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    GoHighLevel is a comprehensive marketing and business automation platform that offers a range of features and tools to support business growth.

    If you need assistance with the GoHighLevel platform, you can reach out to the GoHighLevel team at any time through live chat or phone.

    The self-help portal offers a range of resources, including video walkthroughs, guides, and articles. Additionally, the active GoHighLevel community is available for advice and support. This article will explore the customer support provided by GoHighLevel, known as GoHighLevel Support.

    GoHighLevel Support

    What exactly is GoHighLevel?

    HubSpot, Zoho, and Salesforce are well-known companies in the marketing industry that offer CRM software to help businesses effectively manage customer relationships. This is indicated by their acronyms.

    GoHighLevel is a CRM platform that can effectively streamline customer segmentation and marketing strategies by utilizing user information and data.

    GoHighLevel customers have access to a powerful and comprehensive suite of features that are designed to help them make better customer relationship decisions. This includes tracking customer data, segmenting prospects and customers, automating repetitive tasks, integrating with popular software tools like HubSpot, Zoho, Salesforce and others, using insights from customer behaviour to build campaigns, marketing automation, and more.

    The platform also provides customers with a comprehensive library of resources, including webinars and educational materials, to help them get the most out of their CRM efforts. GoHighLevel is dedicated to helping its customers succeed by providing exceptional customer service and support, as well as robust training programs and user guides.

    GoHighLevel offers direct integration with HubSpot, Zoho, and Salesforce CRM systems, making it easy to manage and monitor customer interactions.

    Go High Level Website

    Who should use GoHighLevel?

    Go High Level is a helpful tool for agencies and freelance digital marketers who manage multiple clients, as it simplifies their job.

    In the digital advertising world, it is common knowledge that managing multiple accounts and executing marketing strategies effectively requires opening user accounts on various platforms, such as WordPress, MailChimp, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, HubSpot, Bitrix24, etc.

    Go HighLevel offers a comprehensive bundle of up to 15 functions that would typically need to be managed separately in different software. Therefore, Go HighLevel can be a beneficial option for approaching potential leads.

    The platform provides an all-in-one solution for managing digital advertising accounts, from creating campaigns to tracking performance. Go HighLevel allows users to link their profiles in various platforms and quickly monitor the progress of their ads. This can be done by creating custom tracking URLs or linking existing ones, thus allowing for quick access to account data.


    Go High Level offers a range of features that enable digital marketers to track inbound calls, texts, and leads and organize them into a pipeline, providing clear evidence of the results achieved for clients. This automation process improves customer satisfaction and increases efficiency.

    Go High Level incorporates essential components, following the all-in-one digital marketing and sales platform concept.

    Go High Level has a crucial strength in automation. Users can automate tasks using triggers and campaign systems. For instance, sending personalized voicemails on birthdays and using automated reminders for appointment scheduling. Other tasks can also be automated.

    • Using an automated follow-up is recommended.
    • The topics include sequences, onboarding messages, and package nurturing.
    • The tracking of reports and calls
    • Creating landing pages.
    • The process of building a website.
    • Forms and surveys are used for gathering information.
    • Google My Business and Facebook Messenger are integrated.
    • Please utilize the webchat feature.
    • Provide assistance in scheduling appointments.
    • Creating funnels for courses, digital products, or memberships.

    These features allow marketers to effectively attract and engage potential customers through a single, user-friendly platform.

    How to Find GoHighLevel Support 24/7

    There are multiple methods available for accessing GoHighLevel support.

    • Utilize the 24/7 live chat feature.
    • Please contact the toll-free number available 24/7.
    • Please use the self-help portal for assistance.
    • You can connect with one of GoHighLevel’s community channels.

    For those who are not GoHighLevel customers and have inquiries, they can visit GoHighLevel.com and navigate to the bottom of the page. The toll-free number to contact will be available there.

    The website’s homepage has a separate chat function. This function is different from the live chat facility. If you have any questions, you can use the chat to ask them and provide your phone number. Subsequently, an agent will send you a text message as a response. Our test revealed that we received responses within 4-24 hours.

    GoHL Chat Support

    How to Use the 24/7 GoHighLevel Live Chat Feature

    To access live chat support, logging into your GoHighLevel account is required.

    The blue circle with a question mark can be found in the top right-hand corner of the screen. By clicking on this icon, the chat window will open.

    If the live chat agent is unable to resolve your query immediately, they will create a ticket and provide updates as necessary. You can check the status of your ticket at any time through the support portal.

    How to Call GoHighLevel Support 24/7

    For any sales, billing, or support-related requests, you can call the toll-free number +1 (888) 732-4197, which is available 24/7.

    If your email is connected to multiple agencies, please choose the appropriate agency name and number that corresponds to your inquiry.

    How to Find and Use Additional GoHighLevel Self-Help Services

    There are several GoHighLevel self-help channels that are available for free and can be accessed and used.

    How to Access the GoHighLevel Support Portal

    GoHighLevel provides a help and knowledge base that offers assistance in understanding the platform’s features and tools. Access it by visiting:

    • For assistance, visit help.gohighlevel.com/support/solutions.

    If you need help with a task or have questions about its features, this resource is a good starting point. It offers a wide range of material that is organized into different sections for easy navigation.

    After a comprehensive examination, we have discovered the following.

    • Easy-to-follow guides.
    • Videos for demonstrations.
    • The GIFs show demonstrations.
    • Guides on how to do something.
    • Features summarized.
    • Fixing problems and finding solutions.
    • Forums for different topics.
    • And more…

    Users can browse the knowledge base and access all the material, regardless of their subscription status.

    How to Join the GoHighLevel Facebook Group

    The GoHighLevel Facebook community has over 25,000 members. Upon joining, you will be prompted to answer a few questions to confirm your status as a paid subscriber. Please provide the email address used for your GoHighLevel account and your agency name.

    Once you are logged in, you have the option to ask questions and engage in discussions related to GoHighLevel.

    How to Find the GoHighLevel YouTube Channel

    The GoHighLevel team frequently uploads video updates, training sessions, and webinar replays on YouTube.

    The YouTube channel is accessible to everyone, allowing you to subscribe and receive updates whenever a new video is uploaded to the platform.

    When GoHighLevel conducts live workshops or training events, the videos are uploaded to their YouTube channel. This is important information as GoHighLevel offers valuable training programs regularly. Additionally, if you are unable to attend the live event, you can access the replay at your convenience.

    Furthermore, GoHighLevel is consistently developing and enhancing, making it challenging to stay updated on the latest platform updates. By monitoring the YouTube channel, you will be promptly informed of any new features or changes.

    GoHL YouTube Support

    How to Find and Join Free GoHighLevel Training Events

    GoHighLevel offers various live learning events, including opportunities for free participation, regular webinars, strategy sessions, group demo calls, Q&A sessions, and comprehensive training programs.

    In 2022, GoHighLevel conducted two live training events as a demonstration:

    • The Lead Gen Playbook examines how agencies can utilize HighLevel to attain substantial growth and achieve revenue in the seven-figure range.
    • A comprehensive guide on acquiring 100 SaaS clients by Dar Holdsworth.

    To stay updated on new courses, register for the weekly webinars and provide your contact information for notifications.

    GoHL Events Support


    GoHighLevel Support is an invaluable resource for businesses utilizing the GoHighLevel platform. With its knowledgeable and friendly team, multiple support channels, and comprehensive resources, businesses can confidently navigate the platform, overcome challenges, and maximize their marketing and automation efforts. If you are considering using GoHighLevel, rest assured that their support team will be there to assist you every step of the way.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Are the Ways to Get GoHighLevel Support 24/7?

    GoHighLevel support is available through various channels.

    • To access the 24/7 live chat function, please log in to your GoHighLevel account.
    • The contact number is +1 (888) 732-4197 and is available at any time.
    • Access free resources like the self-help portal, webinars, and courses.
    • Join the GoHighLevel community on Facebook and YouTube.

    How Do I Become an Agency Admin to Gain Access to Full GoHighLevel Support?

    During the GoHighLevel account setup process, an agency admin was internally assigned within your agency.

    The Agency Admin has the authority to assign the admin role to other individuals. If you need the admin role for your GoHighLevel account, you can contact the Agency Admin and request them to assign it to you.

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