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SamCart is an e-commerce software that was established by Scott and Brian Moran in 2013. It has been in the market for several years now, and competes with Thrivecart as another well-known platform with similar functionality.
Consider if Samcart is suitable for your business needs.

After experiencing the platform firsthand for several months on one of my websites, due to the burden of handling payments, customer conversions, and sales tracking, I made the decision to write a comprehensive review of SamCart.

This review will examine the features and benefits of SamCart, and how it can assist in improving your online business. If you are interested in learning more about SamCart and its potential to simplify your life as an online entrepreneur, please continue reading.

Is SamCart Worth it?

SamCart is a valuable investment due to its numerous useful features and optimization for increasing conversions, resulting in a beneficial impact on your profits compared to other shopping cart platforms.

When comparing Thrivecart and Samcart, it is important to note that they are both prominent players in the shopping cart industry.

SamCart offers a solution for marketers to optimize conversions and increase profits by providing pre-tested pages.

When selling a $47 downloadable pdf using a standard checkout form, adding an upsell may not be possible. However, using SamCart’s upsell feature, it may be possible to sell a $60 product to 30% of customers.

Samcart Start

Who is SamCart Good For?

SamCart is a versatile platform for online sales, accommodating a range of products including physical goods, digital content, and services like consulting.

The shopping cart software is tailored for a specific type of user, so it may not be optimal for all users.

Explore the various features and functionality of SamCart to determine if it suits your needs, based on whether you sell information products, software, memberships, or services.

SamCart Pros and Cons

SamCart Pros and Cons
Here are the pros and cons of SamCart, a shopping cart software, for your information and consideration.

SamCart Pros:

1.User-Friendly Platform: SamCart is an online platform that facilitates the sale of physical and digital products in a user-friendly manner.

2.Integrations: The software has integration capabilities with various marketing tools and services, facilitated by Zapier.

3.Flexible Payment Models: SamCart offers various payment options, such as payment plans, subscriptions, and trials, to accommodate different needs.

4.Supports One-Click Upsells: One-click upsells, downsells, and “bumps” are available options to increase revenue.

5.Granular Coupons and Discounts Control: Our customers have the ability to control their use of coupons and discounts for our products in a detailed manner.

6.Affiliate Management: SamCart offers an affiliate marketing program management system that is comparable to other shopping carts, facilitating efficient management of your affiliate program.

7.Great Support: SamCart offers a comprehensive knowledge base and multiple support channels, including email, Facebook group, and live chat, with a focus on providing helpful assistance.

8.Reporting and Analytics: The reporting dashboard on the platform offers valuable insights based on your data.

SamCart Cons:

1.Not Great for Services: While SamCart may not be the best fit for selling services, it is still possible to do so by using creative naming strategies for your offer.

2.Lack of Design Options: When compared to other shopping cart software in its price range, SamCart’s checkout templates offer limited design and customization options, particularly if your products are free.

3.No Cryptocurrency Payments: SamCart does not support cryptocurrency payments or Apple Pay, so alternative methods must be used.

4.Few Payment Integrations: SamCart offers various payment models, but only has limited integration with payment processors such as PayPal and Stripe.

5.High Price: While SamCart has a variety of features, the cost may be prohibitive for smaller businesses and marketers, especially when compared to one-time payment platforms like ThriveCart.

SamCart Benefits

SamCart’s Features

The Launch and Grow plans of SamCart offer all the standard features for a shopping cart, which will be discussed in this section after activating the software.

Throughout the journey, I will provide insights about SamCart, including my personal experiences, positive and negative aspects, and a comparison of some features with its primary rival, ThriveCart.

The next section will cover Advanced SamCart features.

SamCart now offers the ability to create unlimited courses on all plans, as reviewed in detail in our SamCart Courses review.

Payment Processor Integration

SamCart can be integrated with multiple payment methods, including PayPal, Stripe,, Easy Pay Direct, Braintree, and digital wallets like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Microsoft Pay. According to customer reviews, this feature may increase conversions and reduce cart abandonment.

Payment Methods Available

Some content on the website may state that digital wallets cannot be used on SamCart, but this information may be outdated.

SamCart allows the use of digital wallets (Apple Pay and Google Pay) in all pricing tiers, and Easy Pay Direct is compatible with them. However, digital wallets are not supported by Braintree.

If there is difficulty in utilizing digital wallets on SamCart, it may be due to:

  • To resolve the issue of using SamCart’s legacy templates, upgrade to their new drag and drop templates. If you haven’t connected Stripe, instructions are available in the knowledge base. Once Stripe is connected, the issue should be resolved.
  • To utilize SamCart’s latest drag and drop templates, it’s necessary to upgrade from their older legacy templates.
  • Stripe has not been connected. Instructions for connecting Stripe to SamCart can be found in the knowledge base. Connecting Stripe should resolve this issue.

Shopping Cart Features: How Well Do They Convert

But how well do these features convert?

SamCart’s checkout page and shopping cart features are designed to reduce the number of steps needed for customers to complete their purchase. SamCart also offers a variety of customizable options that can be used to optimize the customer experience and increase conversions.

For example, SamCart provides built-in upsells, one-click checkout, order bumps, and more. Additionally, customers have the option to view their order history, which helps create a sense of security and trustworthiness among shoppers.

Overall, SamCart is effective at converting customers with its streamlined checkout process and range of customizable features. Although it does not offer as many integrations as some other platforms, the ones available are enough to provide an optimal user experience that encourages conversions.

New 2021 Course Platform: How Good Is It?

This feature was released in 2021 and offers a variety of features that makes it easy for businesses to create, manage, and sell courses.

The drag-and-drop editor allows users to easily customize their course content and the page templates provide a highly professional look. Additionally, SamCart Courses also includes automatic segmentation of students into groups based on their progress in the course as well as customizable drip emails.

SamCart Courses is an effective and user-friendly platform for businesses that want to offer multiple courses or products in one place. It’s simple to use, allows for efficient management of different course types, and provides all the necessary tools to effectively monetize online courses.

Integration with Other Tools

  • SamCart has the ability to seamlessly integrate with multiple business solutions, simplifying the process.
  • By integrating with an auto responder, you can simplify your business operations and communicate with prospects and customers directly through SamCart.
  • Improving visibility across all business areas can be beneficial, particularly for promoting collaboration within a team.
  • Reduce instances of isolated data storage.
  • Our services can assist in optimizing your use of data, including launching loyalty programs and planning special discounts.
  • Effortlessly retrieve your data in real-time.
  • Improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Ease of Use
The drag-and-drop editor enables users to quickly customize their product pages, and the options for adding upsells and discounts are easy to find and use.

In general, SamCart is very user-friendly. It’s great for those who need quick setup and prefer a straightforward approach to ecommerce. Plus, if you have any questions or issues with setting things up, customer service reps are available 24/7.

Customer Support

When selecting software for your business, it is crucial to consider the quality and effectiveness customer service. This Samcart review thoroughly evaluated this aspect.

SamCart offers various methods of support.

SamCart provides a knowledge base on their website that contains detailed help material for setting up SamCart, selling, and managing customers. It’s recommended to visit the knowledge base before contacting customer support as the information needed may already be available.

SamCart offers real-time chat support with a human representative, which can be helpful for urgent inquiries or troubleshooting issues.

For official communication or general inquiries, SamCart support can be reached via email.

There are three options available to receive assistance: immediate, within 24 hours, or self-help for those who prefer it.

SamCart Home

Alternatives To Samcart

1. Shopify: Shopify is the most popular ecommerce platform in the world. It offers an array of features that help you create a comprehensive online store, including payment processing, digital downloads, inventory tracking, customer accounts and more.

2. WooCommerce: This plugin for WordPress provides a feature-rich shopping cart experience for those who already have a WordPress site or blog. It includes robust options such as real-time shipping quotes, product reviews and discounts.

3. BigCommerce: This platform is best suited for larger businesses that require advanced features like multi-channel selling and custom integrations with other systems. It also includes several different payment gateways and built-in marketing tools to help you drive traffic to your store.

4. Volusion: Volusion has been around since 1999 and helps small businesses set up an online store with ease. It provides tools such as mobile optimization, SEO wizardry and abandoned cart emails to help you increase sales conversions and grow your business quickly.

SamCart Pricing (monthly)
SamCart Prcing - Yearly

Samcart Pricing

SamCart provides three pricing plans, which depend on the features included in each plan.

Launch ($59/month or $39/year with 20% Discount):Our services include standard integrations, email support, onboarding webinars, flexible customer billing options, dashboard and sales reports, weekly webinars, and a preview of CreatorU.

Grow ($119/month or $79/year with 20% Discount):The launch includes additional integrations, 24-hour email support, a personalized call with a SamCart specialist, opportunities for order bump collections and post-purchase upsells, UTM tracking, and the ability to customize checkout fields.

Scale ($299/month or $199/year with 20% Discount):The features of Grow include custom integrations with CRM and API, conversion of cart abandonment, saving of subscriptions, an affiliate center, A/B testing, and automated reporting.

The plans offer a 7-day trial period and a 30-day refund policy.

Is SamCart the Right Choice for You?

It’s important to determine if SamCart is the appropriate shopping cart solution for your needs prior to beginning a 7-day free trial.

Recommended IF:

If you are searching for a shopping cart platform, one option is a drag and drop system.

In late 2019, SamCart updated its platform to include a drag and drop editor for configuring page templates, making it a good option for those seeking a WYSIWYG editor.

Your business operates on a subscription-based model.

The Scale Plan’s dunning system makes it a valuable option for subscription-based businesses. Consider trying out their 7-day free trial if this is something you require.

It is recommended to offer various tracking links to affiliates for promoting your product(s).

SamCart offers an affiliate feature that allows product owners to track leads for their products through existing content.

Not Recommended IF:

There is a request to include an additional monthly subscription fee.

When considering pricing options for SamCart and ThriveCart, it’s worth noting that ThriveCart offers similar capabilities to SamCart’s Grow and Scale plan for a one-time payment of $495, which may be preferable for those seeking to avoid monthly fees.

It’s important for affiliates to have knowledge of the origin of their sales.

Using SamCart’s affiliate platform for promoting your product(s) may be effective, but it lacks tracking capabilities for affiliates.

Review Conclusion:

Allow me to provide a brief overview of this SamCart review.

SamCart is a tool that can benefit solopreneurs who sell digital products online. It includes important features and may increase sales. Investing in it can lead to significant benefits.

This platform may have limitations for agencies, large physical product stores, complex services, memberships, or those seeking to establish a significant business. Furthermore, it lacks detailed tracking for affiliates.

Overall, this SamCart review has explored its features and pricing plans. It can be a great tool for those who want to create an online shopping cart quickly and easily. However, it may not fit the needs of those seeking more advanced features or those operating on a larger scale.

The platform is easy to use and provides plenty of payment options for customers, including Apple Pay, Stripe, PayPal, and more. It also offers a wide range of integrations that make it easy to connect with other platforms. Additionally, its split testing feature can help merchants optimize their checkout page and increase conversions.

Samcart is an ecommerce platform designed to help merchants and entrepreneurs set up and manage their online stores quickly and easily. It provides a variety of features that make it easy to create a custom checkout page, process payments, track customer data, and more.

One of the main advantages of Samcart is its ease of use. The platform provides an intuitive drag-and-drop builder that makes it simple to create a website for your business, complete with custom checkout pages that are optimized for conversions. The platform also offers a range of powerful features, such as one-click upsells, built-in coupons and promotions, customizable product options, and more.

In addition to the drag-and-drop builder, Samcart also provides a range of integrations with popular apps and services, such as Shopify, Stripe, Mailchimp, and Google Analytics. This allows you to connect your store with other tools you’re already using, making it easy to track key performance metrics and customer data.

Frequently Asked Questions about Samcart

Is there a free trial available on Samcart?

Samcart offers a 7-day free trial on their Grow plan. To get the trial, you must sign up and provide payment information. If you don’t want to continue the subscription, cancel the trial before it ends.

Does Samcart offer a money-back guarantee?

Samcart offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for the annual plan but not for the monthly plan. It is recommended to try the free trial before subscribing.

Does Samcart integrate with tools that I am already using?

Samcart has the ability to integrate with various tools like Hubspot, Zapier, Mailchimp, WordPress, Thinkific, OptimizeMember, Klaviyo, Intercom, ShipStation, and other options.

What is Samcart used for?

Samcart offers versatile solutions for various industries, allowing users to sell physical and digital products. The platform caters to authors, creators, course creators, entrepreneurs, side hustlers, as well as Etsy and Amazon sellers.

Can I add Samcart to my existing website?

It is possible to add Samcart to an existing website by embedding sales pages, which can help convert casual visitors into paying customers.

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