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    What is GoHighlevel/Highlevel?

    GoHighLevel is a comprehensive marketing and sales automation platform that offers a wide range of features to help businesses streamline their operations. One of the standout features of GoHighLevel is its chat widget, which provides businesses with a powerful tool to engage with their website visitors and convert them into leads or customers.

    If you want more information about the features of this platform, please refer to my article on GoHighlevel Review. If you are curious about GoHighlevel’s pricing structure, you can check out my article on GoHighlevel Pricing Plans.

    GoHighLevel Chat Widget

    What is the Website Chat Widget?

    The website chat widget is a feature developed by Highlevel that enables real-time communication between the business owner and website visitors. Customers have become accustomed to chat features on websites and appreciate the ability to receive information they are looking for through asynchronous yet real-time communication.

    Customers frequently have inquiries about your products or services that may not be addressed on your website. Providing this information promptly enables customers to make informed decisions about whether or not to engage with your business.

    Excluding this feature on your website could result in a decline in potential customers who might have been interested in your services.

    What Does the GoHighLevel Chat Widget Do?

    The GoHighLevel chat widget is a feature that allows for lead generation without incurring extra advertising expenses and can be customized to meet specific needs.

    The software can be installed on websites and web pages for live chat during office/opening hours. In the event that no one is available for live chat, automated responses can be set up to ensure no opportunities are missed.

    The GoHighLevel chat widget offers a unique feature where the live chat is conducted through a two-way SMS chat on the user’s phone. This reduces wait times and allows the user to continue the conversation even if they leave the website.

    If it is more convenient for you, we can continue the conversation through email instead of SMS.

    How can the Website Chat Widget help my business?

    GoHighLevel Chat Widget (1)

    For business owners who sell a product or service, having a website is important. It is possible to create a website with the necessary structure and relevant information using any website builder, without needing to allocate a large budget. This will help customers make informed decisions about doing business with you.

    Setting up your website properly is crucial for customer interactions. Certain customers prefer speaking with someone to feel reassured. Small businesses may lack sufficient phone staff, resulting in unanswered calls or voicemails. Research indicates that 60% of customer calls are either unanswered or go to voicemail. If customers cannot have their questions addressed, they are less inclined to engage in business with you. Inability to respond may lead to potential customer loss. To attract more customers to your website, consider implementing live chat software.

    The chat widget on a website can be a lifesaver. Customers are accustomed to chat widgets and know how to utilize them. Data indicates that more than 60% of customers favor using a live chat widget instead of making a phone call for information. Incorporating this technology is crucial in modern-day business.

    GoHighLevel Chat - Place

    Where Can You Place the GoHighLevel Chat Widget?

    The GoHighLevel chat widget is a dynamic and versatile marvel, seamlessly adapting to any website or dazzlingly showcasing its brilliance on the GoHighLevel platform!

    Use GoHighLevel to support your SaaS clients:

    If you sell GoHighLevel software as a service (SaaS), this feature can provide additional value to your clients and be highly useful.

    The GoHighLevel chat widget has the capability to be configured for each sub-account, providing clients with a convenient way to contact support for assistance with the platform.

    The chat widget is located in the bottom right-hand corner of a sub-account and appears as a blue speech bubble. When the speech bubble is clicked, the support window opens up, allowing the user to request contact from the agency through SMS or email.

    In your agency sub-account, you will be able to access the client’s message and respond. Additionally, you can view the entire conversation thread for easy reference to previous messages.

    The option to embed it on a GoHighLevel website or sales funnel is available:

    The GoHighLevel chat widget is compatible with all GoHighLevel websites and sales funnels.

    The blue speech bubble is located in the bottom right-hand corner, and when clicked on, it can be activated by entering the necessary details. Afterwards, the conversation is transferred to SMS or email.

    The GoHighLevel chat widget makes it easy to interact with customers and prospects. It can be used as an alternative to other forms of communication such as email and phone calls, making it much more convenient for both parties.

    Through the chat widget, customers and prospects can ask their questions in real-time and get immediate responses from a customer service representative.

    Add to a WordPress Website:

    The GoHighLevel platform allows for integration with WordPress, enabling the use of the chat widget on WordPress websites. To do this, simply go to the admin view of the WordPress website and add the plugin.

    After the plugin has been set up, the GoHighLevel chat widget can be used with the WordPress site.

    How Can You Use the GoHighLevel Chat Widget?

    GoHighLevel Chat - Use

    The GoHighLevel chat widget offers benefits for capturing leads and opportunities in situations where live support may be unavailable. In these cases, GoHighLevel provides several features to automate conversations.

    Use the Chat Widget for Live Support:

    The GoHighLevel chat widget allows users to provide live support at their convenience. It is important to mention that the conversation does not take place within the widget.

    Alternatively, users are encouraged to provide their name and contact information, and further communication can be conducted via SMS or email.
    This provides users with increased flexibility, as they are not required sit at their computer for extended periods of time. They can carry on with their daily activities and respond at their own convenience. Additionally, it ensures that the conversation thread remains intact and can be referenced at any time by the user.

    Furthermore, the person offering assistance does not have to be at their computer, as the GoHighLevel mobile app enables you to maintain SMS and email conversations while on the move, thereby reducing response wait times even more.

    Capture Lead Data and Contact Details During Out-of-Office Hours:

    Automated responses can be set up through triggers and workflows when live chat is not available to address the user’s queries.

    If a support request is received outside of office hours through the chat widget, an SMS response can be triggered to inform the user that there is currently no one available. The user can then be asked if they would like to receive a support call. If the user agrees, they can be prompted to provide a convenient time for the call.

    To receive further assistance, please fill out an online form. Our team will reach out to you within a designated timeframe to address your query or issue.

    Create an Automated Booking Bot:

    To ensure that appointments are not missed in the absence of human availability, an automated SMS-based booking bot can be created to manage and confirm bookings.

    Get ready to be blown away by our incredible bot! It uses the latest AI technology to analyze your feedback and come up with the most amazing response. We’ve got a mind-boggling selection of calendar slots for you to choose from, ensuring you find the perfect one to fit your needs!

    When your booking is confirmed, it magically sync with your calendar, keeping you in the know and never missing an appointment again! And wait, there’s more – you can even customize fun reminders to stay on top of your busy schedule.

    Can a Chat Widget have automation?

    GoHighLevel Chat - Automation

    Using a chat widget on your website can enhance customer interaction with your business, but what occurs when you are occupied and unable to respond to customers?

    Automation can be added to your chat widget. It lets you create replies for customer questions. It’s not AI, but as the business owner, you know the common questions. You can program the chat widget to automatically respond to certain keywords. Highlevel platform offers this feature.

    As a chiropractor, customers often have questions about insurance and pricing. When they visit your website and use the chat widget, they may inquire about insurance. With the Highlevel platform, you can set up an automated response that confirms acceptance of insurance and offers to schedule an appointment. This system allows you to handle entire conversations without personally responding. Additionally, Highlevel tracks all customer communications in its CRM system for easy review later on.

    Consider the value of a system that allows customers to visit your website, engage in chat, receive answers to their inquiries, schedule appointments, and automatically record the conversation in your CRM. This system could potentially bring in an additional 10 or 20 customers per month for your business.

    How much does a chat widget cost?

    There are various chat widgets available in the market, with prices ranging from free to hundreds of dollars per month, depending on the level of automation you desire for communicating with your customers. The quality of the feature is directly proportional to the amount you pay.

    Chat widgets request personal information such as names, phone numbers, and email addresses. The value of that information is what you are paying for. Free chat software and cheaper widgets only provide email support, lacking real-time communication. They do not have a live chat window and appear offline.

    The pricier chat widgets have the capability for real-time text communication, but they necessitate the use of their software website or mobile apps for sending and receiving messages. Integrating their system into your business’s CRM may not be straightforward.

    The Highlevel platform offers a range of features, including website creation, chat widget setup, communication automation, and CRM integration, all available for a single monthly payment. The chat widget is just one of the features included in the platform.

    GoHighlevel Website Chat Widget Conclusion

    The GoHighLevel chat widget is designed to help businesses engage with customers and generate leads. It is simple to integrate and offers a wide range of features. It is an excellent option for improving website functionality. Begin using the GoHighLevel chat widget now to enhance your digital marketing efforts.

    This article is an ideal solution for businesses who are looking to improve their website’s functionality and generate leads. It provides a simple way to engage customers and encourage conversions. The chat widget is easy to integrate into any website, giving you a professional-looking interface with various customization options.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does GoHighLevel Have a Chat Widget?

    The chat widget offered by GoHighLevel can be integrated into various platforms such as GoHighLevel SaaS, GoHighLevel websites, sales funnels, and WordPress websites.

    The widget allows individuals to input their contact information, after which the conversation is seamlessly transferred to SMS or email.

    Does the GoHighLevel Chat Widget Cost Extra?

    The GoHighLevel chat widget is included with both plans and there are no extra charges for it.

    How Do I Add a Chat Widget to GoHighLevel?

    Transform your GoHighLevel SaaS into a powerhouse by effortlessly grabbing the widget code from the captivating “chat widget” tab and sprinkling it into your client sub-account. Prepare to be amazed as the magic unfolds before your eyes!

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