Thinkific Affiliate Program

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The Thinkific Affiliate Program is an online learning platform providing course creation, marketing and sales of courses. Our review covers the functionalities of the platform in detail.

Thinkific offers an affiliate program for course creators, which we can review with our extensive knowledge of the platform.

When clients renew or upgrade a contract, affiliates receive a 30% commission from Thinkific.

If a referral visits the platform and website within 90 days and has a PartnerStack account, they will be eligible for a commission.

This Article outlines the benefits and drawbacks of joining the Thinkific Affiliate Program, and provides insight into whether or not the Program is suitable for you.

Thinkific Affiliate Program

Thinkific Affiliate Program At a Glance

Thinkific Affiliate Program
We will evaluate the main features of the platform, including quality, commissions, payout time and promotional material, to assist you in deciding if the Thinkific Affiliate Program is worth using. This review will provide you with an overview of the program and its advantages and disadvantages.

Quality of The Product

Thinkific is a comprehensive product that offers numerous features for its users. Creators can access the free plan to host videos and content, customize branding, and manage multiple courses at once.

This product features a wide range of options, multiple plans and an easy-to-navigate platform, making it an attractive option.


Thinkifc Affiliate Program

Thinkific’s Affiliate Program provides a lasting 30% commission for affiliates, tracked by a browser cookie for visitors who do not sign up right away.

If you track their activity over the set timeframe, you can get paid a commission when they sign up within 90 days of their initial visit. If they join within this period, your commission could be as much as $1700 per referral.

Payout Time

Commission earned from Thinkific affiliates will be paid out monthly.

Signing up for Thinkific’s Affiliate Program may take a bit of time, but affiliates will enjoy a cookie duration of 90 days. This allows for the potential of consistent revenue, although it may take some time before that is achieved.

Promotional Material

Thinkific Affiliate Program

Once your online course affiliate program is set up, Thinkific’s promotional options can help you to reach potential advocates. Here are some tips to consider.

  • Social media platforms are widely used.
  • Chatbots are programs designed to simulate conversations with users.
  • Email campaigns.
  • Writing a blog.
  • You can gain insights from Thinkific partners.
  • Educational events and conferences are available.
  • Newsletters are a form of communication.
  • Banners are a common form of signage.
  • A sandbox account can be used for testing and demonstrating purposes.
  • Someone with a dedicated manager.
  • Texts are written or spoken messages.
  • This link provides access to a referral page.

Our Experience With Thinkific Affiliate Program – The Good & Bad

The Affiliate Program from Thinkific presented both advantages and disadvantages, such as providing an excellent experience for us but also areas that could be improved.

Pros of Thinkific Affiliate Program

  • Through Thinkific’s Affiliate Program, referrals can earn up to $1,700.
  • As an affiliate with Thinkific, you can offer annual or monthly subscription plans to new subscribers and receive payment while they use the platform.
  • Thinkific provides access to promotional and creative materials to help promote the program.
  • With a 90-day cookie period, customers will have the opportunity to access Thinkific regardless of when they first visit.
  • Thinkific will monitor them for the duration.

Cons of Thinkific Affiliate Program

  • The program has some drawbacks.
  • Upon signing up for the Thinkific Affiliate Program, you will not be granted access to the promotional materials.
  • As an affiliate, revenue may not be immediate.
  • It may require some effort and patience to transfer commissions into your PayPal or Stripe account.
  • Commissions are typically accrued for one month post accrual date.

How to Join the Thinkific Affiliate Program

To be an affiliate of Thinkific, registration through PartnerStack is necessary. Simply click the link provided. The request is usually reviewed within 2-3 business days.

Thinkific Affiliate Program

Once approved, an email invitation will be sent. You can then find your unique referral link under the Links tab to promote Thinkific.

Registration is necessary and should not exceed 15 minutes when providing information about your business and audience.

How Does the Thinkific Affiliate Program Work?

Affiliates who join Thinkific’s Affiliate Program can promote products and services, earning a 30% commission which will be applied to their account following a few days of registration.

After approval, you’ll receive your referral link and access to Thinkific’s Affiliate Center. The platform also offers a knowledge base and promotional materials to make the process easier.

Your social media channels, blog, and email account can be utilized for affiliate marketing. Eligible referrals must register within 90 days in order to receive a commission; a 90-day cookie tracking period is also available.

How To Make Money With the Thinkific Affiliate Program?

Affiliates can use various methods to promote Thinkific and generate commissions. Good content is key for any product, ensuring successful conversion of potential customers.

The following are ways to promote the platform.

  • Reviews can be included in blog posts to highlight the product’s features.
  • You can find video reviews and walkthroughs on YouTube.
  • Social media posts regarding people who have utilized the product and its features.
  • Emails were sent out to promote the platform, with links to other resources such as YouTube videos.
  • Utilize infographics and other marketing methods to promote the registration process and benefits of Thinkific.
  • Advertising on social media networks like Facebook and Instagram.

Thinkific Affiliate Program FAQ

How Do I Sign Up For The Affiliate Program?

Signing up for the Thinkific Affiliate Program is simple. Registration is done through PartnerStack, accessible with this link. Approval usually happens within a few days of registration and an email notification will be sent upon approval. A unique referral link can be found in the Links tab and used to share on preferred promotional channels.

When and How Do I Get Paid With Thinkific?

Affiliates have the opportunity to receive a 30% recurring commission for as long as a referred new subscriber pays for annual or month plans. Additionally, there is a 90-day cookie tracking period, which means that if visits from referrals result in subscriptions within 90 days, affiliates could qualify to be compensated.

Is the Thinkific Affiliate Program Right For Me?

Joining the Thinkific Affiliate Program allows course creators to earn commissions by referring sales to Thinkific. This offers the potential to provide online courses tailored to entrepreneurs and DIY content creators.

How Much Can You Earn With The Thinkific Affiliate Program?

You could potentially receive a recurring commission of 30%, up to $1700 per referral per year.

How To Track Your Progress As An Affiliate for Thinkific?

The Thinkific Affiliate Menu provides access to your progress, including affiliate link information, general information, and settings. It also offers financial reports regarding your payouts, total commissions, commission breakdowns, and visitor clickthroughs on your affiliate link.

Final Thoughts

As an affiliate of Thinkific, you can receive recurring commissions of up to 30% with a maximum commission of $1,700 per referral.

Affiliates are provided with a variety of promotional materials to promote the platform, such as video content.

The payout experience of the program requires further improvement, but it can be beneficial if you manage to target the right audience.

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