Commission Hero Review

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This review will provide information on Commission Hero, including its purpose, functionality, creator, and its potential to generate income for your online business. However, it is important to note that this comes at a significant cost.

If you are seeking more flexibility and independence in your life, producing money online may be a good option. Commission Hero claims to provide guidance on how to achieve this, with a promise of earning $1,000 every day.

According to Robby Blanchard, the author of Commission Hero, he earns a minimum of one thousand dollars daily.

Although there is no reason for skepticism, it is challenging not have suspicions of a potential hoax when significant amounts are being mentioned, especially when the advertisement states “No Experience Required.”

This is not suggesting that Commission Hero is fraudulent. However, if you are interested in earning money online and are considering investing in a course that teaches online money-making strategies, it is important to ensure that it is legitimate.

Commission Hero Review

What is Commission Hero?

Commission Hero is an online course on ClickBank designed by Robby Blanchard, a successful affiliate marketer.

The strategy promises to be a simple three-step process that utilizes Facebook for promoting digital products and earning substantial commissions.

ClickBank has the potential to generate significant daily revenue, depending on the products promoted, marketing techniques employed, and online traffic location.

There is a possibility of losing all your money.

Affiliate marketing training programs utilize networks like ClickBank, such as Commission Hero or Ministry of Freedom.

One of the first secrets revealed by Commission Hero is the identification of high-paying affiliate programs with commissions of 50% or more.

Additionally, the growth of influencer marketing has increased the importance of affiliate marketing in marketing strategies. In this approach, business owners collaborate with bloggers and social media influencers to promote their products and services.

The Commission Hero Course by Robby Blanchard provides extensive training on various subjects, including understanding platforms, selecting products, and making money online.

Commission Hero Review
Commission Hero Review (1)

Who is Robby Blanchard?

Robby Blanchard designed and launched Commission Hero, but what makes him qualified to teach others about ClickBank success?

This ClickBank guru reigns supreme as the ultimate money-making machine, surpassing all other affiliates in the world. With his unrivaled expertise and relentless determination, he has unlocked the secrets to generating mind-blowing profits of several thousand dollars every single day.

Discover the incredible journey of Robby, a gym owner faced with a daunting challenge: a lack of clients threatening his business. Unveiling a groundbreaking revelation, Blanchard exposes the antiquated notion of “build it and they will come,” proving that success lies in embracing new strategies.

The individual conducted various tests with Facebook advertisements, making adjustments and investments, resulting in their gym achieving great success in the United States.

Robby was interested in exploring another business opportunity and testing his advertising skills in a different industry. This led Blanchard to start his online business in affiliate marketing on ClickBank.

Commission Hero Review


Affiliate marketing involves a collaboration between a brand or advertiser and a brand affiliate or publisher, commonly referred to as a third party, for advertising purposes.

The publisher helps the affiliate company by promoting their service or product on their website or social media platforms, which leads to generating leads and sales.

A brand affiliate has the potential to increase traffic to the brand’s online shop or website through various methods such as writing a blog, creating a promotional video, and including a link to the affiliate company’s webpage.

Affiliate marketing is a marketing strategy that is cost-effective and low-risk, allowing affiliate businesses to increase brand visibility and income. Additionally, it can be a profitable method for brand affiliates to earn money.


The data below provides information on the impact of affiliate marketing on various sectors and its future trajectory. This information can assist in determining the potential value of signing up with Commission Hero.

According to data from Google Trends, global searches for the keyword “affiliate marketing” have been consistently increasing since 2016.

Businesses, particularly those lacking an online presence, began to explore methods of promoting and selling their products and services on the internet. The increasing popularity of affiliate marketing played a significant role in this trend.
According to forecasts and statistics, it is expected that affiliate marketing spending will experience a significant increase over the next 5 years. By the end of 2022, the affiliate marketing sector is projected to reach a value of $12 billion.

Affiliate marketing revenue has seen a steady increase alongside the growing popularity of eCommerce. As more people turn to the internet for their shopping needs, businesses are recognizing the effectiveness of affiliate marketing in connecting with customers and promoting their brands.

Spending on affiliate marketing has been increasing steadily since 2012, suggesting a growing adoption of affiliate marketing by organizations.


Major companies commonly offer free affiliate partner programs. These programs usually provide affiliates with basic advertising tools like banner ads, email swipes, and personalized affiliate links. If a company does not offer these tools, Commission Hero can assist in developing them for your online business.

The pay for affiliate networking sites can differ based on the type you choose. For example, with Pay Per Click (PPC), you receive payment for each click on your ad. Conversely, with Pay Per Sale (PPS) affiliates, you only receive payment after a sale has been made.

Does Commission Hero Work in All Countries?

The Commission Hero sales page claims that the application will work for you “regardless of your location,” but this is highly unlikely.

ClickBank is unavailable in several countries, and it may not be possible to sign up for a Facebook Ads account in certain locations.

Before making a decision to invest in Commission Hero, it is recommended to sign up for ClickBank and Facebook Ads accounts to ensure that both platforms can be utilized.

Is Commission Hero Legit?

While Robby Blanchard may be genuine, it does not necessarily ensure that Commission Hero is as well. This Commission Hero review aims to address this inquiry.

Many individuals often purchase online courses that promise to teach them how to make money with their online business, only to be disappointed by the lack of results.

High-ticket upsells are a marketing strategy that individuals should be cautious of. With an initial payment of one hundred dollars or less, customers receive basic information that provides a glimpse of potential benefits. However, further access to valuable resources requires an additional investment of thousands of dollars.

According to our review of Commission Hero, it has been determined that the program does not fall into the scam category. Robby is transparent about the fact that his system relies on paid traffic.

Facebook Advertising is an important part of the course, although it does require an additional cost. It is worth noting that Robby informs you about this before you make a payment.

However, there are additional costs that I will discuss later. Nonetheless, Commission Hero offers various options to assist you in saving money.

Who Should Join Commission Hero?

If you’re considering learning how to become an affiliate marketer, it’s a straightforward decision to make.

Leading affiliate networks often have a significant number of affiliates, which can make it a suitable option for an online business.

Learning through Commission Hero is a significant decision that necessitates thorough research. This review of Commission Hero aims to assist you in making that decision.

Following the Commission Hero rules can be an effective way to generate money quickly, but it should be noted that it is not a magical solution or a get-rich-quick plan, despite the success stories on the website.

Affiliate marketing can be beneficial for start-up brands and small businesses with limited marketing budgets. Brand affiliates often target specific customer segments through affiliate networks.

Affiliate networks offer support to bloggers and influencers in generating income by promoting a partner merchant’s products or services through web traffic.

How to Join Commission Hero

Please navigate to the Commission Hero landing page and scroll down.
There are two payment options available. Please choose one of the payment methods and submit the fee in order to access your files, training access, and client assistance.

Next, you will be directed to the application form.

As is common in courses like this, there are time-limited bonuses and many testimonials from satisfied customers. These elements are designed to create the belief that investing a substantial amount of money offers the chance for financial gain and extra benefits.

If you are unsure about whether Commission Hero is a good fit for you, you can gain some insight by participating in a free video training session led by Robby. The video will provide you with information to help you make an informed decision.


Commission Hero is based on Robby Blanchard’s 3 keys to success in affiliate marketing. The course will provide further explanation on the 3 steps, in case you need clarification on any terms.

The steps are as listed below:


The initial step involves searching ClickBank for commissions that are the best and highest-paying.

ClickBank provides a predetermined commission to its affiliates when a client clicks on an advertisement/affiliate link on one of their websites. This commission may include specific organizations, a network of companies, or individuals (or groups).

ClickBank’s genius business model seduces affiliates into gladly investing thousands of dollars each year for the exclusive opportunity to showcase their extraordinary range of products and services.

Discover the secrets of Commission Hero as Robby unveils his expert tactics for uncovering the most lucrative offers amidst the vast ClickBank marketplace.

You will also learn how to calculate the minimum spend necessary to activate the commission. This is important to avoid exceeding your limit.


To start using ClickBank, you need to determine your most popular item and create a dedicated landing page to promote it.

While there is no guaranteed method for finding a profitable product, there are several steps that can improve your chances of success.

Additionally, you can learn how to create efficient landing pages using Robby’s blueprint on Commission Hero. The templates for his landing page builder are designed to be user-friendly and do not require extensive technical knowledge.

The landing pages are organized into different sections that include pricing information, a contact form, and a subscription button. Each component is carefully designed to promote visitor engagement and encourage direct purchases.

These affiliate landing sites will direct traffic and provide visitors with a ClickBank gateway for completing their transactions.


To achieve optimal results, it is recommended to practice patience and carefully review the recommendations provided by Robby Blanchard’s Commission Hero system. Simply purchasing the system is not enough. Additionally, exploring the associated Facebook group and reading the comments can provide further insight.

Robby’s training provides a method for generating income through targeted Facebook advertisements that direct traffic to your affiliate landing pages.

Robby guarantees that anyone, regardless of their marketing experience or possession of a blog, can make money by following a simple set of instructions. Success can be achieved in a relatively short period of time.


Now we will discuss the course itself. While I have mentioned some aspects of the course in the previous steps, it is important to provide you with more detailed information in this Commission Hero review. This will help you make an informed decision about whether or not to invest your money.

Initially, Blanchard will express gratitude for your purchase and give you an overview of what to anticipate. You will be informed about Blanchard’s preferred niche, including health, fitness, and other relevant topics.

The basic course starts with an introduction to the fundamentals before progressing to advanced strategies.

One notable aspect of the introduction is Blanchard’s effective communication of technical details, which captivates the reader.

He will provide information about market affiliation, adding specific accounts, and details about ClickFunnels, ClickBank, and MaxWeb. Before we continue, let’s define what these three entities are.

Clickfunnels Funnel Builder


Discover the game-changing power of ClickFunnels, the ultimate internet software platform that unlocks your potential to create mind-blowing sales and marketing funnels!

Funnels are like a strategic path of webpages that guide clients towards a desired goal, paving the way to success.

The specific purpose of using ClickFunnels, or a similar tool, is typically to facilitate the purchase of an item or service for online sales businesses.

Commission Hero provides instruction on how to effectively utilize the key features of ClickFunnels.

  1. Lead magnets are the captivating bait that lures in visitors to the exciting world of sales funnels.
  2. Application forms are the lifeblood of businesses, enabling them to evaluate if their services align with the client’s needs. With ClickFunnels templates, you can effortlessly kickstart your form-building journey and create a seamless experience.
  3. The order confirmation page – your golden ticket to peace of mind! Get ready to celebrate because your sale went through! Plus, we’ve got all the juicy delivery details and a sweet summary of your completed purchase.


ClickBank operates as a platform that provides both affiliate marketing services and an eCommerce platform for digital content creators.

As a content owner, you have the option to upload your product to ClickBank’s database. ClickBank will manage the sale and checkout process and ensure visibility to their network of affiliate marketers.


MaxWeb is a revolutionary affiliate network that is designed to help both affiliates and advertisers achieve remarkable results. Its unparalleled features and cutting-edge technology make it the perfect platform for generating significant income. Specializing in Health & Fitness, Digital Software, Weight Loss, and Anti-Aging Deals, MaxWeb has something for everyone.


Robby Blanchard highlights the significance of choosing the appropriate offer, as it can significantly impact your success as an affiliate marketer.

The suggestion is that having sufficient knowledge may not guarantee success if your chosen field is holding you back. It is crucial to conduct research and determine the most effective approach, similar to any other business venture.

The members’ area provides examples of high converting offers, particularly for learners. It also offers guidance on checking the Clickbank site regularly and selecting the most suitable offers for you.


Ad images are a form of visual content that provide information about a company, its services, or products. When a customer clicks on the image, they will be directed towards the company’s website.

Robby Blanchard recognizes the importance of utilizing visuals in his advertisements, while not being particularly enthusiastic about videos. Images load quickly and instantly capture people’s attention, whereas videos require viewers to invest their time in watching.

If you are unsure about handling this task by yourself, you might want to think about hiring a visual artist for assistance. It is also important to include a unique image that your website visitors have not seen before.

He suggests using Fiverr to find a skilled designer, which is a logical choice for obtaining professional results.

Get ready to see captivating image ads popping up on websites and all over the Display Network!

The Display Network is like a star-studded lineup of websites that proudly showcase Google Advertising ads. Get ready to be blown away by the likes of Google Finance, Gmail, Blogger, and YouTube!

Commission Hero is your ultimate guide to uncovering the perfect ad image with its invaluable tips and powerful tools.


In order to achieve success in affiliate marketing, it is essential to create a landing page.

This module provides information on creating landing pages using either PHP or ClickFunnels. The process involves signing up for ClickFunnels, creating a domain, affiliate links, and a landing page.

The landing page should have a professional appearance as it serves as the first point of contact for your target audience. The landing page encourages visitors to provide their information on a form in exchange for an attractive offer.

Commission Hero provides all the necessary information to quickly earn affiliate commissions. The tool offers ready-to-use landing page builder templates that can be easily copied and pasted onto your site to convert traffic into leads.


This module provides instructions on setting up your Facebook Ads account. Some users may have prior experience with the platform, but it is always helpful to have a clear explanation in simple terms.

Blanchard also highlights the significance of not disregarding any of the valuable features.

Blanchard has experience and confidence in his abilities. He can provide evidence of a past successful Facebook marketing campaign and offer guidance on how to handle any potential issues.

Commission Hero Review


Facebook offers various formats for advertising, and Commission Hero can provide guidance on advertising your page, individual posts, user actions, or your website.

The term “Instant Experience” refers to a full-screen experience that can be created to visually showcase your company, products, and services. This occurs when a mobile user taps on your ad and is presented with your ad in full screen.

Users will have the opportunity to view your ads either in the Facebook sidebar or in their news feed.

Some of these options are only available on Facebook. Once you create your ad, you will learn how to choose a budget and bid for each click or thousand impressions it receives.

The process of creating a Facebook ad differs from publishing it on your personal page. Various factors in Facebook advertising, including the wording and timing, can impact the volume of visitors that ads will generate for your site.

Commission Hero provides guidance on effective techniques for developing CPC advertising to attract visitors to your website.


Robby Blanchard can help with setting up Facebook Pixel, which is a small code snippet that you add to your website.

The data collected helps in tracking conversions from Facebook ads, optimizing campaigns, creating targeted audiences for future ads, and remarketing to users who have already interacted with your website.

Robby will provide guidance on how to complete this task without adding unnecessary complexity.

Prepare to be underwhelmed by his lackluster expertise if you dare to venture through the perilous maze of Facebook, especially if you’ve already dabbled in the enchanting realm of paid ads on the platform.

Additionally, having someone with insider knowledge of Facebook can be advantageous; they were able to effectively navigate the social media platform.


The Commission Hero Program highlights the importance of not solely relying on setting everything up and expecting it to work effortlessly.

To achieve optimal results, it is necessary to track and monitor your sales and clicks.

This entails creating a tracking spreadsheet and acquiring knowledge on how to establish tracking connections.

Google Analytics provides information on customer engagement with your website, offering a comprehensive understanding of customer journeys.

Relevant demographic data can be collected from Facebook advertising strategies, allowing for analysis of consumer behavior, device functionality, and more following a user’s visit to your site.

Facebook provides basic information about your website, but it is not as comprehensive as Facebook attribution. Facebook attribution notifies you of the number of people who viewed and clicked on your ad, but it does not track them once they leave the platform.

Prepare for a jaw-dropping 40% drop in recorded conversions with the latest attribution settings in Facebook Ads Manager!

Unleash the boundless power of Google Analytics to uncover a treasure trove of invaluable insights on conversions, clicks, and visits, turbocharging your ad performance with electrifying results!


Commission Hero acknowledges the significance of understanding scaling by incorporating it as a separate module. Scaling holds equal importance to tracking, according to Robby’s assertion, as it enables you to potentially earn up to $1,000 per day.


Some individuals have experienced success with affiliate marketing, while others have not. For those interested, there are various strategies available that can provide assistance.

The Commission Hero program includes a module that covers advanced methods developed by Blanchard for his product. The optional final module contains elements that have been tested on affiliate ads and may be beneficial.

The Commission Hero supplementary material provides instructions on creating a landing page swipe file using ClickFunnels or PHP. It also offers guidance on sourcing high-quality photographs to complement your content.

It also provides guidance on developing the necessary mindset for success in online marketing.

Additionally, there are some additional tips that can be implemented to enhance the success of Facebook ads.


When using Facebook for affiliate marketing, it is necessary to improve SEO by taking certain actions. Here are a few examples.

Once you reach 25 Facebook Likes, you have the option to obtain a vanity URL for your Facebook page. A vanity URL is a shorter, more readable version of the standard URL, which aids search engines in recognizing your brand. Here is an example:

  • The URL for the Racing Calculator Facebook page is
  • The vanity URL for the Racing Calculator can be found at

Acquiring backlinks is a crucial aspect of SEO. It is recommended to prioritize obtaining links from reputable and prominent websites.

When creating status updates, it is important to use relevant keywords and include a link to your affiliate website. Google prioritizes keywords that appear in the first few words.

It is worth mentioning that “Facebook Notes” have a positive ranking in search engines and are suitable for promoting special events or promotions.


Social listening is the process of monitoring online conversations to gain a better understanding of what your target audience is discussing. It allows you to identify their concerns and respond accordingly.

Influencers in the field are often moderators in such groups or individuals with the highest levels of engagement.

Building a strong connection with them is more probable if they have already shown interest in your page.

It is recommended to like their Facebook page and engage with their posts. Additionally, it would be beneficial to follow them on other social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram.


Commission Hero is a comprehensive resource for individuals interested in learning how to effectively sell a variety of ClickBank products through the creation of strategic funnels and advertising on Facebook.

Robby claims that his method can help you make thousands of dollars online quickly. However, the sales website seems exaggerated compared to what is realistic.


Some individuals are able to generate income online by utilizing Robby Blanchard’s methods to sell products for others. However, achieving success and earning a profit typically necessitates a significant investment of time, patience, and financial resources.

Commission Hero is the real deal, a legit program that can truly transform your life if you stick to the step-by-step procedures.

There are no quick fixes for making money, regardless of what you try. Making money, whether online or offline, requires both time and money.


The Commission Hero course is priced at $997 for full access, with the option of making three payments of $497, billed 30 days apart.

To optimize the program’s value, consider exploring options such as seeking discounts during specific times of the year, like Black Friday, or utilizing discount coupons from affiliated sources.


Commission Hero’s starting fee is higher than other affiliate marketing schools, and the program suggests additional expenses to achieve success.

The most common complaint about CH courses is the hidden cost. Other online marketing courses offer additional extras, but this Commission Hero review has found that the price is excessive. There are several factors that contribute to these hidden costs, such as ads, upsells, and tools.

There are unavoidable unintended consequences. The tools you use must be paid for, and the money spent on them is deducted from your commission. Commission Hero Upsells have a similar effect.



  • You can learn a great deal about utilizing Facebook advertisements to market affiliate products.
  • Robby is an experienced teacher who excels at explaining intricate concepts.
  • You are taught online marketing strategies for advertising affiliate products that are unique and not found elsewhere.
  • The course offers a comprehensive range of marketing materials for 9 high-converting ClickBank products, including email lists, ad creatives, and pre-written sales text for each deal.


  • Robby does not provide instruction on brand or audience development.
  • Robby’s solutions to blocked ad accounts can be time-consuming, may not always be effective, and provide only temporary relief.
  • Many of Robby’s offerings can be found for free online.
  • The affiliate marketing practices of CH may lead to the termination of your Facebook ad accounts.
  • The course lacks sufficient content to justify its $997 price tag.
  • The affiliate market is highly saturated and competitive, and there is a possibility of spending a significant amount of money without seeing any return.


Robby offers valuable support to participants of the Commission Hero course, which is comforting and satisfying to find.

There is no specific support team, but he frequently makes himself available to answer questions from group members. It can be reassuring to know that there are many others facing similar issues and seeking solutions.

Additionally, there is a Facebook group called Commission Hero where students can connect with each other and seek assistance.


Commission Hero, created by Robby Blanchard, is a comprehensive resource that offers valuable information on affiliate marketing. It also includes a variety of ad creatives that are specifically designed to help you succeed with affiliate offers.

Having knowledge of how to prevent or address this issue can be beneficial, as implementing marketing tactics may result in the disabling of your Facebook accounts. According to Robby, it is more a matter of when, rather than if, this will happen.

Commission Hero provides strategies for avoiding penalties on Facebook, such as utilizing alternative Facebook Ad accounts when your own account is suspended.

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