Groove Affiliate Program

Please note that some of the links on this website are partner links. This means if you purchase anything linked from this website, we may earn a commission at no extra cost to you.

The Groovefunnels affiliate program offers up to 40% commission and tracks referred customers through lifetime cookies.

Groovefunnels affiliate program is suitable for individuals who already use Groove, as well as those looking to work from home.

The commission rate is…

The discount available may be between 20% and 40%, depending on the plan. For further information, please refer to the link provided.

The eligibility and application process should be reviewed.

Becoming a Groove Affiliate is easy and requires no application, as it is open to all for free.

This article will cover GrooveFunnels affiliate commission rates, how to join the program, and key guidelines for GrooveAffiliates.

So, let’s get started.

GrooveFunnel Affiliate Program

Joining Groove’s Affiliate Program

To become part of Groove’s affiliate program, create a free Groove account, and you’ll be enrolled in the program.

All you need is your name and email and we’ll send your login details.

With your free account, you can try out the apps and explore their features and functions.

Groove is a comprehensive system, so it’s important to familiarize yourself with the apps before advertising it.

Groove Affiliate Commission Rate

The commission rate for Groove’s affiliates depends on the plan they are enrolled in.
Pricing Plan 1st Tier Commission 2nd Tier Commission
  • On the Free Plan, Groove affiliates can receive a 20% commission on 1st tier sales. No 2nd tier affiliate commissions are available on the Free Plan.
  • Upgrading to the Premium Plans will entitle you to a commission rate of 40%, with 10% on 2nd tier commissions.

What are 2nd Tier Affiliate Commissions?

GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program offers a two-tier commission structure where affiliates can earn commissions from their own purchases as well as from sales made by those they have referred.

The conversion of a referred person when they purchase a lifetime deal through an affiliate link.

The affiliate marketer you previously connected with earns a commission when they refer someone and the subsequent purchase is made.

Groove Affiliate Program

GrooveFunnels has a two-tier marketing plan which allows affiliates to generate a passive income stream from their second-tier commissions. The incentive is that if an affiliate refers someone with a large online presence, they can receive a commission on every sale or upgrade they make.

How Much Can You Earn?

Groove currently offers multiple payment plans that have different commission rates.

If you are subscribed to the PRO Plan, you will receive a commission rate of 40%.

Those who sign up through the link and select the CREATOR plan will receive two pricing options.

  • The cost per month is $149 if paid on a month-to- month basis.
  • The price is $83.00 per month when paid in advance for the annual payment of $996.

Subscribers who select the option to make payments on a monthy basis will receive $59.60 each month (equivalent to 40% of $149) until they choose to end their subscription.

If customers choose to pay for annual services, you will receive a 40% commission from the total amount of $996, which amounts to $398 per sale.

You can review Groove’s payment plans and estimate your earnings potential by visiting our pricing page.

Groove Affiliate Earnings Potential

Affiliates have generated substantial revenue through Groove’s affiliate program.

I have achieved financial success through the GrooveFunnels affiliate program by utilizing various strategies such as SEO, Youtube, paying for traffic, and working with social media.

Groove’s revenue potential has increased with its transition to monthly and yearly payment plans.

If 100 people are subscribed to the PRO Plan, the monthly income generated will be $7960.

Let’s calculate the expected earnings from the PRO Plan.

I will not factor in second tier commission when making calculations.

PRO Plan Comms Rate 25 Subscriptions 50 Subscriptions 100 Subscriptions
40% 25 x $79.6 = $1990 income per month 40 x $79.6 = $3980 income per month 100 x $79.6 = $7960 income per month

It is unrealistic to assume that sharing an affiliate link online will lead to immediate sales.

Earning income from Groove’s Affiliate program is feasible, though it necessitates consistent hard work.

Content creation, advertising, and email campaigns are necessary for driving free sign-ups.

Further information on my affiliate marketing framework can be found by continuing to read.

How To Find Your GrooveFunnels Affiliate Links

Access your affiliate links and promotional tools by logging into the Groove Funnels or GroovePages account you created and select the “Groove Affiliate Program” button in the top left corner.

Click on this button to access the affiliate area and view your links and promotional materials.

Groove Affiliate Program
Scroll down the page halfway and locate the ‘Promotion Tools’ section. Refer to the screenshot below for more details.
Groove Affiliate Program

The following can be found on this page.

  • Your affiliate links are provided here.
  • The promotional tools you have at your disposal.
  • Your statistics.

GrooveAffiliate App Dashboard

I prefer to access the affiliate dashboard through the GrooveAffiliate App.
Groove Affiliate Program
  • Ensure that the view is set to Affiliate view and not Vendor view.
  • Access the “Promos” tab to find available links and promotional tools.

Adding Bonuses To GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program

  • On the “Promos” tab, select the present icon as indicated in the image.
  • At Groovefunnels, users can add bonuses to their free or lifetime accounts.
Groove Affiliate Program
  • A training on how to use GrooveAffiliate’s bonus features is now available in the bonus training module.
  • I appreciate the option to view Transactions under Reporting in GrooveAffiliate.
Groove Affiliate Program
  • By clicking on the date option and selecting “All time”, you can view detailed information about those who have signed up through your affiliate link, such as their first name, payment amount, and email address.
Groove Affiliate Program
  • To view your downline, click on “Sub Affiliates” under “Reporting”. This will provide an overview of individuals who have registered with your account and/or marketed the affiliate program.

How Do You Get Paid on GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program?

Groove Digital issues payment to affiliates every two weeks via PayPal. Note that payments won’t start until 37-42 days after a sub affiliate registers, as the new user has to complete the 30 day return window before commissions become eligible. The same applies for second tier affiliate commissions.

Those who choose the monthly payment option will be on a 30-day payment cycle, similar to what is expected for Groove’s future monthly plans.

Consider that if you refer a single person to the powerful affiliate program and that person succeeds, you’ll receive 10% of the total sales. GrooveFunnels has a variety of posts, blog articles, and email swipes which can help someone who puts in effort make money from the program.

When Do You Get Paid on GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program?

GrooveFunnels payouts occur on a weekly basis, and commissions will be available after 37 days have passed. This includes a 30-day payment cycle, plus 7 days of buffer time to facilitate any refunds or adjustments. As such, payments are typically received within 37-42 days of a sale.

Groove Affiliate Assist

When setting up an account with GrooveAffiliate, it is important to note that there is a free assist program. No payment is received for setting up a free account.

If someone who has a free Groovefunnels account is promoted to a lifetime account via one of their affiliate links, you will earn a commission from that.

You have the option to receive either 20% of the payout or 40% over the lifetime.

It is an uncommon opportunity, but it is worth considering.

How To Promote GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program

GrooveFunnels provides a range of promotional materials, including banners, articles, email swipes, videos reviews, email signatures and social media posts, making it easy to take advantage of any platform you choose.

GrooveFunnels can be promoted.

  • SEO, blogging, and content marketing are features that NextPinnacle is actively utilizing.
  • Utilizing Google Ads for a paid campaign.
  • Promoting on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.
  • Paid social media promotion.
  • Questions and answers websites such as Quora are often useful for finding helpful information.
  • YouTube advertising can be beneficial.

To maximize your affiliate marketing efforts, there are some strategies to consider;

Provide Outstanding Customer Support

Providing customers with individualized support on how they can use GrooveFunnels tools to create new opportunities for themselves and to benefit from the affiliate program is highly beneficial, as it can often lead them to registering through your link.

Make your affiliate relationships clear.

Honesty and full disclosure are necessary to build loyal clientele. If clients sense dishonesty, they will opt out of using a referral link. Disclosing affiliations allows followers to show appreciation by using referral links. Honesty and full disclosure provide followers with comfort in trusting and supporting the affiliate.

Be Helpful

Taking the time to craft an in-depth review that is both informative and helpful can increase the value of your content. Additionally, you can include affiliate ads which can direct readers to relevant sources if they choose to take action.

Patience is the Key

Affiliate revenue generated from GrooveFunnels’ Affiliate Program includes lifetime payouts. If you promote recurring billing, you can continue to receive commissions on a weekly basis. Ensure that you have the necessary tools and resources available to maximize your success.

Target The Right Audience

GrooveFunnels can benefit audiences such as…

  • Electronic commerce refers to the buying and selling of goods and services by electronic means.
  • Businesses with physical locations.
  • Affiliates engage in marketing activities.
  • People who work in network marketing.
  • Service providers are available.
  • Professionals Providing Coaching and Consulting Services.
  • Those engaged in selling a product or service.

Groove Affiliate Marketing Framework

Groove Affiliate Program

This is the framework of my Groove affiliate marketing:

Familiarize yourself with the Groove apps and their capabilities. Knowing what you are offering and understanding how it works is essential in order to provide prompt customer service.

Identify the target audience that would gain value from Groove’s platform, such as local businesses, agencies, coaches, network marketers, and eCommerce store owners.

Employing Groove as a marketing platform increases your odds of success if you create content and tailor messages to a specific target audience.

Create a list of problems and challenges your target audience faces and think about possible solutions.

What advantages does the Groove Platform offer to address these issues?

These problems can be found on online forums such as Facebook groups and YouTube comments.

Reading through these comments can provide great insight into the needs and challenges of your target audience which can be used in content and landing page copy.

Identify the platforms that your target audience is using to gain traffic.

Examples of WHERE:

  • Connecting with people on Facebook is easy through joining or creating a Facebook Group.
  • You can create instructional tutorials for a specific Groove app, such as GroovePages, on YouTube without having to have a good webcam. You can make a screen share using and include your affiliate link for signing up to Groove.
  • Utilize to create graphic design images and post them to Instagram or Pinterest, depending on your preference.

If you’re an introvert, you may not find socializing on Facebook to be enjoyable.

Select a platform that is compatible with your personality and skill level.

When there is only one person working, it is better to focus on a single platform for a period of six months instead of trying to be present on multiple platforms.

Becoming familiar with the traffic platform facilitates experimentation with new approaches, strategies and ideas.

After identifying your target audience’s online presence, you will need to create a hook or angle to appeal to them.

Does this hook or angle provide a solution to the challenges of my target audience?

If applicable, create content related to the subject and disseminate it among the intended audience.

With Groove, users can achieve desired results.

Shopify requires users to purchase and manage individual apps, which results with the addition of monthly fees. GrooveKart, on the other hand, offers free built-ins that don’t incur extra costs.

Switching to GrooveKart will enable customers to reduce the cost of maintaining an online store by eliminating large monthly fees.

Join Groove’s affiliate program with the provided button to access additional training.

The GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program is available through Aimee Vo.

Joining GrooveFunnels’s Affiliate program is an excellent way to generate work from home income, with commission ranges of 20%-40% depending on the subscription plan.

The price is zero.

The price is indicated in US Dollars.

The platform is a web operating system.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

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