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    Enhance your GoHighLevel account with the incredible WordPress hosting feature. Choose your desired WordPress hosting price plan and unlock a world of possibilities!

    Discover the ultimate power move for your business: seize the opportunity to skyrocket your success with WordPress hosting! Whether you want to supercharge your own business or cash in on the booming market by reselling this top-notch service to your clients, the choice is yours. Don’t wait, take charge and make your mark today!

    What is GoHighlevel/Highlevel?

    GoHighlevel is a sales and marketing platform. It is specifically designed for marketing agencies and small businesses. The platform provides all the essential tools needed to run a business. It requires a fixed monthly payment. GoHighlevel also offers a Whitelabel option, allowing agencies to customize the software with their own branding. This enables agencies to create a SaaS business and generate additional monthly income.

    Agencies used to complete a job for a client and then move on. Now, they have to constantly market themselves to find new clients. With GoHighlevel, you can transfer your clients from their current CRM, email marketing tool, phone system, or funnel software to the GoHighlevel platform. The best part is that your clients will pay you monthly for these services. You can set your own prices, like $297 or $497, and your clients will pay each month, creating a stable monthly income.

    GoHighlevel provides unlimited features to its users on any paid plan, including contacts, websites, funnels, email or text templates, and workflows. Additionally, there are no restrictions on storage, allowing you to host as many videos, files, documents, or images as needed by you or your clients.

    Go High Level Website

    What is WordPress?

    Websites are built using WordPress, a content management system. WordPress is popular because it is flexible and affordable, with over 40% of all websites using it. Themes in WordPress let you choose a design that matches your desired look, saving time. Plugins in WordPress offer various functionalities and integration options with external systems through an open API and developer base. Businesses have grown and expanded by building websites with WordPress.

    WordPress sites are commonly offered by many website hosting providers at a reasonable cost, typically ranging between $10 and $20 per month. This pricing and the platform’s capabilities make WordPress a popular choice for individuals interested in creating a website.

    WordPress Home

    Why use GoHighlevel for hosting WordPress?

    GoHighlevel allows users to create unlimited websites and funnels. These websites are hosted on the platform, so there are no monthly hosting fees. The website builder is customizable, but not quite on the same level of flexibility and options like WordPress with themes and plugins. To solve this, GoHighlevel integrated WordPress into their platform. This allows users to offer WordPress features to their clients and make extra monthly income. More information can be found in another section of this post.

    The GoHighlevel platform is designed to offer comprehensive tools for supporting users’ businesses and their clients’ businesses as well.

    How to Enable the WordPress feature in GoHighlevel?

    GoHL - Offer WordPress

    The WordPress feature in GoHighlevel is not visible to clients unless you enable it. To give clients the option of setting up WordPress, you need to enable this feature. Go to the Sites menu in GoHighlevel to find the WordPress feature. Before enabling it, you will see a different menu option.

    Enabling the WordPress menu is possible once you enable the feature. To do this, go to the Agency level and the Sub-Account menu. Within that menu, you will find a list of all the client accounts you have set up. Select the client you want to enable this feature for and enter their account. You will be able to see this option within their account.

    To enable the WordPress menu option, you need to toggle the Offer WordPress option.

    Reselling WordPress in GoHighlevel

    GoHighlevel was designed for marketing agencies to make money through its platform. The platform offers various options for agencies to charge clients for its features. GoHighlevel also allows agencies to resell the WordPress hosting feature to clients. Enabling this feature allows agencies to set their own price for the service. The base cost for WordPress on GoHighlevel is $10 per month, so any additional amount charged is the agency’s profit each month.

    The default markup price set by GoHighlevel is $14.99 per month, which allows for a monthly profit of $4.99 per client. The cost of $14.99 can be adjusted to your desired amount.

    Unlock your full profit potential with GoHighlevel’s revolutionary software platform.

    GoHL - Reselling WordPress

    Who pays for WordPress in GoHighlevel?

    GoHighlevel WordPress hosting offers two convenient payment options: the agency or the client. You choose how to make WordPress work for you!

    Agency Pays For it

    When the agency covers the cost, it is usually incorporated into the client’s monthly subscription price. Agencies often have various packages for clients, such as Standard, Professional, and Premium. For instance, the Premium package may include the WordPress feature, which means clients who choose that package would have the WordPress feature included in their monthly fees.

    To ensure payment is covered by the agency, please select both check boxes on the screen once the feature is enabled. Once the agency has set up payment, the feature will appear as shown.

    Client Pays For It

    If WordPress is not included in the agency’s monthly plans, the client can buy it separately at the agency’s set price. This will result in a monthly charge to the client. The agency will receive this fee as revenue. Additionally, there will be a WordPress base charge added to the agency’s monthly cost for GoHighlevel.

    After the agency activates the feature, the client will have the ability to purchase this service. This is the account view they will see.

    The customer has the option to click on the Get Started button in order to establish a monthly subscription.

    GoHighlevel integration with WordPress

    GoHL - WordPress Integration

    Once you have completed the purchase of WordPress, you can begin the process of creating WordPress sites.

    To get started, simply click on the “Create WordPress” button.

    It is necessary to allow the system approximately 20 minutes to set up the WordPress database before accessing the settings within GoHighlevel.

    After setting up the database, the dashboard can be accessed to configure the WordPress site through the WP-Admin site. The WordPress access page can be found here.

    This page provides a URL to access the site and the WordPress admin site access. It is used to set up a primary domain for your WordPress installation.

    GoHighlevel provides additional access features to WordPress, allowing you to create users for the system and back up and restore the database, without the need to access the WordPress admin dashboard.

    The GoHighlevel system allows users to efficiently review and manage plugins and themes on their WordPress site. This includes the ability to activate and deactivate them without having to access the admin dashboard.

    Migrating Existing WordPress Site

    GoHL - WordPress Migration
    After creating your WordPress database and logging in to the GoHighlevel dashboard, there will be a section available for utilizing a free plugin called All-In-One WP Migration. From this screen, you have the option to download and upload the plugin to your WordPress site. This will enable you to migrate an existing WordPress site to GoHighlevel in a simple and efficient manner.

    What Can You Do with GoHighLevel WordPress Hosting?

    GoHL - WordPress Hosting

    GoHighLevel WordPress hosting offers the option to set up a new domain or transfer an existing WordPress site to the platform. Additionally, you have the ability to include any subdomains associated with the main domain.

    Users have the ability to modify general settings, including timezone, preferred language, and more.

    Manage Users

    The Manage Users tab allows for editing of all users associated with a specific WordPress website. Here, users can:

    • Include a new user.
    • Update the user’s details.
    • Grant or remove administrative privileges.
    • Remove a user.

    Add Plugins

    Users have the ability to add or remove WordPress plugins from the GoHighLevel platform. The platform provides a selection of available plugins for users to browse and choose from based on their needs.

    To remove a plugin, simply choose the option to delete it.

    Browse and Choose Themes

    GoHighLevel now provides the functionality to browse and choose from a range of WordPress themes for your website, similar to plugins.

    Restore Previous Versions

    GoHighLevel performs daily backups for all its WordPress websites. The Backup tab offers a selection of previous versions taken within the past three days, allowing you to reinstall any of them as required.

    GoHighlevel WordPress Conclusion

    This new feature of WordPress hosting is a valuable addition to the existing platform. It addresses a gap that marketing agencies previously couldn’t fulfill for their clients through GoHighlevel. Now, agencies can easily incorporate this feature into their client’s accounts at a more affordable cost compared to third-party providers.

    The GoHighlevel software platform is recognized as the leading platform for marketing agencies as it consistently introduces new tools and innovations to enhance client support.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Can I Host WordPress Sites on GoHighLevel?

    WordPress websites can be hosted on GoHighLevel. There are options to pay for and host a single WordPress website or choose an unlimited plan for hosting unlimited websites.

    Does It Cost Extra for GoHighLevel WordPress Hosting?

    GoHighLevel offers WordPress hosting as an additional service, which requires a separate subscription and payment for one of the available hosting plans.

    • The cost is $10 per month for each website.
    • The cost for unlimited websites is $350 per month.
    • The price for unlimited websites is $3,500 per year.

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