Authority Hacker Pro Review

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Step into the future and uncover an uncensored, no-holds-barred Authority Hacker review from a daring time traveler who has boldly explored the course in 2023!

If that is true, then you have achieved your goal.

The Authority Site System (TASS) purports to provide comprehensive guidance on building a profitable authority site, regardless of your level of experience.

Discover the enchanting power of this transformative solution that can unlock the door to your wildest dreams and make them a vibrant reality!

We thoroughly analyzed the Authority Hacker TASS course to determine if it fulfills its promises.

In this Authority Site System review, we will provide an unbiased assessment so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not it is suitable for you.
Now, let us begin.

Authority Hacker Pro Review

What Is Authority Hacker?

Authority Hacker, a website that provides assistance in online business success, was established in 2014. The founders of Authority Hacker are Mark Webster and Gael Breton, who are recognized leaders in the SEO industry.

If you have been researching methods of making money through creating an affiliate site, you may have come across their blog posts or their Authority Hacker Podcast, which is highly recommended by SEOs. You can subscribe to the podcast here:

Prior to starting Authority Hacker, the founders operated a client-focused SEO agency and implemented white and gray hat SEO techniques.

After experiencing a penalty from Google during the Penguin update and feeling exhausted from working on other people’s businesses, they decided to create their first authority site.

Using their previous knowledge and experiences, they created Health Ambition, which received over 150,000 monthly visitors from Google alone.

They successfully grew Health Ambition (and other authority sites) through SEO and developed scalable systems. Eventually, this led them to establish their blog on building authority sites.

That was a shorter version of their narrative. offers courses and resources for individuals looking to succeed in affiliate marketing through the creation of authority websites. Their courses, The Authority Site System and Authority Hacker Pro, are highly regarded in the internet marketing community.

This review will cover both The Authority Site System 3.0 and Authority Hacker Pro.

Authority Hacker Pro Review

The Authority Site System vs Authority Hacker Pro – What’s the Difference?

The Authority Site System is a course created by Authority Hacker specifically designed for beginners who are new to the field.

The course has the potential to help beginners start earning anywhere from zero to one to five thousand dollars per month, which could replace a regular job for many individuals.

The second course, Authority Hacker Pro, is designed for intermediate to advanced affiliates who want to scale their authority sites to earn more than $5,000 per month.

It is a collection of online courses that cover advanced SEO tactics and other internet marketing strategies to assist online businesses in scaling.

Who's the Brains Behind Authority Hacker?

Authority Hacker Pro Review

Prepare to be amazed by the genius masterminds behind Authority Hacker – none other than the dynamic duo, Gael Breton and Mark Webster!

Gael is a native of France and serves as the editor-in-chief of Authority Hacker. He is responsible for creating content for the website and online courses, as well as conducting market research and strategic planning for the site.

Mark, who is from Scotland, is responsible for overseeing the business side and related properties of Authority Hacker.

Mark is a professional in systems who entered the internet marketing industry through AdSense campaigns and ClickBank products in 2018.

Gael and Mark operated a client-facing SEO agency before starting Authority Hacker, where they ran white and gray hat SEO campaigns.

After being affected by the Penguin update and feeling burnt out from creating businesses for others, they made the decision to create their first authority site.

Gael and Mark combined their years of expertise to birth Heath Ambition, a mind-blowing website that skyrocketed to a whopping 150,000 in organic traffic.

Gael and Mark offer two courses, The Authority Site System (TASS) and Authority Hacker Pro, that aim to provide individuals with the necessary skills to create successful authority sites, similar to what they achieved with Heath Ambition.

Gael and Mark have received positive reviews for their work at Authority Hacker.
In this Authority Hacker review, I will provide an analysis of two sections: The Authority Site System review and Authority Hacker Pro review.

How Does Authority Hacker Stand Out?

Authority Hacker Pro Review

The affiliate marketing course market is filled with a large number of training programs.

Authority Hacker stands out from the crowd of affiliate marketing courses. Here’s why you need to pay attention:

  1. Gael and Mark have hands-on experience and only teach what they have personally tried, according to Mark.
  2. Gael and Mark are highly regarded internet marketers.
  3. Despite lacking a design background, the duo’s websites are highly impressive in terms of both design and branding.
  4. Gael and Mark teach white hat methods for creating successful authority sites in the long term.
  5. Authority Hacker employs a step-by-step walkthrough to keep students informed about ongoing events.

In his review for Authority Hacker, Thomas Smale, the Chief Executive at FE International, the largest website broker, shared his thoughts.

Based on my extensive experience selling websites and analyzing over 600 transactions, I can confidently state that the websites created by members of the Authority Hacker courses consistently demonstrate high quality in terms of their content and link profile.

This makes it relatively simple for us to provide Authority Hacker students with the opportunity to sell their sites for six or seven figures if desired, as our success rate in selling Authority Hacker member’s sites is 94.1%, well exceeding the industry average.

So, What's An Authority Site?

Authority Site System Review Home

An authority site is a content-driven website that is considered a trusted and respected source of information, as stated by the Authority Hacker website.

The website typically provides value through its high editorial standards, allowing readers to trust the advice and recommendations offered.

An authority site has various sources of traffic and revenue, and it does not involve the sale of physical products.

Gael and Mark believe that authority sites are beneficial.

  • There is no need to handle physical inventory.
  • It is not necessary to provide customer service.
  • They are a highly effective method for generating passive income.

According to the information provided, Authority Hacker offers two courses. Here is a brief summary of both programs:

The Authority Site System 3.0

The Authority Site System 3.0 provides guidance on starting, building, and expanding profitable affiliate authority sites. It is designed for individuals who are new or have intermediate experience and are currently earning less than 1k per month with their authority sites.

Authority Hacker Pro

Authority Hacker Pro is designed for experienced marketers who already have successful authority websites and are looking to further elevate their strategies.

Now, let’s take a closer look at our Authority Hacker review.

Pros and Cons for Authority Hacker Pro

In concluding the Authority Hacker review, we will now examine some benefits of AH Pro.


  • Authority Hacker Pro provides comprehensive training on advanced strategies and techniques for scaling and optimizing online businesses, catering specifically to experienced website owners.
  • The program provides detailed blueprints that simplify the process of following and implementing specific strategies.
  • Members can gain valuable insights and experiences to help grow their businesses through exclusive webinars and interviews with industry experts.
  • Unlock the power of templates, checklists, and spreadsheets to supercharge your workflow and skyrocket productivity!
  • A private community for members provides opportunities for networking, sharing experiences, and learning from one another.
  • The program is updated regularly to stay current with the latest trends and best practices in digital marketing and SEO.


  • Authority Hacker Pro is a premium product and may be costly, especially for individuals with limited financial resources.
  • This program is specifically tailored for experienced individuals who have mastered the art of building and managing authority websites. It’s not for beginners or those just dipping their toes into the world of website management.
  • Implementing the advanced strategies and techniques taught in Authority Hacker Pro requires a substantial dedication of time and effort.
  • The program offers advanced tools and guidance, but individual dedication, persistence, and executing the strategies taught are crucial for success.
  • The course has limited registration periods throughout the year.

Does Authority Hacker Pro Offer a Discount?

Authority Hacker Pro Review

Unfortunately, a discount is not available for AH Pro.

However, it is possible to save up to $491 by selecting the one-payment pricing option.

If you have previously purchased The Authority Site System and are interested in upgrading to Authority Hacker Pro, you can contact Authority Hacker support for a 20% discount.

Additionally, as a member of AH Pro, you will have access to a discounts page where software and services can be purchased at a discounted price.

Authority Hacker Pro offers a refund policy of 30 days without any questions asked.

It is worth mentioning that Authority Hacker Pro is available for registration on a limited basis, typically once or twice a year, unless you are upgrading from The Authority Site System.

Authority Hacker Review – What Do You Get with the Authority Hacker Pro?

Authority Hacker Pro offers 18 advanced digital marketing blueprints that teach individuals how to construct and expand profitable authority sites.

Here is a summary of AH Pro blueprints.

Content Creation Blueprints (4 Blueprints)

These blueprints can assist in increasing the production of content for your affiliate site and help you adhere to your content calendar.

Keyword Research Blueprint

The keyword research blueprint consists of the following elements:

  • This is an introductory guide to keyword research, providing recommendations on selecting keyword research tools.
  • Here are the steps to prepare your keyword research document.
  • Methods for conducting keyword research.
  • Consider how to use the keywords you have discovered.

Editorial System Blueprint

The blueprint includes various modules.

  • The article provides an overview of the editorial system and its significance in ensuring efficiency.
  • A guide on creating an Asana work environment.
  • A guide on managing your editorial workflow using Asana.
  • Content templates can assist in creating and publishing high-quality content for specific target keywords.

Build an Editorial Team Blueprint

This blueprint provides a detailed process for acquiring an exceptional content team within budget. It offers guidance on hiring the right people and can be seen as a content team blueprint module.

Growth Hacks Tips and Tricks Blueprint

This blueprint provides a collection of useful information to enhance your affiliate site. It includes the following:

  • Affiliate marketing tips.
  • Tips for building links.
  • Tips for managing websites and WordPress.
  • Manage.

The Guest Posting Blueprint

The blueprint includes advanced guest posting tips provided by Mark in 5 modules.
The blueprint is a link-building strategy that is well-known and comprehensive, and it plays an important role in improving your ranking and increasing the visibility of your authority site.

The topics included in the guest posting blueprint are:

  • Email outreach.
  • Using automation software for email outreach.
  • Editorial satisfaction.
  • Keep track.

Editorial Links with HARO Blueprint

HARO, which stands for Help A Reporter Out, is a beneficial strategy for obtaining links from websites with high authority.

The HARO blueprint provides valuable information on acquiring high DR links from reporters during the initial outreach process.

Using HARO link building can enhance the visibility of your homepage, a page that is often overlooked by many.

The Shotgun Skyscraper Blueprint

The content creation technique known as skyscraper was popularized by Brian Dean of Backlinko.

In this blueprint, Authority Hacker utilizes a scalable system called Shotgun Skyscraper to enhance the technique to a new level.

The training provides comprehensive instruction on the fundamentals of the skyscraper technique, including creating a well-qualified prospecting list and effectively managing different responses and advanced link building strategies.

The sub-lessons listed below are included.

  • Data Management.
  • The topic is “Advanced Tactics.”
  • Unlock the Power of Negotiation!
  • Email sent.
  • “Introduction to Shotgun Skyscraper”
  • Keywords and content matter.
  • SOPs and job descriptions
  • Find prospects.

Affiliate Marketing Blueprint

The affiliate marketing blueprint provides instruction on attracting new customers and improving conversion rates. It demonstrates the development of creative affiliate marketing strategies using various mediums such as social media and email advertisements to expand your affiliate site.

Building Info Products Blueprint

The Authority Hacker course guides individuals through the process used by Gael and Mark to create information products of high quality. The blueprint provides instructions on using a structured method to develop a product that will be well-received by your target customers.

Sales Funnel Blueprint

Unlock the secret to an unbeatable authority site: crafting sales funnels that effortlessly turn visitors into loyal customers!

The sales funnel blueprint is your ultimate guide to creating multiple money-making pathways on your authority site in the online world.

On-page SEO Blueprint

This module provides a comprehensive exploration of on-page SEO strategies to assist your affiliate site in improving its ranking in search engine result pages.

The on-page SEO blueprint in The Authority Site System course provides comprehensive techniques to optimize your affiliate sites for top rankings on Google, supplementing the existing coverage of this topic.

Core Web Vitals Blueprint

The Core Web Vital (CVW) blueprint, a new addition to Authority Hacker Pro, provides strategies for improving the performance of your authority site to meet the latest Google ranking factor.

The topic covers different aspects of Core Web Vitals, including:

  • Ways to address common CVW glitches.
  • Here are some tips for improving your CWV score.
  • A guide on addressing page speed errors.
Authority Hacker Pro Review (1)

Other Blueprints

The Authority Hacker Pro training aims to provide comprehensive information in the internet marketing field to assist students in maximizing their online business.

The Authority Hacker course offers additional blueprints.

Lead magnet creation blueprint – This course provides step-by-step instructions on creating lead magnets easily.

Website sale blueprint – This course provides comprehensive information on selling websites.

Giveaway blueprint – The process of launching a giveaway campaign can help increase awareness for your authority site, and I will guide you through it step by step.

Email marketing blueprint – This guide provides information on recommended email marketing tools and instructions on setting up auto-responder campaigns.

Content promotion blueprint – This course provides instruction on how to maximize your content’s potential for earning by utilizing comprehensive strategies.

The Authority Hacker Pro course offers a comprehensive package consisting of 420 videos, accompanied by corresponding notes.

Additionally, there are over 150 downloadable copy/marketing templates, workflow systems, standard operating procedures (SOPs), landing pages, and hiring plans available.

Additionally, users gain access to the private Facebook group for Authority Hacker Pro.

Authority Hacker Pro Review (2)

Other affiliate marketing courses and Authority Hacker alternatives

We have taken numerous blogging and affiliate marketing courses, and in my opinion, Authority Hacker is the most well-developed affiliate course I have come across.

When we say “polished,” I am referring to the attention to detail, design, navigation, production quality of video lessons, customer support, and other related factors.

This online course is highly recommended for absolute beginners as it thoroughly covers the basic tech setup, unlike many other options.

However, it is important to be aware of other alternatives to Authority Hacker. Each program has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The Affiliate Lab vs. Authority Hacker

TAL and TASS both teach monetization strategies, specifically focusing on affiliate marketing. However, TASS is more beginner-friendly for those who are not tech-savvy and also has better production quality overall.

The Affiliate Lab offers beginner lessons on basic website setup, as well as advanced monetization techniques and a valuable private community for members to engage with and learn from each other’s experiences.

To see a detailed comparison between Affiliate Lab and Authority Hacker, you can refer to my post.

If you’re interested, you can also take a look at my comprehensive review of Affiliate Lab to get an in-depth understanding of the course. Additionally, you can use this link to avail of a $200 discount.

Niche Site Profits vs. Authority Hacker

Niche Site Profits (also known as Fat Stacks) focuses primarily on monetizing through high organic traffic and display ads, with a module also available on building affiliate income.

Fat Stacks offers a private forum where online publishers can share their strategies. It is recommended to check it regularly, even after several years of website building.

For a comprehensive review of Niche Site Profits, please refer to my complete analysis. Additionally, you can explore the free course offered by the site to gain insight into the teaching style.

Passive Income Geek vs. Authority Hacker

Passive Income Geek teaches a similar approach to Niche Site Profits, focusing primarily on display advertisement income and also incorporating affiliate income.

Passive Income Geek does not provide extensive coverage of certain strategies, and its community is not as active. However, the advantage of choosing Passive Income Geek is its affordability, making it a suitable option for those on a tight budget, providing enough support to start your journey.

Project 24 Income School vs. Authority Hacker

Income School is a well-known option, but we cannot provide a personal opinion on the quality as we have not taken the course.

According to information from blogging forums, the Income School strategy is considered reliable, although it may be less technical. Additionally, they offer lessons on creating a Youtube channel, which could be beneficial in the future.

we have plans to try out Income School in the future, so please stay updated.

Authority Hacker Pro vs. TASS

Authority Hacker Pro is a course for advanced marketers created by Mark and Gael, which has limited openings throughout the year.

Authority Hacker Pro is recommended for individuals whose affiliate sites generate a substantial income, as it provides valuable insights for scaling up earnings.

If not, TASS would be a more preferable choice.

Ultimately, the determining factors are your budget, preferred monetization strategy, and preferred teaching style.

If you are interested in building an affiliate site and prioritize beginner-friendly strategies over advanced tactics, Authority Hacker TASS is a recommended option.

A Criteria for Choosing Good Affiliate Marketing Courses

Having a comprehensive understanding of the components of a good affiliate marketing training course is crucial if you have doubts about this course.

These are courses that teach the creation of websites that generate income through affiliate marketing, serving as an online business model that can generate substantial earnings.

Some might wonder or ask, “Why is this information significant?”

It is important to note that not all online business courses are scams, and some actually provide valuable online marketing skills and high-quality marketing education.

There are informative online marketing courses available that have helped individuals achieve financial independence and move away from traditional employment.

When searching for a legitimate affiliate course that teaches how to create affiliate marketing websites, it is important to consider the core topics of affiliate marketing 101.

#1. Niche Selection, Keyword Research & Site Planning

Finding the perfect course with a brutally honest instructor who truly understands the significance of niche selection is an absolute game-changer. Don’t fret if you’re struggling with this, because a course that dives deep into the secrets of proper keyword research can be your ultimate superhero.

After selecting the topic for your niche authority website, the training modules for the course should cover content site planning.

If you plan to write product reviews and list posts for affiliate earnings in your niche, it is important to approach topic selection strategically rather than haphazardly based solely on personal ideas or keyword lists.

When attending this game, it is important to consider your intentions as a searcher and also be aware of the limitations that search engines such as Google may impose on your website.

A comprehensive course will demonstrate the use of keyword tools, which is essential for effective content marketing and site planning.

#2. Website Structure

Affiliate marketing business courses typically provide comprehensive instruction, including a step-by-step plan, practical examples, and guidance on building a WordPress website from the beginning.

The course creators should provide recommendations for necessary tools, such as site themes, page builder tools, and other plugins, in order to create a high converting affiliate site.

Another topic that will be covered is a dialog session on organizing content effectively using category pages or parent pages.

#3. Content Creation Based on Market Research

The days of poorly written content and focusing solely on acquiring links to individual pages to rank on Google are no longer relevant in the field of content marketing.

Whether you are writing the content yourself or outsourcing content creation, a good course will provide instruction on writing engaging and high-quality content.

As you continue your content marketing efforts, you’ll find that preparing for a link building campaign becomes more manageable.

Having content templates for different types of blog posts is beneficial because it simplifies the process of publishing content.

#4. On-Page SEO

On-page SEO refers to the actions taken on an article, page, or blog post after it has been published on a website.

Some of the ranking factors that are considered include title tag, header tags, URL slug, keyword density, and internal linking strategies.

This is a brief summary of the first half of SEO 101, which is a collective ranking factor.

#5. Off-Page SEO

The next essential modules/lessons that should be included in a comprehensive course are off-page SEO lessons. These lessons assist in establishing a credible online presence for your website, which in turn increases your chances of ranking for challenging keywords.

Off-page SEO involves obtaining links from external websites, specifically hyperlinks on other web properties that direct back to your home page or specific pages on your site.

In 2023, links to your site continue to be a significant ranking factor.

The inclusion of this in an affiliate course is typically seen as a positive indicator, particularly if it offers various strategies for implementation.

There are legitimate methods to obtain backlinks to your website(s), known as “natural ways” or “white-hat” techniques.

Video training may cover various methods of acquiring links, such as guest posting and shotgun skyscraper.

Unlock the secrets of rapid growth with courses that delve into the mysterious world of “gray hat” link building techniques. But beware, for these methods may come with a touch of risk!

Once the instructors have played the risk card, it’s your turn to make the move!

There are black hat techniques in the link building world, however, they are not effective and should not be included in an affiliate’s link profile in 2023. It is recommended to avoid engaging in black-hat practices.

Is Authority Hacker Pro Worth the Cost?

Yes, it is recommended to start with The Authority Site System if you’re just beginning to build authority sites, but it’s only necessary if your authority site is generating over $1,000.

Can you please explain why?

As you can see, Authority Hacker Pro is a high-priced product. Therefore, it is necessary to have a sufficient budget in order to purchase all the blueprints and recommended tools.

In addition, AH Pro is dedicated to assisting in the growth of your authority site.
Do you have an understanding of the meaning?

To fully benefit from the Authority Hacker course, it is recommended to have an established online business, specifically an authority site.

Authority Hacker Pro offers the necessary resources to improve your affiliate sites. It takes commitment to create a successful and profitable website.

Is there an Authority Site System discount code?

Authority Hacker is currently offering a 50 percent discount on TASS for a limited time. The offer can be accessed through this affiliate link: [link]. Please note that the offer will expire in 5 days.

we want to provide you with a helpful tip, without making you feel obligated or unsure.

If the 5 days expire, you can still receive the discount by utilizing an alternative browser or VPN. This method is much better than the unpleasant experience of paying the full price and realizing afterwards that it was unnecessary.

The 30-day refund period allows for flexibility, so if you decide to sign up today and then change your mind, it won’t be an issue.

Additionally, it is advisable to participate in their complimentary webinar as a means of gauging your interest before making a commitment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Authority Site System Legit?

The Authority Site System is a legitimate affiliate course.

This course is recommended for those interested in learning the fundamentals of building authority websites and achieving online business success, although it does not cover paid traffic strategies in depth.

In the Authority Hacker course, Gael and Mark teach how to build an online business using white hat strategies, emphasizing their dedication to assisting students in establishing a sustainable long-term business.

Additionally, the Authority Site System has been positively reviewed by industry professionals such as Tim Soulo of Ahrefs and Noah Kagan of

This suggests that this affiliate marketing training is effective in delivering its promised results.

How Do Authority Sites Make Money?

Affiliate sites work their magic by making money through selling affiliate products, rocking direct placement advertisements, and slinging their own in-house products.

Authority sites rake in the dough by cashing in on affiliate products and online media ads – the ultimate moneymaking duo!

Discover the game-changing secrets of the Authority Site System and Authority Hacker Pro, where you’ll unlock the ultimate blueprint for building authority sites that effortlessly rake in cash through the power of affiliate marketing.

How Do I Build an Authority Website?

To create an authority site, it is important to develop content that aligns with the keyword’s intent, ensuring it is of high-quality and linkable.

It is important to include relevant links and implement a link-building strategy to establish credibility with search engines like Google.

Building authority sites can be challenging, especially without proper training to provide guidance throughout the process.

You can use Authority Hacker’s courses – The Authority Site System – to assist you in getting started and the Authority Hacker Pro to learn how to expand your online business.

The Bottom Line

Get ready for the conclusion of this thorough Authority Hacker review.

The Authority Site System and the Authority Hacker Pro are like magic spells created by a group of passionate wizards who are determined to help you conquer the internet and achieve monumental success with your authority sites.

If you are still considering whether or not to enroll in the program, you can start by watching this free training for a preview of what the course includes.

After completing The Authority Site System and successfully establishing an authority site that generates income, you can enhance your online business by upgrading to Authority Hacker Pro.

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