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Builderall is a digital platform founded by Erick Salgado in 2000. It offers a range of tools for website building and online marketing, specifically designed to assist entrepreneurs and small business owners in developing and launching their businesses.

Builderall was initially launched in 2011 with a focus on serving entrepreneurs who were new to the business world. With the release of its 3.0 version, Builderall has expanded its scope to include more users, offering new features and options to improve its service.

Builderall offers a range of web tools that are suitable for entrepreneurs at all levels, from those starting out to small and startup businesses looking to expand globally.

This article provides an in-depth overview of Builderall’s capabilities and offers guidance on how to quickly implement this powerful solution. By the end of the article, readers will be able to determine if Builderall is the appropriate choice for their next project.

Builderall Pricing

What is Builderall?

Builderall is a digital marketing platform that includes a sales funnel builder and is available at a competitive price.

Builderall was developed by Erick Salgado in 2011 and has since undergone continuous improvement and growth through upgrades, incorporating new features and functions.

The Builderall software has been utilized by many users worldwide, resulting in the publication of over 1,200,000 websites in more than 100 countries, demonstrating its extensive reach.

Builderall 5.0 was launched in August 2021 with over 30 tools and additional features. The pricing for Builderall is currently being enquired.

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The pricing plans offered by Builderall were analyzed by our team of experts, along with the various features they provide.

Builderall offers four pricing plans, starting at $17 per month, which can be adjusted to fit any budget. Additionally, there are also free plans available.

  • Builderall Starter Plan – $17 per month
  • Builderall Marketer Plan – $77 per month
  • Builderall Premium Plans – $87 monthly
  • Builderall Funnel Plan – $87 per month

Builderall provides a 14-day free trial for all plans, allowing you to assess their suitability without the need to provide credit card information.

Backstory of Builderall Pricing Plans and Accounts

The free plan offered by Builderall, known as the Builderall Super Free plan, was discontinued in November 2020. However, it is still possible to create a free account through a backdoor access provided by the company.

It’s not necessary to input your card information to set up a free Builderall account.

The Builderall free plan previously included a variety of tools like website building and email autoresponding, but now only grants access to the Backoffice and affiliate program upon sign-up.

As of June 1, 2021, users with the free plan on Builderall will experience restricted access to premium tools.

On August 27th, 2021, Builderall released an update called Builderall 5.0 which included new features and tools. In addition, they changed their pricing to offer a 14-day free trial of their Premium plan.

Builderall Starter Plan – $17/month

The Builderall Starter plan is priced at $17 per month and is the plan that follows the Builderall 5.0 launch.

The plan provides users with access to the website builder called Builderall Starter.The Builderall Cheater website builder is highly regarded in the website building industry.

It is possible to learn how to create a drag-and-drop mobile responsive website efficiently, even without prior technical knowledge.

The platform is user-friendly, allowing for easy placement of chosen elements on the page without the need for coding or technical skills.

Additionally, there are numerous templates available for selection.

This website builder offers complete control over all elements, resulting in enhanced freedom and usability compared to other options.

Builderall Starter has a fast loading speed on both mobile and desktop, making it one of the fastest in the world.

Efficiency is valued in modern society, with speed being a significant factor.

Builderall Email Marketing Tool

The marketing plan provides access to Builderall’s autoresponder MailingBoss, which permits a maximum of 2,000 subscribers.The amount provided is sufficient for the creation of an email list.

MailingBoss offers advanced features beyond basic autoresponder functionality, including the ability for users’ email lists’ sorting and filtering.

By utilizing tags and segmentation, targeted emails can be sent out based on individual recipients within your email list.

An email autoresponder can serve a variety of purposes for businesses in any industry, including maintaining communication with customers, sharing updates on new offers, and establishing authority within the field.

The plan provides additional benefits.

  • There is one domain.
  • There are three subdomains.
  • The available disk space is 2GB.
  • The channel has reached 2000 subscribers.
  • The monthly limit for visits is 2000.

In addition to the calendar app, Builderall offers several other tools such as booking, email marketing automation, blogging, Supercheckout, SEO optimization, and mobile page loading accelerator.

As evidenced, the Cheetah plan provides all necessary components for launching an online business.

Builderall Marketer Plan at $77 per month

The marketing plan costs $77per month and allows for the connection of one domain with five subdomains.

Along with supplementary tools, a total of 5 gigabytes of disk space will be provided to you.

Builderall E-Commerce Platform

Builderall is compatible with Magento, a highly-regarded e-commerce platform, making it a suitable choice for those looking to begin an online store.

It is possible to launch a fully functional e-commerce store without incurring any additional costs.

With Builderall, you can create a Magento-powered store with no coding knowledge or specialised technical skills. The simple drag-and-drop builder is easy to use and the intuitive interface allows even beginners to quickly get up and running.

Professional Email

This tool enables the formation of customized email addresses using a personal domain, which can enhance the professional image among clients.

The marketing plan includes adequate business resources to support a successful launch.

The Builderall Marketer plan offers additional features for those who require more than the basic Starter package.

The Builderall Marketer plan includes:

  • There are three domains.
  • There are five subdomains.
  • The subscription service does not have a limit on the number of subscribers.
  • This device has a disk space capacity of 5 GB.
  • The Cheetah plan includes access to Builderall’s email marketing tool and checkout solutions.

The Builderall Marketer plan is suitable for an expanding online business, but it may not provide access to all the platform’s features. It is likely that you will need to upgrade at some point, but the cost of the Builderall plan is reasonable.

Builderall Premium Plan at $87 per month

The Builderall Premium plan is designed for companies and entrepreneurs in the early growth stage, providing essential elements for launching a digital marketing campaign. With full access to the funnel builder, including unlimited pages and subdomains, users have access to core features to begin their campaign.

One challenge businesses face is exceeding subscriber limits on marketing platforms and having to upgrade to costly plans. Builderall’s Premium plan offers unlimited subscribers, solving this problem.

The plan includes essential features such as access to E-Learning Course Builder, Builderall Webinar builder, and SMS messaging to facilitate the launch of your online business.

The Premium plan includes Live Streaming functionality with Facebook and Youtube, enabling integration of Builderall offers with these platforms.

This plan covers all stages of the sales funnel, from lead generation to checkout. To access pre-made sales funnels created by Builderall, you must upgrade to the Funnel Club plan.

The Builderall Premium plan includes a CRM system that provides various tools commonly used by successful online businesses to manage their operations.
A Builderall Specialist is available to assist with setting up a live call.

As an additional feature, there is a 3-Click WordPress integration available at this price point.

This resource can be helpful for those seeking to link their WordPress website with Builderall, as the process of connecting the two on the server manually can be challenging.

CRM Integrated Tool

The Builderall CRM tool enables the gathering of customer data and tracking of their website activity for analytical purposes.

Elearning Platform

Builderall offers an education platform for designing and creating courses, videos, documents, quizzes, and more in the online education market.

There are two options for building a training course on Builderall: using the membership area or the e-learning platform, or combining both. It is possible to embed an e-learning course into a membership area.

Builderall Super Checkout

Builderall Super Checkout enables direct sales of physical or digital products from your website.Receiving payments for self-sold products is a unique experience.

The Builderall Super Checkout is a user-friendly tool that enables you to accept one-time and recurring payments for your products, courses, and membership sites.

Social Proof

The social proof pop-up tool is a helpful tool for marketers who want to increase their sales conversions. By displaying social proof on their website, potential customers can see the experiences of others before making a purchase.

The Builderall social proof tool has been shown to improve conversion rates on lead capture pages. Furthermore, the tool can now be added to checkout pages, potentially encouraging hesitant buyers to complete their purchase.


The Builderall Premium Plan provides access to a blogging app, which can be useful for establishing authority in any industry through blogging.

Builderall Booking

The scheduler allows for appointments to be booked directly on your website or blog for service-based businesses.After the release of the Builderall booking calendar, I made the decision not renew my Calendly subscription, resulting in a cost savings of one annual payment.

The booking calendar has provided me with the ability to schedule coaching sessions and meetings, and I am also able to send payment links through Super Checkout.The option to integrate it onto a coaching application page on any website is available.

Funnel Club plan at $199 one-time fee plus $87 per month

The Builderall Funnel Club plan is the most comprehensive option available and involves a one-time payment of $199.90 and a monthly fee of $87.

The Funnel Club provides a solution for individuals, companies, and agencies who encounter challenges in creating websites or sales funnels.

The distinguishing factor between Builderall Premium Plan and Funnel Club is that the latter grants access to additional features.

A chatbot niche funnel designed for Messenger with a target audience of 30+ years old.

Our platform offers a variety of niche funnels that can help capture leads and drive sales in digital marketing.

  • This resource offers over 50 niche funnels for agencies.
  • This resource offers over 20 niche funnels to aid in list building, complete with a lead magnet.
  • There are 10 or more premium funnels available on Builderall.
  • There are over 300 Cheetah Strategic Funnels available for quick editing.
  • The name of the club is Mentoring Funnel.
  • There are a variety of beautiful templates available for different niches.
  • Additionally, automatic approval as a Builderall affiliate will be granted.

This plan offers access to pre-made Builderall templates, which can be helpful for those who want to avoid the hassle of creating a website or sales funnel from scratch.

Builderall offers a variety of plans that suit different needs. The basic plan is the most affordable and includes access to premade templates for creating websites and sales funnels. This makes it ideal for those who want to get started on their online business journey quickly without having to worry about setting up a website or funnel from scratch.

Builderall Features and Tools

Builderall Pros & Cons

Builderall offers a variety of plans to accommodate different budgets.The product provides a variety of features at a reasonable price, although not all may be required.

The Builder plan has a maximum of 5,000 subscribers, however, there is an option to upgrade prior to reaching that limit.


  • The price is reasonable.
  • The commission rate for the company’s affiliate program is 100%.
  • The platform includes a Share Funnel functionality.
  • There is a wide variety of templates available.
  • The procedure of executing a transaction during an auction.
  • The process of A/B testing is used to compare two versions of something.
  • There are over 40 digital marketing tools available.


  • There are various factors that can lead to a sense of being overwhelmed.
  • The Builder plan has a maximum capacity of 5,000 subscribers.
  • The E-Commerce feature in the Builder plan can handle up to fifty items at most.
  • The limitations of the Builder plan on the Booking App are clearly defined.


Builderall provides a comprehensive and economical platform for starting an online business, eliminating the need for switching between multiple tools and reducing costs and time consumption. The platform offers all the necessary resources.

Consolidating your service purchases onto one platform can increase efficiency and reduce costs.

The software offers features such as sales funnel and landing page management, drag-and-drop web design, heat-map analysis, and unlimited email marketing capabilities.

Builderall offers a broad selection of digital marketing tools and resources for businesses to establish themselves.

Our services include hosting, website building, sales funnel building, email marketing for video applications, and e-commerce building, among others.

Builderall Training

This plan includes access to the Builderall Knowledge Base, which is considered highly valuable.

The topic of discussion is:

  • Marketing for local businesses in the digital age.
  • Local businesses can benefit from digital marketing.
  • The topic is digital marketing strategies for network marketing.
  • Marketing for physical products in the digital world.
  • Launching product marketing.
  • Learn to create business websites with our agency course.
  • Best affiliate training.

Builderall Pricing: Is It Worth It?

Builderall offers numerous tools and features at a cost-effective price point in comparison to similar platforms like ClickFunnels or Kartra, as evidenced by the available information.

Utilizing an all-in-one platform can eliminate the need for additional third-party tools and software, resulting in cost savings for online businesses. A comprehensive list of essential items can help identify potential expenses.

Builderall offers a comprehensive suite of tools at an affordable price, with the added benefit of a supportive community to assist with all your needs.

Builderall provides financial stability, allowing individuals to concentrate on business expansion without concern for monthly expenses.

Builderall Prices Final Words

The current Builderall pricing plans have been reduced from five to an unspecified number. Potential changes may occur in the future, but the speaker is prepared to upgrade accordingly.

The effect of Builderall on both my business and personal life exceeds mere financial measurement.

Having access to necessary tools is advantageous when launching a digital business.

I suggest comparing Builderall with other options in the market. From my personal experience, I can state that there is no alternative that matches it.

Builderall Pricing FAQ

We will review and answer any remaining questions you have about Builderall’s services.

Are there any extra costs?

That is incorrect.

The pricing page provides a clear breakdown of all expenses, without any hidden fees.

Utilizing Builderall’s SMS function requires a Twilio phone number, which may incur an additional cost of around $30 per month.

What platforms or tools does Builderall replace?

Builderall is a comprehensive platform designed to offer all the necessary tools and resources to manage an online business efficiently.

The package includes multiple components, including funnel and website creation, payment processing, email marketing capabilities, and course delivery options.

In addition to calendar and booking tools, there are also options for webinars, social proof widgets, and file hosting.

Will I Need to Renew My Builderall License?

To ensure continuous access to Builderall, payments must be made and automatic renewal will occur. For further details, please refer to Section 14a of the Terms of Use.

Does Builderall Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

Builderall provides customers with a 30-day window to request a refund following their purchase.

Builderall is an all-in-one digital marketing platform that allows customers to create websites, presentations, and sales funnels. It also provides users with a wide range of features to help them effectively manage their online presence. Builderall offers different pricing plans to suit the needs of different users, depending on the features they require.

Can I Upgrade or Downgrade to Another Package Later?

There is an option to switch to a different package in the future.

When it comes to Builderall pricing, users have a lot of flexibility. It’s possible to switch from one package to another in the future if their needs change or they want to upgrade their plan.

The pricing structure consists of three different plans: Builder, Marketer, and Essential. The Builder plan is the most basic package and provides access to the necessary tools for creating websites and landing pages. The Marketer plan includes additional features like SEO tools, CRM integration, and email automation. Finally, the Essential plan offers access to premium features like an online store builder and webinar platform

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