Kartra 30-Day Trial

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Are you interested in a trial or free trial of Kartra?

Kartra has a 14 day trial available, however, longer trial periods may be offered.It would be beneficial to double the sample size of the trial.

There are both positive and negative developments. Kartra does not offer a free trial. A trial version of Kartra is available for a minimal fee of one dollar.

If you are considering an extended trial of Kartra, be sure to read this post for details on how to proceed with the sign up process.

Kartra 30-day trial

What is Kartra?

Kartra is an all-in-one marketing software system that offers a comprehensive suite of tools for business owners who are building their business from the ground up. It has features such as sales funnels which are not available in certain other software systems such as Clickfunnels or LeadPages. Consider Kartra for your needs if you are aiming to build a business from the ground up.

Kartra offers an extensive suite of integrated sales and marketing solutions, including features for email, page creation, opt-in forms, checkout processes and sales funnels.

Kartra is a comprehensive technology marketing platform that facilitates the execution of various e-commerce processes within one platform, making efficient use of resources.

Kartra offers several pricing packages, along with a trial option.

Karta Free Trial

How Does The Kartra Free Trial Work?

When subscribing to Kartra, you can select a package according to the amount of contacts and emails you have in mind.

Sign up for a 14-day Kartra trial.

Follow this link to access your free trial offer and visit the Kartra website.To begin your trial, select the “Start Trial” button on the top menu or “Start My 14 Day Trial Now” button below the video.

The pop-up box will open for you to enter your details and select Continue.Activating your trial is straightforward.

When you sign up for a free trial of Kartra, you’ll receive these features.

  • Funnels & Campaigns
  • Lead – CRM
  • Checkout – eCommerce
  • Page Builder
  • Email automation
  • Form Builder
  • Survey & Quizzes
  • Video hosting
  • Product Delivery
  • Affiliate management
  • Membership Portal
  • Calendar and Scheduling
  • Help Desk
  • The trial offers all available features.

Is there a Kartra 30 Day TRIAL?

At the moment, there is no Kartra 30-Day FREE TRIAL available. However, you can sign up for a 14-Day Trial at $1, which includes access to all the integrated tools necessary to market, sell and deliver your products online.

Step to Get Kartra 30 Day Trial as follow:

Step 1: Visit The Kartra Homepage

To get started, follow the link to access the Kartra homepage.

For your convenience, I have included a link below.

  • Visit the homepage by clicking this link.

This is what it will look like.

GoHighLevel Alternatives

Step 1 is important.

Ensure you locate the yellow button in the image, containing the words “start your trial”.

It is essential to click the link provided above or beneath if you do not find the exact words “begin your trial”. Otherwise, this free method will not be successful.

  • Visit the homepage by clicking this link.

To begin your Kartra trial, locate the yellow button featuring the “start your trial” call to action and select it.

To complete the task, you must enter the following.

  • Your first name.
  • Your last name.
  • And your email address.

Proceed to the next page by clicking continue and submitting your information.

Step 2: Activate Your 30 Day Trial

This has been quite straightforward thus-dis.

Follow the usual steps to get a Kartra trial, but with an additional bonus.

Your Kartra account has been successfully set up.

You will be taken to a page with a variety of Kartra plans.

If the steps outlined in this page are followed and an account created with Kartra, you can take advantage of the double your trial offer.

Experiment by hovering over the exit button on your tab.

A Kartra trial can be doubled for a limited time via a popup notification.

That is interesting.

Remember to consider this.

  • To begin your 30 day Kartra trial, sign up on this page.

Following the steps above will allow you to extend your trial period. You now have access to a longer trial period with Kartra.

Is There a Kartra 60 Day Trial?

Currently, Kartra offers only a $1 for 14 days trial. No 60 Day trial is available.

There is a $1 for 30 days Kartra trial available, giving you the chance to test their product for an extended period.

If you decide that you do not wish to continue using the service, you can unsubscribe at any time.

How To Get The Most Out of Your Kartra Trial

Kartra offers a free trial which allows users to test its features with no commitment. Easy-to-use tools are included in order to assess functionality, and all services are consolidated in one place for convenience.

  • It is possible to design comprehensive sales funnels for your business.
  • Set up an eCommerce store, membership program and online course.
  • Generate leads and increase traffic.
  • Automation can assist in following up with customers and potentially increase sales.

You can take advantage of a trial account on the Kartra platform to manage your business needs from one convenient hub.

How Much Does Kartra Cost After Trial Period Ends?

When considering sign up for Kartra, four options are available depending on your requirements and budget.

The Kartra Starter plan is priced at $99 per month.

This package allows managing 2,500 leads and sending 15,000 emails per month, in addition to having access to most Kartra features. The Agency feature is not included.

The Kartra Silver plan is available for $199 a month.

This package provides the capability to handle up to 12,500 leads and unlimited email sending. It also includes the provision of up to 3 custom domains and offers unrestricted access to other features such as Agency.
The Kartra Gold plan is priced at $299 per month.

This package offers a capability for managing up to 25,000 leads and sending unlimited emails. It provides the possibility of including 5 custom domains and uninterrupted access to all other features, including Agency.

Finally, the Kartra Platinum plan is available for $499/month.

The Karta package enables users to handle up to 50,000 leads and send unlimited emails, as well as access up to 10 custom domains and unlimited usage of their additional features, such as Agency.

Kartra provides a 30-day money-back guarantee, and customers may receive up to 25% off when paying yearly.

Kartra Trial Pros & Cons


  • A system that combines multiple business management features.
  • It is easy and quick to create funnels.
  • Conduct split testing and track conversions of customers.
  • Experience the most advanced built-in email autoresponders.
  • End your tech-related headaches.


  • Kartra offers a 14-day trial that requires a card subscription to pay for $1, making it an affordable option.
  • This platform is quite extensive, take the time to familiarize yourself with it thoroughly.

Why Do You Need To Try Kartra Trial?

Kartra serves as an all-in-one tool to help scale your business. Benefits of using Kartra may be considered within several aspects.

  • This product provides Done-For-You Marketing Campaigns which can help to build a brand and increase business growth.
  • This service provides access to the necessary tools for setting up and running an online business.
  • Kartra offers low-cost pricing plans, including a starter plan with full access to essential features for $99 per month with no additional fees.
  • Kartra offers one-on-one consultation with an expert after signup to help set up the platform efficiently.
  • Kartra’s page builder is designed to make it easy for visitors to input their information quickly.
  • Kartra’s analytics feature offers extensive insights into sales, returns, cancellations, rebills and more, making it the superior choice among competitors.
  • The Done-For-You-Campaign assists customers in a process towards the goal of making a sale, providing step-by-step guidance.

Who is Kartra For?

  • Course creators produce educational content.
  • Affiliates who promote products and services for commission.
  • Those who create membership sites.
  • Digital agencies seeking to expand their client base.
  • Coaches who are seeking to acquire additional clients and wish to automate their promotional campaigns.
  • Using local businesses for generating leads.
  • Organizations of any size require business automation services.
  • Generally, an online business requires Kartra.

Kartra Trial FAQs

Is there a FREE Trial of Kartra?

No, Kartra offers a 14-day trial for $1 which includes all the features available for businesses.

Does my $1 Kartra 14 Day Trial allow me the full functions of Kartra?

Yes, the Kartra $1 trial offers all important features to help grow your business in one tool, without limitation.

Where can I learn more about Kartra?

For more information on Kartra, read our full review or visit the official website.

What is the difference between the Kartra $1 trial and the paid version in Kartra?

Kartra offers the same features across all plans. However, the $1 trial plan has a limited duration of 14 days and must be followed by a payment plan to continue using the platform.


Kartra has many features, is user-friendly, and provides efficient services, making it a popular choice for digital marketers.

Packages are available to meet the needs of both novice and experienced users with single or multiple campaigns.Agencies that require an interactive marketing platform for campaigns with clients can benefit from this solution.

If you are undecided, consider taking advantage of the Kartra free trial for 14 days at a discounted rate of $1.Launching digital marketing campaigns may be a beneficial decision.

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