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There are many parenting blogs available that cater to both moms and dads.

Dad blogging offers a platform for fathers to reflect on their experiences with fatherhood, document cherished memories, connect with other dads globally, and potentially monetize their blogs.

For fathers interested in starting a blog, there are examples of dad bloggers that can provide inspiration. Additionally, this article will provide a step-by-step process for setting up your own dad blog today.

Dad Bloggers

What is a dad blogger?

Dad bloggers are fathers who blog about parenting. They share personal stories and insights about fatherhood, family life, and child development. Dad bloggers connect with other fathers and offer their unique perspective on raising children. They share anecdotes and tips through written blog posts and YouTube channels. Dad bloggers play an important role in the online parenting community.

Now, let’s explore my top choices for the best dad bloggers to learn from this year (and they can also serve as excellent examples if you have aspirations of starting your own blog).

Dad Bloggers

Are dad blogs popular?

Dad blogging has gained popularity in recent years, with some dad bloggers earning a full-time income online.

Most dad bloggers utilize monetization sources such as affiliate marketing and selling their own products, like merchandise, eBooks, or online courses, to generate a significant amount of income online.

Parenting blogs, including dad blogs, can provide valuable information and support for new parents. Many dad bloggers also utilize YouTube channels to expand their reach and generate income.

If you are interested in providing helpful advice on parenting, particularly for fathers, it would be beneficial to consider starting a dad blog. It is important to regularly update your content, maintain consistency, and explore new target audiences.

In summary, dad blogs can be profitable. In this discussion, we will explore the top five dad blogs and their strategies for monetization, providing you with insights.

8 Best Dad Bloggers & Influencers to Follow in 2023 (Dad Blog Examples): How to Start a Dad Blog

  1. Fathercraft
  2. HighTechDad
  3. Designer Daddy
  4. Days of a Domestic Dad
  5. Lunchbox Dad
  6. The Father Hood
  7. Skint Dad
  8. Direct Advice for Dads (DAD)
Fathercraft Blog

1. Fathercraft:

Fathercraft, a popular daddy blog created by Paul Zalewski and John Doht, provides a wealth of useful content including product reviews and parenting advice. It specifically caters to parents of babies and toddlers aged 1 to 2, offering free downloadable resources for first-time dads and new parents.

In addition to generating income through affiliate links, Fathercraft provides online courses, merchandise, and a fashionable diaper bag for fathers.

Hightechdad Blog

2. HighTechDad:

HighTechDad, a dad blog example, is a website that covers a variety of gadget and tech topics, often with a focus on parenting, and is perfect for dads who love gadgets and technology.

HighTechDad, a blog that specializes in tech and gadgets for parents, effectively utilizes affiliate marketing to generate income. The blog features numerous reviews and product roundups, as well as a shop that includes affiliate links. This serves as an excellent illustration of a lucrative niche within the blogging industry.

Designer Daddy Blog

3. Designer Daddy:

The Designer Daddy blog has a traditional layout, including a sidebar, family photos, and a colorful design. It is authored by Brent Almond, who shares his experiences as a gay dad raising an adopted son and discusses LGBTQ issues.

The blog includes affiliate links for monetization purposes, and Brent also provides links to his work as an illustrator and designer on the About page. This allows potential clients who appreciate his creative skills to connect with him and potentially hire him for freelance work.

Days of a Domestic Dad Blog

4. Days of a Domestic Dad:

Days of a Domestic Dad is a blog managed by Colby Shipwash, a father of 5 and grandfather of 2. The blog covers a wide range of topics related to family and home, including starting a family and providing guides on cleaning dryer vents. It also includes content on cars, travel, tech, and entertainment, which are popular subjects among dad bloggers.

The dad blog, like others, generates income through affiliate marketing and features numerous product reviews. Additionally, they utilize Google AdSense for blog advertisements and actively engage with their audience on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, which helps drive traffic to their blog.

Lunchbox Dad

5. Lunchbox Dad:

The dad blogger, Lunchbox Dad, provides creative lunch ideas for dads to gather inspiration from, including holiday-themed and cartoon character-based lunches, with simple instructions for creating Bento-box style packed lunches.

The blog generates income through affiliate links and sponsored posts. Additionally, Beau contributes articles to the Huffington Post and other websites.

The Father Hood Blog

6. The Father Hood:

The Father Hood, founded by Australian dads Jeremy Macvea, Andrew McUtchen, and Luke Benedict, provides comprehensive content about fatherhood. It offers parenting tips for all stages, from infancy to adolescence, and explores various topics such as relationships, work-related concerns, and mental health. The website also features interviews with renowned fathers and dad bloggers, like Joe Wicks, along with personal stories about fatherhood.

The dad blog generates income through the founders’ consulting business, which involves assisting employers in creating a more supportive environment for fathers.

Skint DAD Blog

7. Skint Dad:

Skint Dad, created by UK-based couple Ricky and Naomi Willis, focuses on providing budget-friendly solutions for families. The blog offers advice on saving, earning, and managing money specifically tailored to parents with children. Frugal living has become a widely popular niche in the blogging world.

The site has multiple affiliate partnerships and runs ads to generate revenue. Although it primarily focuses on money-related topics rather than parenting, it is worth exploring if you want to apply your experience as a father to subjects like finance, travel, food, and more.

DAD Blog

8. Direct Advice for Dads (DAD):

Direct Advice for Dads (DAD) is an Australian blog and podcast hosted by Ross Edwards and Dan van der Meer. It is run by HBF, an Australian not-for-profit health insurer, and primarily focuses on the early years of fatherhood, including becoming a dad, having a baby, and having a toddler.

The site promotes the owners, HBF, a non-profit health insurer, but does not feature affiliate or advertising content.

Honorable Dad Blogger Mentions: Dad and Buried, The Daddy Style Diaries, I Think Therefore I Dad

If you are looking for more inspiring blog examples, there are numerous other great dad blogs available.

  • Dad and Buried: Mike Julianelle, a dad blogger, has a significant following on Instagram and Twitter, and he also shares longer-form content on his blog.
  • The Daddy Style Diaries: This blog by Jeffrey E. Segura covers a variety of style and travel topics, featuring both sponsored posts and first-person content.
  • I Think Therefore I Dad: The personal blog by Pat Kose covers a variety of topics, ranging from serious to lighthearted.

It was a difficult task to narrow down this list of top dad bloggers and influencers to a limited number. If there are any favorite dad blogs that I may have missed, please feel free to share them in the comments section below.

6 Steps How to Start a Dad Blog of Your Own (Dad Blogging 101)

If you are interested in starting your own dad blog, it is a relatively simple process that can be completed in 10-15 minutes. Here are the steps to start a dad blog:
Dad Bloggers (9)

1. Pick a Good Dad Blog Name (and Your Dad Blogger Niche)

When choosing a name for your dad blog, consider including the word “dad” to inform readers about the content. You can opt for a playful and pun-filled name or choose a descriptive title that reflects your parenting topics and philosophy.

Utilize the free domain name generator tool to generate unique names for dad blogs.

Check if your domain name is available:

Search for an available domain name: SEARCH DOMAINS

Before finalizing your chosen name, it is important to check its availability as a domain name, preferably a .com, using a free tool.

Your blog’s niche is the specific area it fits into, based on its topic, audience, and more. For example, it could be about being a stay-at-home dad, kids and sports, younger/older dads, divorced dads, family travel tips, DIY projects, etc. Having a clear niche helps attract like-minded dads to your blog.

2. Get Your Dad Blog Online with the Right Web Hosting

There are various blogging platforms available to choose from, but the one I typically recommend for dad bloggers is WordPress. It provides all the necessary tools to create any type of blog, ranging from a basic personal account of fatherhood and family life to a substantial site generating significant revenue.

Just like a house needs a plot of land, a blog requires web hosting. The web hosting company ensures that the blog is accessible to users around the world, 24/7/365.

There are multiple web hosts available to choose from, but two highly recommended options are Bluehost and Dreamhost due to their reliability and affordability (using the provided links may provide a discount during sign up).

Both of these web hosting companies offer easy installation of WordPress on your site, are budget-friendly (especially in your first year of blogging), and provide a free domain name with your web hosting.

3. Design Your Dad Blog Using Free Resources

Although your child may not understand or appreciate your sense of color and design, you are free to express yourself fully on your blog.

When setting up your WordPress blog, it will initially have a default blog layout and design. If you want to customize your site to better align with your vision, you can easily and affordably redesign it using free WordPress themes and plugins.

To quickly design your WordPress blog and give it a professional appearance, you can utilize:

  • Free WordPress Themes: WordPress offers a wide range of free themes that can be easily installed and switched on your blog. Some popular options include Kadence, Astra, and Elementor.
  • Free WordPress Plugins: There are a multitude of WordPress plugins available that can enhance your blog with additional features. These plugins offer options such as adding a contact form, incorporating social sharing buttons into your blog posts, and even setting up an online store. For a comprehensive list of recommended plugins, please refer to my plugins guide.
  • Free Stock Photos: For individuals who are not interested in photography or choose not to share personal pictures, there are various stock photo sites, such as Unsplash and Pixabay, that provide a wide selection of free photos on different topics.
Dad Bloggers (10)

4. Reach Out to Other Dad Bloggers on Social Media and in Facebook Groups

Starting a blog can be challenging, especially if you feel like you’re the only dad in a community dominated by mommy bloggers. However, one of the benefits of blogging is the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, so don’t hesitate to reach out to other dads.

One can follow dad bloggers and influencers on various social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, or their preferred site. Engaging with their posts, sharing their content, and retweeting their tweets can provide insight into the preferences of their audience.

In addition to “regular” dads, you can also find them in Facebook groups and other online communities. These platforms provide a great opportunity to share tips, experiences, and learn about the challenges and joys of fatherhood that others are facing.

5. Come Up with Great Blog Ideas and Start Writing

To start a blog, it is important to have blog posts. One way to begin writing your first post is by introducing yourself and your family, and explaining why you chose to start a blog. Additionally, utilizing AI content writing tools can be helpful in enhancing your writing process.

In addition, you may need some ideas for blog topics to write about. Consider reflecting on the questions you had when you first became a father, or share humorous or meaningful moments from your parenting journey thus far. Perhaps your initial Father’s Day was different from what you anticipated, or you have a touching story to share about your child with Down syndrome.

6. Promote Your Dad Blog and Grow Your Audience

You have all the necessary preparations to start a dad blog, including a catchy and visually appealing blog name, as well as a few initial blog posts.

However, there is a lack of readers. It may be a common belief that great content will eventually reach its intended audience. However, this analogy is similar to expecting your children’s used socks to miraculously end up in the laundry basket without any effort from you.

In order to attract an audience, it is necessary to capture people’s attention by promoting the content of your blog. This will allow other parents and grandparents to benefit from the valuable posts you have written.

To find comprehensive information, refer to my guide titled “32 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog.” However, if you’re short on time, here are some helpful starting points.

  • Learn About SEO: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a method used to improve the visibility of a blog’s content in search engines. If you want to create a successful dad blog and generate income, it is important to attract high-volume traffic through effective SEO strategies. Start by conducting thorough keyword research and utilizing reliable keyword research tools.
  • Get New Visitors Onto Your Email List: To effectively stay connected with the fathers who visit your blog and inform them about your latest posts, it is essential to have an email sign-up form prominently placed on your blog. This will enable new visitors to easily join your email list. To encourage more sign-ups, consider offering an incentive, such as a helpful packing checklist for “a day out with the baby” items.
  • Write Guest Posts for Other Dad Blogs: Guest blogging allows you to tap into the audience of an established dad blogger. It benefits everyone involved: you gain access to the audience and receive a backlink for your blog’s SEO. The readers of the blog benefit from your unique perspective and ideas. Additionally, the blog host gets a break from blogging.

Final Thoughts on Blogs For Dads

If you are interested in building a strong online following and earning money by providing parenting advice, dad blogging may be a good option for you.

There are many blogs available for women, but it can be difficult to find high-quality dad blogs as they are less common. To create a successful dad blog, it is important to maintain consistency, publish a significant number of high-quality blog posts (around 50 to 100), and utilize search engine optimization techniques.

FAQs | Best Dad Blogs to Follow

Below are several key inquiries regarding dad blogging and dad blogs.

Who is a dad blogger?

A dad blogger is an individual who uses their blog to share their experiences as a father. Dad blogging has gained popularity as more fathers seek reliable information on effective parenting.

How do I become a father blogger?

If you are interested in sharing tips on dealing with kids’ tantrums or have experience as a father, starting a dad blog is a good option. To become a father blogger, you can start a blog on Hostinger, which offers various features including a free domain.

How do parenting blogs make money?

Parenting blogs generate income through various methods including selling affiliate products, collaborating with brands, offering their own products such as courses and eBooks, and partnering with display ad networks like AdSense.

What are the top dad blogs?

Here are some popular dad blogs to follow for inspiration: All Pro Dad, The Brag, and Fathercraft.

How much money can you make from being a dad blogger?

The earnings of professional dad bloggers vary depending on the type of monetization strategies they use, such as affiliate marketing and selling online courses. On average, they earn between $2000 to $10,000 a month.

What topics are covered in dad blogs?

Dad bloggers frequently discuss topics including fatherhood, parenting, finance, and family life.

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