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The Kartra Marketplace – where magic happens! Discover two thrilling sections: “Experts for hire” and “Campaign marketplace.”

Welcome to the Experts for Hire area! Here, you’ll uncover a treasure trove of talented Kartra users personally handpicked and approved by our very own admin team. Say goodbye to those endless business headaches, as our roster of experts stand ready to lend their expertise and save you from drowning in the sea of tasks. Why do it all yourself when you can hire these brilliant minds to make your dreams come true?

Kartra Marketplace

Step into the campaign marketplace of Kartra, where users can flex their creative muscles and showcase their crafted campaigns in advertising, marketing, sales, or customer experience.

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What is Kartra Marketplace?

Experts for Hire

In the expert-for-hire section, users can access a variety of highly qualified experts in relevant fields who have been approved by the Kartra admin team as credible professionals.

Business professionals have access to a diverse pool of experts who can provide assistance with different aspects of their businesses.

The Kartra marketplace provides a platform for users to acquire the necessary skills and expertise for their online business. It fosters a mutually beneficial relationship where individuals with relevant skills can offer their expertise to Kartra users at a cost.

The individuals who will benefit the most from this feature are those who have a strong skill set in using the Kartra platform, as well as professions such as web designing and digital marketing.

There are two main sections that make up the Kartra marketplace:

  • Experts for Hire.
  • Campaign Marketplace.

Campaign Marketplace

The campaign marketplace provides an opportunity for skilled Kartra users to market and sell a variety of relevant products, such as advertising, marketing, sales, or customer experience campaigns that they have created.

Kartra Marketplace: How Does It Work?

The marketplace can be located in the “My Campaigns” menu, which is located on the left-hand side of the Kartra first page.

The top of the list features the amazing “My Products,” followed by the intriguing “My Communications,” the captivating “My Pages,” and the attention-grabbing “My Forms.”

Discover the magic of “My Campaigns” as you explore the captivating eighth spot on the list. Brace yourself for an enchanting window that presents a thrilling choice between My Campaigns and the incredible Done for you option.

Discover the captivating “Marketplace”! Brace yourself for a slight disappointment as you encounter a frowny face, betraying the absence of any treasures in the marketplace…for now.

Click on “My Campaigns” to unlock the power of creating your own personalized campaign!

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When you dive into the world of campaigns, remember to gather all the glorious assets. With just a click, you can unleash a whirlwind of products, lists, tags, pages, sequences, forms, memberships, and videos that will leave your audience in awe. Feel the power!

When you take charge of your campaign, seize the opportunity to unleash your creativity and captivate your audience. Dive into the realm of editing, where every field is yours to command. Transform your campaign’s appearance with just a few clicks – switch up the visuals, or go for the gold with an attention-grabbing video presentation. The power is in your hands.

Complete your amazing campaign by previewing and saving it! Brace yourself for a world of mesmerizing prompts waiting to captivate you on the next page.

Unlock the power of your campaigns by showcasing them in the vibrant marketplace! Customize your campaign’s vital info and dazzling assets to captivate your audience.

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Once you’ve worked your magic on the basic details and assets, the power is in your hands! Decide whether to keep your campaign under wraps and share it privately (keeping it hidden from other Kartra users) or put it on blast and list it on the marketplace. We’ve got clear and foolproof prompts for you to follow, so you’ll never miss a beat! Get ready to rock your campaign like a superstar.
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The default setting for sharing campaigns is Private, so if you wish to list your campaign on the marketplace, you must click “Yes, list on the marketplace.”

You have the option to select a marketplace category, which includes single page template, multi-page funnel, membership site template, or a full campaign. The subcategories available are product launch, webinar sequence, email sequence, or other.

On this page, you have the exciting option to showcase your incredible campaign for FREE or unleash its full potential by selling it to the world!

Unlock the magic! Choose your very own opt-in form and unleash the power of the unique user-locked code!

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Users have the choice to adjust their pitch settings prior to publishing or save their progress for later.

Providing a concise summary of your campaign goals and contents will assist the marketplace in comprehending it.

To kickstart your campaign, simply tap on the captivating “Launch builder” button. Voila! A delightful window pops up, eagerly awaiting your imaginative headline.

The window is a virtual playground where you can explore and unleash your creativity by clicking on enticing thumbnails that will magically transform into engaging text, captivating images, or fascinating videos.

Wow, we’ve got some seriously cool options for displaying your campaign benefits! You can go with classic bullet points, or really amp up your presentation with a killer combination of eye-catching images and attention-grabbing bullet points. The choice is yours to make your campaign shine!

Once you’ve spiced up your pitch with all the essential ingredients, brace yourself for an incredible preview, followed by a magnificent saving moment.

Once you’ve made the bold decision of publishing your campaign on the marketplace, get ready for the excitement! Share the exclusive invitation of your extraordinary campaign with a chosen individual by simply sending them a dazzling email. Get prepared for a flood of enthusiasm!

Access the potential of your campaign by utilizing a distinctive share code that is solely designated for you.

Step right up and let the system guide you towards your perfect choice!

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If you decide to share the campaign via email, you can customize the email to appeal to your customers.

The email box contains various dynamic variables that will provide more personal touch to your email.

To share the code, the dynamic variable of the campaign code is compulsory.

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After clicking Save next to Share code email, a message will appear stating: “Congratulations! Here is the code to import your new campaign.”

After completing this, you are required to accept the terms and conditions of the Kartra Marketplace.

  • You are the mastermind behind the campaign, the ultimate creator, and the protector of its copyright.
  • You hold the power to shape your campaign’s destiny! Take charge of your configuration and dazzle users with your exceptional support.
  • By agreeing, you pledge to exclusively share your campaign with eager and enthusiastic users who eagerly sought it out!
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Benefits of Kartra Marketplace

The Kartra marketplace provides benefits to both sellers and buyers in search of unique skills or services.

Regardless of your category, you will benefit from the features available.

  • Earn Huge Profit

As someone with expertise in Kartra-related services, there is an opportunity to market and sell these skills to interested Kartra users. By offering campaigns and funnels, a significant income can be earned consistently.

The platform takes care of payment and delivery, allowing you to concentrate solely on completing the job.

  • Proper Organization
Get ready for some serious campaign organization! Our amazing feature lets you effortlessly sort and organize your campaigns into single-page templates, multi-page funnels, membership templates, or full-blown campaigns. And that’s not all! You can even sort by the most popular, newest arrivals, or by price range. Say goodbye chaos, and hello streamlined success.
  • Seamless Importation
By clicking a button, you can easily import campaigns, including pages, copy, and automation, into your Kartra account. This feature assists with your transactions on the marketplace.
  • Build Your Profile and List

In the pursuit of success, remember that money isn’t everything. Shift your energy towards crafting a liberating campaign.

Join the Kartra campaign and unlock seamless future marketing opportunities by submitting your email today!


Kartra’s Marketplace is a feature that allows Kartra users to acquire the necessary expertise to manage an online business and effectively market it. The Marketplace also provides individuals with specialized skills and knowledge an opportunity to sell their expertise to other Kartra users.

If you’ve got mad web design skills or Kartra expertise, then you’re in luck! The Marketplace is your golden opportunity to showcase your talent and rake in some sweet extra cash.

Tap into the limitless potential of the Kartra Marketplace! Unleash the true force behind your marketing campaigns and watch in awe as they soar to new heights. Seamlessly connect with the vibrant Kartra community and captivate eager customers who are just waiting to snag your irresistible offerings. Get ready to be amazed by what awaits you.

Kartra not only empowers you with the essential tools to create mind-blowing marketing campaigns, but also unlocks incredible opportunities to skyrocket your income!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Use Kartra?

If you are an entrepreneur or a business owner looking to streamline your online marketing efforts, then Kartra may be the perfect solution for you. Kartra is an all-in-one marketing platform that offers a wide range of tools and features to help you create, launch, and manage your online business.

One of the standout features of Kartra is its Marketplace. The Kartra Marketplace is a dynamic hub where

Are There Any Bonuses When Signing-Up For Kartra?

Yes, there are bonuses available when signing up for Kartra. Kartra is an all-in-one marketing platform that offers a range of features and tools to help businesses create, launch, and manage their online presence. When new users sign up for Kartra, they can take advantage of several bonuses that provide added value and benefits.

One of the most enticing bonuses offered by Kartra is its 14.

How to Get a Discount for Signing up for Kartra?

Kartra, a popular all-in-one marketing platform, offers various features and tools to help businesses streamline their online sales and marketing processes. From building landing pages and sales funnels to managing email campaigns and customer support, Kartra has it all. While the platform is highly effective and valuable for businesses of all sizes, many people wonder if there are any available discounts or promotions when signing up for Kartra.

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