Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Review

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Affiliate marketing is a method that allows individuals to make money online by promoting products and services of others. If you are interested in learning about affiliate marketing for beginners, you have come to the right place.

The Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course has received positive reviews, highlighting its effectiveness in improving money-making strategies.

After completing the course, we have successfully earned a full-time income through affiliate marketing and blogging, and highly recommend it.

If you are interested in starting or already have a blog, we suggest considering affiliate marketing as a way to increase your income.

In our review of the best affiliate marketing course for beginners, we will discuss the course content, our personal experience and results, the strengths and weaknesses, the target audience, and frequently asked questions.

At the conclusion of our review, you will gain a clearer comprehension of affiliate marketing and the potential to generate additional income this month.

If you are interested in starting a blog, you may want to consider our Start Your Blog Bootcamp, which provides valuable resources for monetizing your blog.

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing review

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a method of earning income by recommending products or services through an affiliate link, resulting in a commission when a purchase is made.

As an example, one of my recommended personal finance books that I mention on my blog is The Millionaire Next Door (affiliate link), available for purchase on Amazon. By clicking on my affiliate link and making a purchase, I would receive a small commission, with no extra cost to you.

Here is a snapshot of my Amazon affiliate earnings for the month, which totaled $841.87.

Amazon Associates is not a significant source of income for me, and it is not one of my preferred methods of monetizing through affiliate links. The commissions they pay are relatively low compared to other affiliate programs. However, these smaller commissions can accumulate over time and require minimal effort on your part.

The example provided was for illustrative purposes only, and it is important to understand that affiliate marketing involves more than simply inserting random affiliate links into blog posts.

Additionally, I have generated a substantial income through various affiliate programs, including one specific program unrelated to Amazon:

Michelle discusses a successful strategy in her affiliate marketing course.

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing review

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Review Updated in 2023

Get ready for an amazing interview with Michelle! Discover her valuable insights on affiliate marketing in my unbiased review of Making Sense of Cents. Don’t hesitate! Start exploring now and find the hidden gems here.

This course completely transformed my life when I first embarked on my blogging journey years ago! Out of all the courses I’ve taken as a beginner and intermediate, I can’t stress enough how much I highly recommend this one.

Although I have not met Michelle in person, we have had several interactions via email. I must say that Michelle is a remarkable individual who has been extremely helpful and responsive to any genuine inquiries.

Throughout this blog post, I will provide honest thoughts and suggestions for improvement. Overall, this course is filled with informative content and is user-friendly.

What is Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Course

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing review

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing was created by Michelle in 2016 and has maintained its popularity through regular updates.

Michelle has helped over 8,000 bloggers, including myself as one of her former students, learn how to generate affiliate income on their blogs. She created her course in response to the frequent inquiries about her methods for earning affiliate income, and she determined that an e-course would be the most effective means of assisting numerous bloggers simultaneously.

Michelle has earned over $5,000,000 from her blog since it started, indicating successful strategies over time.

What's Inside the Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing E-course?

The course Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing offers 6 modules, over 30 lessons, over 20 worksheets, bonuses, an exclusive Facebook group, and additional resources.

  • This is an explanation of affiliate marketing and its functioning.
  • The advantages of affiliate marketing.
  • The specific actions I have taken to generate more than $300,000 from a single blog post.
  • Methods for selecting suitable affiliate products for promotion.
  • Ways to improve conversion rates
  • Strategies for building trust and retaining followers
  • Here are the necessary disclosures you need to be aware of.
  • The necessary tool for affiliate marketing.
  • Various strategies can be employed to promote affiliate products.
  • Learn how to effectively utilize Pinterest for successful affiliate marketing, including the latest rules and regulations regarding Pinterest affiliates.

Who is Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing For?

Michelle is a trusted expert in affiliate marketing and provides comprehensive guidance to bloggers looking to monetize their blogs through affiliate marketing. The course is suitable for both new and intermediate bloggers:


One advantageous aspect is that Michelle is skilled at communicating with beginners. If you haven’t made much progress with affiliate marketing, it can be helpful to have someone simplify the concepts for you.

When experiencing low body temperature, an individual may have a preference for a blanket that provides warmth.

Michelle’s course provides support and guidance for beginners to help them stay motivated and focused on their personal progress.


Michelle’s language is straightforward and accessible, yet highly impactful.

Many experts and authoritative figures often fail to effectively communicate with their students by not considering their level of understanding. This can lead to the use of unfamiliar jargon and overwhelming tasks that may make it difficult for beginners to achieve their goals.

Some experts may omit mentioning prerequisites, assuming a basic understanding, even though it may not be common knowledge.

Michelle carefully explains each step so that you can fully understand and take action.

There are necessary legal disclosures that beginners must be aware of when conducting affiliate reviews or mentioning an affiliate link. Michelle provides clear instructions on how to properly disclose your affiliate links without using complex language. It is crucial to ensure that your affiliate links are disclosed correctly to avoid any complications.


The way she explains things is straightforward and relatable, making it easier for students to understand without unnecessary complexity or a display of advanced knowledge.

Consider the scenario where you are in Kindergarten and learning how to count from 1 to 10. It would not be ideal if your teacher suddenly introduced a multiplication timetable or started teaching Grade 12 calculus.

That might cause confusion, correct?

Many experts in the field tend to focus on their own knowledge rather than breaking down the basics for beginners, which can be difficult for newcomers to understand. However, Michelle takes a different approach and her course is designed for individuals who are new to affiliate marketing and have not yet achieved any success.


One great aspect of her course is that it is self-paced, allowing you to go through it at your own preferred speed.

One way to achieve mini goals is by dedicating 60 minutes each day to complete a module. The course consists of 6 modules with multiple chapters and sections, so it may take approximately 1 week to finish if you maintain a steady pace.

Additionally, it is noteworthy that upon reading each section, one will observe the author’s authenticity and openness in sharing her strategies. This level of transparency is not commonly seen in the blogging industry, as she aims to assist beginners and intermediate bloggers without holding back any information, and strives to maximize their chances of success.


This course is suitable for independent learners and includes access to an exclusive Facebook group.

The Facebook Group serves as a support community where students in the course can engage with one another, ask questions, and receive feedback.

Participating in networking events allows you to connect with others who share similar experiences. Even as someone who tends to be more reserved in group settings, I have found value in observing and learning from others’ questions and Michelle’s responses.


It should be noted that this course does not guarantee quick wealth. It requires effort on your part to achieve results. However, if you are willing to put in the necessary work and follow the instructions, you will see results.

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Who is Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Not For?

There are various types of affiliate marketing courses available, and their quality may vary.

If you’re not willing to put in the necessary effort, this course may not be suitable for you to rely on as a sole source of full-time income.

This course is not intended for individuals seeking a quick fix or a shortcut to wealth. If that is your expectation, you may be disappointed as this course does not provide that.

This is not intended for individuals who require frequent assistance or rely on excuses.

To achieve results from implementing her affiliate marketing strategies, it is recommended to learn how to attract a high-quality audience by driving traffic to your blog. Taking initiative, putting in effort, and implementing all her strategies are necessary steps.

For those experiencing low website traffic, considering a Pinterest traffic course before fully committing to affiliate marketing may prove beneficial.

This option is not suitable for individuals who are already earning a full-time income with affiliate marketing, in addition to not having any traffic.

If you earn more than $10,000 exclusively from affiliate marketing and are looking for further advancement, this course may not be the best fit for you. However, you are still encouraged to enroll in the course to gain access to Michelle’s exclusive Facebook group, which provides excellent networking opportunities.

This course is designed for individuals who are not currently earning a full-time income with affiliate marketing and are willing to invest the necessary time and effort to learn and take action. If you are not interested in doing so, it is not recommended to spend your money on this course.


  • Michelle has a conversational style of speaking and teaching which makes it easy to understand. She is highly knowledgeable and articulate.
  • In my opinion, Michelle’s affiliate marketing course is a straightforward option among the available choices.
  • If you are a beginner who has followed through and implemented her teachings, it is likely that you will see results.
  • It seems as though she is providing a lot of guidance and support.
  • Her steps are highly effective and practical.
  • Based on my observations and experiences, she is very transparent and does not conceal anything from you like most bloggers tend to do.
  • This guide is straightforward and concise.
  • Michelle provides clear instructions on how to navigate from point A to B, and from B to C, and so forth.
  • If your blog already has traffic, you may see immediate results within the next 24 hours, such as earning over $100 in just a few days like I did when I was a beginner.
  • Her affiliate marketing strategies can be applied to various niches such as food, beauty, travel, self-development, parenting, business, finance, and more.
  • She provides a comprehensive list of reputable affiliate programs categorized by niche, ensuring they are worth your time.
  • Michelle provides valuable information on how to avoid rejection from affiliate programs.
  • One of the most valuable sections to review is the portion where she discusses receiving a commission increase from an affiliate program (this had a significant impact on me).
  • Completion of her course typically takes 1 to 2 days, but the implementation process may span a few months.
  • As a bonus, she provides an exclusive Facebook Group where intermediate and seasoned bloggers can access 24/7 assistance for questions.
  • Michelle provides assistance and personal feedback every second Sunday in her Facebook Group, ensuring that you receive exclusive support from her.


  • Some individuals in technical fields may perceive her writing style as overly informal and lacking in the formality typically associated with academic research papers. However, it is worth noting that her approachable tone enables ease of comprehension for a wide range of readers.
  • Due to her relaxed and informal writing style, one may underestimate the value of her insights and teachings. However, there is a wealth of valuable information to be found here. It is important to carefully read, absorb, and take her words seriously in the course.
  • According to some students who have taken the course, it does not cover advanced affiliate marketing strategies that involve analytical tracking. This type of strategy is typically employed by those seeking to earn more than $10,000 or $20,000 per month and is therefore irrelevant in the present context.
  • The absence of additional information didn’t affect my ability to achieve successful affiliate results. However, there are analytical bloggers who prefer having more factual and numeric information to read.
  • The course primarily consists of written content, resembling an e-book, with minimal visual or video components. Lack of videos did not deter me, but I understand that some individuals prefer them.
  • Michelle provides plenty of illustrative examples and screenshots to demonstrate how she earns more than $50,000 a month from her blog (which is an advantage), but it may be difficult for students without problem- solving skills or sound judgment to extrapolate the same techniques to another niche.
  • Michelle only uses personal finance or business blogs as examples, so the student should use their common sense and critical thinking skills to apply Michelle’s examples to other niches.
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How Much Does Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Cost?

The Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course is priced at $197, which is considered affordable for the value it provides.

FAQs About Making Money with Affiliate Marketing

Many students have asked me about starting their own blogs and making money with affiliate marketing. They also ask about using affiliate marketing on Pinterest. To save time, I’ve compiled these questions into an FAQ section on affiliate marketing. This allows me to help a larger number of people.


Yes, it is worth it.

If you’re new to this, consider giving affiliate marketing a shot. It’s a low-risk option that won’t require much investment, and you can gradually scale it up. The earning potential is unlimited. With dedication, a well-thought-out strategy, and some patience, you could even earn a six-figure income.

It is important to remember that starting small is the usual process, but as your traffic increases, you may also notice an increase in your affiliate income stream.

In less than two years, I used display ads from Google AdSense and Mediavine as well as affiliate marketing to generate a six-figure annual income.


It is possible to earn money through affiliate marketing. In this example, you can see a demonstration of earning $500 a day online solely from affiliate marketing, with the income being directly deposited into a bank account.


As a beginner blogger, understanding and engaging in affiliate marketing was challenging but is expected for those without prior experience.

Making money online was difficult when I first started, as I had no clue what I was doing. However, taking a beginner’s course in affiliate marketing changed everything. I went from earning nothing to making my first $100 and then $500 through affiliate marketing. This led to an increase in website traffic, which allowed me to create content and earn income through display ads and affiliate marketing.

Once I began making over $1,000 per month through affiliate marketing as a beginner, the task became less overwhelming. As I expanded my efforts, I managed to increase my affiliate earnings to $10,000+ monthly.


According to Glassdoor, the yearly average income for an affiliate marketer is approximately $76,498. However, this amount can vary between $68K and $176K when taking into account additional sources of compensation like cash bonuses, commissions, tips, or profit sharing.

Based on a survey conducted by Influencer Marketing Hub, the income situation for freelancers or business owners involved in their own affiliate marketing is displayed. The data indicates that a majority of affiliate marketers earn $10K or less per year, while around one-third earn more than $10K annually.

The figures are not promising. They are insufficient to make a living in most places. Most of the surveyed individuals do not engage in affiliate marketing as their full-time job. Additionally, those with demanding full-time jobs may struggle to allocate sufficient resources and maintain consistency in this area.

Based on observations and conversations with individuals in the affiliate marketing field, it is likely that the majority of affiliate marketers earn less than $100K per year. This income typically ranges between $25K and $60K, which can serve as a valuable supplemental source of income. Additionally, it is important to mention that those who earn less from affiliate marketing may generate more revenue from other online sources, such as display ads, product sales, and sponsored posts.

However, please keep in mind that this is based on my personal experience, so it may not be applicable to everyone.


To begin with affiliate marketing, first, determine your niche – what topics you are interested in and can create content about. I have a post that provides guidance on selecting a profitable niche.

One option is to create a platform, such as a blog or YouTube channel, to share content. I personally lean towards blogging because it aligns better with my introverted nature.

To join affiliate programs, find ones that offer relevant products for your niche. After acceptance, you’ll receive affiliate links for their products. But don’t apply without enough traffic. Insufficient traffic may result in removal from programs, wasting both your time and theirs. Make sure you have a significant amount of traffic before applying to any affiliate programs.

To effectively promote these products, it is recommended to generate high-quality content and incorporate affiliate links. Additionally, utilizing social media platforms such as Pinterest can help expand your audience reach.


To earn money through affiliate marketing on Pinterest, it is necessary to create a Pinterest business account. Subsequently, share appealing visuals that are relevant to your affiliate products and include your affiliate links in the pins or their descriptions. When individuals click on your pins and make a purchase, you will receive compensation.

To increase your income, consider growing your Pinterest following and consistently posting. Utilize Pinterest to generate online revenue and adhere to their guidelines regarding affiliate links. Success requires careful planning and a dedicated investment of time and energy.

Instead of placing affiliate links directly on the pins, it is recommended to link the pins to blog posts that contain the affiliate links. Based on experience, people are more inclined to purchase through affiliate links within a blog post rather than directly from a pin. Therefore, the strategy is to drive traffic to the blog using Pinterest, gain more followers, and regularly post to expand reach.

A Wrap-up of Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Course

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing review (6)

After considering the advantages and disadvantages, I can confidently state that Michelle’s course is a worthwhile investment for beginner and intermediate bloggers.

If the course included the elements I mentioned were missing in my cons review (such as analytics, facts, numbers, and additional examples for every niche), it would be priced significantly higher.

The estimated cost for a course with advanced strategies and insider secrets is likely to be between $500 and $700. However, it is important to note that finding a course with all of that information is rare.

I was surprised that Michelle shared screenshots of her affiliate earnings, which many bloggers typically try to keep hidden or avoid discussing, even in more expensive courses. It was generous of her to do so, and it is unfortunate that not everyone acknowledges or appreciates that gesture.

The specific screenshots contain valuable information that can be easily overlooked or disregarded by many people.

At a price of $197, which includes access to an exclusive Facebook group supported by a professional blogger who has earned over $5,000,000, there is not much to complain about.

I feel satisfied with my purchase as it exceeded my expectations and provided good value for the price.

Did my review on Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing provide any assistance to you today?

This course is recommended for those interested in learning how to make affiliate marketing work for them or beginners looking to enhance their blog.

If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to leave a comment below or contact me directly. I am available to assist you with any inquiries regarding this course.

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