Kartra Affiliate Program

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The Kartra Affiliate program offers the potential for passive income, as well as additional benefits.

This platform offers a range of features, including sales funnels, form building, ecommerce shopping carts, analytics platforms, and more.

With the affiliate program, you can refer other users who want to create websites and make money online. By doing so, you will earn passive income while Kartra gains more users.

This service provides a range of functions including operations, management, user tracking and promotional email communications.

You can benefit from the services offered and gain rewards for inviting new users. It’s a beneficial arrangement for both parties.

Kartra’s affiliate program enables you to earn revenue through its pricing plans by recommending them.

Affiliate programs involve recommending or promoting the products of other people, with payoffs for successful promotions.

This is a beneficial plan for someone who wants to have a higher income and put their focus on their main interests.

How Do I Become A Kartra Affiliate?

Register as a Kartra Affiliate by clicking the ‘Affiliate

Registration for the Kartra Affiliate Program is open to all, with applications subject to review prior to acceptance.

For any high-pay affiliate programs, it is important to follow the outlined steps precisely.

We contacted Kartra to understand why some applications are declined. The response is shown in the screenshot.

For a successful application, put in effort and provide more than one-sentence answers.

Kartra Affiliate Support Team

Karta Affiliate Program

A review of Kartra’s customer service is necessary.Kartra provides both email and Skype support 27/7 for assistance when starting out.

If you have an issue, contact them via message with a brief explanation for fast, tailored responses.

Karta Affiliate Program

How Much Can You Earn As A Kartra Affiliate?

Now, let’s take a look at your earnings potential with Kartra. For example, if you provide:

  • The Starter plan is priced at $99 per month or $948 per year, resulting in monthly earnings of $39.60 or annual earnings of $379.20.
  • The Silver plan costs $199 per month or $1,799 annually, and offers a discount of $79.60 per month or $715.20 per year.
  • The Gold plan costs $299 per month and $2,748 annually, with corresponding monthly and annual earnings of $199.60 and $1,099.20 respectively.
  • Under the Platinum plan, you will earn $499 per month or $4,548 per year, equating to $199.60 per month or $1,819.20 annually.

Kartra’s services have various pricing plans, which affects potential earnings. Promoting less expensive sister products can also result in different earnings.

With numerous digital marketing solutions available, the platform is designed to increase the chance of conversion and make it easier to sell.

The 2nd Tier JV Partner Program (Additional 10% Commissions)

The Kartra JV Program enables affiliates to generate referral links for other affiliates to join and advertise Kartra.

As a 2nd Tier JV Partner, you may be eligible to receive 10% recurring payments on any sales generated by affiliates you are approved for.

Kartra Affiliate Program

How Do You Get Paid With The Kartra Affiliate Program and When?

Kartra requires affiliates to have a PayPal account before they can be eligible for payment.

The Kartra affiliate dashboard will display three payment options, Paypal, Check and Bank Wire, for Kartra Users to disburse compensation to their affiliates.

Payments are usually made on the 15th day of each month, although this can sometimes be subject to slight variations.

Commission is only earned when the lead becomes a non-refundable, paid customer within a 30-day grace period after signing up for the $1 trial.

With a 14-day trial, you will receive payment 45 days after the lead from your affiliate link has signed up for the free trial.

How Can I Promote Kartra As An Affiliate?

Kartra is intended for small business owners and entrepreneurs interested in setting up an online presence, as well as those seeking to switch marketing software providers. There are additionally opportunities for affiliate marketers to make commissions through 2nd Tier JV Partner programs.

  • Consider creating a Youtube channel to provide reviews and demonstrations of Kartra’s features.
  • Utilizing Facebook and its Groups feature can help target potential Kartra users and affiliate marketers.
  • Segment your email list into those who may find Kartra’s software beneficial and launch an email campaign.
  • Utilize blogs to promote Kartra.
  • Kartra can be used to create sales funnels tailored for specific niches, such as real estate agents.

How to Generate Affiliate Links For Kartra

Affiliate links can be generated through the Promotions section of Kartra’s dashboard.

On the right side of the screen, a screenshot highlights the ‘My Link’ option; this will grant access to two promotional links – a standard Kartra affiliate link and a JV Broker link for affiliates.

Kartra enables you to track every link, allowing you to monitor the performance of each promotion.

Secure An Increased Discount For Your Kartra Customers

If you become a Kartra affiliate through this page, please send an email to al (at) todaytesting.com and I will provide details on how your customers can receive an initial 50% discount.

Kartra Affiliate Program Review: Conclusion

After exploring all the features of the Kartar Affiliate Program, it was determined to be one of the best Affiliate programs.Kartra is an all-in-one powerful online marketing software, and its affiliate program offers numerous opportunities with competitive payouts.

The Kartra affiliate program allows you to gain passive income via a recurrent commission structure. Sign up for the affiliate account and begin recommending it to start gaining income from their beneficial affiliate program. It is one of the most competitive on the market and whichever promotion method you opt for, you are sure to benefit from this program.

The product’s reliability, optimal structure, and recurrent commission options have contributed to its success.The success of this marketing platform can be attributed to its affordable price tag, availability of premium features, 24/7 support via email and calls, and user-friendly nature.

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