Kartra Leads

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User and visitor contact information must be collected and recorded as leads on Kartra.

With Kartra, you have the option of segmenting your leads using tags and categories.

Lists are often used to organize leads and help users manage their communication preferences effectively.

Kartra Leads

Key Takeaways:

What Are Kartra Leads?

Kartra is a software that can assist in the gathering, management, and organization of leads.

A Kartra lead refers to the contact information of individuals who have expressed interest in your product or service.

Unlock a treasure trove of contact information with Kartra, where a mere email address is all you need to conquer the digital frontier.

Discover the ultimate lead generation solution: Kartra!
  • All-in-One Marketing Platform – Kartra is a comprehensive marketing platform that enables you to connect your leads with all aspects of your business. This ensures a seamless experience and allows you to send relevant content to your leads in order to convert them into customers.
  • Easy to Manage and Organize –With Kartra, you’ve got the power in your hands! Seamlessly manage your contacts like a pro by creating catchy tags and assigning them effortlessly, so you can effortlessly segment your leads into personalized groups.
  • Lead Scoring –Unlock exclusive rewards and experiences with our innovative scoring system! Earn points for every purchase and interaction, and once you’ve reached a certain threshold, get ready for a world of special offers and events. Our cutting-edge automation technology will make sure you don’t miss out on the excitement. Unleash your potential and let the rewards come your way! Visit our website to learn more.
  • Kartra Tracking –The lead’s profile displays a log of their actions, providing the opportunity to analyze their behavior and identify patterns. This information can then be used to create a follow-up system and optimize campaigns.
Kartra Leads
How to Add and Import Leads to Kartra

There are multiple methods of adding leads to your Kartra account.

It is possible to collect leads from forms or manually add them.

To begin, let’s discuss the process of creating a form that allows for lead collection.

  • Step into the world of Kartra as you unlock the gateway to your account.
  • Go ahead and give that Forms button a click!
  • Click the “+ Form” button.
  • Input the form name and then press the “Create” button.
Kartra Leads (2)
  • Select the information you wish to collect with the form and then click on “Save.”
Kartra Leads (3)
In this example, we will solely collect the email address, therefore the other fields can be omitted. However, if you wish to gather additional information, you can include the fields here.

Research has shown that there is a negative correlation between the amount of information requested in a form and the number of people who submit the form. It is possible that the users who do submit your form with more requested data demonstrate a higher level of commitment to your campaign.

To make changes to the field label and placeholder text, select the edit icon and save the modifications.

Kartra Leads (4)
  • Click “Save and Next.”
Kartra Leads (5)
  • To begin, choose between a single or double opt-in. Afterward, save your selection and proceed by clicking “Save” and then “Save and Next.”
Kartra Leads (6)

A single opt-in subscribes a lead without email confirmation and typically results in more opt-ins. However, a double opt-in usually produces higher-quality subscribers because they are committed to subscribing.

  • Choose the destination for directing opt-in subscribers. Click “Save” and “Save and Next.”
  • To create a Thank You page that will leave a lasting impression, simply glide over to the “Pages” tab on your sidebar menu and watch the magic happen.
Kartra Leads (7)
  • You have the option to send a welcome message to those who choose to opt in, whether that be through email or SMS, depending on the contact information you gather.

In this example, we will create an email to send to those who choose to participate.

  • Choose “Send a Welcome Email” and choose your email gateway. We will be using KartraMail.
  • Set your imagination free and enchant with the magic of your words!
Kartra Leads (8)
  • You can select from the options to assign tags, subscribe to lists or sequences, or use advanced automations. Don’t forget to click “Save and Next”.

In this example, we’ll leave this section empty, but you have the flexibility to customize it based on your specific business needs.

  • You can customize your Form Design by clicking “Change.”

We’ve got big plans for this form! We’ll give it center stage on one of our Kartra pages, by selecting the option “I Will Use the Form in Another Kartra Asset.” Get ready for some serious Kartra magic!


To embed the form on a third-party page, choose the option “I Will Embed the Form in a 3rd Party Page.” This will take you to the form builder, where you can customize the form’s appearance.

Kartra Leads (10)
  • Click “Save and Next” to complete your form.

Now, you will need to locate or create the page in which you want to add your opt-in form. In this example, we will create the page. However, if you have already done this, proceed to step five.

To do this, follow these steps:

  • Click “Pages.”
  • Click “+ Page.”
  • You can choose a template or click “Blank Page” to create your page.

The Gray and Blue Opt-In Lead Form is the selected option in this example.

Kartra Leads (12)
  • To create a page, provide a name, choose the category and site, and then click “Create.”
Kartra Leads (13)
  • To make changes to the form, simply hover over the placeholder and select “Edit Style.”

By opening the menu bar, you can select your form.

Kartra Leads (14)
  • Select the form that you have created and then click on “Apply.”
  • You can customize the rest of your form to fit your business and brand using the menu on the left-hand side of the screen.
  • To save your progress, click on “Actions” and then select “Save Progress.”
  • When you are prepared to launch the page, click on “Publish Live.”
Kartra Leads (15)

A form has been created to collect leads and it has been launched on the opt-in page.

Next, we will examine the creation of individual leads.

  • Choose “Communications.”
Kartra Leads (16)
  • Click “+ Leads.”
  • Select “Create a New Lead.”
Kartra Leads (19)
  • Step into a world of endless possibilities by sharing your lead details. Don’t forget to add some flair with custom fields!

You’ve got the power to provide as much information as you can, or as little as you need – just be sure to give us that all-important email address for the lead!

  • Assign any relevant tags and add any necessary notes.
Kartra Leads (17)
  • Click “Save.”

This is the process for importing a batch of leads at once.

  • Select “Communications.”
  • Click “+ Leads.”
Kartra Leads (62)
Choose the option to import a batch of leads.
Kartra Leads (63)
  • You can decide whether you prefer to import or manually add your contacts.
Kartra Leads (20)

Kartra provides the ability to import CSV and TXT files.

When it comes to entering your contacts manually, remember to give them some space! Separate each contact on a new line, and add some flair by using commas to separate those juicy fields.

Kartra Leads (21)
  • Click “Save and Next.”
  • Fill out all required fields and click on the “Save and Next” button.
Kartra Leads (22)
  • Review the records and select “Save and Next.”
Kartra Leads (23)
  • Take control of your preferences! Tag, subscribe, or immerse yourself in a captivating sequence – the choice is yours!
Kartra Leads (24)
  • Select the “Save and Next” option.
  • Complete the questionnaire and click on “save and next.”


Rest assured, our questionnaire has confirmed that your imported contacts were acquired through legitimate means.

Kartra Leads (25)
  • Click “Save and Next.”
  • The import process will be completed.
Kartra Lead Profile Overview

Users can access comprehensive information about their site activity, product ownership, email subscriptions, and various other details.

To access your Kartra lead’s profile, navigate to the “Communications” section and choose “Leads.” From there, simply click on the lead’s name.

Kartra Leads (26)
This action will display their profile.
Kartra Leads (27)

The profile has the following tabs:

  • Profile – Get ready to dive into the world of your lead! We’ve got all their juicy personal details like name, email, phone number, address, and even their social media profiles. And hey, we didn’t stop there – we added some custom fields just for you! On the right side, you’ll find a sweet overview with their lead score, value, and the date they joined your awesome crew. But wait, there’s more! Scroll down and check out the source of this gem and any cool tags or notes you’ve added. It’s a lead extravaganza!
  • Lists – Unleash the potential of lists with our revolutionary list tab! Take control, take action, and revolutionize your workflow with our sleek actions button. And the best part? Seamlessly organize your leads with just a snap of your fingers!
  • Emails – These are the emails the contact has been sent. It also shows the status of each email.
  • Sequences – Uncover the intricate web of subscription sequences, tracking the tantalizing journey of leads as they hop on and off, revealing their current steps and fiery actions!
  • Memberships – Users have the option to view the memberships and access levels of the lead, as well as the ability to grant or revoke access and resend login details.
  • Webinars – Evaluate the user’s webinars and sessions.
  • Surveys – View the surveys in which a user has participated.
  • Calendars – Embark on a thrilling journey through the dynamic calendar of the lead, where endless opportunities await. Dive into a swirling vortex of appointments, reservations, and interactions, where you hold the power to shape your existing commitments effortlessly. Or, let your imagination soar and use a touch of artistic flair to craft new commitments with ease, transforming your life into a masterpiece.
  • Orders – View the complete transaction history of a lead.
  • Helpdesk – Assess all of the lead’s interactions with the helpdesk in addition to their request tickets.
  • Log – You can access all the information related to the lead, including communications, tags, sequences, orders, and other Kartra-related data.

How to Manage Kartra Leads

One can organize leads into lists and use tags to group them together. Furthermore, tags can be categorized for better organization.
Difference Between Lists, Tags, and Categories

One key distinction between lists and tags is that leads have the ability to unsubscribe themselves from lists.

  • Lists consist of leads who have subscribed to the same communications. Leads have the ability to view and manage their list subscriptions.
  • Lists are typically categorized as broad subjects, such as “Product Updates” or “Latest Brand News.” These categories help the recipient easily comprehend and manage the subscribed lists without feeling overwhelmed.
  • Tags are a useful tool for organizing and categorizing your leads. Leads are not able to see tags, so you have the flexibility to create tags that are as detailed or specific as you need. For instance, you can create tags like “Expressed Interest in Upgrade Email” and “Purchased Upgrade Now VIP.”

Categories can be formed by grouping tags together. For instance, the above tags can be categorized as “Upgrade Members Campaign.”

Kartra Leads (28)

Kartra Lead Lists

Kartra provides the functionality to create lists in order to send targeted communications to your leads.
How to Create a Kartra List for Leads
  • To access the lists, click on “Communications” and then choose “Lists.”
  • Click “+ List.”
  • Provide a title for the internal list and a brief explanation for the public.
Kartra Leads (29)
If a lead wants to unsubscribe from an email sequence, they will see the public description name as the option to unsubscribe, demonstrating the visibility of their public description to those on the list.
Kartra Leads (30)
Congratulations! Your list is officially created. Now, it’s time to turbocharge it with some awesome leads. There are two super cool ways to do this: 1. Import leads like a boss or 2. Create an opt-in form that will have leads flocking to you.If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also hop back to “My Lists” and take a peek at your leads. You’re in the driver’s seat now, baby! Assign those leads to your list, and watch your empire grow.
Kartra Leads (31)

There are two ways to assign your existing leads to your lists.

The first task requires you to assign each lead one by one.

  • Select “Leads.”
  • To add a lead to the list, simply click on their name.
  • Select the “Lists” tab.
Kartra Leads (32)
  • Choose a list from the dropdown menu and then click “Add.”
Kartra Leads (33)
  • Press Save.

The second option provides the opportunity to choose and include multiple leads in the list.

  • Select “Leads.”
  • Check the box next to the name of the lead you would like to include in the list.
Kartra Leads (34)
  • To subscribe to the list, choose “Subscribe” from the Actions dropdown menu.
  • Click on the List and then click “Save.”
Kartra Leads (35)

Kartra Lead Tags and Categories

Tags can be used to label your leads and can be categorized for better organization.

Categories: the secret sauce to supercharging your campaigns! Easily group and identify similar tags to create laser-focused and powerful marketing strategies.

Get ready to dazzle with these amazing tags!

  • Basic-Member
  • Advanced-Member
  • VIP-Member

These three tags can be organized into the following category.

  • Membership-Sales
An instructional guide on creating Kartra tags and categories to effectively organize leads.

To create a tag, follow these steps:

  • Select “Communications.”
  • Select “Tags.”
  • Choose the “Categories” tab.
  • Click “+ Category.”
Kartra Leads (36)
  • Input the category name.
Kartra Leads (37)

To create a tag, follow these instructions.

  • Click “Communications.”
  • Select “Tags.”
  • Click “+ Tag.”
Kartra Leads (38)
  • Get creative and make your mark by choosing a catchy tag name and description. Select a category, decide if your tag is timeless or has an expiration date, and let the magic happen with a simple click on “Create!”
Kartra Leads (39)

After creating your tags, you have the ability to assign them to your contacts.

There are two ways to assign tags to your existing leads.

The first task involves assigning tags to each lead on an individual basis.

  • Select “Leads.”
  • Select the name of the lead you would like to tag.
Kartra Leads (40)
  • To add a tag, click the “+ Add” button on the profile tab.
Kartra Leads (41)
  • Choose the category and tag, then click “Add”.
Kartra Leads (42)

The second option allows users to select multiple leads and tag them simultaneously.

  • Select “Leads.”
  • Mark the box next to the names of the leads you wish to tag.
  • To assign a tag, choose “Assign Tag” from the Actions dropdown menu.
Kartra Leads (43)
  • Choose the category and tag and then click “Add.”
Kartra Leads (44)

Kartra Vs. Leadpages: Features and Tools Comparison

The features of both platforms are outlined below to provide a better understanding of their similarities and differences.
Kartra Leads (45)
#1. Email And Marketing Automation:

When comparing Kartra and Leadpages, there is a noticeable distinction in regards to email and marketing automation.

Kartra offers a comprehensive marketing automation solution that includes advanced capabilities for email automation.

Kartra offers the functionality to create trigger-based sequences that send automated emails to leads based on their behavior or actions.

Kartra Leads (46)

With Kartra, you can take your marketing to the next level by customizing your messages and campaigns to perfectly match your subscribers’ unique interests and preferences. It’s like giving each subscriber a personalized VIP experience they won’t be able to resist!

However, Leadpages falls short when it comes to email automation, leaving businesses in need of advanced email capabilities to turn to the more powerful and versatile Kartra.

In the battle of marketing automation platforms, Kartra reigns supreme. With its extensive range of advanced features and capabilities, Kartra is the ultimate choice for businesses seeking to elevate their marketing automation workflows to new levels of sophistication.

#2. Landing Page Builder:

Both software options provide a range of features to assist in the creation of effective and conversion-driven pages.

Kartra unleashes an ingenious page builder, boasting an array of mind-blowing customizable templates, ultra-smooth drag-and-drop elements, and futuristic design tools that will leave you spellbound.

Kartra Leads (47)

Kartra is a platform that offers the ability to create customized landing pages to meet your specific requirements. It also provides advanced features such as A/B testing, dynamic content, countdown timers, and exit popups to enhance your landing pages and increase conversion rates.

Leadpages is the superhero of landing page software! With its exceptional streamlined and user-friendly page builder, you’ll be soaring through your website creation like never before. Say goodbye to frustration and hello to a hassle-free experience that will leave you feeling like a web design wizard.

Leadpages, the ultimate tool for jaw-dropping landing pages, gives you access to a mind-blowing collection of over 200+ customizable templates. With its drag-and-drop interface, you can effortlessly create stunning pages in a snap. But wait, there’s more! Leadpages takes customization and advanced design options to a whole new level, leaving Kartra in the dust.

Kartra Leads (48)
Leadpages dominates this feature by offering a truly mesmerizing and user-friendly landing page builder, leaving Kartra in the dust.
#3. Custom Relationship Management:

Kartra blows away the competition when it comes to CRM software!

Experience the power of Kartra’s all-in-one CRM platform, packed with game-changing features suchs email marketing, stunning landing pages, exclusive membership sites, and seamless video hosting.

Kartra Leads (49)

Kartra is a comprehensive platform that allows you control over all aspects of your customer relationships, including lead generation, sales, and customer service. Additionally, Kartra offers advanced automation features like behavior-based triggers, lead scoring, and tagging, which can assist in segmenting your audience and delivering tailored messaging.

However, Leadpages does not offer a built-in CRM platform. Nevertheless, it does provide integrations with popular CRM platforms, such as Salesforce and Hubspot, enabling you to seamlessly synchronize your leads and contacts from Leadpages to your CRM system. This integration can effectively enhance lead management and automate sales processes.

#4. Tracking And Analytics:

Discover the ultimate platform to supercharge your marketing campaigns, with cutting-edge features designed to track and analyze every detail. Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or just getting started, these software options have got you covered!

Kartra provides advanced tracking and analytics tools that empower you to effortlessly monitor your campaigns and make informed, data-driven decisions.

Unlock the power of Kartra to turbocharge your business! From tracking conversions and sales to monitoring the jaw-dropping performance of your email campaigns and landing pages, Kartra has it all. Say hello to game-changing insights and watch your revenue soar.

In addition, Leadpages goes above and beyond by providing you with essential tracking and analytics tools. Stay in the know about your conversion rates and effortlessly monitor the success of your landing pages with their state-of-the-art analytics dashboard.

Kartra Leads (50)
However, Leadpages’ tracking and analytics tools are less extensive than Kartra’s. For these reasons, Kartra wins this feature.
#5. Third-party Integration:

Both software options provide integrations with many third-party applications, which can assist in streamlining workflows and automating marketing processes.

Kartra is your one-stop solution for all your business needs. Seamlessly integrate with top platforms like Zapier, PayPal, Stripe, and many more! With Kartra, you can effortlessly connect your marketing automations, CRM systems, payment gateways, and other essential tools to create an unmatched customer experience.

Kartra Leads (51)

With Kartra’s incredible integrations, you can unleash the power of automation and effortlessly conquer your marketing game. From nurturing leads to segmenting customers and rocking email campaigns, it’s all within your grasp. Get ready to skyrocket your success!

Explore a world of possibilities with Leadpages! From seamless integrations with powerhouses like Zapier, Google Analytics, and Facebook, to capturing leads and tracking customer behavior across multiple platforms – we’ve revolutionized targeted marketing campaigns like never before.

Kartra Leads (52)
Based on our evaluation, Leadpages emerges as the superior choice due to its extensive tool integration capabilities, which enable effective monitoring, growth, and scalability of websites.
#6. Sales Funnel Builder:

Kartra’s funnel builder is a reliable tool that offers a wide range of tools and features for creating and managing sales funnels.

Unlock the power of Kartra and unleash your business potential! With our revolutionary platform, you can effortlessly craft captivating multi-step funnels, tailored landing pages, irresistible opt-in forms, and seamless checkout experiences. Say hello to endless possibilities – from order bumps to upsells, downsells, and beyond!

Kartra can be used to track the performance and analytics of your funnel in order to optimize conversion rates and revenue.

Kartra is superior in this aspect because Leadpages lacks a dedicated funnel-building feature.

Leadpages offers a range of templates for landing pages, opt-in forms, and lead magnets, but they are not seamlessly integrated into a unified sales funnel. Instead, you will need to manually connect each page, which can be time-consuming and difficult to manage.

#7. Membership Site:

The membership site feature offered by Kartra enables users to create and manage membership sites, online courses, and training programs.

Kartra allows users to create various membership levels, deliver content gradually to members, provide one-time or recurring payment options, and customize the user experience through branding, themes, and other features.

Kartra Leads (54)

Your membership site can be seamlessly integrated with other Kartra features such as email marketing, affiliate management, and sales funnels.

In contrast, Leadpages does not provide a specific feature for building membership sites. Consequently, you will need to handle the creation and management of your membership site manually, utilizing external tools. This process may prove time-consuming and demanding.

Based on these reasons, Kartra is the winner in this feature.

#8. White Labeling And Custom Branding:

Kartra’s white-label feature allows for complete customization of the platform’s appearance, including branding, domain, and logo.

It is also possible to create custom login pages for clients, manage their accounts, set up custom URLs, and customize email notifications.

Kartra’s white-label feature allows for complete customization of the platform’s appearance, including branding, domain, and logo.

It is also possible to create custom login pages for clients, manage their accounts, set up custom URLs, and customize email notifications.

Kartra Leads (55)

Unfortunately, Leadpages doesn’t offer the option to completely white-label their platform. So while you can add your own branding to your pages, you won’t be able to fully customize the platform to match your unique brand.

When it comes to white labeling, Kartra is the clear winner! With its incredible flexibility and extensive customization options, it’s the perfect choice for those who value branding and customization.

#9. Course And Video Hosting:

Unfortunately, Leadpages falls short in the course and video hosting department.

Kartra is here to revolutionize your online business experience with its amazing built-in course and video hosting feature. Say goodbye to juggling multiple platforms, because with Kartra, you can effortlessly create, host, and manage your courses, products, and memberships all in one convenient place! Get ready to unleash your full potential with Kartra.

Kartra Leads (56)
Access and payment options for your products and courses can be managed directly from the Kartra platform.
#10. Money Back Guarantee

Experience the power of Kartra risk-free! Our 30-day money-back guarantee ensures your complete satisfaction. If you’re not blown away by Kartra’s incredible features, simply cancel your account within 30 days of signing up and we’ll happily refund every penny.

At Leadpages, we’ve got you covered with our unbeatable 7-day money-back guarantee! Cancel within the first 14 days of signing up and get a full refund. Just a heads up though, once your card is charged for a subscription, we can’t offer a money-back guarantee.

Don’t forget! You gotta follow their rules if you want your money back. Give ’em a chance to fix things before asking for a refund. And hey, keep in mind that not everything is refundable. But guess what? Kartra takes the cake in this department!

#11. Webinar

Kartra has a built-in webinar hosting platform, eliminating the need for third-party services and saving time and money.

Kartra allows you to host, record, and replay webinars without any concerns about bandwidth or storage limits. It also provides the ability to communicate with webinar attendees in real-time, addressing their inquiries and keeping them involved.

Kartra offers comprehensive analytics on your webinars, displaying attendance numbers, duration of stay, and page interactions. This data can be utilized to enhance your future webinars.

In contrast, Leadpages does not include a webinar feature, but it is possible to integrate it with third-party webinar tools.

When comparing the webinar features of Kartra and Leadpages, Kartra offers a more comprehensive set of features. If you are in need of a platform that has all the necessary webinar features, then Kartra would be the recommended choice.

Kartra Vs. Leadpages: Pricing Comparison

Kartra Pricing Plan:

Below is a breakdown of the available Kartra pricing plans and a description of what you can expect from each one.

Kartra Leads (58)
Starter Plan:
Get ready to experience the power of Kartra! For just $119 a month, the Kartra Starter plan has everything you need to take your business to the next level. With up to 2,500 contacts, unlimited emails, one custom domain, unlimited pages, videos, and products, as well as unlimited membership sites and bandwidth, the possibilities are endless. But wait, there’s more! You also get five additional team members to help you conquer the world. Just remember, the Kartra Starter plan doesn’t include the Kartra Funnel Stimulator, Kartra Webinar, Kartra Agency, Affiliate Management, Basic Automations, and Helpdesk support features. So what are you waiting for? Dive into the Kartra revolution today!
Growth Plan:
The Kartra Growth Plan is priced at $229 per month and includes features such as up to 12,500 contacts, three custom domains, ten team members, unlimited email per month, unlimited bandwidth, pages, videos, products, membership sites, and help desks. Additionally, users will have access to Kartra’s Funnel Stimulator, Kartra Agency, and Kartra Webinar feature.
Professional Plan:
With the Kartra Professional Plan, you’ll have the ultimate marketing powerhouse at your fingertips. Get ready to take your business to new heights with its incredible features: up to 25,000 contacts, five custom domains, 20 team members, a live chat helpdesk, advanced automations, and so much more. All this for just $549 a month. Don’t miss out on this game-changing opportunity!

Leadpages Pricing Plan:

Leadpages offers an array of pricing plans that cater to your unique needs!

  • Standard plan
  • Pro plan
  • Advanced plan
Kartra Leads (59)
The Standard Plan:
The Leadpages Standard plan is priced at $49 per month. This plan offers conversion tools for lead generation, including landing pages, pop-ups, alert bars, unlimited traffic, and leads. It also includes a custom domain, mobile-responsive site templates, and over 90 standard integrations.
The Pro Plan:
The Leadpages’ most popular plan costs $99 per month. It offers tools for sales, testing, and optimization. The plan includes everything from the Standard plan, like three custom domains, unlimited A/B split testing, online sales and payments, and tech support via phone, chat, and email. You’ll also get a 1-on-1 quick start call to help you get started.
The Advanced Plan:
The Leadpages Advanced plan is priced at $399 per month and provides access to advanced features that cater to client needs. It includes all the features of the Pro plan, up to 50 custom domains, free hosting, priority phone tech support, and other advanced features.

Kartra Vs. Leadpages: Pros and Cons

When considering both platforms, it is important to assess the advantages and disadvantages. Let us examine them.
Kartra Leads (60)
Kartra Leads (61)

Kartra Vs Leadpages: Which Is Better Overall?

Kartra reigns supreme in the ultimate showdown between these platforms. With its unmatched all-in-one capabilities, Kartra delivers a powerhouse package encompassing email marketing, automation, sales funnels, membership sites, and beyond. Brace yourself for a game-changing solution that caters to businesses of every size.

Leadpages: the ultimate weapon for businesses aiming to master lead generation and create killer landing pages. Take your marketing game to the next level with this essential tool, custom-made for streamlining your lead-generation process. Make the smart choice and seize the future of your business with Leadpages.

Based on my personal experience, I find Kartra to be a preferable choice compared to other options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kartra a CRM?

Kartra’s all-inclusive platform has got you covered with a state-of-the-art CRM tool! Seamlessly manage your leads while effortlessly sending engaging email and SMS communications. It’s a game-changer!

Can I Contact My Kartra Leads by Email or SMS?

Absolutely! Kartra offers the perfect combo of email and SMS communications to fuel your marketing success!

What Can I Add to My Kartra Lead’s Profile?

With Kartra, you have the power to personalize your leads’ profiles by incorporating their name, email, phone numbers, address, and even their social media accounts. But wait, there’s more! You can also add custom fields to make their profiles as unique as they are. The possibilities are endless with Kartra!

What do you use Kartra and Leadpages for?

Both platforms are software platforms that are based in the cloud and assist businesses in creating landing pages, sales funnels, and marketing automations.

Kartra is an all-in-one marketing platform that offers email marketing, membership site creation, video hosting, and various other features. On the other hand, Leadpages primarily focuses on assisting businesses in creating high-quality landing pages quickly and easily.

Which platform is more suitable for small businesses or startups?

When comparing Leadpages and Kartra, some may find Leadpages to be a better fit for small businesses or startups because of its affordable pricing plans and user-friendly interface. Leadpages offers essential features for creating high-quality landing pages. However, those seeking a more comprehensive marketing solution with advanced features such as video hosting, membership sites, and white-labeling may prefer Kartra, despite its higher price.

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