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Kartra does not offer a dedicated app for iOS or Android devices.

The Kartra marketing platform is designed to be compatible with various web browsers on both desktop and mobile devices for optimal performance.

Kartra App

Kartra can be customized for starting new businesses or streamlining existing workflows.

Click on the button above to view how Kartra appears on various devices. To see its mobile appearance, access the page on a mobile device.

Kartra App

What is Kartra Good for?

Kartra is an unparalleled marketing magician, turning business dreams into reality for organizations of all sizes. It’s the turbocharged secret weapon that ignites growth and revolutionizes your operations.

Behold the incredible wonders of Kartra:

  • Landing Pages: Kartra provides a drag-and-drop landing page builder for businesses to create efficient landing pages for various purposes, such as lead generation, sales, and webinars. The tool is designed to optimize conversion rates and is easy to use.
  • Email Marketing: Kartra offers an email marketing tool with features like personalized emails, templates, automation, and analytics to enhance businesses’ marketing efforts.
  • Membership Sites: Kartra provides businesses with the tools to create and manage membership sites, offering exclusive content, courses, and products to their customers. The platform allows businesses to set up multiple membership levels, drip content, and manage payments.
  • Sales Funnels: Kartra provides a sales funnel builder for businesses to create and optimize their sales funnels, with pre-built templates and customization options available.
  • Affiliate Management: Kartra offers an affiliate management system that assists businesses in managing their affiliate programs, monitoring sales, and compensating affiliates. The platform includes various tools to aid businesses in recruiting, managing, and incentivizing their affiliates.
  • Helpdesk and Live Chat: Kartra offers a helpdesk and live chat feature for businesses to provide customer support. The platform includes a ticketing system, live chat, and knowledge base for managing customer inquiries and support requests.

Is There a Kartra Mobile App?

Kartra may not have an app for online business automation yet, but fear not! This all-in-one platform offers everything you need to streamline your digital operations from one central hub.

Users have the ability to utilize customizable product carts with marketing and landing pages. Detailed sales metrics are available through a 360-degree analytics dashboard and user interface designed for ease of use.

Affiliation opportunities and membership tiers could provide potential for revenue generation.

E-mail drip campaigns and video hosting options are effective tools for driving traffic to your website and increasing lead conversion rates.


Users have the option to scroll in all directions to view the entire dashboard on mobile devic

Is Kartra Mobile-Responsive?

Kartra offers a wide range of functional features that can be customized to meet user needs on any device, without the need for a mobile application.

Site owners use the Kartra desktop interface for loading product information and editing pages. The drag-and-drop editor is convenient for these tasks. Additionally, promoting your brand and creating brand awareness is made easy with flexible templates and ready-made campaigns available.

One can create interactive customer landing pages and marketing strategies to enhance browser satisfaction and interact with potential shoppers. Users can stay engaged by exploring upsell offers, opting in, or interacting with video content. Additionally, customers are prompted to fill out relevant form fields with personal information to generate leads.

Kartra subscribers and site customers are known to appreciate the features of the Kartra membership and affiliate programs. Additionally, users have the ability to customize their sites to offer diverse content with unique levels, rewards, and benefits associated with each tier.

Activating your App

Hey there, talented developer! Before you can dive into the world of Kartra’s fabulous inbound API calls, you’ll need to work your magic and create a mind-blowing Kartra App. Once you’ve crafted your masterpiece, submit it for review and get ready for the magic to happen. To embark on this exciting journey, simply glide over to the enchanting realm of My Integrations > Developers > API (you can find it nestled at https://app.kartra.com/integrations/api/developers). Let the adventure begin!

Test vs Live Mode

As soon as your App is born, it will burst into action on Test Mode! This means it’s fully equipped to handle all commands from our API system. But wait, there are only two teeny tiny restrictions while in Test Mode:

  • By keeping Kartra in Test Mode, you can rest assured that no emails will escape its grasp and accidentally make their way to unsuspecting leads. It’s like having a shield of protection around your email deliverability!
  • When testing the waters with us @kartra.com, any leads you register will have their domain name transformed into a kartra.com address. So, for instance, if you use the Lead_Create API instruction for [email protected], that user will be subscribed to your Kartra account as [email protected] instead. It’s like a magical transformation!

Get your mailing system up and running now by submitting your App for live activation! Our rockstar admins will personally review your application and get back to you in no time, anywhere from a couple of business days to a maximum of two weeks.

Please Note: Your content/application cannot be put in live mode right away. We want to make sure it’s perfect and complete before it’s launched! Our eagle-eyed review team will give it a thorough once-over, so rest assured it’s in good hands. Keep up the creativity!

The App ID and API keys

Every App has its special identifier called the App ID, and you absolutely must include it in every API call sent over Kartra. So, for the sake of security, Kartra won’t accept any API call without a proper App ID.

Get ready for a sensational process that includes not just one, but two magnificent roles that will blow your mind!

  • Calling all app developers! Are you ready to create an incredible integration with Kartra? As the mastermind behind the 3rd party software, you hold the power to unlock endless possibilities. So get your creative gears turning and claim your unique App ID!
  • You, as the awesome user of this incredible App, whether it’s yourself or your fabulous customers, absolutely need an active Kartra account for the API to work its magic. Make sure you have that super important API Key and API Password ready to go!

When you make an API call, the magic happens in the App user’s Kartra account, not the App developer’s. So go ahead, subscribe to those leads, and watch the power of Kartra unfold!


Kartra is a software platform that offers a wide range of tools for managing e-business processes.

Business owners and site creators can access a variety of functions and benefits at a reasonable premium cost.

In addition to core product or course offerings, memberships and affiliate programs can also be provided.

When the sales funnel is functioning effectively, lead generation, email broadcasting, and video hosting work together to reduce cart abandonment and increase sales.

Customers can choose to pay with either PayPal or credit card. Additionally, a custom calendar feature enables the management of all campaign details and timelines.

In conclusion, Kartra provides great value for the price, even though it does not have a dedicated app.

If you haven’t made a decision yet due to this small drawback, you may be overlooking the numerous benefits that Kartra provides.

Try using Kartra and you will find that the lack of a mobile app is not a significant issue for most businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a dedicated mobile app for Kartra?

Currently, a dedicated mobile app for Kartra is in development. However, users can access all features seamlessly on various devices through web browsers.

How does Kartra work on mobile devices?

Kartra is mobile-responsive, adapting to different devices, including smartphones and tablets. Users can manage marketing tasks on the go without the need for a separate mobile app.

What features does Kartra offer for marketing?

Kartra provides a versatile toolkit, including a drag-and-drop landing page builder, powerful email marketing tools, membership site management, sales funnel creation, and an affiliate management system.

How can developers integrate with Kartra?

Developers can create a Kartra App, submit it for review, and transition from Test Mode to Live Mode. The App ID and API keys are crucial for secure communication with Kartra’s API system.

When can we expect the Kartra mobile app to be released?

The release date for the dedicated Kartra mobile app has not been specified. Users are encouraged to stay tuned for updates on this highly-anticipated feature..

What is the process for activating the Kartra App?

Developers need to create a Kartra App, submit it for review through My Integrations > Developers > API, and transition from Test Mode to Live Mode after approval.

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