Thrivecart Alternatives

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ThriveCart is a widely-used shopping cart platform that offers a comprehensive set of tools for creating high-converting checkout pages for digital products.

The software can be customized to fit your business requirements, integrated into your website, and incorporate additional incentives and promotions to increase sales.

In this article we will discuss alternative options to ThriveCart that businesses can consider to enhance their sales and profits through the use of more efficient shopping carts and increased cart value.

Thrivecart Alternatives

What To Look For In A ThriveCart Alternative?

ThriveCart provides various functions such as a sales funnel, order tracking, email automation, and an affiliate center.

However, it mainly functions as a platform for shopping carts and checkout pages, with strong capabilities in payment processing and customization. Keep this in mind when looking for suitable alternatives.

Here are some of the main features of a cart app.

  • Choose pages with easy payments.
  • Carts that can be embedded.
  • Integrate with other apps.
  • Reporting and automation are efficient.
  • Increase order value with promotion tools.

Take a look at the list below to explore the functions of the nine best Thrive Alternatives.

1. SamCart:

SamCart Home

SamCart is a shopping cart software that caters to authors, influencers, consultants, and coaches who sell digital products and memberships. It offers a wide range of features that are specifically designed for knowledge-based products, but it can also be used to create checkout pages for physical items.

The platform offers a drag-and-drop builder and pre-made templates to create visually attractive sales pages in multiple languages. It also provides free trials, product discounts, suggestions, and upselling features to enhance the shopping experience for customers.

The payment options available here are versatile, including the ability to share a digital wallet, create recurring plans, and offer a “pay as you want” benefit.

One of the appealing features of SamCart is its Course app. In addition to the checkout page builder, it provides a separate platform for launching and selling video courses.

Core Features

  • An easy-to-use sales page builder with many editing options.
  • Improve user experience with custom domains and checkout fields.
  • The available options include order bump, upsell, coupons, and discounts.
  • Our billing system offers flexibility, including the option of a digital wallet.
  • Membership and subscription options are available.
  • A/B testing and tracking are used to enhance conversions.
  • The platform offers support for multiple languages and currencies.
  • Integrations with third-party tools are available.
  • An app for selling courses.
  • Affiliate Hub.
  • Portal for customers.


SamCart offers premium plans ranging from $59 to $299 per month. A free trial is available for you to explore the platform.

2. SendOwl:


SendOwl is a platform that enables the sale of digital products through blogs and social media posts. Users can easily upload text and video files to their shopping carts and establish monthly subscription options.

The software includes various promotional tools that enhance the shopping experience. These tools enable you to implement referral rewards, create bundles to increase order value, and offer premium services such as gifting products to friends.

Additionally, there is a section available for generating various types of reports. These reports allow you to review your order and income summary, analyze upsell campaign data, and examine abandoned cart activities.

Two features of SendOwl that users often find valuable are drip content, which allows for breaking down products into different parts, and PDF stamping, which adds watermarks to protect assets.

Core Features

  • Digital and physical product shopping cart.
  • The available options include subscriptions, memberships, and drip content.
  • There is an option for customers to choose their own payment amount.
  • Implementing a download restriction.
  • The sentence above mentions various marketing techniques such as affiliate marketing, promo codes, upsells, and gifts.
  • The options available include customization and white labeling.
  • Email templates for orders, campaigns, and newsletters.
  • There are seven report types.
  • Managing taxes and filtering out fraud.
  • Mobile app, multiple users, and third-party tool integration.


SendOwl offers a free basic plan, while their premium plan is priced at $19.

3. ZOHO Checkout:

Best CRM Software 2023

ZOHO checkout is a viable alternative to ThriveCart for those seeking a straightforward option.

The platform provides customizable checkout pages, allowing users to add their own branding, edit fields, and include thank-you notes. It supports both one-time and recurring pricing methods, enables connection to multiple payment gateways, and offers a refunding option.

The SSL encryption and automated retrying feature enhance the payment process for customers, ensuring both security and convenience.

The cart can be embedded on various platforms such as online stores, social media posts, and emails. The layouts are designed to be mobile responsive, enabling buyers to access the checkout page from their desktops or smartphones.

ZOHO offers a unique feature – integration with its sub-products, eliminating the need to seek external functions. The platform provides a suite of in-house eCommerce apps for various purposes.

Core Features

  • Connect the checkout pages to the website, social media platforms, and emails.
  • The features include custom branding and responsive layouts.
  • There are several payment gateways available.
  • The pricing methods include one-time offers and recurring options.
  • The system is set to automatically retry and secure SSL encryption.
  • Tracking and analytics are important tools for gathering data and analyzing trends.
  • The system can accommodate a maximum of 100 pages and ten users.
  • Integrate with Mailchimp, Slack, and other apps.


The prices of ZOHO Checkout range from $11 to $33, and their basic plan is available for free.

4. Paykickstart:

Paykickstart Home

Paykickstart is a software platform designed for subscription management. It provides tools to handle the entire subscription process, including signups, payment collection, upgrades, and cancellations.

The platform offers a variety of pricing models, including one-time payment, fixed-price recurring memberships, and usage-based plans. It also provides options for free trials, coupons, and add-on features to enhance the appeal of your product. Additionally, customers can conveniently manage their subscriptions through their mobile phones.

Paykickstart offers integration with major payment gateways and supports multiple currencies. Its scalable billing methods allow you to sell memberships to a global audience.

In general, the app is well-suited for individuals who generate a minimum of $10k per month.

Core Features

  • Manage subscriptions and choose pricing options that work for you.
  • Templates and branding.
  • The available options include coupons, order bumps, and one-click upsell.
  • Email and SMS are commonly used for sending reminders and notifications.
  • A self-service portal is available for customers.
  • The support is available in over 135 countries and accepts multiple currencies.
  • Digital wallets, VISA, bank transfer, and PayPal are commonly used methods of payment.
  • Managing affiliates.
  • Third-party tool integration.
  • Android and iOS apps are available.


Paykickstart’s starter plan has a monthly cost of $99, and it deduct $0.9 from your revenues if you generate approximately $10,000 in monthly sales.

5. ShopRocket:

Shoprocket Home

ShopRocket allows users to add a shopping cart to any webpage.

The platform is suitable for both physical and digital products, accepts multiple currencies, and integrates with third-party applications. You have the option to add the cart to your website or choose to let ShopRocket host your storefront. The decision is yours.

The checkout cart offers multiple payment options and generates invoices for customers. It allows you to customize the layout and include local taxes. You can also personalize it by adding your logo and brand color to the theme.

Shoprocket plans to launch new features that will enhance the pricing model and cart functions, providing more diversity. I suggest visiting to explore these updates.

Core Features

  • There is a shopping cart available on your website.
  • This is a platform that allows you to create and manage your own storefront.
  • We support both physical and digital products.
  • Multiple payment methods can be added.
  • Emails and branding tailored to you.
  • The available options include discounts, promo codes, and abandoned cart recovery.
  • A comprehensive dashboard for order management.
  • Third-party app integration.
  • Automated shipping rates and tax calculation.
  • Support for multiple currencies.


Shoprocket offers a range of pricing options, starting from $9 per month. One of its popular products is the Business plan, priced at $79 per month.

6. Foxi.Io:

Foxi’s features are designed to be slightly more advanced for beginners. However, if you have a basic tech background, it is recommended that you give this tool a try.

The platform offers a wide range of features for various solutions, including physical items, subscription-based products, digital downloads, and donations. It provides mobile-friendly templates, flexible billing methods, and the option to use a single cart for both commercial products and donations.

Foxi enables users to modify the cart’s appearance completely. If one prefers the side-page layout, it can be customized to be displayed in that manner on the website.

Additionally, guests can have the option to access the cart without the need to create an account.

Core Features

  • There are a variety of products, subscriptions, and donations available without limits.
  • There are no fees for the first 100 transactions.
  • There is a wide variety of customizations available.
  • There are over 90 payment gateways available, along with multiple alternate purchase methods.
  • The company offers coupons, discounts, and flexible shipping options.
  • The system allows multiple users to access it and provides support for mobile devices.
  • Integration with external parties.


The basic plan for costs $25 per month.

7. Studiocart:

StudioCart Home

Studiocart is a WordPress plugin that is specifically designed for individuals who sell services and memberships, including coaches and content creators, and is used for checkout pages and sales funnels.

The software is user-friendly and offers pre-made templates, eliminating the need to create pages from scratch. It allows you to add the shopping cart to any website and customize the buyer’s experience with a “Thank You” note.

The payment methods available allow you to set a one-time fee, break down the price into multiple installations, and establish recurring payments. The cart also includes order bumps and upsells widgets to help increase the order value.

One of the features of Studiocart is the launch automation, which enables users to set specific dates for their checkout page and redirect buyers to the waitlist page once the date expires. This feature is particularly useful for entrepreneurs who have limited product lines or engage in pre-launch sales.

Core Features

  • There is a WordPress plugin available.
  • A shopping cart that can be easily embedded.
  • The fees for setup, installations, and subscriptions are one-time and recurring.
    Both Elementor and Divi have templates available.
  • The available options include order bumps, upsells, abandoned cart recovery, and discounts.
  • The cart can be opened for a specific time frame.
  • The integration with Zapier is available.
  • Shipping fields are used for the delivery of physical products.
  • Automate your emails.


Studiocart offers a free option for getting started, with pro plans ranging from $19 to $39.

8. Easy Digital Downloads:

Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Download is a recommended WordPress Plugin for checkout pages.

The app provides a comprehensive shopping cart solution with various payment options for a streamlined checkout process.

The platform offers various features such as unlimited product uploading, the ability to limit downloads, the option to share discount codes, and the opportunity to offer freebies in exchange for contact information. Depending on the chosen plan, users can also access additional features like a wish list, product recommendations, and comparisons.

There is a dedicated section for store management that allows you to monitor orders and customer activities. The software keeps a record of the buyer’s history, which helps you analyze product demand and identify loyal customers. Additionally, with conversation app integrations, you can conveniently communicate with buyers directly from the dashboard.

In addition to cart and store management, EDD offers a variety of extensions for more advanced functionalities.

Core Features

  • A shopping cart with customizable features.
  • The website offers digital products and free downloads.
  • Enjoy unlimited downloads, discounts, and flexible payment options.
  • Manage orders and customers.
  • Analyze store data.
  • 100+ extensions and themes.
  • Mailchimp and Slack can be integrated.
  • Support for multiple currencies.


The basic account for Easy Digital Download costs $100 annually.

9. Ecwid:

Ecwid Home

Ecwid provides the option to create a storefront or incorporate a payment button into an existing website.

The software is easy to use, compatible with major payment gateways, and supports multiple languages.

The storefront can be linked to multiple social media accounts, allowing for direct order management from its dashboard. Its marketing tools enable easy campaign management and task automation to enhance workflows.

To increase sales through your blogs, you have the option to include a “BUY NOW” widget on your webpage. Additionally, if a majority of your audience prefers shopping on smartphones, you can create a mobile app using Ecwid to provide them with convenient access to your products.

Core Features

  • The features include store builder and custom checkout pages.
  • Seamlessly connect your online presence with websites and social media platforms for maximum impact!
  • Introducing the incredible Buy Now widget!
  • Offers of discounts, coupons, and gifts are available.
  • We support all types of businesses.
  • Choose your own price.
  • Shopping app for Android and iOS (Extra charges apply).
  • Email marketing is an effective promotional tool.
  • Manage and track stores.


Ecwid’s basic plan is available at no cost, while its premium plans have a starting price of $15.


An ideal online cart app not only assists in creating effective checkout pages, but also provides additional tools for increasing sales.

ThriveCart is a viable option, however, there are other alternatives that offer comparable outcomes.

Take the time to read reviews, visit their websites, and try out a few options before making your decision.


The following are frequently asked questions from customers, along with their corresponding answers.

1. Is Thrivecart a payment processor?

No, it is not possible. However, you have the option to connect a payment processor or gateway to your ThriveCart account through your dashboard. Simply navigate to “Settings” and then select “Integrations”.

ThriveCart currently has integration with the following payment processors.

  • Google Pay can be used with Stripe for payments.
  • Apple Pay is available through Stripe.
  • is used for debit/credit card processing.
  • The payment platform PayPal is widely used.
  • The word “Stripe” refers to a specific term or concept.

Unlock the power of multiple accounts and connect them seamlessly with every payment gateway!

2. Will ThriveCart’s Pro account always be a one-time fee?

Regrettably, the one-time fee, which is offered at a discounted price, has a limited availability.

To access all features and functionalities, the Pro account requires a recurring fee.

3. Can I use ThriveCart on multiple websites?

Each ThriveCart license provides access to one website domain or account. This means it does not provide any additional domains.

4. Does ThriveCart have an affiliate program?

ThriveCart’s affiliate program is available to digital marketers who utilize their checkout pages for product sales.

To track your affiliates and commissions efficiently, it is recommended to refrain from using third-party software when selling your digital products.

5. Does ThriveCart host online courses?

Yes, ThriveCart enables you with the capability of effortlessly creating and delivering training and courses through the ThriveCart Learn course platform.

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