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Kartra’s incredible frontend page builder empowers you to effortlessly create visually striking and irresistibly effective websites. And the best part? With Kartra, every aspect seamlessly connects, ensuring a harmonious and efficient online presence.

Your landing pages seamlessly connect to all the essential elements of your online empire: your email system, check out, membership site, helpdesk, forms, calendar, and even your video hosting. It’s like having a full suite of digital superpowers at your fingertips!

Experience the power of Kartra, the ultimate tool for creating stunning and conversion-driven landing pages. Unleash your marketing genius and captivate your audience with highly effective pop-ups and forms tailored to their every move.

Kartra Pages

Key Takeaways:

  • The kinds of pages you can build with Kartra Pages.
  • Modifying Page templates from Kartra’s Page Library.
  • Embedding objects into Kartra Pages.
  • Creating a Kartra Page from scratch.
  • Publishing your Kartra Page.
Kartra Pages

The 6 Best Kartra Landing Page Examples

Kartra, the ultimate business solution, is perfectly positioned to skyrocket you towards your wildest business dreams!

Achieve your business goals effortlessly with Kartra’s diverse range of landing pages tailored to boost sales, capture leads, and engage customers in thrilling newsletter downloads.

Kartra’s ingeniously crafted landing pages effortlessly guide your visitors towards taking the desired action – be it purchasing, subscribing, or signing up for a captivating webinar.

Unlock endless possibilities for your users with the incredible power of Kartra. Let your imagination run wild and watch as your dreams become a reality.

Sales Page

Capture your audience’s attention with a sales page that does one thing – SELL! Don’t let anything distract from the powerful pitch for your product. Opt for a single sales landing page that guarantees a distraction-free opportunity to seal the deal.

The components of effective sales landing pages are as follows:
  • Ignite your creativity with this mesmerizing headline!
  • Focus your gaze on the perplexing predicament of the customer!
  • Uncover the magical wonders and extraordinary perks of our revolutionary masterpiece!
  • This product provides testimonials, reviews, and proof of its ability to solve the problem.
Kartra is a genius when it comes to crafting sales pages that transform casual visitors into loyal customers. Prepare to be amazed as Kartra’s sales pages weave their magic, utilizing mesmerizing forms that capture leads and seal deals like never before. Whether it’s a sleek multi-step process or a straightforward single-step affair, Kartra’s checkout forms are designed to captivate and convert, leaving you wondering why you ever settled for anything less.

Opt-In Page

An opt-in landing page is a tool used to generate leads and encourage visitors to take action on your website.

The page requests that individuals provide their email address and other information in exchange for a complimentary trial, webinar, or ebook.

Here are some tips for creating an effective opt-in landing page.

Tips for Converting:
  • Attention-grabbing headline with a concise message.
  • Understanding the emotions of your subscriber.
  • The copy is engaging and persuasive.
  • A valuable item given away.

Kartra offers opt-in forms with attractive designs which allow you to instantly tag your leads upon submission.

Pre-Launch / Coming Soon Page

Kartra Pages (3)
This type of landing page is like a red alert for your customers and leads, letting them in on all the juicy and exciting happenings at your company. Whether it’s a mind-blowing marketing event or the launch of a killer new product, a single landing page has the power to ignite curiosity and build a legion of followers. Get ready to blow some minds!
Tips for a pre-launch page that converts:
  • The testimonials, reviews, and evidence demonstrate the reliability of you and/or your product.
  • Create intrigue and provide an overview of what prospective customers can anticipate.
  • Subscribe now to receive exclusive bonuses and discounts.

Kartra provides professionally designed coming soon pages for a wide range of industries, specifically designed to maximize conversions.

One-time Offer Page

The purpose of a one-time offer page is to generate a sense of urgency among followers.

Keep the customer engaged. Offer them an amazing informational product for only $10-$30! This could be an e-book, workbook, or webinar. It’s a special one-time offer exclusively for those who have signed up to your email list. Create a unique landing page just for this fantastic deal.

Tips for a one-time-offer page that converts:
  • Include visual elements such as mock-ups and pictures.
  • There is a limited availability.
  • It is important to provide clear and truthful information to your audience.
Kartra offers one-time offer pages with the intention of converting visitors.

Webinar Page

Kartra Pages (5)
Level up your customer engagement with the power of online events! Kartra’s webinar landing page takes your message to the next level, captivating your audience without distractions or pricey software. Say goodbye to sign-ups and hello to an unforgettable webinar experience.
Tips for webinar landing pages that convert:
  • Distraction-free zone
  • Imply urgency
  • Strong Headline
Kartra Pages can be used to create webinar registration pages. The Kartra Page Builder is highly versatile and user-friendly, allowing for the quick creation of webinar registration pages.

Thank You Page

Kartra Pages (6)
Thank you pages are a golden opportunity to shower your users with love and care, while also boosting your conversion rate. Optimize your strategy with a single, killer landing page that exudes brand familiarity and oozes credibility. It’s time to make your users feel appreciated and keep them coming back for more!
Tips for thank you pages that convert:
  • Confirm that you have received their information.
  • Provide clear guidelines for enabling subscription, especially if there are GDPR laws or other privacy regulations in place.
  • A shareable link can be provided for easy access to information.

You can use Kartra Pages to create your thank you landing pages. Kartra offers dozens of pre-built templates, which you can modify to suit your needs.

Adding custom CSS styles to your page

Get ready to jazz up your page! Go to Styles -> Custom Styles and unleash your creativity by adding your own custom CSS classes. Our CSS editor is the ultimate playground where you can experiment with standard CSS classes, attributes, rules, media queries, fonts, and more. Let your imagination run wild and make your page truly stand out!

Introducing our fabulous custom classes! These beauties will be added to your page header, infusing your entire page with their remarkable style.

Kartra Pages (7)
Adding custom HTML or JavaScript into the Canvas

There are two methods for incorporating your own HTML or JavaScript code into the canvas.

1. Placing a custom-code section onto the canvas

2. Placing a custom-code component into a section

Both options can be found in the sidebar, labeled “Your code”.

Kartra Pages (8)
To access the source code editor for sections, click on the CODE icon and for components, click on the PENCIL icon after dragging them into the canvas.
Kartra Pages (9)
Additionally, the CODE icon can be found in all of our pre-templated sections if you desire to make edits or additions at a source code level.
Kartra Pages (10)
The HTML/JavaScript editor
When you click on the CODE or the PENCIL icon, the HTML/JavaScript editor will open. It should have a similar appearance to this.
Kartra Pages (11)

This is a regular HTML editor, so input your custom code as you would typically do in any editor.

To differentiate your custom code from the rest, it is important to remember that Kartra requires you to wrap your HTML/JavaScript within the following DIV.

The “data-embed” parameter is essential. Anything enclosed within the DIV wrapper will be recognized by Kartra Pages as custom code, enabling the system to display it accurately upon publishing the page online. Without it, the function will not work properly.

You can embed that DIV wrapper anywhere in the code you want. For example:

Kartra Pages (13)

There are no limitations on the amount of custom code that can be added to your page.

3. Users have the ability to include custom HTML or JavaScript code within the data-embed=”true” DIV wrapper.

4. One data-embed=”true” DIV wrapper can be added per each section in the builder.

Kartra Landing Pages: How Do They Work?

Explore the endless possibilities with Kartra, where you’ll discover a treasure trove of stunning templates just waiting for you to unleash your creativity. Simply drag and drop the elements you desire onto the canvas and watch your dream design come to life!

Once you have reached that stage, the power is in your hands to customize each landing page component to perfection. Imagine the possibilities – you can rearrange elements to create a stunning visual display or even experiment with different fonts to make your headline POP!

Unleash your creativity and design a captivating page from scratch, no templates needed!

Elevate your pages with vibrant colors and stunning fonts that embody your unique style. Watch as your corporate branding and logo come to life, effortlessly bringing your vision to the world. With just one simple click, unleash the magic of publishing and showcase your creativity to the world.

What Should You Do If You Would Like to Create a Landing Page with Kartra?

If you are interested in creating a landing page with Kartra, you have the opportunity to try out the platform for just $1. With this, you will receive a 30-day trial period. Initially, Kartra offers a 14-day trial, but later a pop-up will appear offering an extended trial period.

To avail yourself of the full 30-day trial period, follow these steps.

5. Click on this link to access the page.

6. Choose your plan.

7. A pop-up will appear offering a lengthened trial. Click on “YES, Double My Trial.”

8. Provide your information and billing details.

9. You now have the opportunity to test out all of Kartra’s features for a 30-day period.

Kartra Landing Pages Pros & Cons

Kartra landing pages offer a mind-blowing array of advantages for entrepreneurs itching to create their dream business website. With over 100 jaw-dropping pre-built pages to choose from and a seamless drag-and-drop feature, you can craft stunning landing pages in the blink of an eye. Get ready to unlock your website building superpowers!


Kartra Pages offers a website with well-designed landing pages that are optimized for conversions. The page builder in Kartra Pages has a user-friendly drag-and-drop feature that simplifies the process of building any landing page.

Choose from over 100 pre-designed templates, expertly crafted to convert. Build any kind of landing page you need for your website. Optimize your website for PC, tablet, and mobile to connect and do business with your customers. Kartra has everything you need to build a high-converting landing page. Get started now and unlock your website’s full potential.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I split test my landing pages?

Absolutely, you can conduct split tests effortlessly with Kartra’s landing pages. This feature allows you to compare up to four different versions of a page within a split test campaign. Determine custom rotation percentages and track key metrics to optimize your landing page’s performance for better results.

Do Kartra’s landing pages work for small businesses?

Kartra’s landing pages are designed to accommodate businesses of all sizes, including small businesses, whether they have physical locations or operate online. The builder provides an easy-to-use interface and a wide range of templates suitable for different industries, allowing smaller enterprises to create impactful and professional pages for their marketing requirements.

Can I keep my own domain?

Kartra allows users to use their own domain with its landing pages. The platform offers seamless integration and One-Click-Push technology, making it effortless to publish pages to your domain quickly. This eliminates the need for manual uploads or FTP.

Is Kartra a free landing page builder?

Although Kartra does not have a free plan for its landing page builder, it does offer a 30-day trial period. This allows users to try out the platform without any risk. Additionally, all pricing tiers include unlimited page building features.

Is there a learning curve to use Kartra’s landing page tool?

Mastering the art of Kartra’s landing page builder unleashes a world of endless possibilities, with the power to create stunningly captivating pages that captivate your audience. Brace yourself for a slight learning curve, but fear not! Kartra’s arsenal of comprehensive tutorials, expert guides, and legendary customer support are here to guide you every step of the way, ensuring that you unlock the full potential of the greatest landing page builder known to mankind.

What kind of landing page metrics does Kartra track?

Kartra’s metrics allow you to track every movement on your landing page with precision, providing insights into visitor behavior and engagement levels. This information empowers you to make adjustments to your pages for optimal conversions and engagement.

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