TubeBuddy Review

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TubeBuddy is a widely used YouTube SEO tool that assists creators in effectively managing, optimizing, and expanding their channels. Its popularity raises the question of whether it is a valuable investment.

I have used TubeBuddy and VidIQ to enhance my YouTube Channel’s reach, and have reviewed both tools recently. Today, I will be conducting a review of TubeBuddy.

In this article, the plans and features of TubeBuddy will be discussed, including the useful CTR Opportunities feature.

Our discussion will cover information regarding TubeBuddy’s pricing plans, discounts, benefits, and drawbacks. Additionally, we will assess its compatibility with YouTube. Let’s start on time.

TubeBuddy Review

What is TubeBuddy?

TubeBuddy offers tools that can assist in managing a YouTube channel more efficiently, while also increasing views, clicks, watch times, and subscribers. These tools can improve video content and optimize it for higher rankings on YouTube and Google search.

By 2018, the competition on YouTube had significantly increased compared to the early days of the platform, when I launched my channel.

As someone with expertise in content marketing, I recognized that creating videos with just my iPhone and uploading them wouldn’t be enough if I wanted to generate revenue from my channel over time.

The company requested a marketing strategy for YouTube.In order to achieve my objectives on YouTube, I required suitable equipment.

At that moment, I discovered TubeBuddy.The article offers a thorough assessment of TubeBuddy, outlining its contribution to the author’s acquisition of 3000 YouTube subscribers, as well as its potential advantages for readers.

TubeBuddy Home

How to Get Started With Tubebuddy

TubeBuddy is considered a beneficial tool for individuals who create content on YouTube. Additionally, it boasts a user-friendly interface to ensure convenient accessibility.

To access the TubeBuddy browser extension at no cost, follow the link provided and complete the on-screen prompts. Upon installation, establish a TubeBuddy account, connect it to your YouTube account, and install the extension.

For those seeking detailed instructions, my step-by-step tutorial on registering for TubeBuddy may be a helpful resource to explore.

How Tubebuddy Can Help You Grow Your YouTube Channel?

Creating videos on popular topics can improve your visibility on YouTube’s search engines and accelerate your channel’s growth.

One possible strategy to increase your YouTube following is to utilize TubeBuddy’s Keyword Explorer feature to identify keywords and topics with high search volume but low competition.

TubeBuddy offers tools such as the SEO Studio and Opportunity Finder that aid in optimizing existing YouTube videos for improved keyword ranking.

TubeBuddy offers several tools such as Click Magnet, Thumbnail Designer, and Thumbnail A/B Testing to enhance your YouTube thumbnails and increase clicks on your videos.

The Share Tracker function on TubeBuddy enables users to distribute and advertise their YouTube videos on multiple social media platforms, expanding their viewerships.

Utilizing Tube Buddy’s Vid2Vid promotion tool, bulk search and replace features, and Playlist optimization tools can increase viewer engagement and encourage binge-watching of your videos.

How to Find Better Video Topic Ideas With Tubebuddy?

TubeBuddy is a helpful tool for discovering effective YouTube titles and optimizing videos for SEO on the platform.

To optimize your YouTube video content, follow these steps: download the free Chrome extension, link it to your YouTube channel, and utilize TubeBuddy Keyword Planner to identify the most effective keywords.

TubeBuddy uses data from YouTube to analyze the number of videos competing for a particular search term.

By utilizing this method, you can pinpoint keywords that possess high search volume and minimal competition.The TubeBuddy Keyword Explorer is a tool used for keyword research.

The Keyword Explorer tool within TubeBuddy allows for analysis of any desired keyword or search phrase to improve video ranking.

The keyword will be sent to YouTube’s database, and the data from YouTube will be utilized to calculate five success scores.

  • The search volume for the entered phrase is being calculated.
  • What is the number of YouTube videos that are ranking for this keyword?
  • This is a method for assessing the potential ranking of a video based on factors such as search volume, competition, relevance, and comparison to current search results.
  • The mean optimization strength of the highest ranked videos.
  • An overall score will be given based on the evaluation of these four factors.

Short and general search terms are often less successful, as many broad topics have already been covered by established channels.

It is advisable to utilize long-tail keywords, particularly for YouTube channels with a subscriber count below 1000.

How to Get More Subscribers With Tubebuddy?

TubeBuddy is an effective tool for increasing subscriber count.Our initial objective is to finish a simple task.

People may choose to subscribe to your YouTube channel for reasons such as enjoying your content, finding it useful, and responding to calls to action.

The combination of performance and structure is crucial in creating a memorable experience.The effectiveness of TubeBuddy in improving one’s comfort level on camera is unclear.

As you continue to practice, creating videos will become a more effortless process.

How to Get More Views With Tubebuddy?

TubeBuddy Views

There are several methods to increase the number of views on YouTube.TubeBuddy provides various effective methods to assist you.

TubeBuddy’s Click Magnet feature can assist in the identification of potential titles and thumbnails for optimization purposes.

The Keyword Planner tool from TubeBuddy allows for optimization of video titles and tags.

The SEO Suite offered by TubeBuddy enables optimization of video descriptions for search engines.TubeBuddy offers a thumbnail design tool that can assist in creating engaging thumbnails.

Utilize TubeBuddy’s AB Testing feature to conduct experiments with various thumbnails.TubeBuddy’s Default Upload Template allows users to include links to their most frequently viewed videos.

By using Bulk Copy Cards and Bulk Copy End Screens, you have the ability to promote top videos on your channel.

TubeBuddy offers tools such as Bulk Find & Replace, Append, and Vid2Vid promotion to help promote your new YouTube video across all your other videos.

Best TubeBuddy Features

TubeBuddy Features

The features are not organized, with the exception of the first one which is considered the most useful for YouTubers.

There are a variety of features available, including both paid and free options. Certain features may have limited results.

First, we will cover the best features of TubeBuddy, and then later we will examine the paid plans and their potential suitability.

1. Keyword Explorer

Utilize TubeBuddy’s Keyword Explorer tool to analyze relevant keywords or search phrases that can potentially enhance the ranking of your YouTube videos.

Tube Buddy analyzes submitted keywords using their YouTube database to generate five success scores based on relevant data, and provides an overall grade based on these factors.

  • The volume of searches.
  • Contest.
  • Maximize your strength.
  • Video search results.
  • You versus top videos.

The competition scorecard considers channel size and average views per video.The YouTube auto-suggest and search bar use the same terms as Keyword search explorer.

2. Videolytics

There is an extra resource that can be utilized to gather information about competitors.

TubeBuddy Videolytics provides users with the ability to quickly access channel and video insights on any YouTube video they watch.Videolytics offers the functionality to view tags utilized by other creators in their videos, which can be beneficial.

By installing the free TubeBuddy browser extension, it is possible to view the tags included by the video creator, which are not typically visible.

Using this method can aid in generating tag ideas for comparable videos and provide inspiration for future content creation.All videolytics features are available for free.

3. Channelytics

Channelytics provides useful information about a channel with just one glance, similar to videolytics.

This can provide valuable insight into competitors’ channels by analyzing their video upload frequency and channel tags.

Although some channels have inadequate channel tags, it is possible to use effective ones from competitors as a source of inspiration.

When setting your channel tags, it’s important to ensure they are relevant to the content of your videos as this provides valuable context for the algorithm. It’s recommended to limit your tags to a maximum of 7-10, and note that one tag can consist of multiple words such as a phrase like “youtube SEO tools.”

The Channelytics browser extension offers all its features for free.

4. Bulk Processing

The following feature in this TubeBuddy review is highly efficient and can save a significant amount of time.The bulk processing feature enables users to easily add or remove parts of their YouTube descriptions all at once.Editing the descriptions of multiple videos can be a time-saving task.

This feature is beneficial for promoting a particular video or your most recent one. It allows you to conveniently replace a specific text in all (or some) of your videos or add a specific text to all (or some) of your videos.

By including a relevant link in your video description, viewers are more likely to watch your latest or promoted video due to a strong call-to-action.

It is crucial to prioritize this within the first 24 hours of uploading a video to ensure optimal initial exposure.This feature can be particularly advantageous for affiliates and affiliate marketers as it allows them to promote specific links and sales that have a limited timeframe.

A tool that enables the application of discount links to multiple relevant videos at once, and removal once the promotion ends, is a possible method for Black Friday promotions.

The copying, updating, and deleting feature for video cards and end screens is available, but its effectiveness may be restricted in comparison to making changes to multiple descriptions at once.

Customers with star and legend plans have access to bulk processing tools and can find detailed pricing information.

5. Best Time to Publish

One of the features that TubeBuddy offers across all its plans is the option to view the optimal publishing time for your channel.

Analyzing the activity patterns of your audience helps determine the optimal upload times for your videos to achieve maximum initial view velocity.

Increasing the number of clicks on your videos within the first few hours after uploading can enhance your video promotion, leading YouTube to display it to a larger audience, including those who have interacted with your channel before.

The promotion of a video on YouTube can be impacted by its early performance, potentially affecting the suggested features.

6. Opportunity Finder

The Opportunity finder is a software tool designed to offer recommendations for enhancing video content.

Adding relevant search terms to your video tags can improve the visibility of your YouTube content to viewers who are interested in related topics, in addition to other recommended practices that may have been overlooked during the upload process.

Only users with subscriptions to star and legend plans are authorized to access the opportunity finder.

7. Language Analyzer

The language analysis function provides useful information about the languages spoken by your audience.

For videos without a specific spoken or textual focus, analyzing viewer demographics can aid in determining appropriate translations.

By translating your titles and descriptions, you can make your content more relatable to viewers who may not speak the same language as your channel, even if it is not language-neutral.

YouTube’s closed caption feature provides automatic subtitles, making it possible for content creators to reach a broader audience who may not understand their language.

By translating your descriptions and titles, you are assisting them in discovering comparable content and potentially suggested equipment.

The language analyzer is a feature that can be used for free in both the subtitles section of your YouTube studio and the subtitles section of your videos.

8. Tag Translator

The tag translator is a feature that can help you reach a wider international audience by easily translating your video tags, potentially improving your video’s ranking in additional languages.

The functionality of the Language Analyzer can assist in identifying the most pertinent languages, allowing for the translation of key terms.

When adding tags to your video, it’s important to prioritize the most essential ones since the character limit is only 500.

The auto-translator feature is exclusively offered on the legend plan, delivering efficient translations for titles and descriptions.

9. Pick a Winner

Utilizing the pick-a-winner function for giveaways and contests on a channel has the potential to boost engagement in the comments section while also removing the necessity for a separate competition hosting service.

The pick-a-winner feature allows for a random selection of a viewer who has commented on a video, with the option to filter by specific words for eligibility.

This feature is offered at no cost and has the potential to increase engagement through comments on your channel.

10. Default Upload Profiles

The upload defaults feature on YouTube has the potential to be a helpful tool for streamlining the process of creating video descriptions and maintaining consistency.

When creating an online profile, including social media accounts, equipment information, legal disclosures, subscription invitations, and curated playlists can provide benefits.

TubeBuddy offers a feature that enables users to generate various default upload profiles. This functionality can prove helpful in categorizing videos by series or topic and incorporating relevant links to playlists.

Including pertinent links and resources in the description of your live stream can enhance its effectiveness.

The videos often have a distinct difference from the typical content that focuses on a specific product or equipment in general.

Default upload profiles are included in all paid plans, whereas the free plan offers an additional default profile for live streaming.


In addition to the previously mentioned features listed as pros, there are a few more points to consider for better understanding.


  • The installation process is straightforward.
  • Most features are available for use without charge.
  • The cost of usage is low.
  • There are alternative methods available for obtaining premium plans.
  • Get a free trial for 30 days.
  • Our technical support team is available to quickly resolve any issues.
  • A forum will be held for successful YouTubers to address and discuss their inquiries.

The review offers an impartial assessment of TubeBuddy, highlighting its limitations. As with any product, there are areas for improvement.


  • The user interface of TubeBuddy may require design modifications, which could be challenging for new users. However, the functionality of the channels will not be affected.
  • In order to handle multiple YouTube channels, it is necessary to obtain individual licenses for each channel as the current license only permits management of one channel.

TubeBuddy Pricing:

TubeBuddy Pricing Monthly

Having this tool on your channel can provide many benefits. TubeBuddy offers both free and premium versions with some features available for free and others requiring a premium plan. Let’s discuss the pricing plans in more detail.

The company provides three pricing plans at different levels of premium.

  • PRO – $4.50/month
  • LEGEND– $28.99/month

The displayed tools can assist individuals in YouTube content creation regardless of their level.

TubeBuddy Pro plan: The subscription fee is $4.50 per month. Channels with less than 1000 subscribers are eligible for a 50% discount.

The TubeBuddy Legend plan: The highest tier of TubeBuddy costs $28.99/month and includes all features and productivity tools offered by the platform, such as competitor analysis, search rank tracking, A/B video testing, and additional functions.

Enterprise plan: For individuals who oversee numerous YouTube channels exceeding 20, please reach out to Sales for a pricing estimate.


In this TubeBuddy review, we will examine three viable alternatives.


VidIQ is a video marketing platform that provides assistance to content creators in improving their video production skills. Its features help to increase productivity and drive more views and subscribers to their YouTube channel.

VidIQ is a powerful video marketing platform designed to help content creators maximize their reach and increase views and subscribers on YouTube. It provides helpful insights into analytics such as competitor analysis, user engagement, organic search results, and more. The platform is intuitively designed to provide users with an optimal workflow for optimizing their videos for SEO and other factors that influence rankings.

In addition to its analytics and optimization tools, VidIQ also offers a useful tool called Tubebuddy. This is an extension for Google Chrome that helps content creators save time and maximize their YouTube channel performance. It provides users with data such as keyword research, competitive analysis, and suggestions on how to improve content titles and descriptions. This can help users generate more organic views, subscribers, and engagement overall.


TuBeast is a comprehensive extension and web platform that provides a wide range of tools and features designed to enhance your channel and video. These tools facilitate optimization, creation of relevant content, unfair market research, and channel insights.

Tubebuddy is a great tool for YouTubers looking to maximize their success. It provides a suite of features that allow users to optimize their channel and videos, conduct market research, and gain insights into the performance of their content.

 The extension is easy to use and the web platform provides an intuitive user experience. From keyword optimization to video analytics, Tubebuddy provides everything you need to increase visibility and engagement. With Tubebuddy, users can easily optimize their videos with tags and titles for searchability, as well as understand the performance of their content with detailed analytics.


Tubics is a tool that can help improve YouTube video SEO for businesses. It’s cloud-based and offers analysis and optimization suggestions for video views and traffic. The tool provides keyword monitoring, SEO recommendations, and generates tags. It also provides analytics on video performance and channel analysis.

If you are a business owner or digital marketer in charge of your company’s YouTube channel, then Tubics could be the perfect tool for you. Tubics is an all-in-one cloud-based software that offers everything you need to improve your YouTube video SEO and get more views and traffic to your videos.

The software provides comprehensive analytics on the performance of your videos, as well as helping you identify the ideal keywords for your content. It also performs keyword monitoring, so you can stay informed on the latest developments in YouTube SEO. The tool also gives you personalized video optimization suggestions such as tags and descriptions to make sure your videos are optimized for maximum reach and engagement.

TubeBuddy plus


TubeBuddy is a keyword research tool that has been used on multiple channels for several years, resulting in the acquisition of hundreds of thousands of views from search traffic. It aids in generating ideas when creativity is lacking.

TubeBuddy serves as a navigation tool for your YouTube experience, providing guidance to avoid getting lost and assisting in reaching your intended destination.

The browser extension is a useful tool for conducting keyword research and analyzing competition, particularly for YouTubers.

The paid plans of TubeBuddy provide benefits such as time-saving and more powerful search tools. However, it is up to you to determine if any of the plans are worth it for your channel.

To assist in making a decision, the software offers a complimentary 30-day trial of all premium plans.


Is TubeBuddy YouTube Certified?

TubeBuddy has received YouTube certification to confirm that its features and functions meet YouTube’s terms and conditions and do not have a negative impact on your videos or channel.

Is TubeBuddy Safe?

TubeBuddy is completely safe to use, as it is a 100% YouTube certified extension. It has been aiding You Tubers in growing their channels since 2014, without any reported issues. Many You Tubers, including myself, have used it for over 4 years and have not experienced any problems or complaints. It has helped us all grow our channels.

TubeBuddy supports only the Chrome browser?

TubeBuddy is a browser extension tool compatible with Chrome, Firefox, and Safari web browsers. It will also have availability on both iPhone and Android mobile devices.

What is TubeBuddy SEO score?

Tube Buddy offers an SEO score that evaluates the effectiveness of your video’s title, description, and thumbnail in optimizing search results on YouTube.

TubeBuddy offers tools such as the Keyword Explorer and SEO Studio to enhance SEO score according to the YouTube algorithm.

What is TubeBuddy’s Refund Policy?

TubeBuddy’s refund policy states that cancelling your subscription within 30 days of purchase will result in a full refund, but this policy is applicable only to the first license.

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