GoHighLevel White Label: Why You Need It In 2024

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    HighLevel is an innovative sales and marketing platform that has quickly made a place for itself in the business software world. Its success is undeniable, making it one of the most noteworthy companies around.

    But exactly what is GoHighLevel White Label? Is it an independent platform? A unique function? An elite appliance? We will delve into these questions in the upcoming passages. So, remain with us until the end and look where our exploration takes us.

    What is White Label?

    With white labeling, businesses take another company’s product or service, add their own branding to it, and offer it to customers as if it were their own. Through white labeling, a company can provide its customers with an existing product or service without having to create it from scratch. An example of white labeling you may have come across without realizing it is store-brand cereal. Many supermarkets provide cereals at a lower cost under their own label.

    HighLevel provides all the resources needed for a successful agency in one place.

    In this situation, the grocery store is reselling someone else’s product under its own branding. This practice of white labeling isn’t just for physical items anymore.

    In order to remain competitive, companies are utilizing white labeling with regard to online tools like marketing automation. As technology advances, using this approach will be necessary to keep up with other firms aggressively expanding their offerings.

    GoHighLevel White Label Price

    With respect to white labeling, GoHighLevel furnishes two selections, with the choice to white label both the desktop and mobile applications. We will be taking a closer look at these shortly. For now, this is the only differentiation we need to recognize with HighLevel’s system for white-label pricing. You can of course get an exclusive 30-days free trial if you decide to test out the full High Level suite. 

    If you would like to find out how much HighLevel generally costs, check out our comprehensive GoHighLevel Review.

    The Agency Unlimited and Agency SaaS Pro plans offer the ability to customize the HighLevel desktop web app as a feature.

    The Agency Unlimited plan costs $297 a month if you opt for monthly payments or $2,976 for an annual subscription – the equivalent of $248 each month. Plus, you’ll get a discount for paying upfront.

    The Agency Pro plan is $497 per month or $4,968 per year (the same as $414 a month). While white labeling of the desktop app contributes

    With the White Label Mobile App + Custom Zap Upgrade, you can white label the HighLevel mobile app, however, it comes with an extra cost. For this upgrade, $497 will be charged each month in addition to the fee for owning an Agency Unlimited plan subscription, increasing your overall monthly cost to $794.

    Take advantage of HighLevel’s discount by signing up for annual billing – the regular rate of $5,964 gets reduced to $4,970/year. This means you’ll be paying two months less than the original fee.

    For quarterly billing, there is no discount; however, you don’t need to pay for the app setup. Additionally, the app setup is free with annual billing.

    The Agency Unlimited combined with the White Label Mobile App + Custom Zap Upgrade provides great value – a fully white-labeled HighLevel solution for $794/month with bonus features like a custom Zap.

    Agency Pro subscribers can upgrade for an additional fee to enable the white-label mobile app option. However, this must be done manually as the highest-tier plan does not include it by default.

    Though not everyone has the funds for HighLevel’s white-label option, not everybody needs it. We will go over who this can be beneficial for in the following section.

    Who Is HighLevel White Label For?

    GoHighLevel offers a branded desktop application to marketers and agencies so they can give their clients a customized platform. The white-label feature can be used as a means to scale up your business and grow your revenue, making it an attractive option for anyone looking to maximize their income.

    HighLevel White Label

    HighLevel’s white label feature allows you to rebrand all three of its applications – desktop web app, Android app, and iPhone app – as your own. Let us take a look at how that works.

    HighLevel White Label Desktop App

    Adding your own branding to HighLevel through white labeling will enable your customers to recognize it when they log in. When you wish to brand the web application, completing these four simple steps will help you:
    • By creating a CNAME record pointing to “app.msgsndr.com” at your DNS provider, such as GoDaddy, you can:
    • Go to your HighLevel Agency account, and in Settings -> Agency Settings, put your domain name under White Label Domain.
    • You can upload your agency logo in the Company Logo section of Agency Settings.
    • Go to Settings -> Agency Settings -> Privacy Policy URL to change your agency’s terms and conditions.
    Once the DNS propagates, you’ll be able to access your domain such as “https://app.myawesomedomain.com”, where you’ll see your login screen, logo, and terms & conditions. Congratulations, you’re finished!

    HighLevel White Label Mobile App

    Working in mobile app marketing, Wallet Factory is a dependable organization that created mWallet. This highly secure banking unit was designed for telecommunications, allowing users to fill accounts, pay bills, gather reward points, manage financial transactions, store digital documents, and issue presents. Mobile network operators gain potential subscribers and promote their multifunctional system with the added incentive of bonus points.


    For all non-iOS device owners, White Label Android apps are a convenient choice due to their accurate operation and marked-out updates. Representatives from the Wallet Factory can be contacted by telecoms with their requirements, as well as learning about basic/advanced mobile peculiarities for Apple White Label app operation. All needed information will be addressed. On completion of the swift engineering and incorporation of the project, tests will take place before mWallet becomes an appropriate business professional.


    Wallet Factory offers banking companies the personalized White Label iOS app, opening up the possibility of cashless transactions to their patrons. This program handles any financial accounts, making payments, and using Masterpass/Masterpass QR possible in a variety of conditions. Customers will be able to allocate credit limits, store money securely, and go contactless with their payment cards. To keep up with modern developments, the White Label apps for Apple is constantly being advanced upon for superior service.

    HighLevel White Label and HighLevel SaaS

    HighLevel’s SaaS mode is a great way to make money by reselling the software. Through white labeling, you can customize the software and then charge other users for using it.
    Instead of offering marketing services, in this scenario you act like a software owner by selling HighLevel as your own product. People will pay either monthly or annually for access to the program, similar to Shopify, ActiveCampaign, and Webflow which offer subscription-based software as a service (SaaS).

    SaaS is a great way to give your subscribers access to third-party services on HighLevel, such as DropInBlog for content marketing and blogging, and one that enables two-way texting, voicemail drops, emails, and making calls.

    HighLevel also enables users to resell third-party services, such as Twilio, at a higher rate than normal in the SaaS mode. This is an additional revenue stream provided by HighLevel.

    Regarding white labeling, it’s obvious that the SaaS model requires a whitelabeled HighLevel. To maximize potential profits from the opportunities provided by HighLevel and incorporated third-party services, reselling under HighLevel branding would not be viable. With this in mind, it makes sense why the Agency Pro plan includes both the HighLevel SaaS mode and white labeling as components; hence allowing you to capitalize on these incredible chances.

    High Level White Labeling Recap

    To create a new revenue and profit stream while also providing customers with solutions to their problems, consider taking advantage of GoHighLevel whitelabeling options available on the market. Review your business needs, leads, and customers closely to determine the best fit for services or software solutions that you don’t currently offer.

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