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Every single month, over 1.5 million people and businesses hit the internet in search of their very own life coach, executive coach, or business coach. It’s a coaching frenzy out there!

Discover the endless possibilities of life with the inspiring individuals known as Life Coaches. Through their guidance, you’ll unlock your true potential and conquer every challenge that comes your way. Join the booming industry of life coaching and watch your dreams soar to new heights.

Become an affiliate marketer and tap into the $1 billion life coach industry in the United States – it’s a win-win situation for you and your audience!

There are numerous life coaches and programs available, but some may not meet expectations in terms of quality. Through our research, we have identified the top 16 life coach affiliate programs for your consideration.

Now, let’s begin and get started.

Coaching Affiliate Programs

16 Best Life Coach Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are listed in alphabetical order.

  • Brian Tracy
  • Coach Training Alliance
  • Create a Thriving Life Story
  • Human Potential Academy
  • Job Stars
  • Life Breakthrough Coaching
  • Life Coach Training Institute
  • Life Coach Hub
  • Life Energy Coaching
  • Mentor Masterclass
  • Natural Wellness Academy
  • The Inner Talk Store
  • Tony Robbins
  • Transformation Academy
  • Udemy

1. Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy founded Brian Tracy International and is a renowned public speaker. His primary objective is to assist individuals in achieving their personal and business goals effortlessly and efficiently.

He has given 5,000 talks, reaching an audience of 5 million people and 1000+ companies.

One of his highly successful programs, “Psychology of Achievement,” has been translated into over 28 languages.

Listed below are some of the Brian Tracy programs that have high EPCs (earnings per click) and low refund rates.

  • The speaker earns a six-figure salary.
  • Steps for writing a book and achieving publication as an author.
  • The significance of individual accomplishments.
  • Optimal Efficiency
  • Sales training for achieving optimal performance in the modern era.

The minimum payment threshold is set at $100 and requires a minimum of 2 separate customer referrals. Self-purchases are accepted. Affiliates receive a 20% commission on all sales.

URLBrian Tracy Affiliate Program

Commission – 20%

Payment – Commissions are typically disbursed within 60 days following a purchase. Payment is scheduled on the 15th day of each month for sales generated in the previous month. Multiple payment options are available including PayPal, Check, Moneybookers, and Bank / Wire Transfer.

Cookie Duration – 120 days

2. Coach Training Alliance

Coach Training Alliance

Coach Training Alliance, established in 2000, is a well-respected company that specializes in providing business and personal coaching. With a student base of over 15,000, they offer comprehensive training and certification programs for life coaching.

Coach Training Alliance is accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and offers a variety of core programs.

  • Program for Certified Coaches
  • Train to be a coach faster.
  • Yoga for Life.

The life coaching certifications offered are based on remote learning.

As an affiliate, you have the opportunity to earn over $550 per referred class. The program offers a 15% affiliate commission and has an EPC of more than $300.

The Coach Training Alliance affiliate program is fueled by the unstoppable force of the ShareASale Affiliate Network!

URLCoach Training Alliance Affiliate Program

Commission – 15%

Payment – ShareASale has a minimum payout threshold of $50 and offers monthly payments on the 20th of each month through various methods such as direct deposit, wire transfer, check/cheque, and Payoneer.

Cookie Duration – 365 days

3. Create a Thriving Life Story

Create a Thriving Life Story

Gloria Manchester is the founder of Create A Thriving Life Story and she also serves as the managing director of LEAP (Leadership Education Action Programs).

Create A Thriving Life Story offers various workshops.

  • The service provided is Emotional Health Coaching.
  • Health coaching for physical well-being.
  • Services are offered for relationship health coaching.
  • Financial health coaching is available.

The MasterClass offers Leadership Coaching For Women, the New Money Story Course, and Life & Leadership.

The company offers a 30-day refund policy for customers and pays a 20% commission to their affiliates.

URLCreate a Thriving Life Story Affiliate Program

Commission – 20% (with special promotions up to 50%)

Payment – Commissions are paid on the 1st of each month.

Cookie Duration – 30 days

4. Human Potential Institute

Human Potential Institute

The Human Potential Institute is recognized as a global leader in coach training and human potential development.

The Human Potential Institute is a member of the Association For Coaching and aims to develop training programs that enhance individuals’ lives.

Dr. Mark Atkinson is the founder and CEO of Human Potential Academy, which serves as the learning platform of the Human Potential Institute. By enrolling in their online courses, individuals have the opportunity to become a Human Potential Coach.

The Human Potential Coaches charge their clients a range of $100 to $350 per hour. As an affiliate, you have the opportunity to earn $500 for each enrollment.

URLHuman Potential Institute Affiliate Program

Commission – $500 for each enrollment

Payment – Unknown

Cookie Duration – Unknown

5. Job Stars

Coaching Affiliate Programs (5)

Job Stars provides resume writing services and career coaching for professionals across various industries and experience levels.

This service provides assistance to job seekers who are looking to change careers and prepare for job interviews, with prices ranging from $150 to $595.

After becoming their affiliate, they will provide you with all the necessary information regarding your affiliate commission percentage and other benefits.

URLJob Stars Affiliate Program

Commission – Unknown

Payment – Unknown

Cookie Duration – 90 days

6. Life Breakthrough Coaching

Life Breakthrough Coaching

Life Breakthrough Coaching was founded in 2009. It offers coaching courses with a Christian emphasis and has trained and certified faith-based coaches in over 60 countries.

Life Breakthrough Coaching has accreditation from the Association for Coaching, Biblical Coaching Alliance, and BBB (Better Business Bureau).

The training provided by Life Breakthrough Coaching can be found below.

  • Christian Life Coach Training
  • Christian Marriage Coach Training
  • Christian Pregnancy Coach Training
  • Christian Advanced Coach Training

To be part of their affiliate program, contacting their support team is necessary.

URLLife Breakthrough Coaching Affiliate Program

Commission – Unknown

Payment – Unknown

Cookie Duration – Unknown

7. Life Coach Training Institute

Life Coach Training Institute

According to their statements, the Life Coach Training Institute is the largest life coach training program in North America. They also assert that they are the top online program for life coach certification. They are located in San Diego.

Paul Dabdoub is the founder of Life Coach Training Institute and a certified coach from Gallup University.

You have the opportunity to earn 10-20% in commission as an affiliate.

The affiliate commission structure breakdown can be found below.

  • Subscription Products – 10% Commission
  • Products Value Less Than $100 – 10% Commission
  • Products Vale More Than $100 – 20% Commission

Recurring commissions are earned for subscription products as long as the customer stays active.

URLLife Coach Training Institute Affiliate Program

Commission – 10-20%

Payment – Affiliate commissions are paid on the 1st of each month and a minimum payment threshold of $50 is required.

Cookie Duration – 60 days

8. Life Coach Hub

Life Coach Hub

The Life Coach Hub is an online community of certified life coaches. Through Life Coach Hub, individuals can connect with experienced coaches and advance their coaching career.

At Life Coach Hub, you can discover coaches for a wide range of coaching specialties. Below is a list of some of the available coaching types.

There are a variety of coaching options available, including life coaching, business coaching, health coaching, career coaching, fitness coaching, relationship coaching, communication coaching, writing coaching, success coaching, performance coaching, leadership coaching, marketing coaching, spiritual coaching, happiness coaching, parenting coaching, and more.

One benefit of life coaching is that it can be conducted remotely, through phone and online platforms. Additionally, there are software options available to streamline and manage coaching sessions.

Life Coach Hub offers a free plan with limited access, and its pricing plans range from $17 to $57 per month, and include a 14-day free trial.

Life Coach Hub offers 2 types of referral fees that can be earned.

  1. Sign-up Commissions – $25
  2. Recurring Commissions – 20%

After reaching the $100 minimum payout threshold, Life Coach Hub provides a signing bonus.

URLLife Coach Hub Affiliate Program

Commission – $25 on sign-ups and 20% on recurring commission

Payment – The minimum payout threshold is $100 and commissions are exclusively paid via PayPal. Commissions are disbursed 3 days after reaching the minimum payout threshold of $100.

Cookie Duration – 30 days

9. Life Energy Coaching

Life Energy Coaching

Shirley and Murray Ansell founded Life Energy Coaching in 2005. Life Energy Coaching offers assistance in transforming human energy to facilitate rapid personal, financial, and relationship advancements.

Life Energy Coaching offers coaching services for personal, relationship, and parenting, and also provides a range of products.

  • Human Energetics is an eBook that is available.
  • Try the Starter Program and experience an immediate boost in well-being.
  • A collection of transformational videos.
  • Join our group coaching programs for life or business to boost your energy.
  • Programs are categorized into three levels: Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3.

Affiliates have the opportunity to earn up to $4,600 in commissions from just one referral. It is recommended that affiliates participate in a strategy session prior to joining the affiliate program for optimal results.

During the strategy session, they will assist you in aligning your consciousness and energy with achieving your goals.

URLLife Energy Coaching Affiliate Program

Commission – 20%

Payment – Unknown

Cookie Duration – Unknown


Mary Morrissey is the founder of the Brave Thinking Institute and She is an international speaker and author, recognized for her accomplishments. Her goal is to inspire individuals to achieve fulfillment in their lives.

Affiliates have the opportunity to earn commissions up to 50% through the promotion of Mary Morrissey’s programs.

  • Discover and tap into your creative potential.
  • DreamBuilder Program
  • Buy DreamBuilder Live event tickets.
  • 8 secrets to increase your wealth spiritually.
  • Morning Mentor

By participating in our affiliate program, you have the opportunity to earn commissions while positively impacting others. It is a mutually beneficial situation. Affiliate Program

Commission – Up to 50%

Payment – Commissions are paid either by Check or PayPal on a 45-day basis.

Cookie Duration – Unknown

11. Mentor Masterclass

Coaching Affiliate Programs Mentor Masterclass

Jeannine Yoder is the founder of Mentor Masterclass and is a highly experienced life coach and mentor.

According to their description, Mentor Masterclass is a life coaching training certificate program and sisterhood for women.

The holiday promotion is advertised in December, and the Mentor Masterclass program is available for enrollment throughout the year. They will have a major launch once a year.

The one-year program offers a detailed overview of what you can expect.

  • Live Group Training Calls
  • In-depth Workbooks
  • Celebrity Mentor Training
  • Weekly Action Assignments
  • Sister Circle
  • Coaching Practice Partners
  • Private FB Group
  • Progress Tracking & Celebration Tools

As an affiliate, you have the opportunity to earn $1000 for every referral that enrolls in the annual program.

URLMentor Masterclass Affiliate Program

Commission – $1000 for each referral

Payment – Payments can be made through PayPal or by check, with a refund period of 60 days.

Cookie Duration – Unknown

12. Natural Wellness Academy

Natural Wellness Academy

The Natural Wellness Academy was founded in 2013 by Dr. LindaJoy Rose. Their courses can help you become a wellness professional in 6 to 12 months.

They have been featured in various publications such as Reader’s Digest, Tampa Bay Wellness, HuffPost, eHow, Yahoo, Thrive, and others.

Affiliates have the opportunity to earn commissions ranging from $50 to $150.

The affiliate commission structure breakdown for the Natural Wellness Academy can be found below.

  • Get certified in holistic health and life coaching for just $150.
  • Get certified in Cannabis Coaching for just $150.
  • Spiritual Wellness Specialist – $100.
  • Mind Dynamics Life Coach costs $100.
  • Gut Health Specialist – $100.
  • Nature Therapy Guide Certification – $50.

URLNatural Wellness Academy Affiliate Program

Commission – $50 – $150

Payment –Commissions are paid using PayPal on a 45-day schedule.

Cookie Duration – 30 days

13. The Inner Talk Store

The Inner Talk Store

According to the company, Inner Talk is considered a leading center for personal improvement. Its parent company is Progressive Awareness.

Since 1984, improvements have been made to people’s lives with Eldon Taylor leading the way with Inner Talk.

The Inner Talk Store sells a variety of Inner Talk products, including over 300 downloadable options. You can browse and shop within the designated category.

  • Better Life
  • Success
  • Relationships
  • Health and Wellness
  • Children and Parenting
  • Spirituality
  • Leadership
  • Habits and Addiction and more

All of their products are backed by a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, and they provide added value to life coaches and their clients.

The Inner Talk Store affiliate program operates through the ShareASale affiliate network, providing a 20% commission on all products.

URLThe Inner Talk Store Affiliate Program

Commission – 20%

Payment – ShareASale has a minimum payment threshold of $50 and pays affiliate commissions monthly on the 20th of each month through multiple payment methods including wire transfer, direct deposit, check/cheque, and Payoneer.

Cookie Duration – 90 days

14. Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins is a well-known figure in the world of peak performance. He is a successful author, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and more.

Through his live seminars, educational videos, and audio programs, he has provided empowerment to over 50 million individuals.

Tony’s program called “Unleash The Power Within” has gained a lot of recognition and has had a significant impact on numerous individuals’ lives.

Coaching is being provided in the following categories…

  • The practice of life coaching is available.
  • We offer business coaching services.
  • The training program focuses on business results.
  • Results Coaching is available.
  • Health coaching is a service provided.

To join Tony’s affiliate program, individuals should reach out to them via email or by contacting their affiliate manager at [email protected].

Tony Robbins programs and products offer a commission of 15% with a 45-day affiliate cookie length, making selling easy.

URLTony Robbins Affiliate Program

Commission – 15%

Payment – Unknown

Cookie Duration – 45 days

15. Transformation Academy

Transformation Academy

Transformation Academy is an online education company that offers Life Coach Certification Programs and online courses for individuals who are self-employed, seeking transformation, or want to grow professionally.

The location of the academy is Clearwater Beach, Florida, USA, and it has provided education to over 700,000 students. The founders of Transformation Academy are Joeel and Natalie.

Transformation Academy is said to be the only life coach training company that offers over 25 niche life coach certification programs.

As an affiliate, you can earn a 50% recurring commission. Please be aware that there is a 60-day holding period before receiving affiliate commissions due to the 30-day refund policy. It is also worth noting that the affiliate cookie duration is quite impressive.

URLTransformation Academy Affiliate Program

Commission – 50% recurring

Payment – Payments are processed through PayPal and disbursed during the first week of each month.

Cookie Duration – For life

16. Udemy


Udemy provides a wide range of courses, including life coach certification programs. You can explore life coaching courses on Udemy and even create your own.

According to their statement, they are a prominent platform for online learning and teaching.

Udemy is a widely used online platform for learning and teaching, offering over 196,000 courses in 75 languages to 52 million learners as of December 2021.

The top learning categories include Personal Development, Business, Design, Development, IT & Software, Marketing, Photography, and Music.

Udemy courses offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. As a result, affiliate commissions are paid after 60 days, with a 15% commission on each sale.

URLUdemy Affiliate Program

Commission – 15%

Payment – The minimum payout threshold is $50 and the payout frequency is Net 60 (after 60 days). Payments can be made via Direct Deposits, Checks, or PayPal.

Cookie Duration – 7 days

Earn Big As An Affiliate In The Life Coaching Niche

As mentioned earlier, the life coaching industry is growing, and as an affiliate, you have the opportunity to benefit by promoting the top life coaching affiliate programs listed above.

The programs we have listed are both high paying and high converting.

However, in order to generate income, it is necessary to have a sufficient amount of traffic.

To make a profit, it is necessary for you acquire people at a lower cost than your affiliate earnings and be able send them through offers.

The information we have is that you can generate traffic without any cost, and our step-by-step training will guide you on how to do it.

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