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    Email marketing plays a crucial role in digital marketing. It enables businesses to connect with customers, establish relationships, and boost conversions. However, handling email campaigns can be overwhelming, particularly for small businesses. This is where GoHighLevel comes in to offer assistance.

    GoHighLevel is a marketing platform that provides various features to assist businesses in optimizing their marketing strategies. One notable feature is its email marketing capabilities, which enable businesses to efficiently create, send, and track email campaigns from a single platform, resulting in time and effort savings.

    Email marketing is a key feature of the GoHighLevel platform. It has comprehensive and intuitive tools to create and run email campaigns.
    GoHighLevel provides everything you need to design and create marketing emails and run successful campaigns.

    You can create emails from scratch or use one of the many available template options. The drag-and-drop interface is simple to use and allows full customization.

    Once the email design is complete, it can be sent in various ways and incorporated into GoHighLevel workflows and trigger events.

    GoHighLevel Email Marketing

    What Is GoHighLevel Email Marketing Used For?

    The GoHighLevel email marketing tool is commonly used to create marketing emails for various campaigns, both for personal use and for clients.

    Email can be used for various purposes, such as sending messages to individuals or groups, scheduling a sequence of emails, or incorporating them into a broader marketing strategy.

    Unleash the power of GoHighLevel’s email marketing feature and unlock a world of limitless possibilities! Take charge of your campaigns, attract clients, and break free from any boundaries. Let your imagination take flight and soar to new heights of creativity!

    GoHighLevel’s email marketing tool allows you to create beautiful, fully-customizable emails that will help you drive engagement and conversions. With its powerful features, you can easily design stunning messages that are sure to capture your readers’ attention. You can personalize the look of your emails with a variety of templates, backgrounds, fonts, images, and much more. Additionally, you can schedule emails in advance, track the performance of your campaigns in real-time, and analyze data for valuable insights.

    GoHighLevel is everything you need to take your email marketing efforts to the next level. With its advanced features and intuitive user interface, it’s the perfect tool for individuals and businesses alike.

    GoHighLevel - Email Marketing

    How Does the GoHighLevel Email Building Tool Work?

    The GoHighLevel email building tool can be accessed and operated from your GoHighLevel dashboard.

    To access Email, go to the Marketing section on the left-hand side of the screen and click to open the sub-menu, then select it.

    The section of the GoHighLevel platform provides all the necessary tools for creating email marketing campaigns. You have the option to choose from a variety of templates or create your email from scratch. Now, let’s examine each of these options in detail.

    Start Your Email From Scratch

    To create your email template without help, you have the option to choose the Blank Template, which enables you to build an email from the ground up.

    When users click on Blank Template, they will be directed to the building tool.

    On the left side of the screen, you will find all the necessary elements to create your email. To begin, simply drag and drop the elements into the designated space.

    After installing an element, you can access its sub-menu to customize it. For instance, when adding a Text element, you have the ability to modify the size, position, spacing, and font of the text.

    After completing your template, you can proceed to send it out. Each template created will be saved in your template folder for future use.

    Use Premade Templates

    GoHighLevel provides a range of pre-designed email templates that can be personalized to align with your brand and style.

    When you choose to create an email, you have the option to select from a gallery of pre-made templates. Inside this folder, you will find a variety of templates that you can use. Once you choose a template, the building tool will open with the selected template already loaded.

    Additionally, the tool allows for customization of images, fonts, style, and layout to suit individual preferences.

    One advantage of using templates is that they provide a foundation and assist in getting started, which is particularly helpful for beginners in email marketing who may be uncertain about creating an attractive design.

    Reuse Existing Emails From Previous Campaigns

    If you have been using GoHighLevel’s email marketing tool for a while, it is probable that you have multiple previously created and sent emails.

    Using and recycling existing emails as templates can save time and make it more convenient to create multiple but similar campaigns.

    Import Templates From External Email Services

    GoHighLevel offers the feature to import templates from ActiveCampaign or Mailchimp that have been created beforehand.

    To import your email template, you need to obtain the share link from ActiveCampaign or Mailchimp. Then, click on New in the GoHighLevel email builder and select Import Template from the dropdown menu.

    Please input the URL in the specified section, and your template will be prepared for editing and utilization on GoHighLevel.

    Use HTML to Import Your Template

    If you need to import templates from a different email platform, you can easily copy the HTML code and paste it into GoHighLevel.

    When choosing Blank Template in GoHighLevel, opt for the CodeEditing feature and then paste the HTML into the designated area.

    What Are the Email-Building Tool’s Features?

    GoHighLevel includes all the necessary features to easily and efficiently create visually appealing emails. Even users with little experience will find this tool user-friendly and easy to learn.

    Get ready to experience a sleek and user-friendly interface, where navigating the tools is simple and effortless. Let’s explore their brilliance together.

    Customize Every Aspect of Your Email

    Regardless of whether you choose to use a premade template or create an email from scratch, you have the ability to customize every aspect.

    By utilizing your brand’s colors, fonts, and styles, you can upload and insert images, as well as adjust the layout in various ways. By making a few modifications to a previous campaign, you can quickly have a new, refreshed design ready to be sent out within minutes.

    The tool enables users to create buttons with various functions, including directing the viewer to a specific URL, downloading a file, or sending a voicemail.

    Intelligent Drag-And-Drop Tools

    In the past, the creation of visually appealing layouts necessitated a blend of coding and graphic design abilities.

    Create stunning layouts in seconds with GoHighLevel’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface. No more hassle of rearranging items when they’re misplaced – we’ve got you covered!

    The sub-menus for each drag-and-drop element are a breeze to navigate, allowing you to effortlessly fine-tune every inch of your layout.

    Add Videos and Images

    Visual elements have the potential to enhance the appeal of your email and attract the attention of the intended recipient.

    To include video or images in your GoHighLevel email, you can easily use the Video or Image elements in the template builder and upload your chosen media.

    To select an image, you have the option to choose from your GoHighLevel image library and upload either JPG or PNG files.

    This feature is also useful for incorporating personal elements, such as handwritten signatures or business logos. Simply upload a PNG image with a transparent background and include it in your template.

    To add a video, GoHighLevel accepts videos from various hosting platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, and HTML5. All you need to do is copy the URL of your video and paste it into the provided space.

    Get ready to be amazed as the email template comes to life with a clickable thumbnail image of the video!

    Restore Previous Drafts

    Mistakes are common when creating new email campaigns, but GoHighLevel offers the ability restore previous drafts of your email designs, eliminating post-design regret.

    To restore your template, simply go the Version History and choose the desired saved version. Your template will then be restored.

    One useful advantage of this feature is the ability to track the last set of changes made. This can be particularly helpful when multiple team members are working on the same campaign, as it allows for easy identification of who made specific alterations and when they were made.

    Test and Preview

    Before sending your email, you have the option of previewing it using the Test Email feature and sending a copy directly into your inbox.

    Performing this task can assist in identifying mistakes and errors prior to them becoming irreversible. It is also possible to send a trial email to colleagues to obtain further input on your design.

    Get ready to experience the magic of your template! You can get a sneak peek anytime and watch your design come to life. Simply click on the captivating Actions tab of your email template and get ready to hit the exciting Preview Template button. Brace yourself for the amazing spectacle as the magic unfolds right before your eyes!

    Auto-Resize for Different Formats

    GoHighLevel has a useful feature that automatically resizes and reformats email templates for various devices, ensuring that your emails appear visually appealing on desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone screens.

    This feature simplifies the process of creating templates for different devices, saving a significant amount of time.

    To view the appearance of each format, refer to the Preview Template section provided above.

    Choice of Sending Options

    Users have the option of sending an email immediately or scheduling it for a specific date and time, providing them with complete flexibility and control.

    As an example, if there is a chain of emails for a campaign, they can be scheduled to be sent out on a daily or weekly basis instead of all at once.

    Scheduling Batch Emails

    You have the option of scheduling your email campaign as a batched delivery, which allows you send emails in batches at specific times instead of sending them all at once.

    The ability to schedule is beneficial if you have a large contact list. It helps prevent overwhelming responses or server strain. Sending campaigns in batches allows for better traffic control and manageability.

    Use RSS to Send Emails

    RSS is a tool that enables contacts the ability view a carefully chosen collection of content in a single location. An RSS email sends this curated content, keeping your audience informed about your business activities and news.

    The GoHighLevel RSS email feature enables you to schedule curated content on a regular basis and reach your audience through email. This can be done daily, weekly, or monthly, allowing you to keep your contacts well-informed.

    To set up your email campaign, choose the RSS schedule and input the RSS feed URL before continuing.

    Add Trigger Links and Hyperlinks

    Unleash your imagination and create stunning email templates! Add as many clickable links as you wish, whether they’re elegantly highlighted text or dazzling buttons.

    One click on a link can make things happen. Imagine this: you tap on a link in an email and boom! A whole new world of communication opens up. Pretty exciting, huh? Well, hold on tight because we’re about to reveal how to make this dream a reality!

    Clicking on the link will lead you to a landing page with a special deal, and you will receive a follow-up email with an additional discount.

    Create Custom Unsubscribe Links

    Some individuals may choose to discontinue receiving your emails. To address this, you could create a personalized unsubscribe link in an effort to retain their interest.

    The GoHighLevel tool enables the creation of a personalized unsubscribe trigger link that directs users to a customized landing page. This page can be kept simple with a sincere goodbye message or include clickable options to encourage them to reconsider.

    View Statistics

    Your email campaigns provide a variety of statistics that can be accessed at any time. These statistics offer valuable insight into the progress of your campaign.

    The statistics available for viewing are:

    • Recipients: The email was sent to a certain number of addresses.
    • Successful delivery: The number of emails that were sent without any issues.
    • Opened: The total number of times the email has been opened by the recipients.
    • Clicked: The email was opened by a certain number of unique recipients.
    • Soft bounces: The email delivery was unsuccessful due to the recipient’s inbox being full or unavailable.
    • Hard bounces: The email delivery was unsuccessful due to an invalid or blocked address.
    • Unsubscribed: The number of people who have chosen to unsubscribe.
    • Failed: The number of undelivered emails is currently impacted by incorrect API keys.
    • Spam: Discover the shocking number of recipients who banished your email to the dreaded spam folder!

    How to Setup and Use Mailgun With GoHighLevel

    It is important to understand that GoHighLevel utilizes Mailgun for email delivery. These two systems are seamlessly integrated, and Mailgun is the required tool for sending email marketing campaigns.

    However, the setup is generally simple and usually does not require much effort.

    What is Mailgun?

    Mailgun is a third-party service that GoHighLevel utilizes for bulk email sending. The service has the capability to send, receive, and track emails and is free to use as long as you stay within the limit of 10,000 sent emails per month.

    Why Do You Need Mailgun for GoHighLevel?

    When you begin using GoHighLevel for email campaigns, you will automatically utilize GoHighLevel’s default Mailgun account. Therefore, you can immediately start sending emails without the need for creating your own Mailgun account.

    You may receive a notification from GoHighLevel requesting you to create a Mailgun account due to the large user base on the GoHighLevel platform.

    It is advisable to create your Mailgun account shortly after registering for GoHighLevel. Mailgun is free unless you surpass the 10,000 monthly email limit, in which case there are multiple price plans to choose from.

    How to Use Mailgun With GoHighLevel

    In order to maximize the functionality of your Mailgun, it is necessary to establish a subdomain for your primary domain. For instance, if your domain is topexpertmarketing.com, you can create a subdomain like email.topexpertmarketing.com or a comparable option.

    The subdomain is utilized for email sending, providing the ability for name and address concealment. This guarantees that the email appears as if it is originating from the client’s business rather than “email.topexpertmarketing.com.”

    When dealing with a client named “Dave’s Diner,” you have the option to hide the sender information, making it appear as though the email was sent from “[email protected] via email.topexpertmarketing.com.”

    Setting up a subdomain for each client can be a time-consuming process. It may be necessary if the client requires you send out a large number of cold emails. However, there is a risk that if one subdomain gets flagged as spam and shut down, it won’t affect your other subdomains.

    How to Use Emails in GoHighLevel Workflows

    GoHighLevel Workflows

    In GoHighLevel, workflows are created by utilizing triggers and events from the Actions tab of the dashboard to map out an entire campaign from start to finish.

    An email can be sent inviting individuals for a free online webinar. Each person’s decision initiates a specific sequence of events. While it may seem intricate, allow me provide a more detailed explanation.

    Create an Emailed-Based Workflow

    The recipient receives an email invitation to a free online webinar. Within the email, there is a button that the recipient must click on in order to sign up for the webinar. The workflow will then depend on the actions taken by the recipient.

    • Button clicked but no further action:An email will be sent as a follow-up after 24 hours.
    • Button clicked, and recipient signed up:Prepare yourself for an exhilarating storm of reminder emails that will captivate and guide you on a mesmerizing journey all the way to the highly anticipated webinar!
    • Button clicked, recipient signed up but missed the event: An invitation to attend the webinar replay is activated.

    The inclusion of various variables in the workflow can make it quite intricate. Nonetheless, the advantageous aspect of this feature is that once your workflow is established and the corresponding emails are created, the entire process operates automatically.

    Incorporate Emails Into a Multi-Channel Workflow

    GoHighLevel workflows incorporate various communication channels, including email, SMS, and voicemail, allowing you to implement multi-channel communication methods based on your campaign requirements.

    In this case, the webinar invite email could potentially activate a series of SMS reminders instead of email reminders.

    The possibilities are limitless, and email can be used to whatever extent you deem suitable for your workflows. Ultimately, it depends on the type of campaigns you are running and what your leads respond to most effectively.

    Final Thoughts

    GoHighLevel offers businesses a comprehensive email marketing solution that can enhance their marketing strategies. With its intuitive interface, automation features, and detailed analytics, GoHighLevel enables businesses to create personalized and impactful email campaigns. If you’re interested in optimizing your email marketing, GoHighLevel is a platform worth exploring.

    GoHighLevel provides comprehensive coverage of all aspects of email marketing, including a user-friendly email-building tool and a workflow feature that may require some time to learn for beginners.

    If you need assistance getting started, I suggest checking out the GoHighLevel Support Portal. It offers various resources such as walkthroughs, articles, and videos to aid you. With a little bit of practice, you’ll be able to create impressive email campaigns.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is GoHighLevel Email Marketing Available on Both Price Plans?

    GoHighLevel email marketing is included in both GoHighLevel price plans, allowing users to send up to 10,000 emails per month without any additional charges.

    In order for you send more than 10,000 emails monthly, an upgrade is necessary for your Mailgun plan.

    Can I Integrate Another Type of Email Marketing Software With GoHighLevel?

    Email templates can be transferred from various email platforms, including ActiveCampaign and Mailchimp, to GoHighLevel. If you are using a different email platform, you can transfer templates by copying and pasting the HTML code into the GoHighLevel email-building tool.

    To send emails, GoHighLevel integrates with Mailgun exclusively. By setting up a Mailgun account and subdomain, you can send up 10,000 emails per month without incurring any extra charges.

    Are There Any Walkthrough Guides for GoHighLevel Email Marketing?

    The Support Portal of GoHighLevel offers detailed walkthroughs for all email marketing features and tools, along with helpful videos that provide a visual demonstration of how things work. Simply click on the subject you wish to learn about and read through the information provided.

    If you require further assistance, the customer service team is available to provide guidance.

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