you to explore the following options:

  • Swagbucks
  • Blackout Bingo
  • InboxDollars
  • Survey Junkie
  • Branded Surveys

Final Take To GO

If you are interested in streaming content or enjoy watching movies and shows, it may be worth considering the possibility of getting paid to watch Netflix. It can provide a simple means of earning extra money while engaging in an activity you already find enjoyable. The potential for easy money can sometimes feel similar to receiving free money.


Below are some answers to commonly asked questions about making money while watching Netflix.

Is a Netflix tagger a real job?

A Netflix tagger is a valid job that includes analyzing metadata for the company. As a tagger, you watch shows or movies and assign appropriate tags, such as genre, language, or adult content, to help Netflix accurately classify and describe the content.

How do you become a Netflix tagger?

To find out if Netflix is hiring for this position, visit the Netflix job openings page. If there is an open position, you can follow the instructions and submit your application.

How do I get paid to watch movies?

There are various methods to receive compensation for watching movies or streaming other content, including the following options:

  • Netflix tagger job available.
  • Viggle tracks activities.
  • Create a blog for reviews.
  • Neilson Panel
  • Try affiliate marketing.
  • Closed captioning is important.
  • Create content on YouTube or start a podcast.
  • Sites that offer rewards.

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