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    What is GoHighlevel AI?

    Get ready to explore the mind-blowing fusion of cutting-edge AI technology and the incredible GoHighlevel platform! Brace yourself for an awe-inspiring deep dive into the seamlessly integrated AI features that will leave you spellbound. Let’s dive in, shall we?

    GoHighLevel AI

    What is GoHighlevel/Highlevel?

    Highlevel, also known affectionately by its users, is the ultimate all-in-one sales and marketing powerhouse for marketing agencies and small businesses. With the GoHighlevel platform, you get a complete toolkit to conquer the business world, all for a predictable monthly fee. But hold on, it gets even better! You can customize and brand the software to make it your own with Whitelabel magic. That means you can unleash your inner business genius and create your very own Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) empire, complete with a delightful monthly revenue stream.

    In the past, agencies would finish a job for their client and then search for another one. But now, with GoHighlevel, agencies can do so much more. You can transfer your clients from other platforms and run their entire business on GoHighlevel. And the best part? Your clients will pay you every single month for these services, just like a utility bill. You have the freedom to set your own prices, whether it’s $297 or $497, and earn stable recurring revenue month after month. No more worrying about finding new clients all the time. GoHighlevel has your back.

    With GoHighlevel, your possibilities are endless! Say goodbye to limitations – unlimited contacts, websites, funnels, email or text templates, and workflows. And guess what? Storage has no boundaries either! Host as many videos, files, documents, or images as you or your clients desire. The world is your oyster with GoHighlevel!

    What is AI?

    GoHighLevel software revolutionizes content creation by integrating the cutting-edge power of AI and machine learning. Say goodbye to hours of manual labor and hello to effortless, jaw-dropping blog articles and social media postings. Prepare to be amazed by the remarkable advancements AI brings to text and image generation. Get ready to experience the limitless possibilities of GoHighLevel as it empowers you to effortlessly create captivating, customized content on a massive scale.

    With GoHighLevel’s remarkable AI capabilities, you can tap into the power of data analysis to create captivating blog articles and social media posts that truly resonate with your audience. Prepare to be amazed as our AI-powered text generation delivers content that is not only coherent and contextually relevant, but also delightfully human-like. Get ready to unleash your creativity and watch your engagement soar!

    When it comes to creating stunning images, GoHighLevel kicks it up a notch by harnessing the power of AI. By tapping into vast image databases, GoHighLevel’s ingenious algorithms generate unique visuals that perfectly match the essence of your blog articles and social media posts. Get ready to make a visual impact like never before!

    With the revolutionary power of AI infused into the cutting-edge GoHighLevel software, users can transcend the boundaries of content creation. Say goodbye to mundane tasks and hello to a world of time-saving efficiency and unwavering messaging consistency. Whether you’re weaving compelling narratives or sculpting visually stunning masterpieces, GoHighLevel’s AI capabilities elevate marketers, bloggers, and social media managers to new heights, enabling them to captivate their audience with unparalleled high-quality and engaging content.

    How to use AI in GoHighlevel?

    GoHighlevel has incorporated AI functions into its platform over the past year. The AI features offered by GoHighlevel will be discussed in this review. It is important to note that there may be additional charges for each of the described features.

    Content AI

    GoHighLevel AI

    The GoHighlevel Content AI tool feature was initially implemented in various areas such as the social planner, Blog, Funnel, Websites, and email builder. It offers a useful way to generate content for your business. To use this feature, you need to enable content AI in your sub-account.

    The Content AI screen provides the ability to create text content for the respective areas.

    When using AI for text content creation, this screen may be familiar as it displays content areas and required information. It also allows for input of keywords and adjustment of content tone, ranging from professional to humorous.

    Image Creation AI

    There are multiple third-party AI tools that can generate personalized images, but it is notable that GoHighlvel has added this feature to its platform. Initially, image AI was limited to the social planner, but it has now been integrated into other areas such as funnels, websites, email builders, and the media library.
    GoHighLevel AI (2)
    GoHighLevel AI (3)

    The combination of the Content AI and Image Creation AI features simplifies image generation and content creation for GoHighlevel users, offering a variety of options to explore throughout the platform.

    Begin by exploring the Media Library, which can be accessed by visiting Settings > Media > Open Media Library.

    On the screen, you will find this feature listed at the top.

    Here are your options when using this ai generated images feature:

    Conversation AI

    Save the best for last! Drumroll please…introducing the game-changing, conversation automating feature now available in the GoHighlevel platform! Get ready for seamless and effortless lead interactions. Just remember, activate it for your sub-accounts before diving into this incredible experience!

    Prepare to revolutionize the way you connect with customers on GoHighlevel! Gone are the days of manual communication – our game-changing feature allows you to effortlessly automate customer interactions with Conversation AI! Want full automation? Done. Prefer a more suggestive approach? We’ve got you covered. Get ready for a whole new level of convenience and efficiency!

    Discover the incredible power of our AI feature as it delves into your website and FAQ, absorbing every ounce of knowledge about your business. The more info you share, the more mind-blowing and personalized its responses become to satisfy your customers.

    Unlock the power of Conversation AI in just a few clicks! Dive into the settings, navigate to the magical realm of Settings > Conversation AI, and prepare to be amazed. Choose your desired mode and watch as your sub-account is transformed into an unstoppable force of innovation. Keep in mind, our fully automatic feature is currently in beta, but fear not! It will grace your presence by the enchanting 4th quarter of 2023. Get ready to experience the possibilities like never before!

    Suggestive Mode

    In this mode, the feature offers various responses based on the message, and it necessitates a manual selection process for choosing the appropriate answer and customizing it before sending it back.

    The feature is currently limited to three incoming channels: SMS, Facebook, and Instagram. When you receive a message from any of these channels and reply, you will see the generated AI Bot messages in the Conversations area.

    To view the response, simply hover over it and click on it. This will allow you the option of customizing it before sending it back.

    GoHighLevel AI (5)

    Automatic Mode

    The mode is currently in its beta phase and is scheduled for release by the end of 2023. Once activated, the Conversation AI will have the ability to automatically respond to customer requests.

    GoHighlevel AI Conclusion

    The new content AI features in GoHighlevel will have a significant impact on its users. It will enhance the way agencies manage their business and create opportunities for additional revenue streams, as GoHighlevel enables users to increase prices for these services and earn profits every time their clients utilize them.


    Is it possible for the Bot function in booking appointments on the calendar instead of sending a booking link?

    Currently, the bot is limited in its ability and can only send the booking information, but there are plans for further development allowing it book appointments directly in the near future.

    Is it possible to train the bot using Google Sheets and Docs?

    The bot currently only supports webpages or blogs, with support for Google Sheet and Docs coming soon.

    I am having trouble finding the Conversation AI settings in the sub-account settings.

    To enable “Conversation AI,” access the “Company” tab in the Agency Settings sidebar or contact the support team for help.

    Is it possible to upload documents (PDF, text, or doc) to train the bot?

    Bot training on file upload will be available in the near future.

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