Thrivecart Review

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Thrivecart is an online shopping cart solution that enables the creation of efficient checkout pages and simplifies payment collection on your website.

Thrivecart is a tool that can be used to sell various products, both physical and digital. Some of its features include lead collection, checkout page upsells, bump offers, subscription plans, and customer categorization based on membership plans.

This Thrivecart review provides a detailed analysis of the versatile cart software and its functionality. Our aim is to inform you about why it is considered one of the top cart solutions available, so we have conducted thorough research on your behalf.

In this review we will analyze the features and benefits of ThriveCart based on personal experience, and evaluate its potential to assist with customer conversion and enhance online business in an unbiased manner.

Thrivecart Review

Introducing Thrivecart

Thrivecart may be a suitable option for integrating a shopping cart solution if one has not been implemented yet. It does not require any coding knowledge, making it user-friendly for individuals new to the platform.

If you are considering switching to Thrivecart from your current cart software, you can benefit from features such as A/B testing, support for multiple autoresponders, and visually appealing checkout templates, among others.

Thrivecart is available for a one-time fee, providing lifetime access to the tool. It is a unique platform that offers a cost-effective alternative. We will begin our review by examining the Thrivecart platform.

ClickFunnels Alternatives

What Does Thrivecart Do?

Thrivecart has been designed with two goals in mind.

  • To reduce the number of abandoned carts and improve the bounce rate of your checkout page, and;
  • To optimize each sale you complete.

Cart platforms are designed to make it easier for you to sell products and services on your website. Moreover, customers can conveniently check out without having to leave the current page.

Thrivecart enables sales and improves lead conversion with its two-step checkout page. This functionality allows for the collection of customer information, such as email addresses, which can be easily added to your mailing list.

Although Thrivecart has many features, its main uses can be summarized as follows:

  • Designing checkout pages that have a high conversion rate.
  • Leads can be captured through the use of two-step shopping carts.
  • The process of creating one-click bump offers and upsells.
  • Embeddable and pop-up cart pages are being created.
  • Handling or overseeing recurring subscriptions.
Thrivecart Review

High-Converting Checkout Pages

Thrivecart’s checkout pages are designed with a focus on minimizing cart abandonment rates and are highly optimized for conversions.

Creating a checkout page is simple. The platform provides optimized templates for customization. Fortunately, no coding knowledge is required to create effective checkout pages.

One possible reason for the high conversion rate of Thrivecart’s checkout pages is the presence of an embedded A/B testing feature.

This feature allows users to view analytics for each checkout page, enabling them to select the most effective one.

Users have the option to request split test variations for every page they create. This information can be valuable in determining which pages have the greatest potential for capturing leads and generating sales.

Two-Step Shopping Carts

Thrivecart transforms your website into an efficient e-commerce platform, providing lead capture tools.

If you successfully collect important customer data and make a purchase, you will receive twice the value. Even if the customer decides not to complete their purchase, you still have the chance to retarget them by sending email reminders or other offers.

This platform’s multi-step checkout form is useful because it allows customers to complete their purchase in multiple steps, unlike a single-step shopping cart where the customer pays and leaves.

A two-step shopping cart collects necessary information before a purchase is finalized.

The information may include personal details such as their name, phone number, shipping address, or email address. Even after their visit to your site, you can efficiently target them with personalized recommendations based on their latest purchase.

By consistently implementing this strategy, a significant number of subscribers can be generated solely from the checkout pages, even if the cart is left abandoned.

Thrivecart Review

Bump Offers And Upsells

Upsells are a common sales technique where a salesperson attempts to increase the value of a customer’s purchase after they have already decided to buy.

This can be achieved by suggesting a comparable product or alternative option at a reduced cost.

Thrivecart enables you to add a one-click bump offer or upsell on the final checkout page, thereby increasing the value of each sale.

By clicking on the offer, it is added to the cart without redirecting to the product page, maintaining the focus on the checkout process.

This is an effective method for promoting complementary products following a sale. Customers may be more likely to purchase items that complement their initial purchase, particularly if it can be done conveniently.

Upsells and bump offers can help generate additional revenue from your current customer base.

Embeddable Cart Pages And Pop-ups

Thrivecart allows users to easily integrate a checkout page onto any webpage on their website, regardless of the web host, by simply copying and pasting a snippet of code provided by Thrivecart.

Another option is to have a checkout page button that remains visible on all pages and opens the shopping cart when clicked. This feature allows customers to easily add items to their cart without navigating away from their current page.

This feature provides benefits for bloggers as it helps to keep their viewers engaged on the page while they add items to their shopping cart. Additionally, it allows digital entrepreneurs to advertise and sell products without redirecting customers to external checkout pages.

Thrivecart Review

Recurrent Payments

Thrivecart facilitates recurrent payments, enabling you to sell periodic membership plans to your customers and categorize them according to their selected plan.

The platform offers various options for rebilling, including daily, weekly, monthly, or annually. Additionally, it provides the convenience of automating the entire process through email autoresponders.

When a subscription-based product or service is sold, Thrivecart starts an automated workflow with the chosen autoresponders. The only task left for you is to assign appropriate tags to the workflow for easier identification.

The customer management section has an automated system that categorizes customers into different segments based on their daily, monthly, or annual billing. This feature facilitates the identification of customers on various plans.

Thrivecart offers a Dunning feature that provides a comprehensive view of all recurring payments and subscriptions.

The Dunning feature is important for effectively managing and maximizing revenue from your subscription-based products and services. We will discuss it in more detail later.

Who Is Thrivecart For?

What are the criteria for determining if Thrivecart is necessary for your needs?

Thrivecart is a suitable option for selling products and services through your website, regardless of your online business type.

Thrivecart is a useful tool for online sellers as it aims to streamline the checkout process, allowing entrepreneurs to generate more revenue.

Research indicates that Thrivecart’s checkout pages have been proven to be effective in enhancing customer completion rates, potentially leading to a rise in revenue and recurring business.

If customers are able to successfully complete their orders on your website, they are more likely to return for additional products. In addition to decreasing the number of abandoned carts, Thrivecart also assists in gathering leads for your subscriber list.

The checkout templates simplify the creation process and can be easily customized to meet your business requirements.

One limitation of Thrivecart is that it does not meet the criteria of a full-fledged e-commerce store as it only allows the sale of a single product or service at a time.

If you want to sell multiple items or services at once, it is recommended to use more specialized cart solutions such as Shopify.

Thrivecart can be advantageous for your business if your products and services fit into specific categories:

Online Courses And E-books

If you are here seeking information on how to begin selling your courses or e-books, then you have arrived at the appropriate destination.

Thrivecart software is designed specifically for this purpose. It seamlessly integrates with online course platforms, making it one of the most effective methods for selling your courses and e-books online.

The checkout page has the ability to be customized in order to collect customer information, including the option to include a GDPR consent box for specific information sharing.

Thrivescart is highly integrative with course platforms such as Teachable and Kanjabi, making it easy to integrate the software with your membership site.

Product/Services With Recurring Payments

Does your product or service require a monthly subscription?

Thrivecart is a platform that facilitates various forms of payments, including one-time payments, split payments, free trials, and recurring billing.

The system coordinates with email autoresponders, streamlines rebilling, and categorizes customers based on their subscription plans.

As a result, this feature allows you to differentiate between one-time payment customers and monthly subscribers, making it convenient to monitor your recurring incomes.

Thrivecart Review

Physical Products

Thrivecart is a valuable tool for those starting an online business as it handles the transactional aspects, complementing your website which focuses on the promotional side.

The two-step checkout page allows for the collection of shipping information and email addresses for notification and invoicing purposes.

If you have an existing e-commerce store, such as on the Shopify platform, Thrivecart has the capability to support multiple accounts at the same time.

All sales generated from your Thrivecart carts are automatically transferred to your Shopify account, simplifying sales tracking.

Thrivecart can be helpful for selling a variety of products, whether you’re selling self-published books and products on platforms like Lulu or pushing dog toys, exercise DVDs, and wellness products on Shopify.

Digital And Consultation Services

Thrivecart is a useful tool for online consultants who frequently rely on direct payments through PayPal or Stripe.

It enables the creation of professional checkout pages for receiving payments for services.

If you need a platform to send invoices to your customers, this is a great option. Additionally, it can easily be connected to your PayPal account, allowing payments made on your website checkout page to go directly to your personal account.

Using Thrivecart, you have the ability to transform your services into billable products that will be displayed on your checkout pages. Additionally, you have the option to customize your invoices, which can greatly enhance your customers’ confidence and trust.

Thrivecart Review

Why Use Thrivecart?

When considering competition, there are various shopping cart solutions available, particularly those that facilitate the sale of multiple items.

Shopify is an e-commerce software with a robust cart solution. Samcart also offers similar features and is a popular alternative. However, the question remains, why should you choose Thrivecart? What sets it apart and makes it worth considering?


Thrivecart is a cart solution that offers a comprehensive range of features for online product sales. It sets itself apart from competitors by offering lifetime access in a subscription-based market.

Thrivecart is available for purchase at a one-time fee of $495 or $690 for the pro version for a limited time.

Thrivecart offers a lifetime license, allowing users to make a one-time payment. After the offer period, Thrivecart will switch to regular monthly subscriptions, starting at $97/month.

Thrivecart Review

Checkout Pages

There are multiple software options available for customizable checkout pages, but it can be observed that Thrivecart’s modern designs are superior.

The platform provides four customizable templates that include sections for collecting customer data, payment information, and a preview of the product in the customer’s cart.

Thrivecart offers a review section at the bottom of the page, allowing satisfied customers to provide feedback and enhance the sales process. Additionally, it is a versatile platform that can incorporate multiple conversion tools on a single checkout page.

Checkout pages are commonly referred to as “high-converting” because they contain extensive information that helps customers feel more confident about making a purchase.

Adding scarcity elements, such as countdown timers and limited stock posters, to checkout pages can create a sense of urgency and prompt customers to make immediate purchases.

Additional elements that can be added to the cart include:

  • Bullet points are recommended.
  • The button labeled “Buy”
  • There are video carts.
  • A field for entering coupon codes is provided.

The shopping carts provided by Thrivecart are highly customizable and can easily adapt to different business models.

Thrivecart provides additional options for configuration in terms of single-step and two-step checkout pages and A/B testing, which we have previously discussed:

  • It is possible to create a custom domain name for the URL of your checkout page.
  • We offer various payment methods, such as PayPal and credit card payments through Stripe.
  • It is possible to customize monthly split pay schedules and amounts.
  • There is an option to include a sales tax.

Thrivecart’s checkout pages offer a wide range of configuration options that make them suitable for a majority of users. Additionally, they are highly customizable, allowing you to incorporate brand colors, logos, and custom URLs to enhance their appearance.

Drag-And-Drop Template Builder

Thrivecart implemented a drag-and-drop builder for their checkout templates a few years ago, which resulted in an improved user experience on the platform.

Looking back, that update had a significant impact since many of the tools used by marketers today have drag-and-drop builders, which eliminate the need for complex code-driven builders.

This feature has ensured Thrivecart’s continued relevance in 2021 and beyond. It has also provided full-page customization for checkout and landing pages for businesses of all kinds.

Thrivecart offers a user-friendly solution for creating high-converting checkout page designs, regardless of your technical expertise.

Thrivecart Review

A/B Testing

The significance of testing is acknowledged by everyone, but our split testing efforts are mainly directed towards sales pages, where persuasion takes place.

After the sales page, it is important to consider what happens next. Many online entrepreneurs only realize this when they start using Thrivecart. This is because Thrivecart simplifies the process of setting up A/B tests for checkout pages.

When comparing the performance of two checkout page designs, it becomes apparent that split testing is equally important in the final stages of a sale.

The simple A/B test can have a significant impact on your bottom line, despite its simplicity.

It is recommended to conduct A/B testing on your checkout pages to observe the impact it can have. It is advisable to always test before launching a new checkout page.

1-Click Upsells And Bump Offers

Upsells are a common business strategy that has been used for a long time, indicating their effectiveness. On average, an upsell can increase revenue by 10% – 30% in a marketing campaign.

The income generated from recommending similar products to customers in the final stage of the sales funnel is substantial.

Thrivecart enables the creation of bump offers and upsells to maximize sales.

Bump offers are conveniently located above the checkout button, allowing customers to easily add related items to their cart with a single click.

Thrivecart provides a default cart upsell page for your use, but you also have the option to use your own upsell page. It is advisable to choose the latter as a customized page can be tailored to have a unique appearance and align with brand colors.

Additionally, users have full control over the design elements of a customized upsell page. Once the setup of bump offers and upsells is complete, users can freely test each step in their checkout process as many times as necessary.

Modal And Embeddable Carts

Thrivecart provides two types of carts that can be beneficial in various situations. The embeddable cart is generated by inserting a code snippet onto your webpage, enabling you to have your checkout page on your website.

This option is suitable for bloggers who prefer to make sales directly through their WordPress sites. It is also suitable for businesses that want their customers to make purchases directly from their website.

The modal cart is compatible with various types of websites, particularly those that feature multiple products. The cart is conveniently positioned within a clickable hover button, which remains accessible to the customer throughout their browsing experience.

This function enables customers to add items to their cart while continuing to shop, potentially leading to increased sales per customer.

Thrivecart Review

Integration Support

One reason why Thrivecart is recommended to online entrepreneurs is because it offers extensive integration capabilities.

It supports popular platforms like email marketing, membership, and webinars.

  • Here is a list of popular email marketing platforms: Sendy, AWeber, Drip, HubSpot, ConvertKit, MailChimp, GetResponse, Moosend, ActiveCampaign, Ontraport, MailerLite, and InfusionSoft.
  • There are several membership platforms available, including Teachable, Thrive, Apprentice, OptimizeMember, MemberMouse, MemberPress, WishList Member, and Digital Access Pass.
  • Two popular webinar platforms are WebinarNinja and Demio.

Thrivecart is a cart solution that is often recommended for content creators like bloggers and e-book authors. It offers seamless integration with multiple payment gateways and fulfillment services:

  • The payment gateways include PayPal, Stripe, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and
  • Discover a world of fulfillment options with Lulu,, Zapier, Vervante, Printful, Shopify, Shippo, ShipStation, Google Sheets, and Kunaki!

With each update, Thrivecart unleashes a flurry of new integrations, making it the ultimate cart solution. Whether you’re a freelancer utilizing fulfillment services or a business juggling multiple email autoresponders, Thrivecart has got your back!

Affiliate Tracking

Vendors often utilize third-party cart solutions for managing their affiliate marketers.

One limitation of many affiliate programs is that marketers are typically restricted to using a single, global URL that cannot be customized with a tracking ID.

If you are planning to sell products through affiliates, it may be beneficial to consider using Thrivecart, as it generates unique tracking IDs for each affiliate.

This allows them to sell your products on various platforms while keeping their own affiliate IDs. They can generate as many of these as necessary.

Additionally, it simplifies the process of tracking the traffic generated by each affiliate and the traffic from different channels.

Thrivecart Review

Sales Tax Calculation

Thrivecart offers the convenient option of indicating sales tax and price points, making it easier for you. Additionally, it calculates the sales and tax amounts for each product, saving you time and money on tax calculation services.

The tax calculation system automatically determines the correct amount of tax for each sale, taking into account factors such as your business’s location and other variables that impact tax rates. Simply input your price points and the system will handle the rest.


Thrivecart is more than a shopping cart platform. It’s a powerful tool that seamlessly manages customers and affiliates, empowering you to create awe-inspiring workflows. Picture automatically boosting your affiliates’ commissions as they achieve sales milestones. It’s like having a squad of sales superheroes at your command!

Thrivecart offers the option to automatically reduce commissions based on the number of refunds generated by your affiliates’ traffic. This feature can also be combined with Thrivecart’s subscription payment plans.

The system can be configured to send reminders to customers when their payments are past due by a specific number of days.

Automation enables users to enhance productivity by leveraging the platform’s intelligence with minimal effort.

One of the reasons why Thrivecart is considered an effective resource and customer management tool is due to its features and capabilities.

Supports Multiple Payment Types

This platform’s versatility is evident in its ability to collect various types of payments without the need for additional software or integrations.

In addition to one-time sales, it is possible to create:

  • Free trials provide customers with the opportunity to try out your product before committing to a subscription.
  • A tripwire funnel is designed to convert cold traffic into paying customers by offering them a low-cost introductory product and later offering additional products for upselling.
  • Split payments allow customers to create a payment plan, which enhances their confidence in their ability to complete the purchase.
  • Recurring sales are generated by products that regularly release new versions, leading customers to make repeat purchases.
  • Participatory co-pricing, such as Pay What You Want (PWYW), can potentially increase sales by allowing buyers to have more control over the price and choose according to their own valuation.
  • Discounts can potentially increase sales, particularly when combined with scarcity elements such as countdown timers.
  • Subscriptions provide flexibility with various options for renewal on a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual basis, which increases the probability of subscribers opting to renew.
Thrivecart Review

Built-In Dunning

Chasing subscribers can be a challenging task if done manually, but Thrivecart’s built-in Dunning feature simplifies the process. It automatically notifies customers about their payment due dates by coordinating with their email autoresponders.

The Dunning feature also notifies customers about credit card expiration and overdue payments, providing a centralized view of recurrent incomes for better rate management.

The software generates revenue reports on a regular basis, which can be analyzed to study churn rate and revenue recovery in detail.

Thrivecart: Standard Vs. Pro

Thrivecart is available in two versions: Thrivecart Standard and Thrivecart Pro. A lifetime license for either version can be purchased, with an additional cost of $195 for the Pro version.

Both platforms have similarities, however, Thrivecart Pro offers additional advanced features that are only available with this plan.

This is a comparison of the features and benefits of Thrivecart Standard and Pro.

The Standard version does not include features such as sales tax calculation and automated Dunning. Additionally, affiliate tracking and custom domains for checkout pages are not accessible.

The Pro version also includes advanced user management features, allowing you to assign administrative access to your team members. Additionally, you have the option to grant user rights to individuals outside of your company, such as a digital marketing agency.

The platform also offers JV contracts, where the revenue is divided equally among multiple business partners. The Standard version includes almost all of Thrivecart’s features. However, for an additional $195, which is a one-time fee, you can upgrade to the Pro version and gain features such as sales tax calculation and JV contracts.

Both Thrivecart Standard and Thrivecart Pro provide a great return on investment and offer good value for money.

Thrivecart FAQ

What is ThriveCart?

ThriveCart is a popular shopping cart platform that enables websites to increase revenue by utilizing high-converting landing and shopping cart pages, as well as incorporating embeddable carts onto your website. With ThriveCart, you can effortlessly sell both digital and physical products on your website with minimal effort.

Is ThriveCart a Payment Processor?

Thrivecart is not a payment processor but it can easily integrate with other payment gateways such as Stripe, Paypal, and It also accepts payments from Google and Apple pay. While Thrivecart doesn’t process these payments directly, it offers a wide range of options to accommodate the majority of users.

Does ThriveCart Take a Percentage?

Thrivecart does not take a percentage of your sales. However, the payment processors it integrates with, such as Paypal or Stripe, will charge fees like they would for any user accepting payments through their platforms.

Does ThriveCart Work With WooCommerce?

ThriveCart can be easily integrated with WooCommerce in a short amount of time, without the need to learn any coding. Zapier allows you to accomplish this in just a few minutes, with a few simple clicks, even for individuals without technical expertise.

Does ThriveCart Work With WordPress?

ThriveCart is compatible with WordPress and can be easily integrated with the WordPress CMS without the need for any coding or extra effort.

Does ThriveCart Work With Square?

Zapier allows for a seamless integration of ThriveCart and Square, making it quick and easy to connect the two platforms.

Does ThriveCart Allow Coupon Codes?

ThriveCart allows the use of coupons. Additionally, the software offers the option to apply coupons to specific products rather than applying them to all products in your account. If desired, you can also use a generic coupon and apply it to all products in your account.

Can ThriveCart Handle VAT?

ThriveCart allows for sales tax collection. EU customers can enter a valid VAT number to have the correct sales tax amount removed from their order. ThriveCart verifies the validity of each VAT ID based on the customer’s country. Customers outside the EU won’t see the VAT field as it’s not applicable to them.

How Does ThriveCart Pay You?

ThriveCart does not handle affiliate commissions. Affiliates receive payments directly from the vendors. Integrating a PayPal account into the affiliate dashboard enables automatic payments. If a PayPal account is not integrated, payments will still be tracked, and the vendor can manually pay the affiliate.

Can You A/B Test Checkout Pages on ThriveCart?

ThriveCart offers an A/B testing tool that allows you to compare different checkout pages and products. You can test variations in pricing, format, pricing options, and more with the same product or try a completely different product to determine which one performs better.

Is ThriveCart Part of Thrive Themes?

ThriveCart and Thrive Themes are separate products that are not affiliated with each other. Although they share a similar name and Thrive Themes has a range of products with “Thrive” in their name, they are not owned by the same company. However, both platforms can be used together if desired for your website.

Who Owns ThriveCart?

ThriveCart is owned by Josh Bartlett and was founded in 2016. Josh Bartlett is also the founder of web tech company Webactix. For more information, you can click here to view his Linkedin profile.

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