Get Paid to Review Movies

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Welcome to the ultimate destination for movie enthusiasts looking to turn their passion into profit!

There are numerous legitimate companies that offer payment for writing movie reviews, regardless of whether or not you have professional experience as a film critic.

If you watch movies in the evening for leisure, you could potentially earn money from doing so.

In this article , we explore the various methods for earning income through writing movie reviews.

Get Paid to Review Movies


To earn income by writing movie reviews, one must possess strong writing abilities, exceptional proficiency in the English language, and the aptitude to effectively depict and animate a storyline.

The specific requirements for movie reviews may differ depending on the company you are writing for.

However, a plot summary must be provided as well as an assessment of the pros and cons, ultimately leading to a fair judgment on whether it’s worth watching or not.

In addition, you should be able to accomplish this without revealing any spoilers.

If you are interested in pursuing a work-from-home job writing movie reviews, here are some effective methods to begin.



Animation Arena is a website that provides compensation for writing reviews on movies, comic books, and video games.

Applicants do not need to have professional writing or movie criticism experience to apply for this site, but they must have strong grammar and writing skills. Additionally, applicants must submit two writing samples along with their pitch.

The film reviews for Animation Arena must meet the requirements of being at least 550 words in length, being original, and being free of errors.

The payment for each review is a fixed rate of $15, and there is a limit of 10 movie reviews per month.



Screen Rant employs individuals to assess and evaluate films, television programs, and video games.

The website was established in 2003 and has since gained a significant following, becoming one of the most popular sources for entertainment news online.

If you enjoy watching movies, it may be beneficial to apply as a contributor for this site. Simply complete their application form and submit three of your strongest writing samples.

The company does not disclose the pay on their website, but it has been found that they require movie reviewers who can commit to writing a certain number of monthly posts, and in return, you will receive a byline.



Taste of Cinema is another platform where you can earn money by reviewing movies.

This website focuses on ‘list’ articles and offers payment for writers, even those without a professional writing background.

In addition to their film lists, they also feature lists of people and provide in-depth movie reviews.

The following are some lists recently seen on Taste of Cinema:

  • A compilation of widely praised French films centered around extremism.
  • The top 10 movies on Netflix in 2022.
  • The top ten female movie performances of 2022 were compiled into a list.

To become a Taste of Cinema movie reviewer, you will need to present your idea to the editor and then proceed to write your article.

Payment is determined based on the amount of views and clicks the article receives, resulting in variable earnings.

You have the freedom to write any number of film reviews, providing an opportunity for gaining experience and earning additional money.



Bustle is a website that covers a wide range of topics including news, current affairs, entertainment, style, wellness, politics, celebrities, life, and more.

The main audience for their platform consists of young women, and they regularly seek out new contributors to submit occasional content and potentially become regular writers.

The website does not provide information about pay, but in order to be considered for writing feature articles or movie reviews, please send your pitch to the editor along with a few writing samples.



Cracked is an online magazine based in the United States that covers a variety of topics, including movies and TV, video games, sports, history, tech, science, celebrities, weird world, and more.

Writers who have no prior experience can submit feature article pitches to the editors at Cracked, but approval is not guaranteed.

Individuals with professional writing experience are welcome to apply for the position of ‘Cracked Columnist’.

To apply for this desired position, please send the editor the necessary details of your relevant qualifications along with links to any previously published content.

The pay for articles varies from $100 to $250, depending on factors such as the length and level of experience.

A few examples of recent content seen on Cracked includes:

  • Here are 20 trivia tidbits about ‘Bruce Almighty’ on its 20th anniversary.
  • “8 Stoner Comedies That Are No Longer Relevant”
  • 5 Types of Food We Consumed Before Discovering Our Preferences



The publication Cineaste describes itself as ‘America’s leading magazine on the art and politics of the cinema.’

The institution was established in 1967 and encompasses a wide range of cinematic content, including Hollywood films, European films, independent cinema, and films from developing nations.

They frequently accept freelance submissions for a variety of content, including interviews, feature articles, film reviews, DVD and Blu-ray reviews, and book reviews.

To increase the chances of your submission being accepted, it is important to adhere to the style guide, formatting guide, and recommended word count specified on the ‘writers guidelines’ page.

The pay for articles can vary based on their length and type, but here is a general overview of the pay:

  • Reviews are available for $18.
  • We offer book or DVD reviews for $36.
  • The cost of film reviews is $45.
  • The cost for feature interviews or feature articles is $90.


An additional method for earning supplemental income through writing is by creating a movie review blog.

By using this method, you have full control over the content of your movies and how you earn money from them.

Building a niche website is a skill that anyone can learn, and starting on a free blogging platform is a cost-effective way to get started.

One option is to write brief film reviews, while another option is to explore topics within the entertainment or celebrity industry.

Your movie review blog has the potential to generate income through advertisements, sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, and subscription content if desired.



If you are interested in becoming a freelance movie critic, you could consider starting a YouTube channel that offers TV news and movie reviews.

This also grants you complete control over the content you produce and, over time, you have the potential to earn more money than from your typical job, depending on the number of subscribers you accumulate.

There are currently many successful YouTubers who make money by reviewing movies on the platform.

Please consider looking at these channels for inspiration:

  • The YouTube channel, “We Watched a Movie,” has 587K subscribers and primarily focuses on reviewing horror movies in a comedic manner.
  • Heavy Spoilers has 1.14M subscribers and produces videos on movie reviews, recaps, and ending explanations.
  • Filmi Indian is a Youtube channel with 3.7M subscribers that reviews web series and Bollywood movies in Hindi.


One option for new movie reviewers to earn money is by utilizing revenue share websites like Medium and its alternatives.

This platform offers opportunities for aspiring freelance writers to start writing without any fees, gain experience, and have the potential to earn money upon approval for the partner program.

If you enjoy watching movies, consider writing reviews for the films you have recently seen.

To be eligible for the partner program, a minimum requirement includes having at least one article published on Medium and having a minimum of 100 followers.

After being accepted, one has the opportunity to earn money online:

  • After reading one of your articles, a Medium reader decided to upgrade to a paid membership.
  • Members can earn more by increasing the time they spend reading your content.



HubPages is a popular revenue-sharing site where users have the opportunity to earn money by reviewing movies.

This is a convenient choice for individuals looking to avoid the complexities of website creation and generating sufficient traffic for monetization.

One can register for HubPages and create a personal mini website, as it already possesses a large readership.

Once you are set up on HubPages, you have the opportunity to write various types of reviews such as movie reviews, DVD reviews, and any other type of reviews, enabling you to establish your own movie review empire.

To use the HubPages ad program, a Google Adsense account is required.

After setting up, individuals will earn 60% of the ad revenue generated by their articles, resulting in an average of $2 – $5 per 1,000 views.


If you believe you have strong writing skills for movie reviews, considering becoming a full-time film reviewer.

One can explore online job sites like FlexJobs, a career platform offering a wide range of remote job opportunities that are thoroughly screened and provide salary details for assessing suitability.

If you are seeking full-time film critic work with excellent pay, this is considered one of the best options.


After reading this list of ways to review movies for money, you may be able to transform your passion into a source of income.

Numerous websites provide opportunities for beginners to write movie reviews, regardless of their level of experience.

If you find it difficult to have your reviews published, you can consider starting your own blog or sharing them on revenue-sharing sites.

Additionally, it is possible for a hobby to transform into a lucrative side income, potentially providing financial stability for the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Types of Movies Should You Watch?

When writing independently, individuals have the ability to review any movie they prefer, including their favorite ones.

Companies or websites may have certain requirements regarding the types of movies to watch, such as classic movies, Christmas movies, or lifetime movies.

Are There Any Writing Style Requirements?

Certain companies or websites may have particular guidelines and requirements, necessitating the use of a specific tone, style, and format in your writing.

It is important to inquire about these requirements in advance and ensure diligent compliance with them.

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