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    GoHighLevel offers a feature called voicemail drops, which enables users the convenience of sending automated voicemail messages without ringing the recipient’s phone. This can be done directly from the platform itself.

    This communication method is an efficient way to reach out to leads without requiring additional time or manpower.

    In the current digital landscape, successful communication is crucial for business success. As a marketer, it is important to discover creative methods to engage your target audience and make a lasting impact. One valuable tool that can greatly improve your marketing strategy is GoHighLevel Voicemail Drop.

    Continue reading to learn about this feature and how you can use it to benefit your business.

    GoHighLevel Voicemail Drop

    What Is a GoHighLevel Voicemail Drop?

    A voicemail drop refers to the action of delivering a pre-recorded message directly into a recipient’s voicemail without their phone ringing, resulting in a notification of a new voicemail message.

    GoHighLevel allows users the ability send voicemail drops directly from the platform, either as a standalone message or as part of larger marketing campaigns.

    The method uses a carrier trick. It dials a number and hangs up right away. This briefly disconnect the recipient’s phone from the network. Meanwhile, the system makes another call to the phone. Because it’s disconnected, the call goes straight to voicemail and leaves a message.

    It is important to note that voicemail drops rely on a specific technique, which results in a success rate of approximately 70%, regardless of whether they are made from GoHighLevel or another service.

    GoHL - voicemail drop

    What Are GoHighLevel Voicemail Drops Used for?

    Voicemail drops are a frequently utilized marketing strategy. It is typical for individuals to decline or ignore calls from unfamiliar numbers, but they are more likely to listen to voicemail messages they receive on their phones.

    A voicemail drop is a method used for efficient and convenient delivery of direct messages.

    What Are the Benefits of Using GoHighLevel Voicemail Drops?

    GoHighLevel voicemail messages are an effective way to communicate with customers.

    These elusive customers possess a mysterious talent for dodging unknown calls, but they are utterly defenseless against the irresistible temptation of a voice message nestled in their voicemail sanctuary.

    Experience the power of voicemail drops – the ultimate tool for delivering short and impactful messages to your valued customers and prospects!

    But wait, there’s more! Check out these amazing additional benefits:


    In addition to being largely ineffective, contacting customers has significant resource implications in terms of manpower and time, with typically unfavorable response rates.

    On the other hand, voicemail drops generally have a higher response rate and can reach a larger number of customers at a more cost-effective rate in terms of money, manpower, and time.

    GoHL Voicemail Drop

    Ease of Setup

    Ringless voicemail drops offer a simpler and more efficient alternative to traditional phone calls. With no need for manual dialing or waiting for customer responses, setting up and using ringless voicemail drops is a quick and convenient process through the GoHighLevel platform.

    Effective for Your Marketing Campaign

    GoHighLevel voicemail drops offer a more effective approach than calls for creating lead-generating marketing campaigns.

    The carrier trick can be utilized to avoid interruptions from voicemail messages when the person you’re trying to reach is busy.

    Once they have finished their task and listened to your voicemail, they may be more inclined to reach out for business if your products meet their needs.

    How to Set Up a Voicemail Drop in GoHighLevel

    GoHL - Voicemail drop

    In order to utilize voicemail drops in GoHighLevel, it is necessary to acquire a LC-Phone System or Twilio phone number.

    Please upload an audio file of the voicemail message, preferably in phone-quality.

    GoHighLevel suggests using Audacity, which is a free software for converting audio files, to adjust the quality of your file to make it appropriate for voicemails. Once you have dropped the file into the software, follow these steps:

    • Could you please adjust the project rate to 8,000?
    • Please make sure that the file is set to “mono.”
    • Please adjust the file’s sampling rate to 8,000Hz.
    • To export the file, choose the option for Other Uncompressed Files, select WAV format, and set the encoding to U-Law.

    To effectively use your message, it is important to establish a workflow for a voicemail drop.

    To initiate the voicemail, a trigger event must occur, such as the booking of an appointment, which would then prompt a confirmation message to be sent via voicemail.

    After selecting the Voicemail action, you have the option to add your audio file by either dragging and dropping it or uploading it.

    Please ensure that any additional items are included in the workflow before continuing.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does It Cost Extra to Use GoHighLevel Voicemail Drops?

    Using the voicemail feature in GoHighLevel won’t cost you a dime! But hey, be aware that making calls may come with a teeny-tiny charge from your phone carrier. Don’t worry, it’s usually just a few cents per call.

    What Is a Ringless Voicemail Drop?

    A voicemail drop refers to the process of inserting a pre-recorded message into a voicemail box without the recipient’s phone ringing. The recipient is then notified of the voicemail message.

    Are GoHighLevel Voicemail Drops Legal?

    Voicemail drops are allowed as long as they comply with the regulations specified in the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

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