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    The magical secret to GoHighLevel’s success lies in its cleverly crafted triggers which whisper, “Shazam! If X happens, brace yourself for Y.”

    The platform seamlessly weaves together the various gears of contact management, marketing prowess, and scheduling wizardry, forming an unstoppable machine of productivity.

    GoHighLevel Triggers

    Key Takeaways:

    • Triggers were previously a separate module, but they are now included within Workflows.
    • Triggers are necessary for connecting the platform’s various features and tools.
    • They are a fundamental feature and accessible to all subscribers.

    GoHighLevel Triggers Overview

    Experience the power of GoHighLevel with its array of incredible modules that will take your business to new heights!

    • Marketing
    • Scheduling
    • Reputation
    • Contacts

    Using triggers is necessary in order to enable integration between the different modules.

    Triggers work their magic by setting off a chain reaction of actions. Picture this: a brand new lead enters the scene, and bam! It’s the perfect moment to hit them up with a fabulous marketing email! Check out the awesomeness of our stellar email marketing game.

    GHL Triggers

    What are Premium Triggers & Actions?

    If you are interested in enhancing your workflows, we recommend exploring Premium Triggers & Actions, which are now accessible in the Workflow builder.

    Unlock the power of LeadConnector (LC) Premium and experience a whole new level of automation magic! Say goodbye to expensive third-party tools like Zapier, Integromat, or PabblyConnect, and effortlessly connect your workflows to external systems and software. It’s like adding wings to your productivity!

    With Premium Triggers & Actions, you can seamlessly merge powerful platforms like Slack and Google Sheets into your workflow, effortlessly capturing inbound webhook actions while keeping everything streamlined. And the best part? You have the freedom to pass on the cost of rebill executions to your clients, all while adding your own desired markup.

    How does it work?

    New Premium Triggers

    Inbound Webhook
    An Inbound Webhook is a feature that allows an external system to send data to your CRM automatically. When an event happens in the external system, you can initiate a workflow in your CRM by sending an HTTP POST request to a specific URL linked to the trigger. This capability to transfer data in real-time enhances the functionality of your CRM, enabling seamless integration with other systems.
    GHL Triggers (1)

    New Premium Actions

    Google Sheets
    The Google Sheets Premium Workflow Action is a tool that allows users to automate data management tasks within their Google Sheets documents. With this feature, you can easily create, update, delete, and look up rows in your spreadsheets without relying on complex third-party integrations. This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to set up and use the Google Sheets Premium Workflow Action to streamline your data management processes.
    GHL Triggers (2)
    GHL Triggers (3)

    Slack Notifications

    Workflow Slack Premium Action is a communication feature that automates and streamlines messaging within Slack. It allows users to send targeted messages to specific users or channels in their Slack workspace. The user interface is easy to use and offers customizable options for effective communication, including setting up and scheduling notifications.

    The action offers three main events:

    • To send a direct message, users can choose from four options: Assigned User, Custom Email, Internal User, or Slack User. Each option has a specific purpose in determining the recipient of the message, ensuring effective and efficient communication.
    • Users have the option of choosing a private channel in their workspace for sending messages. These messages will be displayed as if they were sent manually by the User who set up the Slack integration. This feature ensures secure communication among a specific group of team members.
    • Users have the option to select a public channel in their workspace to send messages, allowing all workspace members to access the information.
    GHL Triggers (4)
    GHL Triggers (5)

    Custom Outbound Webhook

    The Custom Webhook – LC Premium Action enables real-time communication between your CRM system and third-party services. It allows you to configure and send custom data requests to specific URLs using different HTTP and authorization methods. This feature supports adding headers, query parameters, and mapping custom values to create a tailored request structure. The Custom Webhook streamlines data exchange and ensures accuracy in workflows with autocomplete suggestions and user-friendly interfaces. However, it is important to consider API response success and server limitations to avoid errors and disruptions in workflow execution.

    The Custom Webhook – LC Premium Action enables real-time communication between your CRM system and third-party services. It allows you to configure and send custom data requests to specific URLs using different HTTP and authorization methods. This feature supports adding headers, query parameters, and mapping custom values to create a tailored request structure. The Custom Webhook streamlines data exchange and ensures accuracy in workflows with autocomplete suggestions and user-friendly interfaces. However, it is important to consider API response success and server limitations to avoid errors and disruptions in workflow execution.

    GHL Triggers (6)
    GHL Triggers (7)

    Date/Time Formatter

    The Date/Time Formatter action is a tool that allows users to reformat date or date and time structures and compare dates within workflows. This feature enables conversion of date formats for compatibility with different applications, database storage, or communication channels like email, SMS, or Slack. It also facilitates the comparison of dates to calculate the difference in days, simplifying date-related calculations and decision-making.

    Number Formatter

    The Number Formatter enhances your CRM experience with seamless number formatting capabilities. It converts, standardizes, and formats numbers, currencies, and phone numbers to meet regional requirements. You can automate and personalize your workflows, ensuring accuracy and consistency. The Number Formatter Premium Action elevates your business operations, streamlining data handling and improving customer engagement.
    GHL Triggers (9)

    Workflow AI-Chat GPT

    The Workflow AI Premium Action is a tool that enhances business processes using artificial intelligence. It seamlessly integrates AI into workflows, leveraging ChatGPT from OpenAI. This AI can help with content generation, email crafting, and intent recognition. It brings automation and personalization to workflows, improving responsiveness and contextuality in business operations. The Workflow AI Premium Action revolutionizes process automation and customer engagement, elevating business efficacy.

    How to enable LC Premium Actions & Triggers at the Agency level

    • To activate LC Premium Triggers & Actions for your entire agency, including all sub-accounts, go to your AgencyLevel > Settings > Company > LC – Premium Triggers & Actions and activate the toggle.
    • The LC Premium Triggers & Actions feature can be enabled or disabled, and billing can be adjusted for each Sub-Account in Agency Settings > LC Premium Triggers & Actions. Access to Sub-Account Settings is contingent on the enabling of LC Premium Triggers & Actions at the Agency Level.
    GHL Triggers (11)

    Types of GoHighLevel Triggers

    Triggers are utilized to execute an action following the occurrence of an event.

    When setting up a trigger, you need to choose the event that will activate the automation.

    Below are a few examples of events-

    • The campaign has been added.
    • A meeting has been scheduled.
    • Reminder: It’s your birthday.
    • Status of the call.
    • Please reach out to DND.
    • Please provide your contact information.
    • A date reminder that can be customized to your needs.
    • An appointment has been booked by the customer.
    • The customer responded.
    • Please send an email regarding the events.
    • The form has been submitted.
    • Please take note.

    After the event, you have the option to choose one of the following actions.

    • Contribute to a campaign.
    • Please add this to your notes.
    • Assign to user
    • Add/update opportunity
    • Execute web hook
    • Remove assigned user

    Additionally, there are numerous other events and actions that can be included, though these particular features are the most widely recognized.

    GHL Triggers (12)

    How to Set Up GoHighLevel Triggers

    Setting up your trigger is a piece of cake! Follow this easy-peasy step-by-step guide below:

    • Let the adventure begin! Take a small detour to the sub-account of your dreams where amazing triggers are waiting to be born.
    • Unleash the power of creativity and click on the magnificent Automation, conveniently located on the left-hand side of your screen!
    • Unleash your creativity and click on the dazzling + Create Workflow button!
    GHL Triggers (13)
    • If you have a campaign already, you can choose to import it, start from scratch, or use a Recipe. Choose the option that suits you best, then click on + Create New Workflow.


    For this trigger example, we will choose the Start from Scratch option.

    GHL Triggers (14)
    • To create a trigger, the first step is to select the event by clicking on Add New Workflow Trigger.
    GHL Triggers (15)
    • Please select the event from the list and save the trigger.


    Appointment Status was chosen for this example.

    GHL Triggers (16)
    • You have the option to choose a trigger and set filters using the drop-down boxes.
    • After finishing, click on the Save Trigger option.
    GHL Triggers (17)
    • Get ready for action! Click on Add Your First Action to start the fun.
    • An exciting array of options will magically materialize on the right side of your screen. Handpick the perfect one to keep the adventure going!


    Get ready for an enchanting adventure as we dive into the art of crafting an email that will mesmerize your audience and leave them completely captivated.

    • Get ready to be blown away by the ultimate setup for an action that will leave you speechless!
    • Don’t forget to hit that Save Action button!
    GHL Triggers (20)
    • Unlock the power of your words by flipping the switch from Draft to Publish and watch the magic unfold as you click that vibrant green Save button!
    • The triggers have been successfully activated.
    GHL Triggers (21)

    How to Duplicate GoHighLevel Triggers

    GoHighLevel used to have a Duplicate Trigger feature which allowed for the convenient use of one type of trigger multiple times.

    With the trigger module now seamlessly woven into Workflows, bidding farewell to this necessity has never been more satisfying!

    Discover the incredible power of combining Recipes and the Workflow module!

    Unleash your creativity with these ready-to-use workflow templates that you can personalize and save!

    Here is a step-by-step guide on finding and utilizing them.

    1. From your agency sub-account, navigate to the Automations section located on the left-hand side of the page.

    2.Click + Create Workflow.

    GHL Triggers (22)
    3. Get ready to explore mouthwatering Recipes! Simply scroll down, find the perfect one with its enticing description, and give it a try. And that’s not all! Once you’ve made your selection, just click on + Create New Workflow at the top and let the culinary adventure begin!
    GHL Triggers (23)

    4. Let your creativity flow inside the Workflow! Customize and utilize it to your heart’s content, without the hassle of duplicating it. Your revamped Workflow version will magically appear as soon as you hit that save button.

    GHL Triggers (24)

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Do I Set Up Triggers in GoHighLevel?

    To create a trigger that will blow your mind, hop on over to your sub-account of choice and navigate to the Automation tab. Prepare to be amazed as you click the magical “+ Create Workflow” button. Whether you choose a pre-made recipe or blaze your own trail, the power is in your hands. Select your event and gracefully add your action. With just a single click of the “Publish and Save” button, you’ll witness the birth of greatness. It’s automation like you’ve never seen before

    What Are Triggers in GoHighLevel?

    Triggers are the magical strings that bring all the different modules of GoHighLevel together, weaving a web of automation. Imagine effortlessly sending emails to someone who just crushed your form or survey. It’s like watching art come to life!

    What Subscription Plan Do I Need to Set Up GoHighLevel Triggers?

    Discover the endless possibilities of creating and using triggers with our cutting-edge subscription plans! Unlock the power of automation within the Automations module, a core feature available across all our subscription plans. Embrace the future of high-level productivity and take your business to new heights!

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