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    Ensuring the utmost security and safeguarding patients’ information is paramount for businesses in the medical/dental realm.

    The vital importance of ensuring your GoHighLevel set up is HIPAA-compliant cannot be overstated!

    Discover the secrets to achieving GoHighLevel HIPAA compliance for your medical business! Unveil the steps to ensuring utmost security and compliance in this must-read post.

    GoHighLevel Hipaa

    Is GoHighLevel HIPAA Compliant?

    GoHighLevel: Protecting Your Patients’ Privacy GoHighLevel takes privacy seriously, which is why we’re fully HIPAA compliant. We’ve met all the requirements of the Privacy Rule and Security Rule to ensure your patients’ medical information is safeguarded. But here’s the catch – our standard user accounts and sub-accounts aren’t automatically compliant. To keep your patients’ data protected, you’ll need to add-on our HIPAA-compliant feature. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

    What is HIPAA?

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    HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, works tirelessly to safeguard your personal health information.

    On August 21, 1996, President Bill Clinton rocked the United States Congress by signing into law a groundbreaking legislative act.

    This act was created to offer data safety and security provisions for safeguarding medical information in database management systems.

    It contains five titles (or sections) which include:

    Title I — Health Insurance Reform

    Title II — Administrative Simplification

    Title III — Tax-Related Health Provisions

    Title IV — Application and Enforcement of Group Health Plan Requirements

    Title V — Revenue Offsets

    HIPAA Title II, also known as the Administrative Simplification provisions, is the section that mostly concerns digital marketing and online businesses.

    For your online business to be compliant, it MUST strictly adhere to the guidelines contained in Title II.

    GoHighLevel HIPAA Compliance Features

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    HIPAA Title II contains two core requirements that govern the relationship between GoHighLevel (a customer agency) and the agency’s client (the Practice).

    • HIPAA Privacy Rule
    • HIPAA Security Rule

    GoHighLevel has partnered with the renowned consultancy, The Compliancy Group, to effortlessly achieve HIPAA compliance. With their expertise, we have successfully met the two essential requirements, the Privacy Rule and the Security Rule, outlined in Title II.

    As a result, HighLevel is able to establish Business Associate Agreements (BAA) with customer agencies.

    In order to ensure the protection of personal health record data for your client’s patients, your agency must also abide by Title II compliance.

    By doing this, you can enter into a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with your client Practice.

    Subscription Requirements for GoHighLevel HIPAA

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    To achieve full verification for your GoHighLevel-powered digital agency, the purchase and integration of the HIPAA compliance add-on is required.

    The upgraded version is available for a price of $297 per month (or $2970 per year).

    Accounts on any GoHighLevel subscription plan have the option to purchase the HIPAA Compliance add-on.

    The process for purchasing the HIPAA Compliance add-on for your online business is provided here.

    • To access your HighLevel account or start a trial, please log in or click the provided link to go to your dashboard.
    • Please click on Services and Marketplace.
    • Please choose HIPAA Compliance.
    • Please follow the instructions displayed on the screen to install the add-on.

    Activate HIPAA and watch the magic happen! The setup is a breeze and applies to all your locations, creating a secure environment that will impress your clients and boost your earnings.

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    Verdict: Is GoHighLevel Right for my HIPAA-compliant business?

    Medical and dental professionals must ensure their business is HIPAA compliant to maintain patient information security and privacy.

    GoHighLevel is a suitable CRM and marketing software platform for hosting your business because it simplifies the process of achieving the necessary compliance.

    For a monthly fee of $297, your agency can obtain the necessary HIPAA compliance, including full encryption and enabled security rules, to ensure the security of your patients’ information.

    If you need assistance, you can visit the HighLevel support portal for guidance on ensuring your business is compliant.

    GoHighLevel Benefits

    Using Go High Level can help you save money.

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    The HighLevel platform combines features from different platforms, providing cost savings and improved performance. Please consult the table below to assess potential savings.

    Prior to transitioning to HighLevel in 2019, I was using…

    • Clickfunnels
    • Active Campaign
    • ClickSend
    • CallRail
    • Gravity Forms
    • Calendly
    • and Zapier to hook everything together

    The decision of migrating immediately saved me a significant amount of money each month, which has been even more beneficial as my agency has grown.

    You'll save time

    Automation capabilities will revolutionize your business. Don’t repeat tasks, create an SOP and automate it. Our automations save us hours of work every week, giving us more time for revenue-generating activities. We’ve automated:- Game-changing automation capabilities. – SOP creation and task automation. – Saving hours of work each week. – More time for revenue-generating activities. – Automating tasks and boosting productivity.

    • A lead nurture sequence, consisting of texts, SMS messages, and voicemail drops, is implemented to enhance the amount of appointments scheduled.
    • The appointment reminder sequence includes text messages, SMS, and voicemail drops, all designed to significantly reduce the rate of no-shows.
    • The sales proposal process includes automatically generating proposals for signing and payment, with daily reminders sent to the prospective client. Once they complete the necessary steps, they are seamlessly transitioned into our onboarding process.
    • The onboarding process can greatly save time through the use of a straightforward automated step-by-step process, eliminating the need for excessive manual communication.
    • The process of testimonial and review generation.

    Supercharge your productivity with easy duplication! Say goodbye to endless hours of manual work. With our advanced system, you can effortlessly duplicate entire client campaigns. From landing pages to sales pipelines, calendars to soap opera sequences, appointment reminder sequences to nurture sequences – we’ve streamlined the process so you can create a killer client campaign in just a fraction of the time. Our clients are raving about how our cutting-edge technology has saved them hours, transforming their build out time from a grueling day to a breeze in just a couple of hours. Join the revolution and experience the power of easy duplication with snapshots!


    GoHighLevel has significantly improved the performance and outcomes for my agency and clients, leading to a complete transformation in our success.

    Through its empowering capabilities, it has unleashed a wave of new clientele, emboldening us to bask in the brilliance of increased automation. As a result, our team has been liberated from the clutches of mundane fulfillment tasks, enabling us to soar higher in the realms of prospecting and sales.

    By switching to HighLevel, we’ve smashed through our software fees and unlocked a whole world of functionality. Say goodbye to Clickfunnels, ActiveCampaign, Kajabi, Pipedrive, and hello to extraordinary efficiency.

    Our clients are happy with the GHL platform. Client retention has improved from 3 months to 14 months!

    Give GoHighLevel a try. It’s the top sales and marketing platform that helps you easily grow your business.


    Does HighLevel’s HIPAA service mean my agency is HIPAA compliant?

    Activating HighLevel’s HIPAA service ensures that the data within your HighLevel account is HIPAA compliant. Both parties, your agency and your clients, need to be HIPAA compliant in order for a BAA to be entered into.

    What paperwork is provided to prove the HIPAA Compliance to clients?

    When a client registers for and purchases HIPAA compliance, the client receieves a copy of the BAA that they and Highlevel signed. We also create an email in FreshDesk that confirms that HighLevel has activated HIPAA compliance for them once that step is done. We can provide proof of HIPAA compliance on request.

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