Systeme io Review: The Verdict After 2 Years of Use


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    In this Systeme io review, I’ll share with you what it is actually like to use Systeme after spending years working with similar software. 

    Quite recently, Systeme has become extremely popular in the marketing space, as it provides access to powerful marketing tools at no cost. This includes email marketing automation, a website builder, funnel builders, and more. 

    But the one question everyone is asking, is Systeme io worth it? That’s what we’ll answering in this review article.

    Systeme io review

    What is Systeme io? is designed to make growing an online business easy; their services include creating sales funnels, hosting webinars and memberships, running affiliate programs, sending emails, and selling physical products.

    Aurélien Amacker is the founder of this platform. As an online coach, he wanted to be able to manage multiple tools for his clients’ blogs but found it hard to keep track of everything, resulting in a slow growth trajectory.

    Scratching your own itch is the best way to build a business!

    He created to provide an all-in-one solution for online business owners and launched it in France in 2010. It proved to be immensely popular since then, and today over 10,000 entrepreneurs worldwide use it to manage and expand their businesses.

    Aurelien Amacker Systeme io

    Is Worth it?

    People new to the digital world often struggle to gain a comprehensive understanding of the tools needed for successful online business operations, which is one of the most significant challenges they face.

    Many people lack the time and resources to effectively utilize each of the necessary applications and software they’re aware of, even though they recognize its importance.

    If they lack the necessary technical knowledge and background, they often find themselves paying for features they never end up using, resulting in poor outcomes that only breed frustration. is a valuable tool that can help with this.

    Rather than having to purchase and manage multiple platforms, this location offers all of the features you need in one place. offers a wide range of services, such as sales funnel building, email campaign management, affiliate program creation, marketing automation setup across multiple channels, and more.

    With, you can build an entire sales funnel to host and promote your products and services using an exclusive domain – all in one marketing platform. is an excellent platform for launching an online business due to its many powerful features which have earned it more than 2000 satisfied customers. is a helpful and user-friendly platform that small business owners can use to manage and sell their products online. The system works together seamlessly as one unit.

    One of’s best features is its online platform for self-organization and automation. Through custom newsletters and discounts, you can easily guide leads through the entire sales process.

    Systeme io review

    Who is Systeme io Good For? offers digital nomads, solopreneurs, lifestyle & travel bloggers and small lifestyle business owners a way to easily and efficiently run all aspects of their online business without having to pay for multiple marketing tools.

    Trust Systeme to help with various marketing and sales activities for your e-commerce business.

    • Sales Funnels
    • Email Marketing
    • Sell Online Courses
    • Drop-Shipping
    • Evergreen Webinars
    • Blogging
    • ECommerce Integrations
    • Building Your own Affiliate Program
    • A/B Testing
    • Business Automation
    • …and much more!

    The integrated system of numerous marketing tools saves you from the complexity of linking and syncing, so you can dedicate more time to what matters most.

    Systeme io Functionality is a user-friendly platform that integrates multiple features into one software.

    These features are essential for running a successful online business, and you won’t encounter any unnecessary content on the platform.

    Today, we’ll examine key features of the platform.

    1. Sales Funnels for Online Business

    Effective sales funnels are crucial to having successful online business. This powerful marketing software will let you build attractive sales pages for product purchases, email sign ups, etc. that will convert at a high rate.

    Using’s drag-and-drop editor, it is possible to quickly perform A/B testing by modifying the design of your sales pages in a few clicks.

    Utilizing one of the pre-designed templates can help you quickly build effective sales funnels, and all you have to do is add your specific content to the pages.

    2. Email Marketing Platform is a complete all-in-one platform and includes an excellent email marketing tool. The text-based email editor is similar to ConvertKit or Infusionsoft, providing outstanding deliverability results. This approach helps you to focus on your copywriting and typically increases engagement and sales.

    You can utilize the email editor for either one-off broadcasts or to add content to your automated messages and drip sequences.

    You can start your email sequence from the settings of any funnel, or you can add it to a bigger automated workflow which will enable linking multiple actions together with wait times and other options.

    A major advantage of using is the powerful email tool, which alone makes it well worth the cost.

    3. eCommerce Functionality’s eCommerce features make it easy to sell all your goods and services.

    Creating an online store directly on your website is an alternative to third-party eCommerce platforms.

    This platform’s built-in eCommerce features make it easy to sell digital or physical products, convert leads, and boost upsells.

    No worries about integrating outside tools or payment platforms – with just a few clicks, you can have access to it all in one dashboard.

    4. Online Courses is an efficient platform for building and launching online courses. It offers a variety of features and tools so you don’t need to search for third-party applications.

    You can manage all your course marketing and sales from one user-friendly dashboard, with all the necessary tools an edupreneur may require.

    With a comprehensive marketing package, it’s easy to process payments for your online course with PayPal, Stripe, and all the leading debit and credit cards.

    By using the same system, you can effortlessly increase your marketing and sales performance by recruiting affiliates for your online courses.

    5. Drop Shipping

    This platform is equipped with all the necessary tools for businesses that involve drop shipping, including a funnel builder to swiftly sell physical products with high conversion rates.

    6. Blogging Platform offers a range of pre-designed blog templates which you can customize with their straightforward drag-and-drop editor. You can start creating content right away, and also integrate your email list, payment processor, and membership site into the same platform.

    Undergoing the blog platform offered by, it certainly doesn’t come close to WordPress or HubSpot, however, it is able to complete the task successfully.

    Furthermore, with the webinar plan ($47/mo), you can manage orders conveniently, create coupon promotions, and run perpetual webinars to acquire more prospects.

    You can advertise your course, affiliate program, or special offers on’s marketplace as well.

    7. Evergreen Webinars

    Webinars can be a huge asset for small businesses, as they can generate profits with minimal effort. The right webinar software or tool can make all the difference in achieving successful results. makes it effortless to set up multiple webinars with just a few clicks and handles everything from registrations to deliveries and follow-ups!’s PAID plan is optimal for entrepreneurs wanting to grow their business organically, as it allows them to set up endless webinars.

    Systeme io Review

    8. Create an Affiliate Program comes with an integrated affiliate management system that assigns each of your subscribers a unique ID associated with their email ID to track referrals quickly and accurately.

    Your subscribers will begin earning commissions if they are able to promote and sell your products using the affiliate link.

    Utilizing, you can easily automate affiliate payouts with just a few adjustments to the affiliate program settings.

    9. Membership Sites for Small Business Owners is a popular tool among small business owners for creating membership sites.

    In this review of, let’s look at how its advanced features make it easy to create a professional membership website in no time.

    Business owners can use the platform’s integrated and easy-to-use drag-and-drop features to construct a fully functional membership site without any coding or technical knowledge.

    If a customer fails to make payments, will immediately discontinue their access. This makes the payment process seamless as allows different types of payment such as with Stripe, PayPal, debit cards and credit cards to be used – and in turn manages the transactions for you!

    Systeme io Review

    10. Marketing Automation Features provides you with a wide range of automation features that allow you to capture leads, personalize emails, and set up rules for virtually any element on your website or funnel. The potential is limitless.

    Automated tasks are integral to every tool. For example, when creating a sales funnel, you can configure automated rules for each stage.

    An automated script in this instance would send an email with the eBook attachment included.

    For email marketing, you can arrange automated emails to be sent to your subscribers over a period of time.
    This platform opens up many more possibilities.

    get more customers, increase sales and improve your ROI.This strategy can bring you additional customers, higher revenue and a better return on investment.

    • Maximize sales profits through an effective sales funnel.
    • with a professional website design.Give your brand an edge with a professionally designed website.
    • to optimize how effective they are.Conduct A/B tests to optimize the performance of your designs.
      to keep readers engaged.To
    • keep your readers interested, make sure you frequently update your content.
    • software assists businesses in tracking customer data.Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software helps businesses organize their customer data.
    • involves developing valuable content to help attract potential customers.By creating relevant and valuable content, content marketing seeks to draw in potential customers.
    • and stay organized with project management software. Use project management software to keep your workflows organized and streamlined.

    Plus, there’s more!

    This multifunctional software program offers powerful features, as seen above. vs. Competitors

    When it comes to marketing, offers a complete platform tailored to businesses of any size and goal. Whether you are an online business owner beginning your journey, or an established enterprise seeking creative ways of maximizing ROI, provides the tools to make that happen. Choosing the right solution can be daunting, so we’ve identified three alternatives: review vs. ClickFunnels

    ClickFunnels is ideal for those beginning their entrepreneurial journey, as its features and tools can grow your business fast with minimal effort on your part. Of course, the cost of entry may be prohibitive – but it could still be worth every penny. On the other hand, if you’re interested in saving money or have been running a company with some marketing experience, offers similar packages at a lower price ($97 versus $27), making it a more suitable option. vs. HubSpot Marketing Hub

    HubSpot Marketing Hub is the ideal all-in-one inbound marketing solution for brands and marketers, featuring detailed tools for creating successful campaigns such as blog writing, SEO content production via a CMS, and web design & development services. With its starting price of $50/month, you can keep track of your marketing strategies from one place without much fuss about budget issues compared to alternatives like vs. Kartra

    Kartra and look similar, however, when you dig deeper, you’ll discover that these two platforms differ greatly in terms of user interface usability, page templates available, and other features.’s more user-friendly design, in comparison to Kartra, makes it cost-effective and easier to comprehend, giving it a distinct advantage. vs. WordPress

    WordPress is the leading website builder due to its wide array of plugins, add-ons, widgets and tools that you can use to customize your site. Even though it may seem like you need a lot of third party software to fully utilize WordPress for various tasks? has been instrumental in solving this problem, providing all its features with minimal confusion or effort. streamlines the process of website creation by providing a one-stop solution for all your digital marketing needs; from custom email campaigns to automated social media activities, everything can be managed in the easy-to-use content editor, without the extra tools and addons required with WordPress and other website builders like Weebly or Wix. Pros and Cons certainly stands out with its wealth of features and capabilities compared to other options.

    Despite its many benefits, every software has its drawbacks. In this review, we will explore the platform’s features and drawbacks to give you a better understanding of its capabilities.


    • A single platform with efficient tools and processes helps to save time.
    • The system is designed with beginners in mind, so even those without technical knowledge can easily use it.
    • The platform offers comprehensive tutorials to help users get up and running quickly.
    • This platform provides various automation tools for businesses, enabling time savings on daily repetitive tasks.
    • You can personalize your domain, create partner pages, and take advantage of the affiliate marketing program with this service.


    • does not provide any type of third-party integration, so if you’re using another tool or program, you won’t be able to connect it with
    • Having too many unnecessary features can be a hindrance for those who don’t require them.
    • does not provide the same advanced features that standalone tools do.
    • There’s not much room to customize the system, which means you might not be able to make it look exactly how you want. Pricing


    This is the point at which Systeme truly shines. There are 4 pricing plans that will suit people in different stages of their business. These plans are the Free, Startup, Webinar and Unlimited.

    Free Account ($0/month)

    • with the free version of this software. The free version of this software allows you to handle a maximum of 2,000 contacts.
    • Although it’s recommended to send all emails from a single campaign, you can still send unlimited emails.
    • You can only set up one blog for your business, but there is no limit on the number of posts you can create.
    • There is no limit to the number of members you can have on one membership site.
    • It is possible to establish three sales funnels, formulate a single automation rule, and conduct one A/B test.
    • One custom domain can be added and the free domains provided can be utilised.

    Startup ($27/month)

    • You can have a maximum of 5,000 contacts in your database.
    • You can create up to 10 email campaigns to send unlimited emails.
    • You can generate up to 5 blogs with unlimited posts on one platform.
    • An unlimited number of people can join up to five membership sites.
    • With this program, you have the capability to make 10 sales funnels, 10 automation rules, and 10 A/B tests.
    • You can customize up to 3 domains.

    Webinar ($47/month)

    • You can maintain a contact list of up to 10,000 individuals.
    • Using 10 different email campaigns, you can send an unlimited number of emails.
    • Using this platform, you can create blog posts for up to 20 different blogs simultaneously.
    • Up to 20 membership sites can be created with no limit on the number of members.
    • Generate 50 sales funnels, establish 100 automation rules, and conduct 50 A/B tests.
    • You can develop 10 webinars that will be successful for a long period of time.
    • Choose 10 custom domains to add.

    Unlimited ($97/month)

    • You have the capacity to store up to Unlimited contacts.
    • Unlimited email campaigns will allow you to send an unlimited number of emails.
    • There is no limit to the amount of blog posts you can create for various blogs.
    • With this tool, you can create an infinite number of membership sites and let an unlimited amount of users join.
    • Construct endless sales funnels, automated rules, and split tests.
    • Using this platform, you can quickly and easily create as many webinars as you want.
    • You can make use of all the free domains provided and additionally create and add an unlimited number of custom domains of your choice.

    Having an unlimited plan is somewhat unheard of in this day and age. If you are ready for the unlimited plan, you’ll never have to upgrade from $97 per month, which is an absolute steal.

    How to get Support with Systeme io

    Product Support

    This review examines the various ways in which their customer support is helpful and user-friendly:

    Knowledge Base

    If you have questions about the platform, you can generally find the answers by quickly searching the website’s knowledge base.

    Video Tutorials

    Additionally, you’ll find plenty of helpful video tutorials on YouTube about how to make use of the platform’s features for building and expanding your business in an efficient manner (as well as all the necessary storage).

    Online Coaching and Online Course

    Should you choose the Enterprise plan, you’ll gain personalized guidance from the platform’s knowledgeable professionals. They’ll guide you throughout launching your business online and make use of all available features to enhance and scale it, as well as provide you with customer data to strengthen existing email marketing efforts. Customer Support Team Review

    The online platform stands out from competitors with its 24/7 customer support agents who are knowledgeable and helpful. You can receive great assistance with managing affiliate programs, internet business, and internet marketing.

    Facebook Community

    One of the best ways to get support, is through the Systeme users! The Facebook group is thriving, and you’ll find all sorts of support and resources.

    Integrations is an excellent platform offering numerous tools to help run your online business and integrate with third-party apps, however, users who usually work on third-party services such as Slack or Trello will not find any integrations available – which could be a downside for many if they are used to working with those services only.

    Even with no prior experience, new business owners can use this system easily as it’s designed to give them just the right amount of features, so they don’t get overwhelmed.

    Systeme io Review: Final Verdict is a groundbreaking platform that can revolutionise your business marketing strategies, no matter its current size or type! It’s extremely simple to use and even beginners in the marketing sector can easily send emails, host webinars which provide subscribers insights into their desired topics -like fitness tips or financial advice (and so much more), creating membership sites generating different prices based on how much money people are willing to invest each month.

    Every entrepreneur should take advantage of this versatile software, which can do almost anything if used correctly – and start now!

    An automation platform is a great way to save time and money while growing your online business. You can take advantage of its free plan to experience first hand the time and stress you’ll save from tedious manual tasks!

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    Systeme Bonus Course

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