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This guide provides comprehensive information on Teachable pricing plans, as of 2023, and aims to assist course creators in selecting the most suitable plan for their needs.

What is the cost of using Teachable?

If you require assistance in selecting the appropriate Teachable pricing plan, this is the suitable destination to acquire more information.

This article provides a comprehensive review of the Teachable pricing plans available online.

Teachable provides comprehensive services for online course creation, including account setup, video uploading, social media integration, and payment processing. It caters to creative entrepreneurs, teachers, and corporate businesses alike.

For individuals who are new to creating courses, there are training sessions and group coaching calls accessible to assist in the creation, uploading, and sale of online courses.

Teachable offers different plans with varying features for building an online learning business.

Different plans offer varying features, and upgrading to the Basic, Pro, or Business plan will grant access to group coaching calls and training for course creators. However, these features are not available on the free or basic plan.

To better comprehend the workings of the platform, I have provided a detailed breakdown of all the Teachable Pricing Plans along with the features offered with each, as well as relevant factors to consider before selecting a plan.

So what pricing plans does Teachable offer?

Teachable is currently offering various pricing plans.

  • This plan is free, but includes a 10% transaction fee.
  • The Basic Plan is available at a monthly cost of $59 or an annual cost of $348, which breaks down to $39 per month.
  • The Pro Plan is available at a monthly cost of $159 or an annual cost of $1188, which averages to $119 per month.
  • The Business Plan is available for $665 per month or $2988 per year ($499 per month billed annually).

It is important to determine which features are included in each plan and which one suits your needs.

We will discover that soon.

What is Teachable?

Teachable is an online platform that provides course creators with the tools to develop, promote, and sell courses and coaching services. Along with memberships, Teachable offers a course marketplace and other features.

Teachable Platform Overview

Prior to exploring Teachable’s pricing options, it would be beneficial to provide a brief summary of the platform’s available features.

Prior to the establishment of Teachable, Nagpal utilized alternative platforms to market and sell his courses as a standard course creator.

After encountering multiple limitations on existing platforms, he developed an enhanced Learning Management System.

Teachable’s pricing plans offer creators access to unlimited courses, videos, students, and hosting.

The platform provides the following functionalities.

Simple course builder – Teachable offers an intuitive drag-and-drop course builder that simplifies the course creation process for creators.

Quiz creation – One can observe the progress of their students’ learning and receive feedback to identify areas for improvement.

Host Live classes –Teachable provides the opportunity for individualized communication with students, enhancing the learning experience. However, additional platforms such as YouTube, Live stream, and Twitch may be necessary.

Issue certificates –Providing certificates to students can enhance the reputation and sales of your business. Additionally, it can serve as a source of motivation for students to finish the course.

Build a strong team –Teachable offers the ability to add additional authors, contributors, and team members with customizable permissions and roles accessible from the dashboard.

Receive feedback – Using third-party forms and surveys can provide valuable feedback from students to identify areas of improvement in a course and determine necessary actions.

Effective marketing strategies – After creating courses, various marketing strategies such as offering coupons, creating course bundles at discounted prices, and partnering with affiliates can be employed to increase sales.

Accept international payments –Our payment system allows for the setup and acceptance of credit card and PayPal payments in over 130 currencies.

The availability of these features is dependent on the Teachable Pricing Plan you are currently subscribed to, despite their helpfulness.

Regardless of the plan chosen, all users have access to essential features such as unlimited coaching, hosting, and video bandwidth. Additionally, the platform allows for unlimited students and basic quiz creation.

Additional features comprise of payment processing, email assistance, commentary on lectures, course design templates, and management of students.

The Teachable Free Plan

The Teachable plan that is free of charge is a valuable starting point for building a platform to generate income and disseminate information.

The platform enables creators to establish their own school and generate income quickly.

Teachable’s free plan offers a variety of basic features.

  • There is a transaction fee of $1 plus 10% per transaction for an unlimited number of students.
  • Our platform allows for the creation of unlimited online courses and hosting of unlimited coaching services.
  • The package offers course design templates that can be used to create courses easily online.
  • Our services include providing an admin-level user and award-winning support to ensure your success.
  • Develop quizzes for assessing student performance.
  • The use of video in education has been proven to increase student interest and engagement. It provides various options such as pausing, stopping, rewinding, and fast forwarding. Additionally, students can review or refresh their knowledge by going back to previously viewed content.
  • Teachable provides the capability to develop an infinite number of products, thereby affording creative versatility.
  • Management of students.
  • The course creator/director can receive feedback from students during lectures, which can be utilized to enhance and refine the online course.
  • Teachable offers email support with a highly responsive team that strives to provide assistance within 24 hours.

The free Teachable plan provides an opportunity to share your expertise with your audience and explore the platform prior to investing in more features.

Who is the Teachable free plan for?

The Teachable Free plan is a suitable option for those who wish to experiment with the platform. The plan is user-friendly and provides basic features to familiarize creators with the platform. It is an ideal starting point for new course creators looking to begin.

Advantages of The Teachable Free Plan

The Teachable Free plan offers a range of features that enable users to gain practical skills in creating and managing online courses. The platform handles the technical details, allowing you to focus on developing course content.

The platform provides a variety of features, including unlimited video bandwidth, unlimited students, email support, coaching services, live coaching services, course design templates, and integration with multiple payment platforms.

The platform offers various pricing options for courses, including the ability to sell in different currencies, multiple pricing plans, subscriptions, and payment plans.

Teachable offers course creators on their free plan the ability to create quizzes and surveys, recognizing the significance of student evaluation and feedback.

If you reside in the United States or any European Union country, Teachable will manage all US sales tax and EU value-added tax, so there is no need for concern about payment.

Disadvantages of The Teachable Free Plan

The Teachable Free Plan has limitations, particularly for course creators with successful businesses. It is recommended to upgrade to a higher plan as soon as feasible.

The free plan serves as a convenient method to experiment with the platform, which is typical for online course platforms.

In the free plan, the platform takes $1 + 10% from each sale and prohibits the use of coupons and affiliate partners, which are commonly used marketing strategies.

The free plan has restrictions such as allowing only one admin user and limiting the use of only the Teachable subdomain.

Having a domain ending in teachable.com, such as yourschool.teachable.com, may not appear professional and could potentially hinder business growth.

It is not permitted to offer lecture upsells on the platform. This means that presenting related courses to students in order to encourage additional purchases is prohibited if you have more than one course available.

The Teachable free plan offers basic quizzes for students, but does not include grading functionality.

Graded quizzes can assist students in recognizing their strengths and weaknesses, potentially prompting increased effort and attentiveness to the course.

The Teachable Free Plan does not include drip course content, which may impact student engagement as lectures cannot be scheduled and delivered gradually.

It is not possible to issue certificates to students in an online course, which may affect the course’s credibility.

Considering these limitations, upgrading to a paid plan is recommended when financially feasible.

The additional features provided with paid plans can be beneficial for online course creators seeking growth.

Teachable Paid Plans - An Overview

Teachable offers both annual and monthly subscription options for their paid plans. Below is a summary of the pricing plans.

The table shows that an annual billing provides a discount, resulting in savings.

Now, we will examine the total savings over the course of a year.

Based on the information presented in the table, choosing the Annual Billing option results in significant savings.

Monthly subscriptions can be a good option for those who prefer not to make a large initial commitment.

We will examine the fundamental plan and its included characteristics.

Teachable Pricing

The Teachable Basic Plan

The Teachable Basic plan is a suitable option for entrepreneurs who are just starting out.

The Basic plan includes the same features as the free program, such as basic quizzes and unlimited video, as well as additional benefits that can greatly benefit your online courses and small business.

This is inclusive of:

  • The transaction fee is charged at a rate of 5% per transaction, which is lower than other fees.
  • With access to instant payouts, you can receive your pay on any day.
  • There are two users with administrative privileges.
  • Instructional sessions are available for individuals who wish to enhance their skills as creators.
  • Email marketing integration.
  • The opportunity to join a community exclusively for members.
  • The platform offers support for custom domains.
  • A custom domain is being considered for the school.
  • These tools can be used to create coupon codes for promotional purposes.
  • The platform includes an email marketing system that is integrated.
  • The course content includes information on drip techniques.
  • There are multiple third-party integrations available.
  • A community for students that is private.
  • There are no charges for any products that are free.

Who is the Teachable Basic Plan meant for?

The Basic plan offered by Teachable is a cost-effective option for individuals who create online courses part-time, pursue hobbies, are new entrepreneurs with a side job, or have financial constraints that prohibit them from opting for larger plans.

The pricing for this plan is $39 per month for monthly payments or $29 per month for annual payments, with an additional 5% of all sales.

This option provides a cost-effective means of entering the industry at a faster pace.

Advantages of The Teachable Basic Plan

The Teachable Basic Plan provides an affordable option for new course creators. For a monthly fee of $39 or an annual fee of $29, users can upload an unlimited number of courses, access unlimited students, and receive video bandwidth and hosting services.

The Basic Plan offers the option to use a customized domain name instead of having “teachable.com” attached to your domain, giving your course a more professional and credible appearance.

The Teachable Basic Plan includes the feature to release course content gradually. This allows for scheduling and releasing lectures in smaller chunks, which may increase student anticipation and interest.

The Basic Plan still provides access to coupon codes, community features, and third-party integrations. For those new to creating courses, this plan includes training for course creators.

The training provides an overview of online course creation and instruction on utilizing the Teachable platform for course development and sales.

Disadvantages of The Teachable Basic Plan

This plan may not be suitable for those who wish to pursue online course creation as it may lack essential features necessary for running an efficient business.

The plan only offers a 5% discount on sales and does not provide access to key features such as an affiliate program, upsells, Zapier actions, compliance certificates, custom user roles, and bulk student import.

The lack of affiliate programs and course upsells can restrict your marketing options. Similarly to the Free Plan, it is not possible to grade your students or provide them with certificates upon completion of the course.

Zapier is a marketing tool that enables integration of popular apps such as Google Sheets, Mailchimp, ConvertKit and others with Teachable account.

Using automation in your workflow can allow you to prioritize important aspects of online course creation.

The Teachable Basic Plan does not currently support integration.

Teachable Pricing

The Teachable Pro Plan

The Teachable Pro Plan is the plan that is most commonly used by Teachable users.

The design aims to enhance student enrollment and engagement in a creative manner.

The Professional plan includes additional features beyond those offered in the Basic plan to increase your reach.

Included in the Professional Plan are the following features:

  • There are no fees associated with transactions.
  • Payments are processed instantly.
  • The maximum number of users with administrative privileges is five.
  • The company has implemented an affiliate program.
  • This resource provides tools for coding and branding your school.
  • Establish and modify your payment timetable.
  • Access detailed reports that offer information on online course completion rates and areas of improvement in the course content.
  • Course completion certificates can serve as a means to foster a sense of community and instill a sense of accomplishment in students.
  • Access to product support is provided to ensure the smooth operation of your course school, with priority given.
  • Quizzes are evaluated based on a grading system.
  • Group coaching calls are offered as a means to discuss sales and marketing strategies.
  • Online customer service via live chat is available for assistance and support.

Who is Teachable Pro Plan For?

If you want to turn your online courses into a reliable source of income, the Teachable Pro plan might be perfect for you. This plan offers many customization tools and branding options for your course. Additionally, you can access your funds on your schedule with no extra fees through instant payout options. Overall, it’s a great choice for creators who want a unique, branded school experience.

Advantages of The Teachable Pro Plan

The Teachable Pro Plan is created to support and guide individuals who want to begin their career as an online course creator.

The plan offers all the benefits of the free and basic plans, including unlimited students, courses, video bandwidth, hosting, drip course content, course design templates, integrated email marketing, third-party integrations, and course creator training.

In contrast to the free and basic plan, the pro plan does not deduct any commission from your course sales. You will receive the full revenue, with the exception of the processing fee.

This plan is recommended due to its features that are aimed at increasing student engagement.

  • The ability to grade quizzes and issue certificates to students upon course completion can provide encouragement and a feeling of achievement.
  • The Pro Plan offers course upsells as a means of promoting similar courses available on Teachable.
  • The Teachable Pro Plan offers live chat support, which is more effective than the email support provided by the Basic Plan.
  • Zapier can be utilized to integrate various third-party apps into your school, which in turn automates marketing tasks and allows for increased attention to other areas of your business.

There are various tools available, such as MailChimp, Zandesk, Olark, Google sheets, Covertkit, that can be used to connect your school.

The advanced reporting feature being unlocked in the Teachable Pro Plan is a significant benefit for users enrolled in this plan.

It is important for course creators to keep track of their sales and monitor factors such as the identity of buyers, completion rates, and points where participants disengage.

The data collected provides insights into the areas of your online courses that require more attention and improvement.

Teachable typically includes platform branding for schools created on their platform, and even with a custom domain name, branding may still be present for those using the Basic Plan.

The Pro Plan offers the option to eliminate all platform branding, resulting in a more polished appearance for your website.

The plan includes group coaching calls, which are held three times a week and provide Teachable’s in-house experts to answer any questions about the platform.

One option is to incorporate an affiliate program into your school, which allows third parties to handle marketing responsibilities and receive a percentage of sales.

Disadvantages of The Teachable Pro Plan

The Pro Plan offers pre-defined templates for website appearance, but it does not allow for customization through coding for a more unique look.

It is important to note that the Teachable Pro Plan does not offer the option to create customized admin roles. It is recommended to ensure that the available roles of Website Owner and Course Author fulfill your requirements.

It is common practice for online course creators to gather student information such as names and email addresses to facilitate efficient and direct communication, even if the student already owns another website.

It is not possible to import users from a previous online course creation platform to Teachable using the Pro plan

The Teachable Business Plan

The Teachable Business plan provides a wide range of features such as control, customization options, and course creation capabilities.

The Teachable plan includes everything from the Pro plan and additional features.

  • Create 20 users with administrative privileges.
  • Configure user roles according to specific requirements.
  • Enrollment of a large number of students.
  • Enroll students through manual means.
  • Theme customization tools provide users with the ability to maintain consistency with their school’s branding when creating their own content.
  • The capacity to conduct group coaching calls for the purpose of educating and promoting student involvement.
  • The payment processing system is integrated with Stripe and PayPal as payment platforms.

Who is Teachable Business Plan for?

The Teachable Business plan is designed to accommodate multiple instructors and admins who will upload material, making it ideal for larger businesses, brands, and organizations.

Advantages of Teachable Business Plan

The Teachable Business Plan includes all available features on the platform, such as unlimited courses, students, hosting, and video bandwidth, providing a comprehensive option.

Additional features are available to you, such as:

  • The course content includes information on drip systems.
  • The company has implemented email marketing that is integrated.
  • We offer live chat and email support to our customers.
  • The quizzes are graded.
  • The word is “certificates.”
  • The system allows for third-party integrations.
  • The term “custom domains” refers to personalized website addresses.
  • The available promotional codes are coupon codes.
  • The term is affiliate marketing.
  • The training for creating courses.

As the primary owner of the school, it is possible to create up to 20 custom users and assign varying levels of administrative authority to them. A few of the user roles that can be assigned include:

  • The process of developing and overseeing educational courses.
  • Courses can be both published and deleted.
  • The task at hand is to handle user management.
  • The website is being tailored to meet specific needs.
  • Make changes to educational environments.
  • The task at hand is to moderate comments.
  • Please send emails.
  • Access course reports and financial information.

The Business plan offers more flexibility in customizing your school’s appearance compared to the Pro Plan, including the option for advanced developer customization. However, it may require the assistance of a developer or coding skills to utilize this feature.

If transitioning from another platform to Teachable, it is possible to transfer students’ information to the new school.

There are no transaction fees charged for purchases made by students.

Disadvantages of Teachable Business Plan

The Teachable Business Plan subscription can be costly for some course creators, as it requires spending around $3,000 to $3,600.

The Business plan’s price point is designed for companies, yet smaller course creators may require some of its features, despite their limited budget.

The Teachable Business Plan has a limit of 20 admin users. While this may be sufficient for most users, corporations opting for this pricing plan may require more than 20 admin users.

Fortunately, a solution exists for them.

What is the Teachable Business Pro Plan?

The Business Pro Plan is a Teachable Pricing Plan that includes all the basic and advanced platform features, as well as an additional 100 user admins.
Admins are authorized to be assigned different roles.

The cost of the Business Pro Plan is $499 per month or $4,788 if paying annually.

Is it possible to have an unlimited number of admin users on Teachable?

The Teachable Enterprise Plan provides unlimited admin users and access to all platform features.

It is possible to create up to 10 unique accounts, each with their own customized domain name, within a single school.

Creating separate accounts for each niche when offering online courses can increase revenue and diversify your offerings.

It is possible to have individual custom domain names for each of the accounts hosted within your school.

The Enterprise Plan provides unlimited admin users for all accounts, making it a suitable choice for larger corporations with the necessary resources.

The monthly cost of the plan is $1,500, while the yearly cost is $15,000.

Final Verdict on The Teachable Pricing Plans

This article provides a comprehensive analysis of Teachable’s pricing plans, which offer flexibility but require careful consideration to choose the appropriate option.

For those interested in trying out the Teachable platform, the Free plan is a viable choice. However, to begin selling online courses, it is advised to upgrade to at least the Basic plan.

The Pro plan from Teachable is their most popular offering and includes all essential features without transaction fees. It is recommended for those who are dedicated to creating online courses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s compare the pricing plans of Teachable with other course creation platforms to identify similarities and differences.

Thinkific vs. Teachable pricing plans

Both Thinkific and Teachable offer comparable pricing plans, including monthly and annual billing options, as well as free plans.

The free plan offered by Thinkific has some limitations, including a limited number of courses that can be uploaded. However, it does provide unlimited student access and additional benefits such as access to quizzes and surveys, email hosting, live support, and course design templates.

Teachable’s Free Plan offers unlimited courses and video bandwidth, but it comes with a fee of $1 plus 10% for every sale made.

Regardless of your plan with Thinkific, all revenue generated is available to you without any conditions.

The following is a breakdown of Thinkific’s paid plans.

The Basic Plans for Thinkific and Teachable offer the same features, but there are some differences. Thinkific only allows for one admin user and includes an affiliate program, while Teachable allows for 2 admin users and does not have an affiliate program. It should be noted that Thinkific’s Basic Plan is more expensive than Teachable’s.

While Teachable’s Basic Plan offers a 5% discount on every sale, Thinkific does not impose any transaction fees.

When comparing Teachable’s Business plan to Thinkific’s Premier Plan, it’s important to note that Teachable allows for 20 admin users while Thinkific only allows for 5. This could be an important factor to consider for those looking to build a larger business.

Thinkific offers a 30-day free trial period for all available plans, allowing ample time for users to make a decision before committing financially to the platform.

However, Teachable does not offer such a feature.

Both platforms provide a variety of useful features for building a successful online course business.

Kajabi vs. Teachable pricing plans

Teachable offers both free and paid plans, with five options in total. Three of these plans can be found on the website, while the other two require contacting the sales team. The plans are named Basic, Pro, Business, Business Pro, and Enterprise Plan.

Teachable’s plans offer affordability and unlimited access to courses, students, hosting, and video bandwidth, giving it an advantage over Kajabi.

The platform offers three pricing plans, including Basic, Growth, and Pro Plans. See snapshot below.

Karta vs Kajabi

The pricing for Kajabi is high. Their basic plan costs $119 per month. There are no transaction fees for course sales. However, the features available are limited.

The limitations include 3 live products, 3 pipelines, 10,000 contacts, and 1,000 active members.

Kajabi serves multiple purposes beyond course creation, including website building, email marketing, and sales funnel management. Additionally, the platform offers a mobile app for both Android and iPhone users.

When considering the variety of functions Kajabi offers in addition to course creation, the cost may be reasonable.

Podia vs. Teachable pricing plans

Podia offers three different payment plans: Mover, Shaker, and Earthquaker. A brief overview of each plan is provided below.

The platform offers two billing options: monthly or annually. Opting for the annual payment results in a 17% discount on the subscription fee.

All plans offer access to necessary tools for starting your online course business, such as unlimited courses, downloads, and webinars.

Please note that our system allows for only one admin user per account. If you require additional team members, there is a monthly fee of $20 per user.

Podia does not currently offer a free plan, while Teachable provides a free plan that includes unlimited courses, students, and hosting. However, it’s important to note that Teachable charges a high transaction fee for each course sale, which may be a consideration for those starting their online course creation journey.

Podia offers a 14-day trial period for all plans, allowing users to evaluate the platform’s features before investing. Teachable does not offer a trial period.

For further information on Podia, please refer to the accompanying materials.

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