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    Templates for creating websites can be found in the blog, along with funnel-building tools.

    Although there are various templates accessible in these regions, the platform does not provide standard website templates, nor does it offer a tool to create them. templates

    Where Can You Find Website Templates? Websites does not provide a dedicated website-building tool; instead, it offers alternatives to create a blog or a sales funnel.

    When selecting “Blog” from the top menu in your account, you will find eight templates for a blog site.

    Once you have completed the action, a pop-up will appear presenting the various templates that are accessible. For your convenience, you can preview them prior to making a selection.

    Funnel templates have a different approach in which you can choose them based on specific steps or pages.

    To create a new funnel, go to the top menu and click on Funnels. From there, you can select the purpose of the funnel (sales, contact building, webinar, etc.). The editing tool will then open with pre-loaded steps that are tailored to the type of funnel you have chosen.

    On the left side of the page, you can find the available steps and the option to create new ones. Each step or new one will display the templates available for that purpose.

    One option you have is to add a “Thank You” page, which will provide you with over 40 template options to choose from. Blog Page Template Examples Blog templates

    Although the blog site templates have limitations, there are still several good options available to choose from. The advantage lies in the complete customizability of the template layout, allowing you to adjust the number of pages, and alter the appearance of each page.

    Additionally, you have the option to customize the blog by adding your brand colors palette, replacing the images, and modifying the fonts.

    The first template features a travel theme and is suitable for blogs that emphasize visuals. The design is minimalistic with muted colours, and each blog post is accompanied by a descriptive title and description alongside its respective image.

    The second template is a versatile website with a minimalist design. Each blog heading displays the title and description overlaying the corresponding image, with the exception of the featured post.

    This template has a dark color theme and offers a unique hero section for showcasing your featured blog posts. It also includes an offset blog post grid below. This layout is well-suited for anyone looking to use the website for more than just blogging.

    This template is specifically designed for information-heavy websites in the technology industry. It features a homepage with ample space for multiple blog post headings, organized neatly into categories for easy navigation.

    This layout is suitable for businesses looking to display their work. The homepage includes a prominent image for its hero section, as well as ample space to share business information and available services.

    This template has a warm theme and includes an image carousel for the hero section. The blog posts are arranged in a grid format and display their corresponding images above. It is a suitable choice for blogs related to the outdoors or sports.

    This template is designed for information-rich blogs, such as news sites. The hero section allows for the display of four featured blogs, while the rest of the page is organized into sections for different categories of content, making it easier for readers to navigate and find the information they are looking for.
    The template is designed to cater to individuals selling services, with a focus on calls to action such as a “Work with Me” button and a WhatsApp chat button. Funnel Template Examples Funnel template
    Now, let’s examine the various templates you can discover while constructing your funnels. There is a wide variety of options to choose from, so we will highlight a few examples from each specific step type.

    Squeeze Page Template Example

    A squeeze page is created to collect lead data, and offers a selection of over 90 templates to choose from.

    This example includes a direct and simple on-page data capture form. If desired, additional data capture fields can be added to the form to gather more data.

    The template includes a data capture form for leads to complete as you scroll down.

    Inline Form Template Example

    Inline forms are located between lines of text on a funnel page and are used to encourage readers to opt-in. There are eight templates available.

    This form is designed to be user-friendly and encourages readers to provide their email address in order to subscribe to a newsletter.

    Please provide your name and email. Please note that we value your privacy, and you can unsubscribe from our emails at any time.

    Pop-Up Form Template Example

    Pop-ups can be set on your main funnel page at specific intervals to serve as reminders or incentives for readers to take action. offers more than ten options for pop-ups.

    This option allows readers to provide their email address and receive a money-off coupon in return.

    The pop-up serves as a newsletter subscription form, requiring the reader’s name and email.

    Thank You Page Template Example

    Thank You pages are typically shown after a person submits their information, signs up for something, or makes a purchase. There are more than 60 thank-you templates available to choose from.

    The thank you template has dual purposes. It both acknowledges the reader’s action and offers an additional opt-in for joining a Facebook group.

    This template includes an embedded video for viewers to watch, along with an additional call-to-action button.

    Sales Page Template Example

    Sales pages are essential for sales-based funnels and offer a platform to display the products or services that are available. offers an extensive selection of over 90 sales templates.

    This template allows for the use of videos instead of text. It includes a designated area to insert your video, as well as a Buy Now button.

    This template provides a visually appealing design and incorporates images. It offers ample space to provide information about the products or services being offered. Additionally, it includes a call-to-action button for further information.

    Order Page Template Example

    The order page is one of the final stages in the funnel, where customers can add and confirm their payment details. There are over 95 templates to choose from.

    This is an order template that allows you to specify the items purchased on the left side of the page and the payment details on the right side.

    This order form is designed with a long-page scrolling feature. When you click the Buy Now button, it will automatically scroll to the payment form. Additionally, readers have the option to view all the product information on the same page without leaving it.

    Upsell Page Template Example

    Upsells enable the promotion of an additional product or bundle prior to the customer finalizing their initial purchase. There are more than 20 upsell templates available for selection.

    This template is designed to add an extra product to the order. It allows for the inclusion of the upsell benefits and a corresponding image.

    This option allows for an increase in product quantity in order to qualify for a complimentary item. Please provide the necessary information and indicate your preference with the opt-in or opt-out buttons.

    Info Page Template Example offers seven different layouts for the policy or terms and conditions page, which are required for all types of sales or information-capture funnels.

    This template is designed for organizing terms and conditions and features text into separate sections for enhanced readability.

    This template provides a privacy policy that outlines the handling and storage of data. Please be aware that it is your responsibility to review and modify the text to ensure compliance with the laws in your country.

    Contact Us Template Example

    The Contact Us pages offer various templates to facilitate communication with readers or customers, offering over 60 options in this section.

    This contact form utilizes email as the method of communication, allowing the reader’s message or inquiry directly sent and delivered into your email inbox.

    The contact form allows for the inclusion of a phone number, physical address, and the standard email contact information.

    One benefit of’s funnel templates is their ability to be combined and customized, allowing you to create a distinct and cohesive funnel. If you have concerns about the fonts or colors not aligning, you can make adjustments using the editing tool.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are There Any Website Templates? does not offer website templates. However, users can create a website using the platform’s blog and funnel tools, and take advantage of the available templates.

    What Kind of Website Templates Does Offer? provides templates for creating a blog site as well as the option to create a funnel site with multiple templates available for each step of the funnel.

    How Many Website Templates Are There?

    There is a range of eight blog templates available, as well as numerous funnel step templates to choose from. The number of funnel step templates can vary from less than ten to over 90 for each specific step.

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