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Kartra has recently been updated with a new appearance, and the developers have been working on adding improved features. One of the standout features is the Kartra Webinar Tool, which can be beneficial for online businesses to expand their customer base.

Kartra Webinar

What Is Kartra Webinar Tool?

Introducing Kartra’s revolutionary new webinar feature, an innovative tool that empowers you to:

  • Experience the power of interactive webinars and unleash the magic of live presentations!
  • Discover the magic of automated webinar replays!
  • Offer on-demand webinars to both leads and customers.

The webinar feature is now fully integrated into Kartra so there is no need to plug in a 3rd party software like WebinarJam.

How Can I Use Kartra Webinars To Grow My Business?

Webinars have multiple applications, making them a valuable tool for any online business. To capture and convert warm leads, consider utilizing Kartra webinar funnels.

Use Kartra Webinar Funnels to:
  • Attract more leads: Webinars can be used as a lead generation strategy to help increase your customer base.
  • Establish authority: Demonstrate your knowledge to establish yourself as an industry expert.
  • Increase audience engagement: Create webinars that are both interactive and informative, leading to increased conversions.
  • Scale your webinars: Webinars can be utilized to increase profits and expand your target audience.
  • Follow up with leads: Nurture leads and position yourself as their preferred option when they are prepared to buy.

Webinars are a versatile tool that can be used for various purposes, such as offering them for free or exclusive content, generating leads, engaging with clients through live workshops, training employees, and onboarding new hires.

Kartra offers pre-built webinar templates that allow you to create appealing landing pages for promoting your webinar, which simplifies the process.

Kartra Webinar Main Features

Kartra’s webinar features offer a variety of options to enhance your webinars. Users have the ability to customize and adjust settings to align with their specific requirements and branding.

  • Events can be created with various scheduling options such as pre-scheduled, ongoing, or instant.
  • Instant Events / Right Now.Live webinars in Kartra are designed for immediate execution.
  • Ongoing / Always On.
  • Pre-recorded webinars are designed for the purpose of reuse.
  • The room is available 24/7.
  • The branded link and live room will stay the same.
  • Each event produces a fresh replay recording and chat log, replacing the previous records.
  • Scheduled webinars
  • The live Kartra webinar is scheduled ahead of time.
  • Customers are required to complete a registration form, following which they will receive a webinar link via email.
Kartra Webinar
  • Include customized logos for branding purposes.
  • You can select either free or paid registrations.
  • Kindly forward event confirmations and reminder emails.
  • Live events can be configured to include polls, product promotions, videos, slide shows, and file-sharing capabilities.
  • Provide customers with access to recorded replays of live events.
  • Advanced automations can be created based on registrants’ behavior to automate email campaigns within the Kartra webinar funnel.
  • Track engagement metrics before and after your online presentations.
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How To Do A Webinar In Kartra

Kartra is a platform with dynamic functionality, however, using Kartra for webinars necessitates preparation. Even skilled public speakers would not consider going on stage without a written speech or prompts.

Here are five tips for preparing in advance to ensure you deliver a well-organized, professional, and engaging webinar.

  • Slide Presentation: You can create your slide deck in advance using commonly available software like MS PowerPoint. This will allow you to have slides with helpful content to assist in guiding your discussion.

If you are new to this, a pre-prepared webinar script template could be a useful option.

Pro Tip: Prepare your slide presentation in advance and have it uploaded to Kartra, so you can easily share it during your webinar.

  • Files & Handouts: To ensure a professional and organized appearance, it is recommended to upload all files to Kartra in advance if you need to share content with your attendees.
  • Videos: Kartra webinar offers the feature of playing pre-set videos during your live broadcast, allowing you to seamlessly incorporate video content into your webinar.
  • Product Offer: With Kartra webinar, users have the option to set up an offer that will be shown in the chat box. Additionally, a countdown timer can be included as well.
  • Polls and Quizzes: These tactics are effective for maintaining attendee engagement. They can be prearranged and implemented at regular intervals during your presentation.

5 Tips For Webinars Lead Generation

Kartra Webinar (3)
Webinars are effective in generating leads and building trust with your audience. To create high-converting webinars in Kartra, focus on engagement. The structure of your content plays a vital role. Here are five tips to create successful webinars.

Compelling Title: Solve Problems and Build Excitement with this Strong Title that Encourages Attendance.

  • Get Fully Booked All Summer – Wedding Photographer Secrets to Success
  • 5 Critical Steps to Building a 6-Figure Airbnb Management Business
  • 5 Ideas to Make $5,000/Month Using Amazon KDP

Grab Attention Early: To ensure participant engagement from the start, strategies such as incorporating teasers and reminding them of the purpose of the webinar can be effective. An attention-grabbing opener can be exemplified as follows:

Today, I will be discussing how to generate a significant income through Amazon KDP. I will be sharing five proven ideas, and as an added bonus, I will provide a step-by-step blueprint for success.

Deliver Value: Offering informative and comprehensive content is important in establishing credibility and trust, as it demonstrates expertise and knowledge on the subject matter.

Strong CALL TO ACTION: If steps 1-4 have been successfully implemented in a way that aligns with the promotion, it becomes convenient to direct your audience towards the call to action (CTA). The CTA may involve downloading a resource, booking a demo, or starting a free trial.

If there is a favorable offer, one can proceed to make a purchase.

Follow up: If your attendees have given consent to be included in your email list, you can maintain the progression. Send follow-up emails after the webinar to cultivate leads and promote further interaction. It is also necessary to express gratitude for their attendance or purchase.

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The Cost Of Kartra Webinar

The Kartra webinar tool is included in the Growth and Professional Kartra Pricing Plans.

Users on the Kartra Starter Plan do not have access to this feature.

If you are interested in learning more about Katra, we recommend reading our review article for a comprehensive overview of all the main Kartra features and pricing.


Kartra Webinar Tool emerges as a potent instrument for online business growth, offering a comprehensive solution for interactive and automated webinars. The platform’s integration of features like pre-scheduled, ongoing, and instant events, along with branded links and 24/7 availability, showcases its versatility and accessibility. The article underscores the importance of preparation in utilizing Kartra for webinars, providing tips on creating impactful presentations, incorporating multimedia seamlessly, and engaging the audience with polls and offers.

The lead generation tips emphasize the significance of a compelling title, valuable content delivery, and post-webinar nurturing. The pricing details reveal that the Kartra Webinar Tool is accessible through specific plans, with an affiliate disclosure expressing gratitude for supporting the platform. Ultimately, the article encourages users to unlock the full potential of their online business by embracing Kartra’s webinar features and participating in the digital revolution.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Kartra Webinar Tool?

Kartra Webinar Tool is a feature within the Kartra online marketing platform designed to facilitate interactive and automated webinars. It allows users to conduct live presentations, offer on-demand webinars, and seamlessly integrate the entire process into the Kartra platform.

How is Kartra Webinar different from other webinar tools?

Kartra Webinar Tool stands out by being fully integrated into the Kartra platform, eliminating the need for third-party software. It offers a range of features such as pre-scheduled, ongoing, and instant events, always-on pre-recorded webinars, and advanced automations.

Can I use Kartra Webinar for both live and automated webinars?

Yes, Kartra Webinar Tool supports both live webinars and automated webinar replays. This flexibility allows users to engage with their audience in real-time and also provide on-demand content for leads and customers

How can I customize my webinars with Kartra?

Kartra provides customizable webinar templates, making it easy to create captivating landing pages tailored to your brand. The platform offers configuration options to tailor webinars to your unique style, including personalized logos and branding elements.

Is Kartra suitable for beginners in webinar hosting?

Yes, Kartra is designed to be user-friendly, and even beginners can leverage its powerful webinar features. The platform provides guidance on planning events, incorporating multimedia elements, and utilizing interactive features like polls and quizzes.

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