Rewarded Play Review

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The app called Rewarded Play provides an opportunity to earn online for free by playing enjoyable games from the comfort of your own home.

It appears to be a potentially viable option for earning money, doesn’t it?

Is Rewarded Play a legitimate way to earn money or should it be avoided as a scam?

It is important to be aware of scams when downloading earning apps.

This review will assess the legitimacy of the Rewarded Play app, providing comprehensive details for informed expectations.

In this review, I will provide my rating of the product to help you determine if it is worth using or not. Let’s begin.

Rewarded Play Review

What is Rewarded Play, and what does it offer?

Rewarded Play is a Get-Paid-To (GPT) app that provides rewards for playing games and utilizing its additional earning features. It bears similarities to another app called Mistplay, which I have also evaluated.

The app is legitimate and has paid out over $15 million in rewards to its members.

To fully comprehend the functioning of the app and assess its suitability for you, it is necessary to thoroughly examine the earning opportunities it provides.

Here is a guide on how to earn from Rewarded Play.

Option 1 – Playing games

The most efficient method of earning rewards on this app is through playing games. Upon logging into the app, you will be presented with a selection of mobile games to play.

Every game available in Rewarded Play has certain requirements that must be met in order to receive the promised rewards. Therefore, it is important to familiarize yourself with the necessary tasks before playing.

Playing games

Please note that the number of coins displayed under the game in the photo above does not necessarily reflect the amount you will actually earn by playing the game, which can be confusing.

The total number of coins you can earn from this game is limited. Once you’ve reached that limit, you will no longer be able to earn any more coins. Playing the game for rewards will be pointless afterwards.

In most cases, reaching the maximum will require significant effort.

To begin earning, select a game you wish to play. These games are also available as mobile apps. When you choose a game, if it is not already installed on your device, it will prompt you to download and install it.

It is advisable to navigate through the My Apps section of Rewarded Play and select the game after installation. This will show all the challenges and their associated rewards, which can be useful for optimizing efficiency during gameplay.

To begin playing the game, it is important to return to Rewarded Play and access the app through their provided link. This enables Rewarded Play to monitor your progress and reward you with coins upon completing a challenge.

During gameplay, a notification sound will indicate the completion of a challenge or requirement, signifying that you have earned something.

Option 2 – Comeback points

Additionally, users have the opportunity to earn extra coins through the claiming of Comeback Points. This feature allows for the claiming of free coins multiple times throughout the day.
Comeback points

To claim your free coins, press the “Collect My Points” button. A countdown timer will appear to indicate when your next coins can be claimed.

Additionally, users have the opportunity to receive complimentary coins upon their initial login to the application. This bonus can be claimed once per day during the first five days of membership.

The number of coins that can be claimed is relatively small, however, it is still appreciated that they offer occasional free coins.

How do you get paid?

As explained above, you will earn coins when playing games. This is the currency Rewarded Play is using. You will be able to use these coins to redeem rewards.
How do you get paid?

This app only allows for the redemption of gift cards, so if you’re seeking cash rewards, it may not be the right choice for you.

The photo above displays gift cards available for redemption from popular retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, and Target, among others, offering a wide selection of options.

After redeeming a card, it is usually received within 48 hours.

Please note that the gift card code will not be sent to you via email, as is usual on other Get-Paid-To sites and apps. Instead, you will receive a notification within the app when the code is ready, and you can claim it there.

This app functions differently from others, and it’s important to note that you need to check within the app for the code instead of waiting for an email.

The minimum redemption amount is $5, requiring 45,000 coins. It is a relatively low threshold, so it shouldn’t take a long time to reach it.

How much money can you make?

The earnings from this app are primarily determined by the amount of time invested in using it.

They offer a wide variety of games, ensuring there are always opportunities to earn coins. Additionally, free coins are provided on a daily basis.

The earning potential of Rewarded Play is limited, as most game challenges only offer rewards ranging from 100 to 500 coins, which can be completed quickly.

In terms of the time-to-money ratio, the score of Rewarded Play in this category is quite low, as there are challenges that will require a significant amount of time to complete but will reward you with only a few thousand coins.

To earn a decent amount, you will need to invest a significant amount of time. If you are consistently active, it would typically take about two weeks to reach their payout threshold. This may seem like a long time to earn only $5, especially when considering the additional time investment required.

One potential benefit of this app is the variety of enjoyable games available for users to play.

If you are looking for games to pass the time, consider playing the games offered by Rewarded Play to gain something from it.

Can you use it on a desktop?

Rewarded Play is a platform designed exclusively for mobile devices, allowing its usage solely on mobile platforms.
Rewarded Play

The app is exclusively for Android devices, so if you have an iOS device, it won’t be compatible.

To install the app, users can search for it on the Android app store and install it. However, it will only appear if the app is available in their country, which will be discussed in the next section.

The app is designed to be user-friendly, so it should be easy for you to navigate and get accustomed to its features.

Who can join Rewarded Play?

Rewarded Play has a website that provides information about the app, including member locations on a map, indicating that the app is only accessible in the US.

After installing the app, the registration process must be completed upon first opening. Fill out the form and then you can log in and begin earning.

Can you get support?

Rewarded Play provides assistance through various methods.

To access support, please log in to the app, navigate to the menu, and click on the “Support” option.

An alternative is to visit the Rewarded Play website and navigate to the support section. Here, you will have access to a wide range of FAQs. If the information you seek is not available, you are able to submit a support ticket for further assistance.

Based on feedback from various long-term members, the support system appears to be satisfactory as they respond to inquiries in a timely manner.

When reviewing the app on Google Play, it is evident that the parent company of Rewarded Play consistently responds to inquiries, which is encouraging.

Other Rewarded Play Reviews

After testing Rewarded Play, it appears to be a legitimate app that offers high payouts. It is worth considering if you already spend a significant amount of your Android phone gaming. However, it’s important to read genuine user reviews to accurately assess its value.

Fortunately, there are numerous Rewarded Play app reviews on forums such as Reddit, where individuals discuss and share their experiences.

  • Roastted says: The method worked for me. I was able to redeem a 5$ Amazon gift card. However, I’m not certain if it’s worth it because there is a limit of 5,000 points per day. This means it will take 14 days to get a 5$ card and 31 days for a 25$ card. Surprisingly, I received the digital code just a few hours later instead of the 7-14 days they had promised, which was a pleasant surprise.
  • SubRedditsAreMyKink says: We have received five gift cards through participating in activities in the past month. Earning rewards is generally easy when you have enough spare time.
  • Penguing1227_ says: “They are a reputable company, however, the income can be inconsistent. By being attentive and achieving their bonuses, you can earn some effortless money.”
  • Three users have reported cashing out with Rewarded Play and confirming its legitimacy. However, it should be noted that earning larger gift card prizes may take time due to the daily points cap.

This app may not result in significant monetary gain, but it offers a convenient and enjoyable opportunity to earn a quick $10 or so in your free time with minimal effort.

The Best Apps Like Rewarded Play

After evaluating Rewarded Play, it appears to be a enjoyable gaming app with a satisfactory range of rewards. However, it is advisable to utilize multiple apps if you are a dedicated gamer in order to maximize your earnings.

Here are several apps similar to Rewarded Play that allow you to earn free money and gift cards:

  1. Cash Giraffe (my personal favorite alternative)
  2. Money Well
  3. Mistplay
  4. Swagbucks
  5. Coin Pop
  6. Cashyy
  7. Buff
  8. JustPlay
  9. AppStation

Tom has also created a YouTube video showcasing various ways to play games for cash, providing additional options for Rewarded Play.

If you are interested in mobile games, it may be worth considering trying out some apps like Rewarded Play. However, if you are looking to make money online, there may be more potential in exploring different methods.

Is Rewarded Play A Scam?

Rewarded Play is a legitimate platform that enables users to redeem multiple gift cards after reaching a $5 earning threshold. It has received positive reviews from other players, and I personally found the app to be user-friendly.

Final Verdict

Rewarded Play is a legitimate GPT (Get-Paid-To) app that offers rewards for playing games. It has both positive features and limitations that users should be aware of.

To provide a comprehensive review, here is a summary of the app’s advantages and disadvantages, allowing you to make an informed decision on whether or not it is worth using.


  • Provides an enjoyable method for earning rewards.
  • The app is designed to be easily navigable for users.
  • The payout threshold is relatively low.


  • The rewards are not very high.
  • The app is exclusively accessible on Android devices.
  • The program does not provide cash rewards.

Rewarded Play is a recommended gateway app if you are looking for mobile games to pass the time. It provides a variety of enjoyable games, along with the opportunity to earn rewards.

However, if you are solely interested in making money through apps, this particular app may not be the most suitable choice. The rewards are relatively low, requiring a significant time investment for only a small amount of extra income. Additionally, it is important to note that the app only offers gift cards as a reward.

If you are interested in earning money, it may be beneficial for you join a survey or GPT site. Additionally, it is recommended that you explore the top survey and GPT sites in your country as they typically offer good earning potential and cash rewards.

Additionally, there are numerous sites available for joining regardless of your location.


Is Rewarded Play Safe?

Rewarded Play is considered safe to use, as there have been no reports of scams or compromised information when registering for the app. Reviews do not indicate any privacy or security issues.

However, it is advisable to review the user agreement in order to gain a clear understanding of the data being tracked during mobile game play.

Is Rewarded Play For iPhone?

Rewarded Play is currently only accessible on Android devices and is not currently supported on iOS devices. If you are interested in exploring alternative options, you can refer to my post on the top iOS game apps that offer payment.

Is Rewarded Play Worth It?

Rewarded Play can be a worthwhile option for those who already spend time playing games on their phone and are looking to make money online. However, if your goal is to make $500 a day or achieve a full-time income, the app may not be the most suitable choice.

Rewarded Play is an app that allows users to earn free gift cards occasionally while enjoying themselves. It should not be considered a full-time online job or a significant source of income.

Why Does It Get Harder To Keep Earning Rewards?

As you progress in playing games, Rewarded Play gradually reduces the earning potential and increases the difficulty of achieving specific objectives. This is done to encourage you to play more games and continue giving feedback to game developers who are sponsored.

Rewarded Play offers a wide variety of games for you to choose from, making it simple to try out different games and earn rewards.

Can you really earn money with Rewarded Play?

Rewarded Play provides the chance to earn money by achieving goals and collecting points that can be exchanged for gift cards from various popular retailers.

Does Rewarded Play offer a sign up bonus?

Users have the opportunity to earn 5,000 free bonus points by creating a new account. Additionally, they can earn more points by completing any or all of the four introductory offers.

How long does it take to get rewards from Rewarded Play ?

According to Rewarded Play, the first gift card will be delivered within 48 hours of requesting it. However, it may take up to 14 days to receive subsequent gift cards.

How does rewarded play compare to Mistplay ?

Both Rewarded Play and Mistplay are platforms that allow users to play games and earn money. Rewarded Play offers a diverse selection of gift cards, while Mistplay also provides users with the option to cash out using PayPal.

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