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AI writing tools have become increasingly advanced, and one notable example is ChatGPT, which gained significant attention since its release in November.

As a result, there was a significant increase in the number of individuals seeking to expedite their writing processes. Regardless of whether it is an essay, article, or business report, ChatGPT has the ability to decrease the time required to compose it by 90%.

ChatGPT has been utilized by students in schools, resulting in teachers striving to adapt to its innovative pace. There have been instances where certain schools have falsely alleged that students are employing ChatGPT to compose their papers. Although it is challenging to definitively prove the use of AI in paper writing, several methods can be employed to predict its occurrence.

AI writing detectors have become increasingly popular.

Some models are effective while others may be ineffective. Their accuracy cannot be proven and have even been criticized by OpenAI, the creators of Chat GPT.

AI writing tools do not leave behind a definitive watermark, making it difficult to prove their usage.

AI writing detection differs from plagiarism detection as it does not leave behind a tangible trail. These tools analyze the specific patterns in which AI generates content and provide a score based on those patterns.

Many educational, business, and other professional institutions are utilizing AI detection without a deep understanding of its inner workings. This may raise concerns for some individuals.

In this article, we have conducted extensive research and discovered some AI rewriting tools that can effectively disguise writing, whether it is AI-generated or written by you. These tools are capable of paraphrasing and rewriting your text, ensuring that it can bypass unreliable detectors.

Undetectable AI Copywriting Tool

The Best Undetectable AI Rewriting Tools I Could Find

We have requested a paragraph on divorce attorneys using Chatbot GPT. I am curious to see its output and evaluate its performance using the Originality AI detection tool.

Now, let’s experiment by utilizing several AI writing scramblers to see which one produces the most effective outcome for this paragraph.


1) Undetectable AI

The first tool to be tested is Undetectable AI, which functions by rephrasing numerous sentences within a paragraph while maintaining the original meaning.

After approximately 40 seconds of inputting the generated paragraph into Undetectable, the result is a completely new paragraph. Similarly, when inputting it into Originality, the AI-writing rate is almost 0%.

In addition, HideMyAI is another effective tool that we will discuss further.

You can change the tone and style of the output using undetectable AI. It can rewrite content to fit a high school paper or mimic the sound of a PHD student when rewriting a professional report.

The tool allows for free modification of 250 words of writing and offers plans starting at $9.99 per month for 10,000 words of content. It is advisable to try the free word sample before making any payments to determine its suitability for your needs.

If this option meets your needs, it is recommended to consider purchasing the yearly plan as it offers significant cost savings. It may also be worth considering sharing the plan with a friend or two.

Please be mindful of the purpose for which you are utilizing this, as engaging in unethical activities may result in severe consequences.

It is important to review the output provided by these tools before using any writing generated from them.

HideMyAI Home

2) HideMyAI

We appreciate HideMyAI for its extensive range of options.

The bypassing tool enables users to evade AI detectors and convert AI-generated writing into humanlike copy quickly and efficiently.

The program is similar to Undetectable and provides numerous options, but the outcome may vary depending on the chosen settings for paraphrasing your writing.

We have observed that it generally provides a more coherent output, although the level of customization within the tool itself is limited.

The process is similar to Undetectable. You can easily copy and paste your text, make the necessary changes, and let the tool do the rest. It provides a slightly higher word limit for free transformations compared to Undetectable, which can be beneficial depending on your requirements.

There are plans to add additional languages such as Spanish, Russian, and French in the coming weeks, with more languages expected to be supported in the future.

If we are not registered, you will receive 250 free words. By creating a free account, you will receive an additional 300 words. The amount they provide is generous and their pricing model is quite affordable.

Stealth Writer AI Home

3) Stealth Writer AI

A recent AI bypass tool called Stealth Writer has been discovered. Unlike Undetectable AI and HideMyAI, Stealth Writer offers limited customization options with two writing options: Ninja (GPT-3.5) and Ghost (GPT-4).

The Stealth Writer is an innovative AI tool that offers content options, allowing you to choose between two outputs for each text you rewrite.

We would like to mention that, out of all the AI bypass tools I have utilized, this is the initial one that generated an output that was entirely logical. Naturally, it is not immune to mistakes, but it presents a more cohesive idea compared to other rewriters. However, it does not perform as effectively in detection tools.

The decision ultimately depends on whether you are willing to accept the trade-off. Writing requires less editing, but you may face potential issues with stricter detection tools if they do not approve of your content.

Stealth Writer offers a free plan that allows users to process up to five texts per day, with a maximum of 300 words per text.

If you are considering purchasing a paid plan, here are the available options:

  • The basic package costs $20 per month and includes 20,000 ghost words, with a limit of 400 words per process.
  • The standard package includes a monthly fee of $35 and allows for 50,000 Ghost words per month, with a processing limit of 1,000 words.
  • The premium package includes a monthly fee of $50 and allows for 100,000 Ghost words per month, with a limit of 2,000 words per process.

This tool is similar to the others on the list in terms of pricing, with no specific advantages. However, it does require a higher upfront investment compared to Undetectable and HideMyAI, but you will receive a similar amount of credits.

Quillbot Home

4) QuillBot

QuillBot is one of the tools I came across while searching for content rewriting assistance. It functions effectively, although it requires more user editing compared to the other tools we discussed.

QuillBot is a great option if you want full flexibility to reword and rewrite sentences.
We have experimented with QuillBot and other tools to generate AI writing that is difficult to detect, and the results have been quite successful. However, further experimentation is necessary to refine the process.

When you paste a block of text, you will notice that words are highlighted in orange and blue. By clicking on any of these words, you will be able to choose a different synonym.

QuillBot can be customized for synonym complexity and tone of voice, and it also supports multiple languages for sentence editing purposes.

Smodin Home

5) Smodin

One name that is rarely mentioned when discussing AI bypass tools is Smodin.

Similar to the previous tools, Smodin operates by rewording your text and utilizing easier vocabulary to avoid detection by AI systems.

This tool offers two modes: “Rewrite” and “Recreate.” The “Rewrite” mode is free and simply utilizes synonyms and minor changes in sentence structure to prevent AI detection. In contrast, the “Recreate” mode requires credits and completely modifies your paragraph while attempting to preserve its original meaning.

However, Smodin lacks the ability to customize the output like other rewriters. It only offers a choice of rewriting strength and does not have output parameters.
The ChatGPT text was modified by Smodin:

I am amazed that Originality AI’s strict checking process approved my work, especially since I only utilized their “Rewrite” feature.

It is worth considering this option as it is priced similarly to other options. However, if you are looking for a long-term solution, I would recommend another tool that offers a better discount.

One advantage of using Smodin is that it includes various other AI writing tools and utilities, which is an added benefit in addition to its rewriting capabilities.

Content at Scale Home

6) Content at Scale

We would like to mention Content at Scale because although it cannot function as a standalone AI-text rewriter, the articles it generates are typically undetectable by an AI detector.

The use of an undetectable AI writing software depends on your specific needs. If you require the generation of long-form, undetectable AI articles, this tool is highly recommended.

Messy or incorrect data exists for certain generations. However, it is worth examining. If you are interested in producing undetectable full-length articles, we offer a thorough review. It is even possible to convert an entire YouTube video into an undetectable blog post, which is quite remarkable.

Undetectable AI Copywriting Tool (6)

Final Thoughts & My Supreme Recommendation

The topic of transforming AI-generated content into text that closely resembles human-written material has gained significant interest since the launch of ChatGPT, and it is becoming more challenging.

Using a writing tool like Undetectable and some manual editing will help improve your writing in just a few minutes.

We are currently entering a dynamic and unpredictable world, and we are just at the initial stages of this journey. The upcoming years are expected to be filled with interesting developments.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's

What is Undetectable AI in Marketing?

Undetectable AI in marketing involves the utilization of artificial intelligence to improve marketing strategies without the user realizing its presence. This method emphasizes the creation of a smooth and organic user experience, where the AI’s role is entirely hidden, assisting in activities such as content generation, data analysis, and customization of customer interactions.

Why is Undetectable AI Important?

The significance of undetectable AI lies in its capability to uphold the authenticity of the customer experience. Through the utilization of undetectable AI, businesses can take advantage of advanced analytics and content generation without jeopardizing customer trust or the essential personal touch in marketing.

How Does Originality.AI Help in Marketing?
Originality.AI assists marketers by verifying the authenticity of their content, ensuring it is not generated by AI. It plays a crucial role in maintaining the credibility of the content by detecting plagiarism and identifying any AI involvement. This is particularly important in a time where both consumers and search engines highly prioritize original content.

Can StealthGPT Replace Human Content Creators?

StealthGPT is designed as a tool to support the content creation process, offering a foundation that can be further refined and personalized by human editors.

What Makes Stealth AI Human Score Unique?

The Stealth AI Human Score is a tool that measures the human-like qualities of AI-generated content. It is particularly valuable for marketers who want to ensure that their content connects with customers in a genuine and authentic way, as this is essential for cultivating strong customer relationships.

How Can WordHero Enhance Creative Marketing?

WordHero provides a variety of AI-powered writing tools that help simplify the content creation process for creative marketing. It can effectively save time and resources while ensuring the quality of marketing content.

Is Undetectable AI Ethical in Marketing?

The ethical use of undetectable AI in marketing is determined by factors such as transparency, intention, and adherence to privacy and data protection laws. It is considered ethical when its purpose is to enhance user experience and deliver value, without engaging in deception or privacy violations.

How Can Businesses Ensure the Ethical Use of Undetectable AI?

Businesses are expected to follow ethical guidelines that prioritize transparency and user consent. They are required to inform users about the use of AI in their services and products, while also ensuring that AI deployment does not manipulate or deceive customers. Regular audits and compliance with data protection regulations are also important for ethical AI usage.

Will Undetectable AI Impact Employment in Marketing?

Undetectable AI is designed to enhance human efforts, rather than replace them. It is capable of managing repetitive tasks, enabling marketing professionals to concentrate on strategic and creative pursuits that necessitate human intervention.

How Does AI Detection Work in Tools Like Originality.AI?

AI detection tools, such as Originality.AI, analyze content for patterns commonly found in AI-generated text. These tools utilize advanced algorithms to compare these patterns with extensive databases of known AI writing styles.

How Do I Choose the Right Undetectable AI Tool for My Business?

When choosing a tool, it is important to take into account factors such as ease of integration, user privacy, content quality, and the specific marketing tasks you want to improve with AI.

Can Undetectable AI Tools Help in SEO?

Tools like Stealth AI Human Score and WordHero can assist in creating SEO-friendly content that effectively connects with readers while adhering to important SEO principles, such as keyword integration and readability.

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