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    The Pipeline feature provides a comprehensive overview of the progress of your leads in your sales funnel.

    Prospects will move through the pipeline with GoHighLevel automation, eliminating the need for manual win/loss setup after each stage.

    Furthermore, the platform provides the flexibility to include numerous stages and have multiple pipelines.

    GoHighLevel Pipeline

    What are GoHighlevel Pipelines?

    A sales pipeline is a structured and visual representation of the different stages of the sales process. It outlines the steps that a potential customer goes through, starting from the first contact and ending with the purchase or conversion. The pipeline acts like a framework for managing and monitoring sales opportunities, helping sales teams prioritize their actions, predict revenue, and discover areas for enhancement.

    A sales pipeline usually includes various stages that correspond to the buyer’s journey, including prospecting, qualifying leads, making a proposal or presentation, negotiating, and closing the sale. Each stage denotes a specific milestone or action required to progress the prospect through the pipeline.

    Sales pipelines are often represented using a diagram shaped like a pipeline or funnel. At the beginning of the process, there are a larger number of leads and prospects, but only a portion of them end up becoming actual customers. This leads to a narrower funnel towards the end. By keeping track of how leads progress through each stage, sales teams can identify obstacles, improve their sales tactics, allocate resources efficiently, and ultimately boost conversion rates and revenue.

    Sales pipeline management is the process of tracking and managing leads, updating their progress, and taking appropriate actions to move them towards a successful sale. Tools and software platforms are available to help sales teams organize and visualize their pipelines, streamline workflow, and improve collaboration and communication within the team.

    What is GoHighlevel/Highlevel?

    Highlevel, also known affectionately by its users, is a game-changing sales and marketing platform tailor-made for marketing agencies and small businesses. With Highlevel, you get a powerhouse of tools that cover all aspects of running a business successfully, all bundled together at a fixed monthly cost. But that’s not all! Highlevel even lets you Whitelabel their software, meaning agencies can take this incredible platform and make it their own, complete with their own branding. It’s like having your very own Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business, generating extra monthly recurring revenue. It’s time to level up with Highlevel!

    Gone are the days when agencies simply completed a task for their clients and moved on. With GoHighlevel, agencies revolutionize the game by offering a comprehensive platform that replaces all other CRM, email marketing tools, phone systems, and funnel software. Say goodbye to juggling multiple services and hello to running your clients’ entire businesses seamlessly on GoHighlevel. It’s a revolutionary solution that will change the way agencies thrive in the digital landscape!

    The beauty of this opportunity lies in the fact that your clients will happily and consistently pay you on a monthly basis for these valuable services. Feel free to set your own prices, whether it’s $297, $497, or whatever you desire, because your clients will see the immense value and treat it like an essential monthly subscription, giving you a reliable and stable monthly income stream.

    Unlock the unlimited potential of GoHighlevel! Say goodbye to limits and hello to endless possibilities. With our paid plans, you’ll have no boundaries when it comes to contacts, websites, funnels, email or text templates, and workflows. And forget about storage limitations too! Host as many videos, files, documents, or images as you or your clients desire. The sky’s the limit (actually, there are no limits) with GoHighlevel!

    How to Set up Pipelines in GoHighlevel?

    In the captivating world of GoHighlevel, you will discover the dynamic duo of Pipelines and opportunities. Pipelines serve as the strategic framework where you can flawlessly organize the flow of your valuable leads. But what makes Opportunities truly remarkable is their ability to grant you a window into the enchanting realm of leads, highlighting their current pipeline stage. As a visionary business owner, you seek to unlock a panoramic view of your leads, delving into their immense potential and the lucrative opportunities they possess to propel your revenue to new heights.

    Experience the power of GoHighlevel’s dashboard, where you’ll find a dazzling graphical funnel view revealing the number of leads flowing through your pipeline. Discover the secrets hidden within each stage, uncovering the current worth of your leads at a glance. Witness the power in your hands as you track your victories, and learn from the losses. With this simplified lead data view, agency owners can unleash their potential to make lightning-fast and genius decisions on lead management.

    Behold the marvel that is the GoHighlevel pipeline system and let us unravel its inner workings!

    Let’s get started by creating our Pipeline and its stages. We have a sales pipeline with six stages in mind for this article. To create your pipeline, just follow these simple steps: Go to the Opportunity menu option, then head to the Pipeline tab, and click on the Create New Pipeline button. Look at the pipeline stages below and check out the two toggles that allow you to decide whether you want the pipeline to be visible on the dashboard view. We recommend leaving them on, because who wouldn’t want their pipeline to shine on the dashboard!

    GoHighLevel Pipeline (1)
    Once the pipeline is created, you can see the stages in the opportunity view.
    GoHighLevel Pipeline (2)
    Imagine a barren pipeline, but wait! You’ve got a handful of promising leads in your supercharged CRM. Now, here comes the exciting part. Simply open the lead, scroll through the Opportunity area with anticipation, and voila! Click that magical “add” button and watch as you assign the lead to a pipeline. It’s like playing with the stars of destiny. How cool is that?
    GoHighLevel Pipeline (3)
    So, let’s assign a view leads to the pipeline, and here is what it looks like afterward.

    A lead value of $200 has been added, but it can be adjusted based on your product or service.

    After generating leads, it is now possible to assess the performance of the pipeline using the dashboard.

    GoHighLevel Pipeline (3)

    Two leads worth $400 can be seen on the dashboard. Examining the funnel helps determine lead distribution in different stages. The conversion rate in the top right still shows 0% because no leads have been marked as won, indicating a sale. Moving John Smith to the Won status removes him from the opportunity view as the sale has been won.

    GoHighLevel Pipeline (4)

    The conversion rate has increased to 50%, demonstrating the effectiveness of the GoHighlevel pipeline and opportunity feature in tracking leads and determining conversion rates for your business.

    The feature of automating the sales pipeline in GoHighlevel is valuable and can simplify the process of monitoring it throughout the day. Let’s explore this feature further for more information.

    Lead Management in Pipelines

    The pipeline system in question has the capability to generate a large volume of leads, which can require significant effort to manage. GoHighlevel includes built-in automation features specifically designed to streamline lead management and pipeline organization.

    Workflows are the automation engine used in GoHighlevel. One challenge with workflows is determining the appropriate trigger or event to initiate the workflow. Various common types are employed by GoHighlevel users to manage pipeline leads.

    GoHighlevel Pipelines Conclusion

    The GoHighlevel platform offers a comprehensive set of tools and features for building websites or funnels, collecting input data from leads through forms, tracking lead status through pipelines, and automating lead follow-ups.

    GoHighlevel provides unlimited funnels, websites, pipelines, and leads, and offers three single pricing plans for all users.


    What is the process for creating a GoHighLevel Pipeline?

    To create a GoHighLevel Pipeline, follow these steps: go to the agency subaccount, select the Settings icon, click the + Create New Pipeline button, name the pipeline and add all of the stages in the pop-up, and finally, select Save. Your pipeline will be created.

    What are the features of the GoHighLevel Pipeline?

    GoHighLevel Pipelines allows users to map the customer journey by adding and naming Stages. Once completed, the pipeline will be visible on the dashboard, providing a clear overview. Users can also easily switch between pipelines on the dashboard.

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